So…. I fucked a celebrity that I met on Craig’s list. Not much of a beginning, especially when the entire time I talked to him before we finally met, I was trying to convince myself not to meet him. Who does that anyway? Certainly not someone like me! I consider myself to be very stable and cautious, maybe too cautious sometimes, and I never take unnecessary risks.

We were talking for about a week, and this guy just seemed too good to be true. Not only was he a celebrity that I’d read about in the past, he was also ex-military (and high ranking too), had his own private beach in Malibu, and was currently well on his way to his second master’s degree. People like that just don’t exist on Craig’s list, right?

When I finally gave in and decided to meet at a public place, he picked a restaurant in Malibu and I headed down.

When I got there, I instantly got that tingly “uh-oh” sensation when I noticed the restaurant was closed. I immediately looked them up on my phone to see if they were permanently closed or just closed that night. It turned out they were just closed on Monday and it was Monday.

I calmed myself a touch and went over to the gas station nearby and parked there instead. I didn’t want to wait in an empty parking lot for some stranger. Should I have turned around right then? Maybe. Prudence would say yes. But I was so damn curious whether this guy was really who he claimed to be.

Okay, more about him. He’s a very interesting guy, not just in his Don Juan approach to women, but also in his life experience and level of intelligence. He really is an accomplished and provocatively intelligent person. That combination just can’t come in a pretty package, hence the serious curiosity when he claimed to be “devastatingly handsome.”

I saw pictures before I went and recognized him from when I’d read about him before. I rated him maybe 7/10 from pictures alone. Good looking, but not drop dead gorgeous.

After parking at the gas station I let him know where I was and asked if he knew the restaurant was closed. He’d evidently forgotten it was closed on Monday and apologized. He pulled in at the gas station and got gas first; when I saw him I was pretty sure it was him just from his stature alone. But he didn’t look exactly like his pictures. When I say this man is not photogenic, damn is he not photogenic. In person he was easily 10 times hotter.

So he saunters up to me and says hi, and all I can do is stare for bursa escort a minute. The guy is drop dead gorgeous and obviously a surfer from the way he’s built. He towers over me at 6′ 4″ and is 240lbs of gorgeous muscle. After I get out a greeting, he mentions he needs to grab a couple things from the minimart before we go.

Once he was done shopping, he had me follow him back to his place. He started by taking me to his private beach and we spent a good amount of time down by the water talking about the kinkiest things I’ve done, and what I do and don’t like.

After the conversation had lulled he said impishly “I owe you a spanking don’t I”.

With that, he instantly forced me over the rock bench, hiked up my skirt, and smacked me hard. Before I could even process what had just happened, he pulled me to my feet by my hair and kissed me forcefully, stealing my breath and definitely leaving the impression he was in charge.

When I got free I was reeling, I didn’t know if I wanted to throttle him or beg him for more, but I was definitely leaning toward begging for more. I smacked his ass in retaliation as we started back to his place.

We went back up to his place and I sat down on his bed while he put music on his phonograph. Yes, he had a real life phonograph and actual records. Then he came up on the bed with me and kissed the side of my neck, then nipped my ear and ran his hands down my body, and slowly mapped every inch.

Then he started tapping my top button on my shirt and had me open it. I figured he just wanted it off and started to go to the second button, and he stopped me. It was like he was mesmerizing; I just couldn’t do anything he didn’t want me to do. Then he successively tapped each one in turn, not letting me open any more than he wanted each time. As each button was undone, he spent time kissing and sucking on the skin that was exposed.

He pulled back for a split second and said “I’m gonna make you feel so good” and then he slid his hands down my body and pulled up my skirt. But instead of going in for the kill like I expected, he started sliding his hands up my legs slowly and then stroking back down.

Finally, after what was endless sweet agony, he touched my pussy and started stroking my clit. I have never had a man touch me so perfectly. It was like he knew exactly what I wanted. He slid his fingers inside me and I started moving against his hand.

He finally told me to take my clothes bursa escort bayan off. I did and he went back to stroking me and sucking my nipples. Then he moved my hand to his cock. His cock was amazing: Throbbing, hard, long, thick, and perfectly shaped. He slid off the bed and undressed with a sexy little swagger that said “yeah you know you like what you see” – which I definitely did!

The man is undeniably vying for Adonis, and his arms were huge! The way he commanded the room just by being in it was so sexy. He came back to the bed and slid up between my legs.

He bent down to kiss me again and slowly nudged his cock against my pussy. Then he pushed my legs up over my head and sank in, all in one smooth action. Holy fuck he hit deep. Filling me completely and pushing just a touch too deep so I felt that soul rocking pleasure pain of being perfectly filled.

I don’t think I even responded for a few minutes as I adjusted to the awesome feeling of his cock moving inside me. He fucked me like that for a while and then spread my legs and moved my hand to my clit. I asked him if I could ride. He thought about it for a moment and then let me.

He started gripping my breasts and teasing my nipples. Then he got much rougher with them and squeezed and pulled and abused them until the pleasure from his cock mixed with the pain so exquisitely that I started cumming. And kept cumming. It was like it just wouldn’t stop. It felt so amazing. I have never cum that hard in my life!

After I came and settled down he had me get up and he grabbed some lube and told me to gently finger his ass while he stroked himself off. So I tried to be sure I used enough lube and slipped my finger in while he stroked that gorgeous cock until it exploded. I was tempted to lick it off. But cleaning my hands took precedent.

When I got back to bed he got up and took a quick shower. When he came back he grabbed me and forced me over his armchair, shoving my face down into the seat and shoving his cock roughly into me.

He pounded me hard, keeping his hand over my face and neck, not letting me move. Then he slid his finger into my ass, grabbed some lube, and then without warning shoved his cock up my ass. God the pain was so intense but so good.

He still had me pinned, and had I been able to play with my clit right then I would have cum another three or four times before I got used to his cock in my ass. He didn’t let up and then shoved something escort bursa into my pussy at the same time while he fucked my ass.

Once I started getting close he pulled out and shoved his fist into my pussy. No warning and no prep. It hurt so fucking much. I was incoherently whimpering but I didn’t want him to stop. When he started punching his fist in and out of my pussy I couldn’t take the pain anymore and begged him to please ease up. He did immediately and I came tremendously hard, squirting all over his chair and floor.

He went and cleaned up again and I just lay there for a couple minutes unable to move. Then I stood up and a little bit later he came back. He lay on the bed and asked if I was any good at massage. I told him yes and he told me to massage his back. I spent quite a while, really trying to impart by how I touched him just how good he’d made me feel.

I’d forgotten what it was like to totally lose myself. And I’d never had someone give me everything I needed so thoroughly. After a while he told me to rub his balls and taint which I had never had someone ask for before, but did anyway.

He slowly got hard again and told me to suck his cock. I loved how velvety the head of his cock felt against my tongue. It was just delicious.

After a while he got tired of that and pushed me back to the bed and gently moved up between my legs. And that’s when he astounded me and completely put the cherry on top of the whole night. He slowly made love to me, soft, sexy, and exceedingly sensual.

I had my hands all over his back and he kissed me while his cock was sinking deliciously into me. And then he came and pushed me over the edge with him. It was just so perfectly delicious. The tenderness caught me completely off guard. I was perfectly able to maintain it as just great sex until that. I just lay there afterward until my stomach kept growling and we decided to go get food.

I drove us to jack in the box and we played name that song with my silly random mix cd’s. When we got back we ate and watched SNL until we went to sleep. He was so cute and cuddly and asked me to kiss the back of his neck.

I didn’t want to cuddle too much. Not because I didn’t want to be close to him, but because I didn’t want to feel like he was mine. I was trying to have a little self-preservation and not want to see him again. I needed to remind myself it was a once in a lifetime event and wouldn’t be repeated.

As much as I knew that, it just made me a little sad to never get that again. And not just the sex — I genuinely liked his company. The next morning I left early to make it to work and let myself out, knowing full well that I would never forget him.



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