This is the first in a series of stories. In this story you find yourself coming home from work and you decide to stop at Hooters for dinner. After you go into the restaurant you find out that no one is there except the sexy waitresses and the manager, who is in his office doing work.

A beautiful waitress walks up to you and says “Hello sir, right this way.” You follow the girl to a booth seat and you sit down. The waitress walks over to another waitress and squeezes her ass. They start to mumble about something and then the other waitress starts to walk over to you. You watch as her big breasts bounce up and down as she walks. She reaches the table and says “Hello sir my name is Amber what is your name?”

“My name is John.”

“Well welcome John I’m glad you chose this Hooters.”

“No problem.”

“What would you like to eat?”

“Umm…” You start to think but you cannot take your eyes off of her breasts. She notices and grants you a smile. “Sorry.”

“It’s okay sir I love it when guys stare at my tits.”

Stunned you give her a questioning look. She just smiles.

“You can order them if you want, there’s no one else here but us and my friends.”


“Yeah. I would love for you to order them.”

“How much are they?”

“They’re free.” She leans over and puts her cleavage in your face and shakes her tits. You go with it and enjoy yourself. “Did you know that I give the best head in this whole restaurant?”

“I’d bursa escort bet.”

“Would you like to see.”

“Oh yes.”

She reaches down and rubs your crotch through your pants. She feels that your hard and she unzips your pants. She leans down and starts to suck on your hard cock.

You look around the restaurant to see if any of the other waitresses are looking. And they are. Some of them are playing with themselves reaching under the shorts. Two other waitresses are making out with each other.

Amber was so good at the blowjob that you came in about one minute. She gladly swallowed all of it.

“Mmm that tasted good.”

“Wow, you are good at that.”

“I told you. I’ll get you some water and then maybe we can do something else after you recharge.”

“Sounds great.” You zip your pants as she walks into the kitchen.”

She comes back with some water and she hands it to you. You drink fast to regain your breathe.

“So where do you college Amber?”

“I go to the one down the street.”

“Really I’m actually transferring there in a few days.”

“Cool are you getting a dorm or do you have a house?”

“I have an apartment for now but I might get a dorm.”

“Don’t move in to the school, you’ll probably get a terrible roommate.”

“I guess you’re right.”

“Okay John do you want anything else for the time being?”

“Just to talk for a bit while I calm myself.”

“Okay what do you want to talk about?”

“Okay bursa escort bayan I have to ask you sooner or later. Are your boobs real?”

“Yes they are.” While she says this she squeezes them.

“Wow. Very nice, may I feel them?”

“Sure go ahead.” You reach out and feel them a bit. You play with them in your hands and feel how soft they are. You start to get a boner and she notices “Ready to go again?”

“Oh yes.”

“This time we’ll go to the back room.”

“Sounds fine to me.”

She takes your hand and places it on her ass, she makes you squeeze a bit and then leads you to the back room with your hand grasping her ass

“Here we are.” She sits you in a chair and stands in front of you.

“How about a lap dance.”

“You read my mind.” She starts to move her hips side to side slowly while moving towards you. She turns around and shakes her ass in your face. She then sits down on you lap and grinds. You feel the orange shorts rubbing against your crotch, it feels great even though you have your pants on. She leans back and leads your hands to her breasts. You massage them as her ass massages you.

“hows that?” she asks

“Great babe.”

She gets off and turns around to you. She slowly takes off her shirt for the first time exposing her 34dd breasts naked in front of you. She then takes off her shoes, socks, pantyhose etc. She tells you to take off your clothes and you do.

She sits you back down and she escort bursa gets on your cock. You feel her wet pussy slide around your cock with the perfect fit. She lets out a moan as she lays with your cock deep in her pussy. She starts to ride up and down, not only does your cock feel amazing but your face is being devoured by her beautiful breasts rubbing against your face.

“Oh yeah baby like that! Like that! Ohhh! Yeah!” she starts to scream in pleasure. “Tell me when you’re going to cum.”

“Sure thing babe I’ll tell you when.”

“Ohhhh! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!”

It feels so good for both of you as your cock enters her pussy you feel her clench and when it goes out she feels relief. You can tell that she is about to cum, and you were right. She screams in pleasure and stops riding.

“Oh baby you made me cum.” says Amber as she gets off. “Time for me to return the favor.”

She kneels down and grabs your cock. She starts to stroke up and down with one hand, and with the other she massages your balls. You cum almost instantly, all over her face and tits. She licks the cum off of her lips and then licks the top of her boobs.

She starts to get dressed and so do you. “Oh John here’s my number.” She hands you her panties with a piece of paper inside of them. It has her number on the paper and her address. “Come over or call anytime you’re horny because that was amazing.” THE END

If you enjoyed this story then look at my page, I will have more stories with Amber in them. Next story will involve meeting Amber’s friend the Cheerleader, and it will have a threesome in it. Be sure to give me reviews so I can get better also be sure to leave a comment on what you thought of it.



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