I call you at work and ask if you are alone. You had said that you were going to have to get some paperwork done but didn’t know how long it was going to take. I asked if you’d like me to bring you some lunch and you said that since you were alone that’d be fine. I tell you to start cleaning things off your desk, I was on my way with lunch. What you didn’t know is that I bring not only lunch but dessert.

I’ve brought my bag of toys along with some sexy lingerie. I’ve got a smile on my face on my drive over. I call you as I pull up outside and ask if you’re ready for lunch. I ask if you are still alone and you say yes that you’d be right out.

You eye my bag with interest as you pick up the bag of food. As we eat there is a glimmer in my eyes that you recognize but not in this circumstance. We talk about the upcoming week and what we’ve got planned for the next day. You remind me of your trip out of town. As we finish I pack up the garbage and throw it away. As I turn around I ask if it’s ok for your break to last a few more minutes. You say that you’re almost finished with things so a few more minutes aren’t going to hurt.

I ask if you ever played “hide and seek” as a kid. You look at me as if I’ve completely lost my mind. I tell you that I think you are going to like my version. I pull you out into the hallway and tell you to stay outside your work area until I call you back inside. I go inside with my bag of toys. I smile as I slide into one of the small cubicles and pull off my clothes, stuff them back into the bag and put on a ruby red lace teddy.

I smile as I gather up some of my toys and start to hide them around the office. On one desk I put a tube of personal lotion that heats up when you blow on it. On another desk I put a couple of my scarves. On another I put my “silver bullet” vibrator. On yet another I put my double headed dildo. In the conference room I put out a small cup of shaved ice, some whipped cream, and a blindfold. I look around the office and smile. I am now ready to bring you in and tell you the rules.

I walk to the door, open it open enough for you to hear me tell you to come in and join me. I step back and watch your face as you come in and see me in the lace teddy. You start to pull me toward you and I swat at your hand telling you that you can’t touch me yet. The rules of the game are: you have to find the toys I’ve hidden and with each “find” I get to tell you how I’d like to use the toy. You smile at me, intrigued. You can’t believe we’re doing this at work. Neither can I but I’m excited by the thought.

You start canlı bahis şirketleri to look around and the first thing you find is the scarves. I smile and tell you to put out your wrists. You smile timidly as you raise your arms out in front of you and I tie one end of one scarf to your right wrist and the other one to your left wrist. I then kneel and tell you to spread your legs. I tie one scarf to your right ankle and another one to your left ankle. As I stand up I tell you that we’re done with that “find” (for now). You raise your arms higher and laugh. I motion you out of this cubicle telling you that there are more things to find.

The next thing you find is the personal lotion. I smile as I tell you to give me the lotion and take off your shirt. You frown, wondering what I’m going to do. I come close to you and put some of the lotion in my palm and rub my hands together warming the lotion. I stop less than a foot from you, look up at you and start to raise my hands. You start to back away but I tell you that you have to finish what we started.

Your nipples are sensitive, almost as much as mine are. You look bored as I rub the lotion over your chest, between and on your nipples until I lean close and blow on first your right nipple and then your left. I can see that the lotion is living up to its’ advertising as you look down at me with your lips pursed. Your nipples have hardened with the attention. I look down and there is something else hardening now as well. I can tell that I’ve got your attention.

You need no urging to leave this cubicle and go to the next one. On that desk you find my silver bullet vibrator. Your eyes have a question in them as I tell you to hand it over. I smile as I tell you that this one is for me. I sit on the desk, my thighs apart, and look at you as my fingers go down to slide the tip of the vibrator between my wet pussy lips. I lick my lips as I then slide the vibrator into my pussy, telling you that when you find all the toys your cock can take the place of the vibrator.

You go searching the other cubes for other toys and come up with my double headed dildo. You look at me questioningly and I smile. I lean my head to the right, towards the conference room. You take the hint and go to the door. You start to go in but I put a hand on your shoulder stopping you. I go around in front of you, turn to you and give you a warm, deep, passionate kiss. I tak e the dildo from your hand and pull you into the conference room.

Once inside, I tell you strip down and get up onto the table and stretch out. I have put a quilt canlı kaçak iddaa on the table so you won’t get cold. You put your head up by the cup of ice shavings and the whipped cream. I lean over, lightly kiss your lips and say “nice try handsome” and move them to the area between your feet. I put the dildo there too. Your eyes light up at the sight, wondering just what I have in mind for you.

I take the free ends of the scarves and tie first one to the right leg of the table and the other one to the left leg of the table. Your arms are now stretched out nicely. I move to the other end of the table and tie both your right ankle and left ankle to the legs of the table. You are now totally at my mercy. But wait, I pick up the blindfold and walk to your head. You ask me not to do this that you want to watch what I do. I laugh wickedly as I lean over, raise your head and lower the mask over your eyes. As I pull away I whisper “trust me baby, you’re gonna love this.”

I kiss your lips, nibble on your ear lobes and neck, licking my way down to your hardening nipples. The lotion is still working and heat up even more as I not only blow on them but lick and suck on them. Your cock has hardened and starts to “jump” as I suck and lick. I hear a moan and know that I’m doing something right. I climb up onto the conference room table and straddle you. I smile as I continue my “walk” down your body. I lick and nibble and kiss my way, down to your belly button. I look up at you just before I lower my head and lick you. I feel your cock jump and hit my pussy.

The vibrator has now been in me for almost 20 minutes and it’s doing a wonderful job preparing my puss for you. When I feel your cock jump a second time the vibrator falls out because I’m so wet. I pick up the vibrator and take it up to your face. I lay it under your nose on your upper lip and tell you to sniff. You do and your cock jumps again. I’m liking this feeling so I then pick it up and tell you to open your lips and lick. I know that you’ll love this because of how much you enjoy eating my puss. You lick it like it’s an ice cream. Licking all of my juices off of it. You tell me that you want more. I tell you that if you’re good you can have more later.

I work my way down your body until your cock is right below my mouth. I reach around and get the ice shavings. I take a few into my mouth and then lower my mouth to your rock hard cock. I take you slowly into my mouth, going inch by inch down your cock until my nose is buried in your lap. The ice along with my warm tongue is doing a job on your cock. I wouldn’t canlı kaçak bahis have believed it could get harder but it has. I start to bob my head up and down, your cock going in and out of my warm mouth, the ice melting. I go faster and faster, moaning my pleasure. Your moans join mine as you get close to cumming.

I stop for a minute. I haven’t decided if I’m going to let you cum or not. I smile as I lower my mouth back to your cock. I want to taste your essence. You feel my hands gently grasp your balls as I work your cock in and out of my mouth. Faster and faster I go, concentrating on getting what I want. I am worshipping your cock with my tongue and lips. My lips getting tighter as you get bigger. I squeeze your balls letting you know that I’m ready for my reward. You don’t want it to end so you fight your body for control. I see this and move my body over yours until we are in a 69 position.

I grab the small silver bullet, put it into my pussy which is drenched by now and then take it and spread your thighs. I don’t drop my pussy onto your waiting tongue. I want to concentrate on you. My head is bobbing on your cock again and I can tell that you are close. I feel your cock jumping in my mouth, the tip hitting the roof of my mouth. I take the silver bullet and slowly slide it into your ass. Not far enough to hurt, just far enough to enhance the experience. That does the trick and I feel your cock harden as it releases your essence into my mouth, sliding down my throat. I moan my pleasure as you fill my mouth. You feel my lips tighten around it, milking it as I release you. I kiss the tip as I raise my head.

You are begging for my pussy. I climb down from the table. You ask me what is going on. You hear me gathering my things. You feel me untie first one leg then the other. Then your wrists. You grab for me and I tell you that this part of the game is over. You get the prize (my sopping wet hungry pussy) when you get home from work. I let you put two fingers in me and take them out and raise them to your mouth. I put my toys away in my toy bag along with everything else and put my coat on over my lace teddy. I tell you to hurry home as I turn to leave.

You smile at me as you grab me and pull me to you for a deep passionate kiss, telling me to be ready for you on the bed when you get home. I smile wickedly and say that if you don’t hurry I’ll be starting without you. You eye my toy bag remembering the double headed dildo that is there along with the whipped cream. We didn’t use either of those yet. You kiss me again grinding your body against mine promising to be home within the hour.

When you walk in the door I call to you from the bedroom “did you like our game of hide and seek?” You smile wickedly as you grab the bag and head toward me knowing that I’m lying on the bed wide open waiting for you.



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