Big Tits

Chapter 3

Later that night Nurse Erika showed up again.

Massive breasts thrust out over my bed as she announced that she had to take my blood pressure and pulse readings. At her request I sat up and swung my legs over the side of the bed.

She slipped the armband over my right bicep and clasped my arm to her between her arm and body. Of course, with her body this meant that my forearm was trapped against the side of the biggest breast I’d ever touched. My entire forearm sank into her super large breast. The firm yet soft flesh of her bra encased breast encased my arm warmly. My hand gently caressed the side of her tit. Her breasts hung like outriggers on her chest, much wider than her body!

We smiled at each other while she listened for my pulse. My hand barely moved as I caressed her.

“Your blood pressure is a little high,” she announced as she removed the cuff. “Let’s check the pulse.”

Using her left hand she grasped my right wrist and turned her hand to look at her wristwatch. She seemed unconcerned that my hand was forced against the thrusting tip of her left breast. Unable to resist I cupped and held her. My thumb squeezed and pinched her rapidly hardening nipple. My fingers and palm were unable to cup the entire end of her boob. I could hold five baseballs in my outstretched hand, yet couldn’t contain her hugely massive tit-tip! It was too round, too firm, too LARGE!

“Your pulse is getting faster,” she remarked after a little while. She had stopped checking my pulse. Now she was just holding my hand against her breast. She was smiling warmly at me.

“I think I need to give you another treatment to lower your blood pressure and pulse rate!” she giggled as her other hand dove under my hospital gown and slid up my thigh.

“Be my guest,” I said pendik escort as I allowed her to push me back to lean against my elbows. With a quick movement she flipped the hem of my gown up onto my chest.

“What a lovely prick”, she moaned. “It’s so big and thick! I just love the feel of it in my hands and mouth!” Suiting actions to words she dipped down and sucked lightly on the head of my cock.

“So warm and soft, yet so hard. It feels like velvet on my tongue!” Her tongue tip fluttered out to caress the tip and then run wantonly around the ridge of my glans. “Your shaft is so long I can get both hands on it and still have lots of room left over. I bet…” Her voice trailed off as she clasped one hand above the other and then, hand over hand, worked her way up until she had reached the head of my dick. “See, there’s over four hand’s-full here!” Her voice held a note of awe as she lightly swept both hands up and down my cock.

My head dropped back on my shoulders as she went to work on my dick. Her mouth ran up and down, gently and then more firmly. Faster and faster she went. The sound of her moist mouth filled the hospital room as she worked.

“God, you do that good,” I croaked.

“MMMmmmmhhhhh.” She responded, never taking her eyes off mine while she worked.

I could feel the cum churning in my balls as she continued to work. One of her hands dropped down to warm my sack and gently held my balls, encouraging them to loosen and manufacture more sperm.

“Oh, baby,” she moaned, “I can tell you’re close. Cum in my mouth! Cum for Nurse Erika. Cum on my tongue and in my mouth!”

She pulled back off my dick until just the tip was resting on her pillow-like lower lip. Continuing to gaze into my eyes she stroked faster and faster!

The first blast shot into her escort pendik mouth! She moaned in pleasure as wad after wad of thick jism jetted after the first, filling her mouth. Her hands never broke their rhythm. She was gasping through her nose, not swallowing, allowing the cum to collect in her mouth! I could see the rising tide of cum as it filled the back of this horny nurse’s throat. A couple of more spurts and her teeth were awash with sperm. She slipped her lips over the end of my still spurting dick and swallowed hastily before she continued to jack me off into her mouth!

Finally spent, my dick started to soften in her grip. Greedily she slurped up every drop of cum and licked my dick clean.

“Yummy!” she pronounced. “I just adore the taste of your cum!”

” And I love how much you love it,” I replied. I sat back up in front of her while she adjusted the cap that had become askew on her head. Her tits surged toward me, stretching the front of her uniform.

I caressed the outer sweep of each breast. They were thrust forward even more than usual since her hands were above her head.

“When are we going to have a chance to do this properly?” I asked. “I really want to make love to you, you’re amazing!” My thumbs caressed her nipples as I spoke. Around and around I stroked her thick nips.

“Oh, I wouldn’t dare!” she replied. “I’d make too much noise! There is no way I could let you try to slide this immensity into my little pussy! I’d be screaming and crying so loud! No, it’s just too dangerous here in the hospital!”

“Maybe after I get out, then.” I suggested.

“Maybe, we’ll see,” she replied.

“But there is something else we could do!” My pulse raced as I pictured it. “We could tit-fuck!”

“Tit-fuck? What’s that?”

I couldn’t believe it! A woman pendik escort bayan built like she was built and she didn’t know what tit-fucking was?

“You’re kidding, right? You know! I slide my dick up between these two huge flesh pillows of yours and we rub against each other until I cum between them!”

“I’ve never heard of such a thing!” She exclaimed. “Where ever did you learn that?”? “In Japan. They call it paizuri! Most brothels over there have girls who specialize in it. Some Japanese women have big tits! But I’ve never seen a woman better equipped for it than you! You have the biggest, sexiest boobs I’ve ever seen! Have I told you I’d love to see you in a tight red sweater?”

“Do you really like my breasts?” She seemed uncertain as she gazed into my eyes.

“Like ’em? I love ’em! So big, so firm! You are the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen! I’ve been a tit man since I was in junior high and Missy Hopkins sprouted from nothing to a D-cup in 8th grade! And I’ve never seen anyone with sexier, prettier tits! You have the biggest tits I could ever imagine!”

“Really? I guess they are kinda big.” She looked down to where my hands were continuing to explore her incredible bulk.

“Kind of big!” I scoffed. “The Grand Canyon is kind of big. Mt. Everest is kind of big! You, my dear, are unique! Fabulous, wonderful, sexy, desirable and lovely!”

“Well, they’ve been there since I was young. I guess I got used to them. I think most men would think they are too big. No one before seemed to really like them.”??”Well, I’m not most men! I have great taste and I think you are the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen! There is no such thing as breasts that are too big. I adore your tits!” I was still feeling her up as we spoke.

She looked down to where my hands were caressing her boobs. “I’m glad you like them,” she whispered. “Your hands really feel good! Tit-fucking? Wow, what’ll they think of next. Well, it’s time you got some rest. I’ll see you in the morning.”

She was gone before I could react.



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