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Her Slutty SurpriseShe had been planning the surprise all week. She missed his cock. He had been gone too long. She purposely didn’t pick him up at the airport, and made him take a cab home. He called her and wanted her to come over because he missed her too. His cock throbbing from not touching her wet tight pussy. But she declined, she said she had plans and that he should at least take a nap so he wasn’t so tired from the trip. She was grinning from ear to ear as she told him all that, secretly she just didn’t want him tired so that she could have her way with him as much as she wanted. She was waxed and smooth. Oh so smooth, her pussy was already dripping just thinking about what they were gonna do that night. He thought about it, she was right he was a little tired from the trip and so he stripped off his shoes and socks. Took off his tie and passed right out on the bed. He woke up an hour later feeling great. He grabbed a quick bite to eat and sat on the couch watching a baseball game but all he could think about was how hard his cock was getting. He kept thinking about her, and how wet her pussy always got. That sweet smell her pussy always had. So he called her “Where are you babe?” “I’m at the mall with my mom.” she said. Damn. He didn’t want to have to give himself a hand job. He had waited all week. He could wait a little while longer.She smiled to herself as she was driving over, hanging up her canlı bahis cell phone with him. She was getting wet just thinking about it all over again. When she got into her car earlier her 60 year old neighbor stared at her so she gave him a lovely wink just to perk up his imagination. If only he knew what she was wearing underneath.Just as he was about to go sit back down he heard a car pull up into his driveway. Who could that be he thought. He then heard the doorbell. As he opened the door his girlfriend is standing there and what a surprise. What a sight! She is wearing her fuck me bright cherry red 5 inch high heels, her black Burberry trench coat that was thigh high, and her matching bright cherry red lipstick. He couldn’t believe it.He just stood there in complete shock. Although she knew he was happy to see her because he was standing at complete attention. Just how she liked him. She pushed him inside. Closed the door, and sat him down. Lucky for her, he only had his boxers on. She took her trench coat off, revealing the fact that she had nothing on underneath. Not even a g-string. She could see how shocked he was. How much harder his cock was getting. The pre-cum glistening off the tip of his cock. She did what any good girl would do, she knelt down andswept her long black hair to one side and with one hand grabbed his cock at the base. She got in between his legs and very lightly licked the bahis siteleri tip making sure he saw her make eye contact with him.Wow is this really happening he thought! She is so fucking hot! He wanted to just grab her head and push it down, but he knew that she was amazing at this and to just let her have full control. Watching her head go up and down and the feeling of her tongue all over his cock, and the way she sucked but didn’t suck so hard that it maked him want to cum right then and there. She knew just where to put her hand on his balls and to massage ever so slightly.Oh the pre-cum was so delicious she thought. It made her salivate even more. She wrapped her red lips all around his thick pulsating long cock. She had been thinking about this all week. As she sucked she felt her juices drip down her legs. She reached her other hand down her thigh and felt the wetness. She touched her clit and gasped a little. Oh how sensitive she was. He could see how turned on she was. He couldn’t take it anymore than she could. So he lifted her up gently by the arms. High enough so that he could put his mouth on one of her breasts. Oh her soft pink nipple. Her giant soft breasts. So beautiful they were. He put one hand on the other grabbing it a little hard, hard enough that she let out a little moan. He let his teeth graze the other nipple, tugging it slightly. She moaned a little more. He set her slowly down güvenilir bahis on top of his hard quivering cock. As she guided it into her gloriously wet pussy. Between his pre-cum and her wetness it went in so smoothly. She was so tight, and so wet. He moaned as he slowly slide into her. She moaned right along side him. It felt so wonderful to have herself feel so stretched that it felt like it was all the way to her belly button. Up and down, faster and faster. He had both hands on each of her ass cheeks raising her up and down. His mouth on one of her breasts sucking on her nipple his moan being drowned out by it. Her head was being thrown back by the ecstasy of how amazing it all was. Her nails driving into his back, holding onto him. Almost like riding a bull. He pulls her off and flips her facing her towards the end of the couch. She knows exactly what he wants. It’s her favorite position after all. She grabs a hold of the arm of the couch as he enters her from behind. Slowly at first, he holds her hip with one hand his cock with the other. Then as he was fully in her he sped up and he had both hands on her hips he thrusted hard. In and out, pulling almost all the way out each time. Her screams filling the air. “YES, YES, OH MY GOD! NO, DON’T STOP! I CAN FEEL YOU IN SO DEEP!” she said. Her moans fueling him to keep going. Her moans, making him even harder. Making him wetter. He can feel her shaking and the wetness all around his cock. Just as her shaking is starting to stop he can feel his climax. “OH, OH, OH, YOU’RE SO TIGHT, GOD I’M CUMMING!” As he finished, he looked at her and said “That was one hell of a surprise!”



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