Hockey Buddy and His Wife – Part 6After our hockey game this week Pete and I did not speak but I drove to his house after we showered and packed our hockey bags. Usually when we got to his house Pete’s wife Katie was ready for us with a couple of gin and tonics but this evening she was no where in sight. Pete said, “Sorry, Katie is visiting her parents in Connecticut.” I just stood there and stared at him. “What?” he said, “There’s nothing I can do.” I continued to stare at him, “Oh but there is.” I said. You’re going into your bedroom, and you are going to find stockings, undies, a bra, and a dress of Katie’s and then come back here and model it for me.” Pete’s mouth dropped open and he did not say anything. I gently grabbed his shoulders, turned him around, swatted his ass, and said “Get going.” He marched off to the bedroom and I went to fix myself a drink. As I sipped my drink I thought about it. Pete is bigger than Katie but at 5’5” and about 145 lbs, I thought he could fit into at least some of her clothes. He took a hell of a long time but when Pete came back (I was on my second drink) he not only had on stockings, a pleated skirt and a shear blouse with his bra slightly stuffed, but Pete had put make-up on his eyes and lips. Wow, he was really into this. My dick started getting hard looking at this CD panty boy. I told him to stand in front of me as I sat in the stuffed living room chair. bursa escort Pete was clearly nervous and practically shaking. I ran my hands up the outside of his stockings and he shuttered. Then I ran one hand up the inside of his leg and Pete positively shook. I found it surprisingly erotic to run my hands up and down his slippery legs to the tops of his thigh-highs and round the bare flesh at the top. My dick was not rock hard and oozing pre-cum. I got partially undressed so I was in my underwear (tight knit boxers) and a t-shirt. I took Pete in my arms and held him as he relaxed and stopped shaking. I bent down and kissed his red lips and grabbed his ass through the skirt and then said, “You look fucking hot.” I had never kissed a guy before but it was pretty hot. I was totally digging this girl-boy in front of me. I pulled him to me and I could feel his dick and of course he could feel my hard on in his belly as well. I sat down in the chair again and told Pete to lift his skirt and show me his panties. The panties were shear and I could see his hard dick sticking sideways. “Turn around.” I said and he rotated to show me his ass. I reached out to rub his ass through the fabric and this made Pete moan. I rubbed his ass cheeks with both hands for a minute then I ran one hand along the crack of his ass and down until I was just lightly rubbing his balls from behind. Pete moaned again and shuttered. bursa escort bayan Damn this was hot. I then turned him around and rubbed his dick through the thin material. Pete was not leaking lots of pre-cum and the front of his panties were getting wet. Pete started moaning and thrusting against my hand; man he was fired-up. “Oh my God that feels good.” He said. I don’t know what came over me but I pulled him to me and took his dick out of his panties and sucked it into my mouth. I rubbed his ass with one hand and his balls with the other. Pete’s dick is not that big and I could take it all in my mouth without gagging. After just about a minute he started thrusting and grabbed my head then started shooting his cum in my mouth. I sucked on the head of his dick and sucked and swallowed his copious load. Pete’s knees started to buckle and I stood up and held him then bent down and kissed him passionately sharing his cum with him as we french kissed. I turned him around and he just collapsed onto the chair. My dick was rock hard in my underwear and Pete saw it at face level and reached out and stroked me through the fabric. I pulled my dick out and pulled his head forward. He licked my prick up and down then I shoved it in his mouth. I was about to burst and I was not gentile. I grabbed his head and thrust hard into his mouth – back and forth until I came hard in his mouth. When I finished escort bursa cumming he sucked me dry then licked down my shaft and pulled my balls out and licked and sucked them. I was tired and had to sit down so I flopped onto the couch. Pete and I looked at each other and smiled. I had no idea I could get that passionate with another guy. After a while Pete got on his knees and came over to the couch. He pulled the rest of my clothes off and then started to suck my dick while he stroked my balls and my ass hole. When I was hard, Pete went out of the room for a minute and came back with some lube and a towel. I kissed him and ran my hands over his legs, his ass, his dick and the rest of his body. We were both hard as rocks. I removed his panties and had him get on the couch on his knees facing backwards. I lubed up my dick and his ass and slowly entered his man-pussy. He was so tight, so hot. I told him to jack off while I fucked him. Because I had cum recently I lasted a long time. I pounded his ass occasionally leaning forward to kiss his red lips or reach around to stroke his dick. Then I said, “Are you Ready?” to which he replied “Oh fuck am I ever.” I pounded his pussy at break-neck speed and he stroked his dick even faster. After a minute I roared and started cumming. I could feel his ass twitch which told me he was cumming on the towel at the same time. When we were both done I sat Pete down and sucked the last of him cum from his dick. Then I kissed him good bye, got dressed and left. Things sure have progressed in our relationship. It is a story I never could have predicted. But boy do I love it.



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