Hot wife Gail cuts looseMy name is Gail and Ive be married to Jonathan for fifteen years. For the first thirteen ours was a one hundred percent monogamous marriage. Jonathan works a job that requires him to go out of town very often. I started keeping myself busy by modeling for a couple of well known photographers. At first it was modeling clothing geared for the younger crowd and when the offers started coming in to show more of my tattooed skin. The bikini market is my favorite line to model. My legs and ass cheeks are inked up and they look very sexy when I’m wearing the tiniest of bottoms. The photographers are all very professional and never hit on me but after several hours of being nearly naked in front of a man other than my husband always makes me horny. My Facebook page gets a great deal of attention and I recently started an Instagram page to promote my modeling career. I am constantly getting offers to date and when I explained that I’m married that usually takes care of it. Well one afternoon I came home from doing a four hour shoot and as normal I was worked up. The house was empty and I thought about getting one of my favorite toys out and watching a sexy movie while I played with myself. But today before I got my favorite dildo out I picked up my phone to check my IG account. As I scrolled down the long list of proposals one stopped me dead in my tracks. It was a guy name Jason. He was a handsome guy. As I read his profile I noticed that he lived about sixteen miles from my house. All of his pictures were of him wearing nice cloths and I saw he owned his own house and best of all he was single. Since I was horny I thought I’d start a conversation with him. I sent him a hello text. And very shortly I received one back. He was very polite and seemed to be a classy guy so I felt at ease talking to him. I told him I was looking for a fuck buddy, no emotions no strings just a sex partner. He at tokat escort first thought I was pulling his leg but I assured him I was totally serious he said well I’ll give you my address if you want to ride up to my place. I think he was calling my bluff to see if I was really serious. I told him I couldn’t today but I could get away Sunday he said ok. He asked me my phone number but I told him it would be best if we only messaged each other on messenger. I couldn’t have his number showing up on my cell phone bill. Jonathan sometimes looks over the bill. Saturday evening Jonathan and I were watching a movie and relaxing on the couch when I noticed my phone was blinking , it was a text message. I ignored it untill Jonathan got up to go to the rest room. I quickly opened the text and it was Jason’s address and a short note saying looking forward to meeting you. That night as we were about to go to bed Jonathan told me he wanted to go over to his dad’s house tomorrow to work on his four wheel drive. I told him that was OK that I was going to one of my photographers to discuss an idea I had for shoot. He said OK. Sunday morning after Jonathan had left I texted Jason and told him I wanted to come up to his place to just hang out and see if we had anything in common. He said yes he liked that idea. Well I put his address in my phone on Google map and headed that way. I was nervous and excited all the way up. It took me just over half an hour to find his neighborhood, I parked on the street in front of his house and just as I was getting out of my Tahoe Jason came out his front door and walked up to greet me. He was tall and we’ll built, he had a short beard and he was wearing dress slacks and a button up shirt. He gave me a quick hug and said let’s go inside. His house was very nice and extremely clean for a single man. He offered me a drink and we sat on his couch. I was very nervous trabzon escort and I could tell he was too. We both knew why I was there but neither one of us would come out and say anything about it. After we had made small talk for half an hour I stretched my neck to one side and comment that my neck felt stiff. He asked if I wanted him to message my shoulders. I turned my back to him and said that would feel nice. His hands were very strong and I melted from his touch. I leaned my head to one side and he leaned in and kissed my neck. This sent cold chills up and down my spine. I moaned softly and he asked if I liked that. I whispered yes. He reached around a cupped my breast as he continued kissing my neck. I leaned away from him and he let go of me, when I turned to face him he had a look of shock on his face. I quickly assured him it’s ok then I kissed him. As me made out I found his cock already erect in his thin slacks. I fondled it and told him to take is pants off. He seemed embarrassed that his cock was already erect, I told him I wanted to suck his cock. After stepping out of his pants he hooked his boxers and pulled them down. Out popped his fully erect cock. It was at least eight inches long and as I took it in my hand I noticed my fingers didn’t meet , it was nice a thick. I gave him my best blow job and he told me he was going to cum if I didn’t stop. It dawned on me that he and I were about to fuck and I didn’t bring a condom. I asked him if he had one. He said yes and opened the night stand and took one out. He told me to take off my shorts he wanted to taste my pussy. I keep myself completely shaved and he was delighted to see it was hairless. He was very skilled at sucking my female lips and toying with my clit. His hair was to short for me to grab and hold him tightly to my pussy. I had a small orgasm from his oral treatment. He asked me how I wanted to do it. escort bayan I laid on my left side and told him to spoon me. As he got into position I reached between my legs to guide him into my very wet opening. I held my breath as he pushed his cock into me. As soon as he was fully inside me I reached over his hip and held onto his ass cheek. I said let me get accustomed to it’s size for a few moments. He then slowly pulled out and then eased back into me. He told me my pussy was extremely tight for a married woman. I must have been because he came after only about five minutes. He apologized for coming do soon but he said I was so sexy that he just couldn’t control himself. He got up and went to the restroom. I sat up and pulled my panties up. When he returned he said I was going to ask you if I could keep those as a trophy. I said I’m sorry but I had worn my favorite pair and that next time I would let him keep my panties. His face lit up. Next time he said? Yes I’ll be back for more if you want me to I told him. He said absolutely. I got dressed and left. That evening Jonathan wanted sex and I was afraid he would be able to tell that I had been fucked but he didn’t notice. The following Friday evening my husband had to go to Chattanooga for an over night job and I was hoping Jason would text me. It was just after nine that night when I got a text. He said I’m out to dinner with some friends but that he wanted to see me. He said that he had left the door unlocked and for me to make myself at home that he would be there as soon as he could. I was laying on his bed watching Netflix when he came home. He was happy to see me but asked me why I wasn’t naked. I said I didn’t know if he was going to be alone when he got home. This time he was able to last a little longer but he said my pussy was so tight that it was difficult for him to last. The following weekend Jonathan was going on a over night ride at an off road park so I knew I had all night. Jason and I had sex three times that night. He came all three times and I had n orgasm on the last time. He and I have hooked up ten times so far and I’m thinking about looking for another guy to have in case Jason isn’t available.



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