Hijabi MaidFatimaI open my mail to the familiar sight of “OVERDUE” and “FINAL WARNING”. My landlord was threatening to evict me. My bills were mounting and I had a constant sinking feeling. It was approaching winter and they were threatening to shut down the gas supply. A Michigan winter was tougher than most winters.I was in debt and I could not escape. My job did not pay me enough to cover my debts. I worked at a local store.I was grateful for the job but financially I was struggling and I needed a better paying job. My problem was that I had limited skills and my education finished at high school.I was at the library looking for good paying jobs. I could not see much for my skills or education. I was 23 and still young enough to develop in any job but most jobs needed experience.I saw a posting that was looking for a live-in maid. The pay was double the amount I was earning. Also not having to worry about bills or rent would save me from the mess my life was turning into.A number was left at the bottom of the post for anyone interested in the job. I texted my interest and he agreed to meet me the next day. He seemed to need someone urgently for the job.The house was out of the city and it cost me more than I expected to get there. This set me back as I was already struggling with finances. I really needed the job.I walked up to the door and after a few minutes an older gentleman opened the door for me. He looked to be in his 50’s with greying hair.He seemed to be surprised by my appearance. I dress in traditional Islamic clothing and this means I cover my face and head with hijab and niqab.****************HarveyI was used to being on my own after my wife passed away 5 years ago. I could take care of myself. I was a marine for 10 years and I always took care of myself. Since leaving the Marines I have worked in the private security industry and I have now been able to retire comfortably.I was independent until my recent motorcycle accident. I was looking for a maid to help me around the house and I sometimes need some help with my mobility. Using private companies was costing me too much.I was slightly surprised at her appearance. There are not that many open Muslims in Michigan. I was used to the sight of burkha clad Muslim women when I served in Iraq so this was not a problem for me. Her body was distracting. Her tits looked enormous in the jibe she was wearing. Maybe it was just the clothing. I was staring and acting like a dirty old man.She seemed nervous about meeting me. It was not a formal interview, I just wanted it to be an informal getting to know you meeting. I did not receive much interest in the job so I was pleased to have someone turn up for the job. I was offering a lot less than what I was having to pay the private companies. I thought the offer of the spare room would incentivise someone. I preferred having a normal person than someone employed by a company.I missed having a woman’s touch around the house so she was the ideal candidate, big titted lady. She seemed really nervous and I tried to ease her into the meeting, “thanks for coming. You came from the city. Did you find the journey ok?” She seemed to be a bit shy, “It was ok. Thank you for the interview.”I wanted her to feel at ease, “it is not an interview. I just want you to understand the job and see if we can work something out between us”.I explained that I was having difficulty taking care of the house since my wife passed away and my recent accident. I had difficulty some days with getting around when my injuries flared up. I explained her duties. She helped me up the stairs and I showed her the bedroom where she would be staying if she got the job.We went back down and I showed her the kitchen and garden. It felt nice having a woman in the house again. I had to sit down as my injuries did not allow me to stand for long. She seemed to be more comfortable in the house.************FatimaI was feeling really nervous. I was desperate for the job. It would take me out of my financial black hole but he had not offered me the job yet.We were sat at the dining table and he said, “I need someone that can take care of the house and also help me sometimes as I can have problems moving around. But I understand for a young girl like you this might not be an interesting job. And your family might not like you living with a white man”I really needed the job, he thought I was not interested and my emotions just began to overwhelm me. I looked away as I began to cry, I just felt I was losing control of my life.He surprised me by putting his arm around me to comfort me. It felt nice to have someone show such affection towards me. I had been so hurt in the past by men.Through sobs I said, “I am sorry. My life is a disaster. My family has abandoned me. I really need this job and I would be the best maid you can have.”He pulled me into an embrace, “Don’t cry baby. Why did your family abandon you?”His affection was touching my heart, “I made a mistake about 18 months ago and my family left me.”He seemed to genuinely care, “What mistake could you have made? You don’t have to tell me. You have the job. You can move in tomorrow.”I couldn’t help myself. I hugged him tightly and said, “Thank you.”************HarveyShe turned up at 9.50am in the morning. She did not have much luggage with her. As we greeted each other she said, “Thank you so much. You have saved me.”She seemed genuine but a career in security had taught me you cannot trust anyone. As a precaution I had set up hidden cameras in all the rooms in the house.Her body was amazing. Her breasts seemed so large on such a tiny frame. She only seemed 5’2” but her body looked amazing. Her ass looked so big. I was turning into a dirty old pervert again. I tried to shake the thoughts from my head. She was young enough to be my daughter.***************FatimaI was so grateful to Harvey for giving me the opportunity to start again. I wanted to show him how grateful I was and I got started straight away. I asked, “Have you had any breakfast?”He said as he was waiting for me so he had not had the opportunity. I cooked him a big breakfast to show my gratitude.I cleaned up the downstairs and I washed the bathrooms and kitchen. Harvey had been in his study in the morning and he finally came out at 3.00pm to see how I was doing. He seemed pleased, “Wow. You have done an amazing job. You have only been here half the day.”I blushed, “Thank you. I still need to cook lunch for you.”He said, “Don’t worry about lunch. We will order some take out. You deserve a break. You should settle into your room and relax for a while.”I liked the way he looked at me but he did not seem to make much eye contact. He had intense eyes though.I went to my room and collapsed on the bed. The bed was nice and comfortable. I was going to enjoy being here. I had my own bathroom and I liked that I had privacy even though I was living with a stranger.****************HarveyI knew I shouldn’t but I could not help myself. I had a link to the camera in her bedroom on my cellphone. It was in the smoke alarm. I was hoping to catch her naked body but she was on the bed fully clothed. It was going to be tough living with her. She was bringing out the old pervert in me.She started opening up her suitcase. She took out a collection of hijabs, niqabs and jilbabs. She then took out heavy padded bras. They looked like maternity bras but this could not be right. She then took out a couple of thongs. Maybe this girl was not the pious Muslim girl she made herself out to be. I wondered what thong she was wearing now.This girl was a walking wet dream. I desperately wanted to see her naked. She took out her pink thong and fresh clothes. My hand was stroking my cock as I looked on. I whispered, “please get naked. Take out those titties.” I was stroking faster and faster.She then opened the bathroom door. And I groaned in frustration. I did not have a camera in the bathroom as I did not want to invade her privacy. Now I regretted that decision.*********HarveyShe came down at 8.00pm and I ordered us a Chinese takeout. She looked amazing.The atmosphere was quiet but I wanted to get to the bottom of what went wrong in her life, “What problems were you having?”*************FatimaI felt I could trust him and he had done everything to take care of me so far. No one had shown me this much love in a long time.I wanted to be more open with him, “My family are really strict Muslims. I was not allowed to talk to boys or men all my life. I was not allowed to go to university because my parents feared me meetingother boys or men.”He asked, “Your family sounds controlling. What happened then?”I went on, “My family allowed me to work after a lot of begging but only in the Muslim community. I was working as a babysitter for a Muslim family. Over time I got close to the husband and he would buy me gifts. The gifts became more sexual over time. I ended up losing my virginity to him.”It felt nice to be able to share this with someone. I had been alone the last 18 months since my family discovered my secret.He asked, “How did your family find out?”I had to share everything with him, “I became pregnant and I could not hide it from my family. I gave up the baby for adoption as I did not have the money to take care of it.”I broke down as I told him. He comforted me again. He hugged me tightly.He said, “I am so sorry for what you went through. I promise to support you as long as you need it”.It felt so good having his support. I had never felt this lucky.***********HarveyI could not believe what she had just told me. The gifts from the older gentlemen explained the thongs. She had not been fucked in over a year and she must be desperate for a fuck.I now knew that she was not an innocent Muslim virgin, so I could start planning to seduce her. I needed to show her I would support her and take of her. I said, “I want you to settle in here permanently. Tell me what you need.”She seemed unsure, “Thank you. You have done so much for me already. I can’t ask for anything else.”I offered, “You did not seem to have much luggage and I have not seen you in any normal clothes. I want to help you.”She said, “Since moving out of my parents’ home I have not had the money to spend on clothes. I only wear Islamic clothes because that is all my parents allowed me to wear. I have not bought undergarments or sleeping clothes in a long time.”This was an invitation that I could not resist, “Give me your measurements and I will order you some new clothing.”She looked pleased and shyly said, “36-32-36”.I asked her openly as I stared at her breasts, “What is your bra cup?”She gulped at this, I knew it was turning her on talking about her body with a stranger. She said, “double f.”Her titties were as big as I imagined. I could not wait to get my hands on them.We went up to bed at 10.00pm.************FatimaThe way Harvey had treated me had gotten that old fire burning in me. He was so caring and supportive. I had never met a man so supportive. The last man I slept with denied any relationship once I told him about the pregnancy. He did not offer to support me when my family abandoned me. It was nice to meet a man that could be so supportive.My breasts were full of milk again. I had been illegal bahis lactating since giving birth. It was frustrating that I had breasts full of milk but no baby to feed on them. I always produced more milk when I was horny and the way Harvey had treated me it had gotten my milk producing like crazy. It was leaking into my bra. I took off my clothes and got into bed. I was in my bra and pink thong.I undid my bra and dropped it to the side of the bed. I attached the breast pump to my nipples. The milk was oozing out. My thoughts went back to the way Harvey was looking at my body. As he was looking at my breasts I could feel my nipples begin to leak and my pussy drip. I know he was only looking so he could figure out my measurements for the clothes. My body was hoping it was more sexual.As I thought about Harvey, my pussy was getting wet and I could feel my thong getting wet. I always got horny when I milked my breasts but today it was different. The presence of Harvey was turning me on more than ever before. Knowing he was just in the next room.My hands were on my breasts slowly, I was slowly massaging the milk out of them. The milking causes my nipples to become extremely sensitive. They have grown longer and bigger since I have started producing milk. The sensation of milking my breasts has gotten me so turned on. My thong is soaked.My pussy needs urgent attention. I slipped my hand in to my thong and I started gently rubbing my clit.My breasts have never ending supply of milk. My pussy is getting wetter and wetter. I am slowly encircling my clit as I can feel that familiar tension build in my cunt. I need to cum. That need has been there all day. Every moment I caught Harvey looking at me turned me on. I wanted him to take me and fuck me. I slid my fingers to my wet soaking cunt lips. They feel so wet and slick. I run my fingers up and down my pussy. I need to fuck my cunt so bad. I slide in two fingers and I rapidly finger my cunt. I moan out loud, “Oh fuck me, Harvey.”I cum in a mind blowing orgasm soaking my thong and bed.***************HarveyI was watching intently at the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. She had the perfect body and those breasts were divine. I just wanted to drink that heavenly milk. It felt a waste for it to be drained from her glorious breasts and then wasted. Fatima was a beautiful sight naked and in the throes of orgasm. I came without touching my cock. I came the moment she said my name.I never expected her to be interested in me sexually. I was old enough to be her dad but now I knew that she had a sexual interest in me it would be easier getting her to drop her panties for me. I needed to ramp up the sexual tension.I picked up my laptop and looked for some clothing to order for Fatima. I ordered some dresses. I deliberately picked short dresses that would show off her legs. I picked some nightwear for her. I picked low cut and v neck tops that would show her cleavage. I also picked only shorts. I wanted her legs exposed. I ordered 4 thongs. 2 black, 1 red and 1 blue. One of the black thongs was crotch less. If she noticed I would pretend to be none the wiser.When it came to bras I wanted to move away from the padded variety she chose. I decided to pick out 2 half cup bras and 2 quarter cup bras. I wanted her to know how I wanted to see her body. She would soon be my personal slut slave.**********FatimaI had a good night’s sleep. I needed that orgasm last night.I went downstairs to prepare breakfast and start doing my jobs for the day. I wanted to show Harvey I was grateful for the job.I made breakfast and I had done the cleaning. Harvey had still not come down for breakfast. I was beginning to get worried.As I was about to see if he was ok. He came downstairs to have his breakfast. He greeted me with a big smile. He seemed to be in a good mood and relished the cooked breakfast. He remarked, “I have missed a woman’s presence in the house. I am happy you took the job, Fatima”.It was a good start to the day.*************HarveyAfter what I saw last night. I could not help myself. I waited until I heard Fatima go downstairs to cook breakfast. Once she began cooking I snuck into her room and sought out her dirty thong. She had left the pink thong by the side of her bed. I put it to my nose and inhaled her scent. She smelt so fragrant. I licked her dried cum from the thong. It tasted so good. I pulled out my cock and jerked off into the thong. I shot my cum into her thong and left it. I quickly rushed down before I was discovered. It was risky and it would have exposed me as a pervert but she had turned me into a horny high school teenager. I was constantly hard when she was around.*********FatimaI went around the rooms to pick up the dirty laundry. I picked up my dirty thong first to hide it at the bottom of the basket. As I picked it up, I noticed it was still wet with my cum. I was ashamed at my horny pussy for causing me to drench my thong so desperately. I needed to be fucked. I had not had sex in over 18 months and I needed the feel of an older man dominating my body.*************HarveyIt had been over a week since Fatima had moved in and we had settled into a pattern. I became familiar with her routine. She was a hard worker and she was earning every dollar she received.She had a simple routine every day. She would cook breakfast at 8.00am. We would eat together and have simple chat. She would then clean up and retire to her room at 10.00am. She would milk her breasts and sometimes masturbate. She would then finish up the rest of the jobs in looking after me and the house. Before she slept she would milk her breasts at 10.00pm. She seemed to need it every 12 hours. Every night as she milked her breasts she always masturbated.She had started wearing the dresses and I liked the look of her legs. She still kept on her hijab but she only wore the niqab sometimes but it was nice to see her legs exposed. She kept them smooth with no hair and my mind immediately pictured her cunt being bald.As we were having dinner I mentioned, “I like the dresses. You have sexy legs. Have you worn any of the other things I bought you?”She seemed to blush. She was wearing a black dress. And a black hijab and niqab. The dress was short sleeved and came to just above her knees. She looked down as she said, “Yes. I am wearing them now.”I could see she was getting turned on by this questioning, “Which other items are you wearing now?”She seemed to squirm in her seat, “The black ones”.I knew the black bra was just a quarter bra but she had a choice of two black thongs. I pictured her wearing the crotch less thong. I wanted to fuck her with her crotch less thong and hijab on.I acted nonchalant as I queried further, “Do you like them?”She seemed to be breathing heavier and I could smell the muskiness of her cunt. She was a horny cunt, “Yes I do like them.”I was looking intently at her breasts through the thin material of the black dress. Her nipples were almost visible. She looked up at me but saw my eyes on her body and looked down again.I wanted to be bolder, “There were two black thongs. Which one are you wearing? I want to buy you more clothes. So I need to know which you prefer.”She was playing with her food as she said in a quiet voice, “The one with the slit”.I could see milk start to form on the outside of her nipples and begin to dampen the dress. She seemed oblivious to this. I wanted to keep the sexual tension building, “Is that your favourite?”Her voice was getting quieter, “Yes”.The damp stains around her nipples were getting bigger as more of her milk soaked into the dress. The smell of her cunt filled the room. I asked, “Does it make you feel sexy?”She seemed to moan, “Yesss”.She was really turned on now, “Do you like the bras?”She tried to answer but she was struggling to hide her aroused state, “Yyessss. I loovvee tthheemm”.She was close to orgasm and we were only talking.I decided not to push anymore. I wanted her to completely submit to me. I needed her to submit to being my slave. I said, “I will order you more now I know what you like. Let’s go to sleep now”.I went to my bed and pulled out my laptop to bring up the camera from her room. As she got into her room. She immediately stripped to just her bra and thong.****************FatimaI wanted him to bend me over that dining table and fuck me right there. He had turned me on so much. I hoped he did not notice my leaking nipples.I rushed to my room and quickly stripped to just my bra and thong. I wanted to cum so bad. But wearing what Harvey bought me made me feel so sexy.I loved the thong. My pussy felt so exposed but covered at the same time. I loved the bra. I loved them because this is how Harvey wanted me to dress. I attached the breast pump to my breasts and I furiously masturbated. I came 4 times before my breasts were dry. I was not sure what I had said during my orgasms but I knew I repeated Harvey’s name several times.**********HarveyI just saw Fatima cum several times in the most explosive orgasms. I loved how she said my name. She was incoherent during her furious and aggressive masturbation but I heard her repeat several times, “fuck me please Harvey”, “Harvey take me”, “I need your big cock Harvey” and she finally came with “I love you Harvey”.I wanted to take her. Every time I saw her glorious mammoth tits I just wanted to devour them but I had to keep up the sexual tension until she submitted to me.I went online to order some more clothing. The dresses I had picked previously were short but conservative at the top. I looked at a few dresses now. I liked a red dress. It was very short. It would fall just below her ass but any bending movements would cause her thong to be revealed. The top was low from the top and had straps for the shoulders. The shoulders would be exposed and most her tits and cleavage. I chose a red quarter cup bra. I love knowing her tits were exposed.She seemed to take the crotch less thong in her stride. I wanted to see how far she would go. I ordered a red open string thong. It was a few pieces of string and her cunt would be practically naked. It came with 5 inch heels. The new outfit would be delivered in the morning.*********FatimaAs I woke up to start cooking breakfast. I knew I wanted and needed Harvey. No man had ever turned me on like Harvey and the strange thing is that he seems so unaware of the effect he has on me. He is just trying to take care of me by buying me things but I just want him to tear them off and fuck me.I always see him looking at my body but I don’t know if he wants me. I hope he looks with sexual eyes.As I was cooking breakfast, I hear the door. I open it and the delivery man has a parcel. I sign for it and tell Harvey it has arrived. He comes down the stairs and says he has ordered me a few more things that I can wear tonight. He said, “You should wear your red hijab with that dress.”I am so pleased that he is always taking care of me and I hug him. After we have eaten our breakfast I take the parcels up to my room.As I pick up the dress I notice that it will not cover much. I just hope it covers my ass. I try it on and it seems to cover my ass but my breasts are almost spilling out of the top. I have never worn anything like this before.I illegal bahis siteleri do not want to disappoint Harvey and will wear it tonight. I pick up the thong and I am shocked. The thong does not seem to cover anything and just has two pieces of string that fall on each side of my cunt. The bra leaves my tits completely exposed. The material of the dress is so thin that my breasts would be visible to Harvey.I slip into the heels and wore the hijab and the outfit is complete. My body is on fire at the thought of dressing like this for Harvey.My pussy is already wet and nipples are stiff. Today would be a tough day. I changed back into mynormal clothes for the rest of the day.I was cleaning downstairs when I heard Harvey scream out for me.I rushed up to him and he said he had fallen badly from his chair in the study on to his injured leg. He asked if I could help him up.I helped back on to the chair. He was not as mobile for the rest of the day. He needed help getting up and moving around. I wanted to take care of him.***************HarveyI faked the fall so that Fatima would see me as being vulnerable and I could use it to my advantage. I wanted her to have more reason to be closer to me and touch me. I needed to increase the sexual tension between us to the point that Fatima would become my willing slave.*************FatimaI felt terrible about Harvey being hurt and I wanted to do all I could to make him feel better.I did everything I could do to take care of him. He was unable to dress himself due to his injuries. It was evening and Harvey liked us both to dress up for our evenings. It was nice and it made me feel I was on a date but he was too much of a gentleman to try anything.I was removing his trousers and I could feel my pussy throb with anticipation. I had never been this close to Harvey before. He was in really good shape for his age. As I pulled down his trousers I noticed his cock in his boxers. It looked so large even in the boxers. I licked my lips involuntarily.He was turning me on so much but he was completely oblivious to the effect he had on me. As I was puttinghis shirt on him he seemed to lose his balance and fall on me.His hands instinctively attempted to grab something. He grabbed my breasts extremely tightly. My milk squirted out of my breasts. I moaned as I felt the milk escape my breasts and soak my shirt. It felt so good having a man’s hands on my breasts. Harvey apologised immediately, “I am really sorry. I did not mean to do that. I just lost my balance.”I felt so bad, “Don’t worry. I know you didn’t mean it. I just want you to get better and I will take care of you until you do.”I wish he did mean to put his hands on my breasts. They felt so good. He was a real man with strong hands.I finished dressing him and before I left he said, “Thank you for taking care of me. I can always rely on you. What are you going to wear tonight?”I did not want to disappoint him. He had bought me clothes and I wanted to wear them for him, “I will wear the clothes that came today.”He seemed pleased, “Good. Your red niqab and hijab will go nicely with it.”I liked it when he chose what I wore. I wished he would do more.**********HarveyIt was so thrilling to finally get my hands on those big tits. I was lucky she had a lot of sympathy for me and did not suspect anything. There was a lot of milk in those tits and I wanted to get my lips on those nipples.I ambled my way down the stairs still trying to keep up the wounded act. I waited at the bottom of the stairs for Fatima to arrive. I heard her close her bedroom door. The anticipation was building in me. As she appeared she was a sight to behold. My view from the bottom of the stairs gave me a perfect view of her horny cunt. I could see moisture on her cunt already. Her body was primed and ready to be fucked but I wanted to break down all her barriers for total submission. She looked amazing in the dress combined with the hijab and niqab. She was so sultry. The heels made her legs look amazing.***********FatimaMy body was on fire. I knew how exposed the dress made my body. But I was pleased I could keep on my hijab and niqab. I felt more comfortable around Harvey and did not feel the need to wear it but he seemed to enjoy seeing me in the niqab and hijab. I always wanted to please him.He was looking at me intently as I came down the stairs and my body began to respond. My nipples were erect and my pussy was getting moist again. I had just orgasmed after my breasts fell in his hands. I wished they fell in his mouth. He was turning me on by just looking at me.I was turning into a horny slut for him and he did not even know it.I put the food on the table and we sat down to eat. We always fell easily into conversation. He seemed to appreciate my efforts tonight, “You look simply amazing. The dress sits on your body perfectly. Do you like it?”I knew how slutty it looked but I liked it and I loved that Harvey liked seeing me in it, “Yes. I like it.”He then asked, “Did you wear the thong and bra?”My pussy throbbed at the mention of my underwear, “Yes. I am wearing them right now. Thank you for treating me so nice.”He was sincere as he said, “I like treating you. You are a special girl. Do you prefer this thong? I want to buy you more things.”I was so grateful to him, “I like it when you buy me things. You can buy me anything and I will try it. I like how this feels and looks on my body.”I was opening up more to him. I wanted to tell him how it looked so he would be interested in wanting to look at it. If he asked to see it I would strip at the table for him and display myself to him. I wanted him to own me so desperately.As we were talking I heard something metal drop on to the floor. I looked up and saw that he had dropped his knife. He could not pick it up due to his injury. I quickly rushed to his side to pick it up for him. I had to bend over to pick it up for him. I was facing away from him as I bent over. My dress was so short that he would have had a perfect view of my naked ass in the thong, if he looked. He was such a gentleman but I desperately wanted to tempt him.I picked up the knife and turned around to hand it to him. I bent forward giving him a perfect view down my cleavage at my breasts. I wanted to tease him but he seemed to have total control at all times. This only caused my desperation to rise.************HarveyShe was becoming harder and harder to resist. The moment she bent over to pick up the knife I almost came. Her ass looked so fine in that string thong. Her cunt was glistening with juices. Her pussy gave off a strong musky scent. She was ripe for fucking. But I wanted to see how far I could take this.Her answers always intrigued me and I wondered if she would actually wear anything I bought her. I would test this tomorrow.I wanted to push her boundaries more tonight, “I need a shower tonight. But I can’t by myself due to the pain. I am really sorry to ask. Can you help me?”I wanted to play it innocent. I wanted her to think I was oblivious to any sexual tension. She did not hesitate and agreed immediately. She helped me up the stairs, I leaned into her but being careful not to put much weight on her. I rested my hand on her fat ass just over the dress. She noticed but did not make any attempts to move my hand.As we got into the room I asked, “I can’t remove the clothes. Can you take them off?”She slowly removed my clothes being careful not to cause any more pain. I was not in any pain but I wanted to keep up the pretence.I was left in my boxers with a big erection hidden underneath, “I need to take the boxers off before I go into the shower but I can’t bend down.”The musky scent from her cunt was stronger than ever before. She was in desperate need and it was obvious.She hooked her thumbs and pulled down my boxers. My cock bounced up and down after it was freed from my boxers. She let out a moan as she looked at my cock, “Mmmmmmmmmm.”***********FatimaI was struggling to hide my emotions. I could not help but moan at the sight of his cock. It was so large. The biggest I had ever seen. I don’t know how I would continue with the shower at this rate. I followed him into the shower. He had a sexy ass. I could imagine grabbing it as he ploughed into my cunt.He entered the shower cubicle and I joined him. I stayed full dressed. The shower cubicle was large enough for us both. I turned on the water and tried my best to stay out of the stream but it would not be much use. I was going to get wet, my pussy was already wet for different reasons. I slowly rubbed the shower gel over Harvey’s body. The touch of his body was almost electric. He was turning me on so much. My body was heating up.I slowly washed the front and back of his body. His body was in good shape and this only caused my pussy to get wetter and hotter. My dress was completely soaked and I was practically naked. My whole body was visible through the soaked dress.I had avoided his cock so far, “Fatima, please wash my cock and balls. It is the last part of me left.”I put some shower gel on hands and slowly wrapped them around his large meat. I desperately wanted it in my pussy. I was running my right hand up and down his cock and my left hand was massaging his balls. He had a real uncircumsized infidel cock. The foreskin made it feel so good.I was not interested in washing his cock anymore. My hands were both on his cock and I was pumping with all I had. My orgasm was building and I just wanted the cum from his cock. I did not care about anything else. I just wanted his infidel cum to shoot over me.I pumped faster and faster, my body was on fire. I could not contain my emotions any longer as my orgasm was reaching boiling point. I needed to cum and I needed to cum now, “Oh oh ohhhhh I’mmm cummmmmiiinnnngggg.”My milk shot out of my tits into my dress and my pussy flooded the shower with my pussy juice. I felt his cum shoot over my big breasts. It felt so good.I washed him up without a word being spoken between us and went back to my room.**************HarveyThat was the most explosive orgasm I had ever experienced. She was losing her grip on her emotions and I was slowly getting her where I needed her.I wanted to escalate things now. She needed to know what I wanted and expected from her.I went online to buy some new items for her. I bought a completely open black bra for her, open black thong, collar, nipple clamps attached to the collar by a chain and sluttiest heels I could find.I wanted her to know what I expected.************FatimaI woke up early and cleaned up the house. I was dreading the conversation about last night. I don’t know what came over me. The sight of his naked infidel cock was too much for me. I just lost control of myself.Harvey came down just as I was finishing cooking breakfast. Harvey had not made eye contact.I did not know what to say. We were just sat there in silence and it was killing me.I needed to say something, “Can we talk about last night?”He finally looked up at me and then looked back down at his food. I said, “I am sorry if I went too far. I have liked you since the first day I started. I just lost control last night. Do you not like me that way?”He seemed to take some pause and then said, “I do like you but I canlı bahis siteleri want more than just a normal relationship. I don’t think you could handle it.”I wanted him and I would do anything to be with him, “I can handle anything you give me. I want to be yours. What do you want in a relationship?”He was looking directly into my eyes causing me to wet my thong, “I want to own you. I want you to submit to me. I want you as my sex slave.”My nipples were hard and my milk was leaking out into my shirt. My pussy was on fire. His words were turning me on so much. I wanted him to own me. I wanted to submit to him. I wanted to be his slave.”Please own me. Please make me submit. Please make me your slave.”*********HarveyShe was ready to submit to being my sex slave. I wasn’t going to let it be so easy for her.She needed to know it was her decision to submit to me, “You will have to choose to submit to me. If you are able to follow my commands today then you will be mine.”She did not immediately respond but finally she looked down and said, “Please command me. I am yours.”I knew I had her, “Wait there. I need to show you something.”I had asked for the parcels to be left outside the door by 8.00am. I went to collect them.I came back and she had not moved a muscle. I ordered her, “Look up now.”I had opened the parcels for her. As she looked up and saw what I had bought I explained, “If you want to be mine. Then you need to prove it by dressing how I want to see you dress in my house.”I showed her the bra and thong. I had slowly eased her into this and knew she would be able to handle these open and revealing bras and thongs. But the nipple clamps would be a bigger challenge for her.She was looking at the nipple clamps and gulped. Her nipples were already reacting to them. I could see they were getting erect through her shirt and leaked milk.I then said, “If you want to be mine then you need to wear this collar to show your submission. Your tits and milk are now mine. You are not allowed to touch them without my permission. Your milk is not allowed to leave your body without my permission.”She seemed shocked at me talking so openly about her milk tits. She must have thought I was still ignorant of this.It was obvious she was getting turned on by all of this. She meekly answered in a barely audible moan, “Yesss.”I wanted her to know it was her decision. So I said, “Take these to your room. Wear only these and your black hijab and niqab. If you still want this, you need to be before me on your knees with your head bowed. If you don’t want this, then we will pretend today and last night never happened.”She picked up the items and went to her room. She was going to be mine.************FatimaI was back in the sanctuary of my room but only one thing was on my mind. I wanted to be back with Harvey.I was in shock at how quickly things hadescalated. I was not sure if I was ready for everything Harvey wanted but I knew I wanted Harvey and I would do anything to be with him.I quickly undressed. I placed the bra around my breasts. It did little to support my breasts but it looked nice around them. I then slipped on the thong and heels. The collar and nipple clamps were tricky. Luckily my nipples were constantly stiff and this made it easier for me to attach the clamps. My breasts felt fuller than ever before. I needed Harvey to feed on them. I completed the outfit with the hijab and niqab. I looked like a true hijabi slut. I prayed this would be enough to make Harvey mine.I wanted to prove to Harvey that I wanted to be his and I was deserving of him. But I was filled with apprehension, his rejection would break me.As I walked down the stairs, I could see Harvey was sat on the sofa. He did not look at me.I followed his command and kneeled next to him with my head bowed.I heard him rise from the sofa and take a step towards me. He lifted my head to look at him. He said, “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I love you.”This was what I longed to hear from the most wonderful man I had ever met, “Thank you. I love you.” He then parted my lips with his fingers and put two fingers together and inserted them into my mouth.I hungrily sucked on them as if it was his cock. My only thought was to please him. I needed to follow his every command. I needed him.**************HarveyHer tongue was licking around my fingers. She had taken them deep into her mouth. I began slowly fucking her mouth as though it was my cock.I thought to myself, “This Muslim slut is already one hell of a cock sucker.”I felt my fingers soak wet with saliva and I removed them from her mouth.I ordered her, “Rise to your feet.”She was on her feet and she looked so fucking hot in the open bra. Those tits were more amazing than I could have imagined. I wanted my hands on them so bad.But I had to first give her an orgasm. I wanted her to feel my dominance and power. I wanted her first experience with me to be a mind blowing orgasm. This would cause her submission to be stronger.I leaned in to her ear and whispered,”Spread those legs. Show me your cunt.”She took a deep inhale of breath and moved her legs further apart. My use of words was turning her on and I could feel her cunt get hotter. The musky scent from her cunt was stronger and more obvious than ever before. She was in a desperately horny state.I did not wait any longer. I drove my fingers wet with her saliva into her hot and wet cunt. I did not need the saliva as her cunt was wet enough.I roughly fucked her cunt with my fingers.She moaned like a slut. She was breathing heavily. She kept on repeating my name. Loved the sound of it from her horny lips, “Harvey, Harveyyyyyyy… Oooooohhhhhhhhhhj…… Hhhhhhaaaaaarrrrvvvvvveeeeeeeyyyyyyy.”Her legs buckled and she fell forward on me. She was such a fucking slut. Her nails were digging into my back as I fucked her cunt even rougher with my fingers. Her nails went up my back and I felt the pain but I kept the pressure on her cunt. Her body was losing control and she was close to cumming.*************FatimaHe was so strong. His fingers felt so strong inside me. I had never felt anything this powerful inside me before. His fingers were like a jackhammer ravaging my cunt.I was so close to cumming. My legs had given way. I was leaning on Harvey and his strong dominant fingers were holding me up from my cunt.His thrusts were so strong. I moaned, “Yoooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuu arrrrrrrreeeeeeee myyyyyyyy alllllaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, Haaaaaarrrrrvvvvvvveeeeeeyyyyy.”I did not know where that came from. It just came out as I had the biggest orgasm of my life and I had not touched his cock yet.******HarveyShe had just cum all over my fingers and hand. I kept my fingers in her cunt so she kept that feeling of fullness.Her head was on my shoulder as she tried to regain control of her breathing. I moved her head off my shoulder and asked her, “Please remove the niqab. I want to see your sexy lips.”She slowly undid her niqab and her lips came into view. I could sense she was waiting for me to kiss her for the first time.I removed my fingers from her cunt. As I did so a gush of fluids left her cunt. I lifted my fingers to between our lips.I then licked her juices off my fingers. She began licking her cunt juice off my fingers. Our tongues were wrapping around the fingers. She tasted heavenly. Our lips enveloped the fingers and we continued ravaging the fingers and each other. I moved the fingers and inserted my tongue deep into her mouth. She returned the favour. We ravaged each other’s mouths like a****ls. I moved my hands to her ass and roughly squeezed them as we continued to ravage each other. I spread her ass cheeks and slowly moved my cum and saliva soaked fingers to her asshole.I heard her moan into my mouth as I inserted the tip of my finger into her asshole. I continued to keep our tongues intertwined. We kept fucking each other’s mouth with our tongues. I dipped my finger deeper and deeper into her ass. I could feel her sphincter tighten around myfinger.The sensation was amazing. I finally broke free from our intense kiss and removed my finger from her tight ass.I wanted to breed her tonight. Without another word, I picked her up on my shoulder and took her to my bedroom. She was not light but tonight was about showing my dominance and control over her. I wanted to claim her in the only way I knew, I wanted to breed an infidel baby in her.******FatimaAs he picked me up. I felt his dominance over me. He was injured but he was able to carry me with ease up the stairs.As we came to the bedroom, he threw me on the bed. My breasts were feeling so full. The nipples clamps were so tight on my nipples. The milk was not able to escape.He got on top of me and finally released my nipples, “I have been waiting since the first time I saw you to get my hands on these tits.”As soon as the clamps came off, my milk began to dribble out. He then squeezed them with his strong hands and the milk oozed out of my tits flooding the bed. He lapped up every drop.The feeling was so immense and my orgasm began to build, “Please suck on my breasts. Drink my milk. Oooohhhhhhhh allllllaaaaaahhhhhhhh.”I had been waiting for this and I loved the feeling of a man enjoying my breasts. His mouth felt so good suckling around my nipples. He was rough and I loved it. He began biting my nipples and it just added to my sensations. My mind was overflowing. I needed to cum so desperately.He began to squeeze my tits together and he had both my nipples in his mouth. He was sucking hard on my nipples. The feeling was so intense and I could not contain myself any longer. I came like a horny slut, “Ohhhhhhhh aahhhhhhhhhhhh yyyyyyaaaaaaa aaaallllllaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh. Iiiiiii aaammmmmmm cummmmmminnnngggggg.”I was in a sexual bliss. He continued to suck on my breasts until every drop of my milk was dry.He then stood up and I looked at him with a glazed look in my eyes. He began to undress. I was finally going to get his cock.He climbed on top of me and I eagerly anticipated his cock. As I felt his cock at my entrance it dawned on me that I was not on the pill and he was not wearing a condom. I panicked, “I am not on the pill. Do you have a condom?”His answer shocked me, “I don’t need one. I want to breed you with my infidel baby.”He then thrust roughly into me. His cock felt so good and I protested through moans, “uggghhhh but you will not want me if I am pregnant. I have been abandoned before and I do not want to lose you. Iiiiillllooooovvvvveeeee yyyyoooouuuuu.”He answered me, “I am not like these Muslim men. I will love you and the infidel baby. I will cherish you and dedicate my life to you. Muslim men do not respect and honour their women. Even their prophet Muhammad had several wives and was nevet faithful. I promise to always be faithful and dedicate my life to you.”I could not ask anymore of this amazing man and my pussy opened up for his godly cock. I wrapped my legs around him, my heels digging into his back as my pussy enveloped his large cock. I was in heaven being fucker by a real man, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssss. Pllleeeeaaassseeeee ggggiiiivvvveeee meeeee tttthhhhaaaaaattttttt iiinnnnffgiiidddelllllll bbbabbbbbyyyyyyyyyy.”He thrust harder and harder into me. My body had completely submitted to hia will. He was my prophet, my allah.As my orgasm neared I screamed, “Ohhhhhhhhhh. Yoouuuu aaarrrrreeeeeeee mmmmyyyyyyy gggrrrreeeeaaaatttttttt ppprrrrooooppppphhhheeetttttttt. Greater than any man that ever lived. Greater than any Allah.”



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