HOUSE OF DEBAUCHERY – PART 3 (VERY PERVERTED. DO NABSOLUTELY NO FRIEND REQUEST WITHOUT COMMENT ON THE STORY.===================”Are you done honey?” Gina asked me, picking up my plate even before I could answer. I tried to speak with a mouthful of raisin bread “Hey…I waff shtill fokking oo it”I tried to grab the plate but despite her girth and age, Gina was too quick for me. We were still in love, even though she was now pushing 48 while I was barely 21. We didn’t have as much sex but I liked her 5’5″ body, slightly taller than my mother’s, her 44 JJ hooters that swung lazily across her 38″ wide belly and her 55” wide hips laden with cellulite and flab that moved with every step she took. It was just 11 in the morning but she had already showered and put her make up on. Light almost invisible mascara and dark eyeliner gave her almond eyes beautiful shape while a hint of red on her cheeks made her look like she was blushing. She always preferred deep red lipstick. It accentuated her pouty lips against her flawless skin. Her hair was wet and loose on her back. I looked at her as she walked and then at my mother who was sitting across from me. “You are done Dave” she said calmly.”But I am hungry.” I complained. “We are having ribs later, so calm down.” Gina said as she washed the dishes. “But you guys will be busy.” I was still hungry.”I have only 2 clients this morning and your mother is taking a day off.” “Why don’t you breastfeed?” she suggested.It had been three years since Gina, had moved in with me and my mother and we had settled into a routine. Each morning after breakfast, my mother breastfed me. Gina either watched and helped my mother express or she performed oral sex on us. “I don’t want milk. I want ribs.” I pouted. Both women laughed. “Really? You don’t want my milk anymore?” mom asked me seriously.It wasnt true. I loved my mother’s fresh milk. It was the only dairy I could digest and thankfully she produced a lot of it – almost 130 ounces a day. It was way above average but years of suckling and hormonal therapy had steadily increased mom’s milk supply. I consumed most of it but I knew that when I wasn’t around, mom’d take Gina to her breast. I walked to the couch. As I walked by mom, she yanked my pants down, freeing my cock. “He always gets hard when you feed him Carol.” Gina said.”I am beginning to suspect he never goes down” mom said admiring my hardon. “Well whatever it is, you two have the most beautiful relationship a mother and a son could ever have.” “We couldn’t have done it without you Gina.” mom said getting up and walking over to her.The two women I loved hugged, their tits mashing against each other’s as they kissed.My canlı bahis mother started expressing.Gina held her hand and led her to the couch. I walked behind them. Mom sat, planting her heavy buttocks on the cushion. Gina then helped me lie down, with my face in mom’s lap. She positioned my head and pushed mom’s nipples in my mouth before giving it a sharp pinch. Milk started flowing in my mouth as my old wife pulled my pants off and freed my legs. She watched as I suckled at my mom’s ample breast.”You look so beautiful together. A son enjoying what his mother has to offer and a mother giving all the energy and love she could produce to her only son.” “Suck my son Gina. Make him cum while I feed him.”Gina lowered her head and her expert mouth gobbled up my cock. I had not even finished milk from one breast when I felt the cum rising through my cock. I moaned. “Easy darling. Sshh…shhh….easy.” my mother soothed me as my wife kept on sucking me. I let go of the nipple. “The old whore will make me cum mom.” I groaned.”Its a good thing.” my mother whispered. “Your wife may be old and she may be a whore but we love her. She brought us closer to each other.”I closed my eyes and mom inserted her rather large nipple back into my mouth. Gina stopped. She got up and looked at us and then walked around to be next to my mother.As I emptied mom’s breast, I saw the two women kiss passionately. Gina moved her hand to mom’s other breast, trying to get milk out. Mom moved swiftly and stopped her.”You know I never share my milk when Dave is around. You get what he leaves behind.””Tap, tap, tap” – we heard a gentle knock on the door. “That must be your client” mom said breaking the kiss. “Go. Finish him off in 10 minutes. We will still be here.”Gina walked to the door naked and ushered the man in. We couldn’t see him but she didn’t even take him to the service room.They ended up fucking in the living room and in 5 minute flat, she made him cum. A quick 60 bucks and 10 minutes later, she was back next to mom. I had emptied my mother’s breasts. She was content and so was I. Gina now squatted over my face, her feet on either side and her torso facing my mother. She parted her hips and cum of her last john fell in my mouth and on my face. My mother pushed a few fingers up my wife’s well fucked anus and got even more sperm out. She pushed her cum covered fingers in my mouth. Then she scooped the remaining cum and made me eat that too.”I am horny” Gina whined. “We know love and my son is ready for you.”Mom directed both of us. She made Gina go on all fours and then inserted my cock in my wife’s ass. “Fuck this old whore good Dave. Fuck your wife and bahis siteleri cum in her hooker asshole.” she said.As I pumped my wife’s well lubed asshole, my mother put her palm on my ass and pushed me down to match my rythem. It didn’t take me long. I could see Gina’s large tits swining freely as I fucked her. Mom was fingering her large shaved pussy.”Your wife is the dirtiest whore in town Dave.” mom whispered trying to make me cum. “Yes, shes a pig.” I exclaimed as my pace grew faster.”And I love to suck your cum from this whore’s ass.” she continued.”Do you know why?” “Why mom?””Because you feed on my milk and I like to feed on yours. I like fresh milk my son produces each day.””Yeah!” I whimpered”Yes Dave. We have the most wonderful. beautiful relationship a mother and son could have.” “Yes mom!” I was fucking my wife faster now.”And it took a whore to help us realize that” mom was now running her hand on my naked ass her nails digging in my flesh.”I can’t cum mom” “Oh you will! Because you are a nice, young man. Your wife’s asshole is very loose, unlike mine but I promise you will cum”With that my mother got up the couch and walked around to stand facing me. She turned the music on. Shakira sang “Hips don’t lie” and with that my mother started shaking her booty. Every inch of her wide hips jiggled as she shimmied with her back to me and my wife having sex. I watched mesmerized. Mom’s white back and creamy ass looked so ripe that I’d have taken a bite out of it had she been a foot closer to us. “Oh mother” I groaned as I fucked my wife faster. “Oh baby when you talk like that…..” Shakira sang. Mom looked over her shoulder and smiled but her booty shook even faster and moved in circles.”Bastard!” Gina hissed. “Getting turned on by his own mother. Why can’t you just fuck me and cum in me without your mom shaking her ugly ass.””Shut up” I hissed back. Mom continued her randy dance. She was now spreading her ass, baring her asshole. As she ben over, Gina leaned forward and buried her nose in my mother’s anus. “All the attraction, the tension, Don’t you see this is perfection…” Mom shook her ass as fast as she could, rubbing her asshole on my wife’s face. Gina pushed her mouth deeper into mom’s asshole and just as I thought she may be rimming mom, mom pulled away. “You know I am on tonight, my hips don’t lie” Mom stood up and turned around. Her tits bounced around like crazy and her plump belly shook in perfect rythem to the music. I was now fucking Gina like crazy. I knew my mother would empty her hips only in my mouth and she was waiting for me to finish. The music changed and Nicki Minaj filled the room with her sultry and even sexier güvenilir bahis voice. “Bitch talkin like she the queen when she lookin like a lab rat…” Mom’s pace changed. Her face changed as she looked at Gina with contempt and raised her foot to her face. She ground her pelvis on my wife’s face and mouthed the words.”Ice my wrists and I piss on bitches, you can suck my diznick..”I smiled. Gina looked up at mom’s naked tits swinging across her chest as she leaned over my wife. The she swung around and pushed her ass strongly in my wife’s face, still mouthing the dirty lyrics”Give my ass some kisses….”Gina complied and mom smiled.Then she swung around again and raised her finger. “You a stupid hoe..You a stupid hoe….”I came. I was still looking at my mother’s naked jiggly body as I flooded my wife’s asshole.It was then that the hell broke loose. Fina got up and wrestled my dancing mother to the ground. They kissed.”aaaah!” I heard mom’s painful cry. Gina had bit her lip. The two women rubbed their naked, sweaty bodies on each other. Gina was biting my mother’s tits, neck, belly and thighs. Then she got up and sat on mom’s face. I saw mom sucking my wife’s pussy for a few minutes. Then Gina repositioned her ass and now her anus was on my mother’s mouth. “Oh yes!” Mom sighed as my wife parted her hips and sank further down on mom’s mouth.I saw mom’s tongue rimming gina’s asshole. licking all the cum that had leaked out of her. Then she inserted it strongly inside. “Yes! That’s it you bitch. Eat your son’s sperm from me.” “Mm.mmffmmfff” mom moaned. Gina lifted her ass again and pushed. I saw a glob of my cum drip from her anus into my mother’s already full mouth. Then she sank back down, emptying all the remaining liquid and letting my mother feed on her well fucked ass.”What are you waiting for?” she said to me. I slipped my hands under my mother’s hips and lifted her. She helped me by lifting her knees up in the air and exposing her asshole. As my mother ate my wife’s ass, I started eating hers. It wasnt hard. The cum had been in there for at least an hour and it was delicious. It dripped out within seconds and after she had pushed everything into my willing mouth, mom’s hips collapsed back down.We were all naked.I climbed on top my mother, my spent cock now useless, and kissed her lightly on the lips. Mom opened her mouth. I emptied the cum in my mouth between my mother’s lips.”So beautiful” Gina whispered as she watched mom mix the cum in her mouth.A few seconds later I kissed mom again and she pushed the cum back into my mouth. We both fed each other like that for several minutes till it had all but disappeared in our saliva and between our teeth.Then mom gulped some of it down and I ate the rest.”So beautiful”, Gina whispered again as she took the photo of us, mother and son, lying naked, faces covered in cum. We were all satisfied.We were happy.



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