Holloween with a surpriseI read this story on literotica and just had to share it with my Xhamster friends.Here goes.Halloween my favorite holiday of the season. If you think a twenty five year old does not like going to costume parties, you’ve’ got no idea what goes on in my life. Everyone I hang out with likes to enjoy themselves to the best of their advantage, and Halloween is one of the best ways we can accomplish that. This year, like the last four years in a row, I was hosting a Halloween party at my apartment with a number of friends coming over and naturally, it was a costume party. There was Jessie who was dressed in one of those sexy angel costumes and her sister Jamie who was dressed in a devil costume. Then there was Mike, dressed up as Darth Vader; he always was a huge fan of Star Wars. Chris and Steven were both dressed like vampires, I have no idea why they could not come up with their own individual ideas but whatever. I was dressed like Dean Winchester from the popular TV series Supernatural; me along with a few of my friends were all obsessed with this show and it was a sort of dare for me to dress like Dean my favorite character. I was in good shape and I had the type of clothing Dean wears’ my hair is short cut and brown much like his and it just seemed like a fun idea to do it.My room-mate’ Bryan was the one who really topped the cake this year around though. He was always a dare devil and this was a dare that even I laughed my ass off at when he said yes to it; Bryan was dressed as a woman this year. From top to bottom, I mean everything a hot girl would have. Makeup, a blonde wig, red cherry lipstick, a white tank top and a pair of very tight jeans that made his ass quite visible and a pair of black high heels. The troubling thing was he was actually really convincing, save for his voice, when he tried to sound like a woman the only thing he succeeded in doing was making everyone crack up laughing. He called himself Sarah.The party started at around 8:00pm and by 10:30 pm’ everyone was drunk off their asses. The music was blasting, people were dancing, the booze were going fast and everyone was having a very good time; I felt proud of myself that I had managed to throw a Halloween party this fun five years in a row and this was likely the best out of all five years.Around 11:00 pm, I stumbled down the hallway towards my bedroom, dizzy as hell and as drunk as I had been in quite some time. I had forgotten how bad of an idea it was for me to mix whiskey with beer and I was definitely starting to feel the effects of the two types of alcohol combined. I must have collapsed about halfway down the hallway because I felt a pair of arms wrapping around me and lifting me up off the floor; I was leaning up against the wall and got a good look at whoever it was that lifted me up. Before my eyes was one hell of a sight, a beautiful girl with blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes and a killer body. I was stunned at the amazing face that stared back at me and I couldn’t’ help but smile drunkenly at her.”Dude, are you okay?” she asked. I laughed and nodded my head.”I canlı bahis am now,””Ha-ha, oh my god you are so fucked up.”She pulled me away from the wall and allowed me to lean on her as she carried me the rest of the way down the hall towards my bedroom. When we got into the room, she moved closer to the bed before tossing me onto the mattress and laughing at the way I seemed to flop down on it.”There you go Mr. Dean Winchester,” she joked, referring to my costume.”Doncha wanna have some fun with me?” I slurred.”Hahahah…man, you’re worse than I thought you were.””I…really think your fucking so hot,””Tom…just go to sleep.”She turned and walked out the door without another word spoken and I rolled’ over onto my stomach right arm hanging over the side of the bed and within seconds I was out cold.I woke sometime later to the feeling of the mattress pushing down as though someone were climbing into bed with me. Groaning, I lifted my head up and looked out the bedroom window; it was still night outside, which meant the’ party was not over yet but I felt like shit. There was no way I would be returning to the living room, which meant it was up to Bryan to tend to the rest of the party. Rolling over to see who was getting into bed with me, I was surprised to see the girl who helped me down the hallway was now less than a few inches away from me and practically completely naked. She moved over towards me and leaned in, kissing me on the lips; she was a bit sloppy, and I could taste the alcohol on her breath. It was pretty’ obvious she was a lot more’ drunk then she had been however long ago it was when she brought me in here. Her kisses became more aggressive and soon she had slid her tongue into my mouth and her hand down my boxers to stroke my already hardened cock. I moaned into her lips and embraced her; one thing about me’ and whiskey was it always left me feeling really’ horny later on. Sometimes, I could get it up and sometimes I couldn’t’ but one way or another it always made me horny; they called it whiskey dick. When the alcohol interferes with your ability to get hard enough for a bit of good old fashion fun, its’ called whiskey dick, but it doesn’t’ always bother me that badly. This beautiful angel before me was now kissing her way down my chest, teasing my nipples with her warm wet tongue and tracing circles with it on my chest. She kissed her way further down towards his groin and he gripped the sheets, leaning his head back and moaning in pleasure as she wrapped her gorgeous lips around my shaft and took me all the way to the back of her throat while playing with my balls. Again, I could not help but moan in pleasure as I bucked my hips, growing closer and closer to an orgasm that would overthrow me. Finally, it hit me and with a low grunt, I exploded shooting my load down her throat; she choked on it a little but swallowed every drop of it regardless before licking my head clean.I leaned back against the bed and sighed in relief, but it did not appear that she was done with me just yet. I watched, as she stood up on the bed, stumbling and we both cracked bahis siteleri up laughing; she started to undress for me, as if she were dancing to the low bass of the music in the living room. Before long, she was down to nothing but her panties; she did not have very large breasts but at this point’ that did not bother me. I was still aroused and obviously, she was too; it was clear that we were going to go all the way tonight, and I still did not even know her name.She turned around and still dancing, bent over just slightly and started to pull her panties down revealing her beautiful ass. My cock started to rise to attention once again as she moved her panties down her smooth legs and slid out of them, tossing them aside and then as she moved to get down and lay in sixty nine with her on top, that’s when I saw it.Dangling between her beautiful legs was a thick and hard seven, inch cock at full attention. I stared in complete shock trying to comprehend what I was seeing in front of me, but even though I had been asleep for some time before this started, the alcohol still had its’ hold over my mind and so I could not completely concentrate. The one thing I was aware of was that even though I now knew this beautiful woman had a dick between her legs, my own dick was still willing to do just about anything, as long as she was willing to. She got down on top of me, her ass just inches from my face and her cock and balls dangling in front of me. She again wrapped her lips around my dick and started sucking me off for the second time tonight; I inhaled the musky aroma of her ass and the scent of sweaty balls. That’s when she moved back just a little as if to say that she wanted me to return the favor; her dick was now resting on my lips and with nothing better to do, I leaned up just slightly opened my mouth and she slid to the back of my throat.The taste was interesting to say the least, a bit tangy but not exactly disgusting like’ I would have guessed it might be.As I felt myself getting close to another orgasm, she suddenly pulled away and turned around sitting on my chest and grabbing me by the hair. She pulled my head up off the pillow and slid forward, shoving her big fat cock right into my mouth and throat fucking me. I mean literally throat fucking me, I was making all the gagging slurping’ sounds that a girl would make while going down on me, only instead it was me doing the going down on.She moaned, leaning her head back as though she were about to cum and then she stopped; she wasn’t’ ready yet. She was seconds from an orgasm, but she did not want it to happen just yet, she wanted to go on a little bit longer. She moved back off my chest and started grinding against my cock, rubbing her ass against it and I knew what she wanted now. I re-adjusted myself just a little giving her better access to it and slowly, she lowered herself down onto my shaft. Her asshole seemed to stretch and accommodate quite well, it felt as though it were sucking me right in and the feeling of pleasure was very good. I had never fucked a pussy as tight as this’ beautiful, transsexuals asshole güvenilir bahis was and I was enjoying every second of it.Once she had impaled herself on my hard cock, I grabbed her hips and she started grinding, rocking back and forth my dick rubbing up against her prostate gland. We were both moaning, gasping for air as I started thrusting up into her with hard strokes; she bounced up and down on me and the bed shook underneath of us making the familiar creaking sounds that I had grown use to with my active sex life. After a couple minutes of her riding my dick, if flipped over so that she was on her back and I was on top of her, missionary position my cock sliding in and out of her asshole and her legs wrapped around me. She dug her nails into my back and bit my neck, sucking on it and leaving a pretty’ large hickey in the place of her lips. As I picked up the pace, really pounding her ass now fucking the hell out of her, she started to scream in pleasure, yelling out my name. I was grunting and moaning sweating and breathing heavily and I could feel myself getting closer and closer by the second.She was writhing around underneath of me, screaming and moaning as her own orgasm rocked her body; I must have stimulated the prostate gland enough to send her into a mind’ blowing orgasm because she was really into it.I could feel my dick starting to swell up inside of her ass and a few more hard thrusts and I buried myself balls deep inside of her; I groaned and exploded, pumping her full of my semen until it leaked out of her ass and down along the length of my cock to my balls.Collapsing on top of her, I was exhausted, breathing heavily and she was in a similar state; but I could still feel her cock between our bodies and it was hard as a rock. She had experienced an orgasm but she was still hard and looking to cum herself; I pulled out of her slowly and she threw me on my back climbing back onto my chest and again shoved her cock in my mouth. I could taste sweat and cum this time but I still did not mind. She leaned forward shoving herself all the way to the back of my throat and I gagged as she moaned and started to ejaculate, shooting her cum down my gullet. It tasted salty and warm, no real flavor bad or good but it was tolerable for sure. I swallowed it all and she pulled her cock from my mouth smacking me lightly across the face with it.I leaned up some and started licking it clean and after a few moments’ she lay down beside me and lay her head on my chest. We were both sweating and exhausted and the alcohol was beginning to wear off; I ran my hand through her golden locks of hair as we both started to slowly, doze off. I had one question on my mind.”What’s your name?””Sarah,”My eyes shot open again as it dawned on me who I had actually just had sex with; I don’t’ think he even realized it himself because of how drunk he was. I could make a big deal out of it right now, but we were both so tired and drunk that neither one of us really would be able to make any sense of it.I tried to relax and close my eyes again, figuring it was better to sort all, of this out in the morning and hope that it did not ruin our friendship. If anything, I had just experienced some of the best sex I’d’ had in a long time; it just so happened to be with my best friend, who just so happened to be another man.



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