It was there under the moonlight that I had first seen him. He was not your average male, and if I had been a fan of those nefarious Twilight books, then I would undoubtedly have felt like I had met my very own Edward. The male standing in front of me was tall, pale, and sported long black hair that fell to just below his shoulders. It was not a look that had appealed to me before tonight, and I had dismissed him based on appearance alone.

Tonight, however, my resolve was not as strong. Or perhaps it was the fact that I could hear my favourite song playing much too loudly through his headphones as he walked past. Being a dancer, music was an integral part of my world, evoking all manner of emotions. This particular song made me want to abandon all caution to the wind, and dance as if no one was watching. I suppose the sentiment was translating into ‘love as if no one was watching’, because I wanted to take him back to my room and have my way with him. Perhaps I was thinking too loud, because he turned to meet my gaze from the wall he was now straddling. I held his gaze for a couple of seconds, but then had to look away. The sheer power of his eyes was mesmerising. I looked down, an action that resulted in noticing exactly how strong his hands looked. A small moan escaped from my lips as I realised exactly how much I wanted those hands to hold me close to him.

Before I could truly fight the instinct, I was walking over to him. I smiled at him as I sat down, leaving very little distance between us. I held my breath as I sat there, waiting for him to create space between us, but he didn’t. He returned my bursa escort smile, and then introduced himself. His speaking voice was not quite how I had imagined it to be, but it worked for him. It wouldn’t matter anyway, as it wasn’t his voice that I was interested in. Despite the boldness of my thoughts I was feeling a little bit shy, so I was grateful when he made the first move. He rested a hand on my waist, and then slowly trailed some kisses along my neck. I turned my head slightly so that I could meet his lips with mine. I rested my hands on his thighs, steadying myself. I was about to deepen the kiss when he grabbed my legs and pulled me to close to him, one of my legs on each side of his legs. Being moved so suddenly was hot, and I wrapped my arms his neck, returning to the kiss I had wanted before he’d interrupted. His hands disappeared under my top, instantly finding my bra strap. He was clearly an expert in this department, undoing it without any trouble.

His touch was electric on my skin, and I wondered if I felt like I was on fire to him. He held one of my breasts, and started to play with my nipples. It didn’t take much for them to react, and I moaned as his fingers kept touching them. I reached for his shirt; I wanted to have him topless in front of me. He pulled back to give me room, and the shirt on the ground in five seconds. I trailed kisses down his neck and towards his nipples, licking and sucking them until he groaned. I rested one hand on his pants, confirming that he was indeed enjoying this. He whispered into my ear, his voice low and husky. I reached for my own top and slowly unbuttoned it, bursa escort bayan teasing him slightly with the great reveal. I moved my arms so that my bra could fall onto my lap, then let it fall to the ground. He pulled me close to him so that my breasts were against my chest, and his hands holding my waist. He rested his forehead against mine as we caught our breath. His eyes were magnificent – I wondered if he wore contacts because his eyes didn’t seem natural. The thought was pushed from my mind with his next move, his hands undoing my shorts and finding their way into my panties. I shuddered as he found my clit, knowing that it would be wet from his presence. He murmured his approval, continuing with long, slow strokes. I held onto him tight, trying not to move. My body was a traitor, however, and continued to twitch when he found the right angle.

I loved what his hands were doing, but I wanted to feel him inside me. I reached down and rested a hand on his, intertwining my fingers with his slightly. He whispered in my ear, and I obeyed. With one finger I started to touch myself, enjoying how I felt. I didn’t want it to be over this soon, so I reached for the button on his pants. I pulled his pants down enough for him to be free. Leaning forward, I trailed some kisses along his length. It was a decent size, and I was grateful that I was wet, and that I hadn’t found out before tonight exactly how big he was. He moved my shorts out of the way, and then pulled me closer to him. The action caused the cement wall to scratch my bare skin, but I barely noticed the pain at that moment. He cupped my bum with his escort bursa hands and lifted me. I bent my legs so that I was resting on my knees, and then slowly lowered myself onto him. The feeling of him stretching me was amazing. His nails dug slightly into me, and he started to gently bite the exposed skin of my neck. It was hot. I reached behind me to rest my hands on his thighs, my breasts in his face. He started to thrust, matching the pace I had set.

Every now and then he’d kiss my breasts or suck my nipples. The added stimulation was amazing, and it caused me to move faster up and down his length. He was a perfect match for me. I had never been filled so completely, and could feel him touch the opening of my cervix. It was partly hot, as well as slightly uncomfortable as it was a new sensation. However, I found that I adapted to it, and soon didn’t even notice. I felt myself close to coming, and let him know. He responded by moving slightly faster, then holding still for a couple of seconds when he was completely in. I wrapped my arms around his neck, kissing him, scratching him, bracing myself for the release. It hit a few moments later, and I cried out his name. As I shuddered around him I could feel him come inside me, his cum shooting its way deeper into me. His lips found mine as we started to calm down, collapsing against each other. We stayed that way for what seemed like an eternity, until he slowly moved me away from him. I felt a tinge of sadness as he did so, but then he gently buttoned up my shorts, followed by his pants. Gathering our clothing from the ground and handing it to me, he then took me gently into his arms. He carried me back to the room he stayed in, where we made love until the morning.

It was a fantastic end to what had already been a wonderful holiday, and I knew I would never forget him.



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