Dear Honey, is that your real name.

Hi, I’d like to…

I’m an unhappily married white male looking for someone to do what my wife won’t….

Hi, I’m in town this weekend and wondered

Hi, I’m 5’7, grey eyes and want to give you a mustache ride…..

Honey (yes, her real name was Honey) Delaney selected each of the messages in her inbox and clicked the delete button. How hard was it to find someone to email fantasies to. After all, that’s why she joined the adult sex service. She was looking for someone with decent writing skills who could convey their fantasies through email. She didn’t want to talk to them, or hear about their wives. She wasn’t interested in them at all, she just wanted to know about their fantasies.

The next day at work her blackberry notified her that her private email account had received a message. Turning to face the aisle (to prevent someone from sneaking up behind her and looking over her shoulder) she quickly logged onto the account and pulled up her inbox.

Honey is used to soften hair in Middle Eastern countries before beginning the hair removal process. Did you know that?

That caught her attention. She knew that her aesthetician could use sugaring as a way of arching her eyebrows, but didn’t know about the honey. Then she wondered why she was getting spam mail about hair removal. She started to hit delete when she saw the next line.

I want you to lay down right here on this towel, while I get the honey. Don’t worry it’s not hot, just barely warm. Lift your hips while I pull your panties down. Very nice panties they are. Now close your eyes, nope, don’t look. That’s right, you can feel the stickiness as I slather the honey on you down there. Yes it is messy, that’s why you’re lying on the towel. Now, just lie there for a moment, while I blow to keep things heated. Nope, don’t wiggle and don’t spread your legs, just lie there.

A coworker passed by the aisle and Honey looked up for just a second before returning to the message.

Nice, all sweet and sticky. I’ll be back in one second. No, I don’t need any help, I’m just going to use this warm towel to clean you up. Yes, lift your hips, the honey dripped down between your cheeks. What? It dripped somewhere else too? Show me. Yes, I do see honey there, but it’s not the honey I used. It will be fine. Let’s leave this towel on you to get the hairs even softer. Ah, you guessed my treat. That’s right, I’m going to help you shave, but you’ll need to stay very still, as I don’t want to cut you.

“Honey, Honey!” She looked up to find one of the computer geeks standing at her desk. “I need to swap out your monitor.”

“Uhm, fine, how long will this take?”

“I’ll be done in five minutes or so.”

“Okay, I’m going to run down to the cafeteria and get something to drink, while you do that.”

Sitting at a table in the back of the cafeteria, Honey resumed reading.

Let’s see, is it soft enough? I know it’s unorthodox but I think my freshly shaven face rubbing you there is the best indicator of whether or not it’s soft enough. I’m going to start by trimming the hair with these scissors. I may need to gently pull on the hair to get it close enough, without cutting you of course. Honey, I told you that you need to be still, I can’t do this and have your hips moving every time I tug on your hair.

Can you spread your legs for me. I just need to get these last few hairs trimmed. I’m sorry, did my knuckle stroke you? It wasn’t intentional. I’ll be right back. Okay, lets get this shaving foam on you. No…you know I can spread it by myself…well if you insist. You missed a spot, right here. Now it’s really important that you lie still, the razor is sharp. What’s that, leave a strip of hair and get rid of everything else? Okay.

Honey looked up and there was the computer geek standing over her. She arched an eyebrow.

“Yeah, I’m done and thought I’d come find you.”

She sighed and thanked him.

Returning to her desk, she noticed her phone blinking. Saving the email message she turned off the blackberry.

Getting home that night she settled into the tub with the blackberry and continued reading her message.

Smooth as silk. Feel it. No just feel the sides with no hair, not there. Sigh, you’re being difficult. It looks pretty nice too, let me get you a mirror. Yes, see how it allows your dark beauty to shine through. Like chocolate mixed with honey. It looks like something else is shining through as well. Is it always that big? Nevermind. Okay, it’s time for the back. Hmm, yes, well you can’t do the front and not the back. Be back in a minute.

Okay, turn over and kneel. This is going to be warm. Uhm, no I don’t think we need any honey back here. Yes, I’m sure. Okay, time to see if it’s soft enough, no, I’m not using my face again. Yes that’s my tongue. Now, spread your legs a bit more so I can get close. That’s good. Please be still. What are your hands doing up there? Spank you? I don’t think so, not this time anyway. Now that is beautiful, as bare pendik escort as the day you were born. Okay, hold still while I get something to moisturize your skin to prevent shaving bumps.

It’s just a bit of oil, I know it’s cold drizzling down between your cheeks. What? The front needs attention? Okay, turn over. Nice and smooth. Do what?

Look at the time, I need to go. Bye Honey.

Honey groaned in frustration. Whoever it was had hit a button with her. She loved being teased and tempted.

She got out of the tub and logged onto the service to send a message to the sender. When she entered the username, the system responded that the user could not be found.

Honeysuckle, Day 2

Honey sat in first class, sipping on a glass of water when her blackberry buzzed. It has been a long week since the last message she received and she had given up hope of hearing from Honeysuckle again. Her best friend had commented, “what kind of man calls himself honeysuckle?” Honey thought it was a clever play on her name, but who knew, maybe it was a woman. A thought that was not repulsive to Honey in any manner.

She started to check her email when she remembered that she was on a plane and there was no internet connection, so she couldn’t check for any new messages. Just then her blackberry buzzed.

She checked her personal messages and there was one, from Honeysuckle. For someone to have beamed a message to her, they would have to be on the same plane with her. The thought didn’t scare her as much as it probably should have, after all, she still didn’t know who this person was.

Hi Honey, are you wearing anything under that skirt?

She looked around to see who else was using a PDA (personal digital assistant) on the plane and unfortunately every passenger in first class had some sort of pda out and she was sure there were just as many, if not more in coach.

Throwing caution to the wind, she replied.


Tsk, tsk, Honey. You shouldn’t be. How will you use the gift I’ve gotten for you if you’re wearing panties.

What gift?

First you need to take them off and then I’ll tell you. Go into the forward lavatory and remove them. Put them into the trash.

What if someone finds them?

Who cares?

Honey stood, making her way to the bathroom, self consciously looking about at her fellow passengers. No one looked up or paid any attention to her. She stood in the restroom for a moment before removing her panties and dropping them into the wastebasket. She tried to bury them under mounds of paper towels so that whoever went in after her would not associate her with them.

Honey returned to her seat. She sat for a moment to see if anyone would immediately go into the restroom behind her. When five minutes passed and no one had, she looked back at her blackberry.

Good girl. Doesn’t that feel better. Now, go to the rear lavatory. Check the cabinet above the sink and there will be a gift wrapped package for you. Take your blackberry with you, you’ll need it.

Honey got to her feet. Walking to the rear of the plane she tried to scan the faces of every passenger, to see if there was anyone she knee. Most of the passengers were reclined, or had their headphones on and their faces turned towards the window as they were flying over the Atlantic Ocean. The plane hit a bump of turbulence and she lost her balance for a moment. She continued walking to the rear and had to wait for it to empty.

A teenaged girl walked out of the restroom. Honey went in and locked the door. Her pda buzzed.

Unlock the door.

But what if someone comes in? Don’t worry, they won’t.

Honey unlocked the door. Reaching over her head into the cabinet, she pulled out a small box. Sitting on the closed toilet lid she opened it. Inside was a butterfly that attached to your legs via a harness. The top end of the butterfly was positioned at the clit and the rear end hung provocatively towards her butt. There was even a little shaft to insert in her pussy.

Did you find it?


Put it on Honey.

She maneuvered the straps over her legs and positioned it.

Turn it on.

She did so and felt it hitting the right spots. She was already wet from being ordered around by an unknown person and this made her even more so. The sound was barely audible in the bathroom but Honey knew that it could get louder in the cabin.

How does it feel?


Good, head back to your seat now Honey, and don’t turn it off.

Honey turned it off and headed out the door, she didn’t want to walk down the aisle with this thing buzzing.

Honey walked out the door and found three people waiting to get in. Midway up the aisle the butterfly turned back on and her pda buzzed.

I have the control for it Honey. Please don’t disobey me again.

Honey took her place in her seat for the rest of the flight. There were no more messages, just a subtle start and stop of the buzzing as he/she played with the controls.

Periodically her seatmate escort pendik would look over at her, trying to figure out where the buzzing was coming from.

By the time the plane landed, Honey was soaked. As she stepped into the gate area, her pda buzzed again.

There’s another gift for you at the newsstand. Ask the cashier if she has any honeysuckle flavored candy. Then take the gift into the restroom.

Honey stopped and picked up her package from a widely smiling newsstand clerk. Heading into the restroom, she picked the stall furthest from the door and sat down. Inside the bag, neatly wrapped, was a butt plug and a pair of panties. The plug was slender and short, made out of some type of realistic material. A note was taped to the box.

By now I know you’re soaking wet, so just use your juices to lube that up and insert it. I’ve also included a pair of panties, in case it falls out.

Honey had never used a plug before and had only tried anal once before, although she liked it.

She positioned herself and applying lube to it, gently forced it in, sitting down on the toilet seat to get it the rest of the way in. Suddenly her butterfly started going at full speed, causing her groan.

Collecting her wits and her belongings, she washed her hands and walked out of the restroom.

Have a good trip Honey, I’ve left some directions for you in your room. I’ll see you when you return and don’t think I won’t know if you’ve done what I’ve asked.

Honey looked around her but in the crowd, no one stood out. She contemplated going into the restroom and removing everything, but decided that she liked them.

Arriving at her hotel room, she was greeted by a bouquet of flowers. She looked around, expecting to see an envelope or some other indication of the stalker/follower/she didn’t know what to call him, in her room. She opened the envelope attached to the bouquet and was disappointed when she saw that the card was from the convention organizers.

That night she ordered room service and went her notes for the presentation she was making the next day.

After a day of boring presentations and a successful presentation of her own, she was about to leave the exposition center when her blackberry buzzed.

Nice job!

She didn’t bother looking around as there were over 1,000 people in attendance.


Did you miss me last night?


Liar. There’s a courier waiting outside, ready to take you back to the hotel. He also has a package for you.

She walked outside and saw a courier holding a placard with her name on it. She handed him her belongings and accepted a bag which appeared to come from an expensive store. It was shaped like a shopper, and had ribbons for handles. He opened the door of the Mercedes taxi and ushered her inside.

She was in the process of looking through the items in the bag when a sound caught her attention. The driver had put on a cd and the sounds emanating from his speakers sounded like someone making love. She could hear moans and sounds of wetness, followed by a man and woman speaking in a foreign language. She glanced at the rearview mirror to catch the driver’s eyes, but he was staring straight ahead. Just then the sounds of a woman obviously having an orgasm broke the silence. The sound was so exquisite that she could immediately feel her nipples harden and panties grow moist.

Just as she was about to ask the driver about the cd, they pulled up at the hotel.

She walked into the hotel room and her pda buzzed.

Did you like the choice of “music”?

She decided to ignore the question and instead began emptying the contents of the bag.

She laid out a beautiful shelf bra (the kind that just support your breasts without covering them), a matching garter and boy cut lace panty. There was also a brown wrap cashmere sweater and a pair of jeans.

She checked the tags, amazed to see that everything was her size.

So you’re ignoring me now? You’d better get dressed, the driver will be waiting for you in 30 minutes.

Honey jumped into the shower and while washing her hair, thought about the fact that she was willingly following the orders of someone she didn’t think she knew, that she couldn’t see and whose intentions she wasn’t sure of. What she avoided thinking about was how much she was enjoying it. She’d never thought that she was the type to give over control to someone else.

Honey slipped out of the shower and dried herself off. Slathering lotion over every surface of her body she lingered for a moment on her nipples. She slid on the lingerie and clothes, admiring her body in the mirror. She had full breasts and thighs and ass with a nipped in waist. She was far from the epitome of the waif like creatures gracing the cover of every fashion and men’s magazine these days, but she liked what she saw and apparently so did someone else.

When she walked down to the lobby, she saw the same driver she’d had before. Holding the door open for her, he led her to the car. Without speaking pendik escort bayan he drove her to a European bistro where she had dinner alone, while he waited for her.

After dinner he drove along the streets edging the canals. She loved the twinkling lights hanging from the houseboats.

He pulled to a stop in front of the banana bar. He turned around and handed her an envelope before getting out of the car to hold her door open.

“Go inside and give the hostess this card,” read the note inside the envelope.

Honey hesitantly walked inside the building, noting the large number of men and the limited numbers of women, other than the performers.

She was about to turn around and walk out when her pda buzzed.

You’ll be fine, I’d never do anything to hurt you.

Honey breathed a deep sigh.

Unless you wanted it.

Honey stood around, watching as men ordered drinks. The specialty of the bar was body shots, except in this case, the men could drink the alcohol directly off the women’s nipples. The other specialty involved pushing a banana into a women’s vagina, using his mouth.

Honey had no idea what her purpose was, until she noticed a beautiful woman, with a pixie cut, beckoning her over. Honey looked around, thinking it was a mistake. Her pda buzzed.

Yes, she’s talking to you.

Honey walked over and stood before the woman, who then placed a shot of tequila in Honey’s hand. Honey was about to drink the shot when the woman grabbed her hand and gestured. Honey got the feeling that she was expected to pour the shot on the woman and lick it off.

Honey started backing away from the woman and bumped into a waitress. This waitress was holding a full sized drink with a note attached.

“You know you want to. If it helps, have a drink first.”

Honey grabbed the drink and started sipping. Her pda buzzed.

You’re stalling

Taking another small sip, she wasn’t surprised to feel the pda buzzing again.

The longer you stand here, the more these men are going to wonder what you’re doing Honey.

Honey looked around and saw that no one was paying any attention to her. She guessed it was now or never.

Moving towards the performer, she picked up the shot of tequila and poured it over the woman’s shoulder. Despite her best intentions, most of the liquid flowed right down the woman’s breast, over her left nipple, and not, as Honey had hoped, down her back.

Honey moved forward and timidly licked a trail of liquid from the woman’s collarbone. Seeing that no one paid any attention to that, she lowered her mouth again, this time licking the area around the areola before darting her tongue out to touch the nipple.

She straightened up and her pda buzzed.

No cheating, you have to suck it

She turned back to the performer and deciding to get it over with, dabbed her fingers in the remains of her drink and painted the woman’s nipple. Moving her mouth closer to the girl, she placed her mouth around the nipple, while gently biting with her teeth. She suckled briefly before removing herself.

You didn’t say how long I had to.

She turned back to the woman about to tip her, when a waitress showed up with a banana. Honey immediately starting shaking her head from side to side. Her pda buzzed.

Okay, you don’t have to.

Honey tipped the performer generously and left the club.

The driver was waiting outside for her, standing next to the car, smoking a cigar.

He handed her another note as she settled in the backseat. The car started moving as Honey opened the note and read it.

“Your last stop of the night is coming up.”

The driver stopped near the red light district and handed her another note.

“Go to the top floor of House 11-45. Someone will be waiting for you.”

Honey walked down the street, staring at the women sitting in the windows, baring all for the world to see. Seeing the numbers 11-45 on the house in the middle, she walked up a narrow and steep set of stairs. A man who looked exactly like her driver greeted her and led her into a dark room, handing her a note before he walked out. She went to the door and locked it before turning on a light.

Even with a light on, the room was still dim and she noticed that there were light blocking curtains at the windows. In the middle of the room was a machine. It looked like an oil barrel cut in half and there were attachments stuck to it. Something niggled in her memory and she recognized that she had seen the machine before. At a toy party organized by a friend for someone’s bachelorette party, there had been a sybian. It was an orgasm machine. It was designed so that a woman could mount it and have clitoral, anal, g spot orgasms.

Honey sat on the bed and opened the note.

“Honey, this is your last task. You will mount this machine and ride it. Before doing so, you will open the curtains and remove your outer clothing.”

Honey walked to the window and peered outside. There were hundreds if not thousands of people walking along the street. Her pda buzzed.

Don’t worry. No one can see your face up there, unless they have binoculars, as I do. All they will be able to see is your form, mounting the machine and riding it.



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