It had been a warm summer day in San Francisco and a crystal clear evening. It was perfect weather for the two lovers to take in the sights of the “City by the Bay.” Their executive suite on the 33rd floor of the Marriott had a spectacular view of the city skyline and the bay in the distance, now lit up by the moonlight. Rich and Mekah were glad to get back to their suite, their passion nearly boiling over out in public. Anyone could tell by the looks in their eyes that they were lustful and wanting. Now, in the comforts of their suite, a glass of wine poured for each, the moonlight shining through the sliding glass balcony doors, a small fire burning in the fireplace, the two lovers were free to explore their deepest desires.

Mekah looked stunning in her black dress, simple and elegant, deliciously naughty things concealed underneath. Rich had been simply attired as well in a light summery suit. Now in the dim light, the clothes became an impediment to more exciting things. As Mekah looked out over the bay, Rich came up behind her, encircling his arms around her waist, breathing in her intoxicating perfume, kissing her neck gently, and whispering in her ear his unending desire to make her happy.

Mekah set her glass of wine down on the table and turned to face her eager lover, their arms wrapped around each other in a tight embrace, they kissed, gently at first, but giving in to their lust soon after. Their kisses were deep and passionate; their hot lips pressed hard against each other’s, their tongues darting in and out of each other’s mouths. The feeling sent shivers down Rich’s spine and produced goose bumps on Mekah’s soft skin.

They held their embrace, kissing in the moonlight for some time, neither wanting to stop something so thrilling and intimate, both lost in each other. After what seemed an eternity, Rich took Mekah’s hand and led her to the bed. He kissed her lovely neck, nibbling his way around her ears, licking at her ear lobes, Mekah’s squirms and squeals indicating her pleasure. Rich was behind her now, unzipping her beautiful black dress ever so slowly, slipping it over her shoulders, the soft fabric sliding gently down her body, then dropping to the floor.

Mekah had planned her outfit to maximize its effect on Rich and when he saw the red and black lingerie she was wearing underneath her gown, he couldn’t speak. A red lace bra with black trim barely concealed her gorgeous breasts as they swelled against the fabric, eager to be released. Her bottom was barely covered in a pair of very sheer black panties, cut to accentuate her magnificent curves. And the red and black garter belt with sheer black stockings completed the naughty outfit.

Mekah was more beautiful than Rich had ever seen her. Her eyes sparkled and her smile lit up the room. Rich’s hands traced small circles over her body, massaging her breasts through her bra, bringing her nipples to a state of sensitivity never before felt. His hands kneaded her bottom, slipping under the waistband of her sheer black panties to caress her cheeks and tease her Mons. His kisses were soft and light on her lips and nose, her eyes and cheeks, as his hands caressed all of her, every touch signaling how intoxicating he found her to be.

Mekah, wanting to get her man undressed too, tugged at Rich’s tie, unknotting it and slipping it around his neck. Then she slowly unbuttoned each button on Rich’s white dress shirt, nibbling on his ear lobe as she did this. Rich began to tremble, the pure excitement of her touch beginning to control his thoughts. The shirt, now unbuttoned was whisked away quickly, leaving Rich’s bare chest exposed for Mekah’s hands to massage. She worked her hands over his chest, playing with his nipples, kissing his neck, whispering suggestions bursa escort of naughtiness in his ear. Her hands drifted down to the front of Rich’s dress pants. She could feel his hardness inside pressing against the material, completely turned on by her beauty and her touch. She unzipped his pants, unbuttoned the top button, dropped to her knees and slid the pants slowly down Rich’s legs leaving him standing in his briefs, his hard cock straining against the material.

Mekah’s eyes glistened as she wet her lips, looking longingly into Rich’s eyes. Locked in this trance, her hands slid back up his legs and started to massage his cock through the thin briefs, his cock twitching at the touch. Rich had never known such intimacy and intensity, he was lost in her and the way she touched him. She enjoyed seeing him weak in the knees, knowing she held his passion in her hands, literally. Mekah slipped her hands under the waistband of Rich’s briefs and slid them down to his ankles, his engorged cock springing straight out in front of her, the tip already moistened with pre-cum.

Mekah knew Rich would not last long with any kind of stimulus, so she cupped his balls in her hands and took the tip of his cock into her mouth. Rich sighed heavily at this, the feeling so incredible as to escape words. Mekah began a very slow blowjob, sucking Rich deep into her mouth, sucking hard with each thrust, massaging his balls in her hands, her tongue flicking at the sensitive nerve on his cock. She could feel him tense at this pleasure, a night of closeness and kissing already producing such erotic effects in both of them.

Her oral skills were simply better than any he had ever experienced and in just a couple of minutes he was about to cum. Sensing his impending release, Mekah sped up her efforts, her hands clasping the base of his cock, stroking him as she sucked him. That was too much for Rich, he exploded into her mouth, a long thick stream of cum on her tongue, and then another, and another, until he was spent. Mekah licked his cock as it began softening in her mouth, swallowing his cum, looking deep into his eyes, knowing what extreme pleasure she had brought to him, eagerly anticipating the returned favor.

Rich took Mekah by the shoulders and pulled her up into a passionate kiss, his hands reaching around to unhook her bra, slowness and decorum gone after such an explosive blowjob. He slipped the straps of her beautiful bra off her shoulders and teasingly dropped the garment off her magnificent breasts, her nipples stiffening in anticipation. The bra now discarded, Rich dropped to his knees and kissed her through her sheer panties, slipping his fingers underneath to slide them off. Her fragrant scent hit him and his lust for her intensified.

He loved what was to come next almost as much as she did. He adored making love to her and adored giving her earth-shattering orgasms. With her bra and panties in a heap next to the bed, Rich laid her down gently, kissing her lips, his tongue tracing out patterns down her chin, down her chest to her breasts. His hands began to massage her breasts, kneading them, his thumb and forefinger squeezing her nipples, pinching them, his fingernails dragging along her soft skin, bringing goose bumps to this gorgeous woman. Mekah was lost in her own ecstasy as Rich began to lick on her nipples, massaging her breasts as he did so.

This went on for some time, Rich teasing her to the edge of ecstasy, then slowing things down. Mekah’s breathing became short and shallow, her pulse quickening as Rich licked feverishly on her nipples. But that was just the warm-up. When Mekah’s orgasm was building yet again, Rich began kissing his way down her tummy, past her Mons, to the inside of her thighs, his breath hot on her skin. bursa escort bayan He teased her like this for a few minutes, kissing the soft flesh, licking his way around her womanhood, letting her orgasm retreat again, knowing how explosive it would be when the time came.

Mekah began tugging at his hair pleading with him to bury his face between her legs. Rich eagerly complied, spreading her legs wide, kissing his way from her inner thighs up to the top of her pubes. She trembled and moaned at his touch. Rich’s tongue darted out, licking the soft folds of her pussy, spreading her open with his tongue, lapping from her asshole all the way past her clit, in stroke after stroke. Mekah was very wet, and tasted sweet. Rich loved this, loved being intimate with Mekah, his tongue bringing her pleasure. Her eyes were closed, her fists clenching the bedspread, as Rich continued his oral ministrations. His tongue had come to rest on her clit, after several minutes of teasing every part of her delectable pussy.

Now he was concentrating on one spot, alternating between fast licks and short darts, responding to Mekah’s breathing as her pulse raced and the blood flowed to her clit. Rich moistened his middle finger with the sweet juices of her pussy and then slid his finger inside of her. She was indescribably tight and her muscles contracted around his finger immediately as he began long slow strokes while his tongue mercilessly lapped at her clit. Mekah was rocking gently, pressing against Rich’s finger and tongue. He kept at this, only needing a few minutes before Mekah was passing the point of no return. Her breathing became erratic, her body trembling, her pussy muscles contracting around his finger as her orgasm began to wash over her.

She came in waves, the pleasure almost painful, she was so sensitive, but Rich knew how she liked to be touched and he delicately guided her through a mind-numbing orgasm. As Mekah started to come down from her orgasm, Rich drifted up her body to kiss her passionately. They embraced, sweating from the excitement, kissing and becoming lost in each other. And they cuddled. The feeling of being wrapped around another person, so intertwined that you cannot tell where one ends and another begins, so warm and satisfying.

But the lovers were not nearly through with their pleasure this night. After catching their breath, Mekah got on top in a 69 with Rich, her voluptuous breasts brushing against his cock as they got comfortable. She massaged his cock with her breasts, knowing how much he loved that feeling. He was throbbing again very quickly, his cock sliding between her breasts. Rich spread her ass cheeks with his hands and began to lick her moistening pussy and her rosebud, lapping at everything, getting Mekah warmed up once again. As Mekah’s breathing became shallow, Rich moistened two of his fingers and slid them into her pussy, searching for the soft spongy area that was her g spot. Finding it, he placed his left hand on her tummy pressing up while his two fingers began flicking back and forth, pressing down on her g. She moaned loudly when Rich found the right spot.

That was his cue. He rubbed faster now; pressure the key to a g spot orgasm. The feeling of needing to urinate passed quickly for Mekah and was replaced by indescribable pleasure. This was not the sensitive, bordering on painful, feeling when exciting her clit, but a strong feeling of pleasure that kept building and building. While Rich administered the g spot massage, Mekah began to suck his cock, at least to the degree that she could concentrate on doing so. The pleasure deep inside of her welled up quickly, the massage was bringing her very close to an orgasm in very little time. Rich could tell that she was very close now; her shaking, escort bursa moaning, and muscle contractions told the story.

The love of his life was about to explode.

He wet the index finger on his left hand liberally with saliva and as the fingers on his right hand continued to massage her most intense spot, he slipped the index finger into the tightness of her asshole. He inserted just the tip of his finger at first, but eventually worked his whole finger deep inside of her. That pushed her over the edge. Mekah let out a loud scream as the first wave of her orgasm hit her, Rich’s three fingers continuing their massaging efforts. She bucked and moaned, her orgasm became strong and sustained, and then the second orgasm hit her, and then the third. Mekah forgot her surroundings, losing herself in a feeling so intense that she never wanted it to stop. Her whole body was on fire, tingling from head to toe with such pleasure. Rich continued to massage her through her multiple orgasms, through her gushing pussy juices, through her screams and cries of joy, until it all subsided, fading in a warm glow that could be seen easily in her smile.

Mekah curled up next to Rich to let the feelings wash over her for a while. She stroked his cock slowly keeping him hard and kissed him gently on the lips. Her eyes were tearful with the joy of it all and the two lovers were lost deep in the moment. They rested, she stroked his cock, and they relaxed.

When peace had returned to their bodies, Mekah leaned over and began to suck Rich’s cock slowly and deliberately, getting it wet for the next wave of lovemaking. When it was fully engorged and sopping wet, she climbed on top of him and lowered herself down his shaft, her pussy wrapping tightly around his cock. The feeling was so intense for both of them. She leaned forward to kiss him deeply as she rocked back and forth, his cock sliding in and out of her pussy slowly. Each thrust was slow and deep, her breasts brushing against his chest, their lips locked in a kiss. The made love like this for a few minutes, then Rich rolled her over onto her back and they started a wonderful missionary style fucking. Rich’s cock was so hard from the exquisite warmth and tightness of Mekah’s pussy.

Her face was flush; her labia swollen from the excitement, and her legs were wrapped around him in a tight embrace. His thrusts were gentle at first, but picked up speed as their passion built. As their passion grew, he took a pillow from the head of the bed and placed it under her bottom, raising her pussy up off the bed. He kneeled in front of her, his cock sliding in deeper now, her pussy taking his entire length, wrapped tightly around its thickness. This position allowed Rich’s cock to massage Mekah’s g spot with each thrust. He reached his right hand up to rub her clit with his thumb as he plunged inside of her, fast thrusts now, the bed squeaking under their lovemaking.

Her moans were growing and his trembling was increasing. They were both headed for another orgasm.

Rich stopped, turned Mekah over, and entered from behind. Both of the lovers adored doggie style sex. Rich’s thrusts were fast and deep, each one rubbing her clit with the bottom of his thick cock. Rich’s hands massaged her bottom as he plunged in and out of her tight sweetness. Her breathing quickened with each thrust, their moaning growing as well. It was not long until both were shaking and the throes of another orgasm hit them simultaneously. Rich’s cock unloaded a monstrous stream of cum deep into Mekah as her pussy muscles contracted tightly around his shaft. She screamed as she came feeling his cum fill her, the warmth igniting her own orgasm. Rich continued to fuck her as her orgasm drew out, her screams of passion ongoing.

Then they collapsed together spent. Curling up beside each other in a tender embrace, kissing each other gently on the lips, the two lovers lay in ecstasy. The smiles on their face giving away that they were not yet through…



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