HOME VISITHOME VISITThe phone rang late on Friday night “hello I said “ is that John came a unfamiliar voice, Yes I replied , Its Mina from the other night, I recalled in vivid detail the BJ she had given me in my car , (the night I helped her daughter in the pissing rain and sleet). How her tongue on my hard cock was to much to take and when she swallowed all my hot CUM down her mouth I memory I thought would never happen again.What Can I do for you Mina I asked, she replied she and her daughter would like to invite me over for dinner as a thank you for the other night… I told her she had already thanked me, but she wouldn’t take no for an answer, so off I went to a very nice house in the South side of Glasgow.When I arrived I was greeted at the door by Mina wearing canlı bahis a very sheer white cotton shirt and not a lot else.. she led me into the living room and introduced me to her daughter Zoë , she was about 20-21 slim big breasts and a arse you could ride all night CUM & CUM into and still be rock hard.Mina got straight business … “ I want you to be Zoë’s first man , I was speechless but my cock was stirring , I stammered thanks but would you not rather she had a Muslim Man…. Mina said NO your kindness impressed us both and Zoë wanted you as do I With that she ordered Zoë to strip me, which she did very slowly by the time those young hands reached my trousers my cock was rock hard , she slid down my trousers and pants in one movement. She paused and looked at my cock. bahis siteleri It was the first one she had seen.. now I am not the biggest but my cock is very thick , she paused unsure of what to do(not surprising) at this point Mina who I almost forgot about came over to join us top off her shirt and I saw her body totally naked for the first time her brown skin, big breast shaved pussy and tight arse . she licked the shaft of my rock hard cock up one side down the other, then Zoë got down on her knees and did the same, then I held Zoë’s’ head placed my cock in front of her mouth and she started to suck my cock slowly as if she was a professional , I told Mina to get on the sofa and started to rub her shaven pussy getting her nice and wet as her daughter continued to suck güvenilir bahis my hard cock, mina was getting very wet and when I slid two fingers deep in her wet pussy she gasped in a tiny O sound as I worked my fingers in her pussy I could feel my balls tightening.I took out my fingers from mina’s pussy and lifted Zoë away from my cock and had her suck her Mum’s pussy juice off my fingers. Mina was now fingering her own pussy fast and hard as Zoë went back to sucking my cock I told her she was a natural and that very soon I was coming to CUM hard all over her face. This seemed to make her suck me harder and faster as I once again fingered Mina’s pussy as she rubbed her pussy, I got closer to Cumming and told both ladies to lie on the floor as I pulled my cock out of Zoë just in time to spray my hot Cum over both of them, as they lay there on the floor I started to lick Mina’s pussy hard and fast and it wasn’t long before she CAME all over my face….NOW IT WAS ZOE’S TURN……



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