Faye and I met up in the park and climbed the hill overlooking the big city. Not a cloud in the sky. We often came up here and laid in the long grass and soaked up the sun while catching up on each other’s news although it had been 3 months since we last saw each other.

Faye kicked off her sandals and I took off my trainers, lifted my T-shirt and laid on the grass in my long shorts. Faye took off her vest and laid next to me in her shorts and yellow lace bra.

I reached for the suntan lotion as we chatted and put it on my face, chest and arms and Faye asked me to rub it on her back as she laid face down. Squeezing the lotion onto my hand I began to rub it on her soft skin. All over her back. Under her bra strap and down onto her legs. “It’s too hot for shorts,” Faye giggled as she sat up, unbuttoned her shorts and slid them down her gorgeous legs and turned back on her front. I resumed my task as she laid there in just her sexy underwear. Sliding my hands all over her legs and inside the top bursa escort of her knickers. How far could I get away with?

I handed Faye the lotion and I too slipped my shorts off and she returned the favour by putting the lotion on me. Her hand sneaked a little too far inside my boxer shorts but I didn’t complain.

We laid for a while in the sun, chatting and enjoying the heat. I watched as she put lotion on her chest and legs and laid back down in the grass.

Faye picked a long piece of grass and began to poke and tickle me with it. I picked one and fought back. Her hand gently stroked me down my chest and naughtily poked the grass into the top of my boxers. I was already horny but this made me more so. I adjusted myself so the tip of my growing cock could be seen as we laid there. Faye teased the tip of my cock with the grass and made it swell to it’s full extent. I wanted to wank it off there and then but we were in public. I wanted to just take it out and wank it till I came all over bursa escort bayan her tits.

Her hand wandered over my boxes and she squeezed my cock gently through the material. Faye loved to tease me and I loved being teased… seeing how far we would dare to go.

Faye jumped up and handed me her camera phone and posed for some shots looking over the city. She looked so sexy. Grabbing the suntan lotion Faye began to rub it in all over herself as she stood there in the sun while I took photos. I dared her to take her bra off while nobody was around but she liked to have the upper hand and took the camera off me and dared me to strip off my boxer shorts.

Nobody had passed for a good 10 minutes and we were off the path so I slipped them off as the camera clicked away. I was sat up in the long grass with my hard cock on display. Faye threw me the camera back and then her bra and I took some more shots of her in just her small yellow thong. I so wanted to kiss her breasts and suck on escort bursa her nipples. I was ready to explode.

Standing over me Faye took the camera off me and put it in video mode. She began filming with one hand as she squeezed the lotion with the other, letting it drop down on my chest and on my cock. I started to rub it in across my chest and down towards my throbbing hard on as Faye threw down the lotion and stepped out of her knickers to reveal a neat trim tight pussy. I took my erection in my hand and began to stroke it. My fist pumped slowly at first but I wanted to come quickly before we were disturbed. Faye watched as I squeezed my hard dick and I could soon feel myself about to come. Faye could sense it too and knelt on the grass replacing my hand with hers and pumped my sperm out all over my chest.

“I’ve got to go to work,” Faye said picking up her things, gently kissing me on the lips and quickly walking off into the woods leaving me naked with sperm dripping down my chest.

That night I received a text from Faye describing how she had been so horny for her whole shift at work that she had masturbated laying on the stairs just inside her doorway watching the video of me as soon as she had got in her front door.



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