Help me, doctor!My wife has been complaining of pain every time we have sex, so we went to her OBGYN to see if there’s something going on. The sight of my wife in a hospital gown, spread eagle on the table, hairy pussy exposed, while another woman fingered her, was enough to get me hard as a rock! I was a little embarrassed by it, especially when my wife shot me an evil look, because it was obvious that she was not enjoying it at all, and also that she could see how turned on I was. It’s hard to help, though, especially with her doctor. She’s in her early 30s, petite, blonde, and VERY curvy. She’s from southern California, and she has the perfect body for a bikini on the beach. Long blonde hair, full breasts, curvy hips, thick thighs, and a beautiful ass all encourage me to accompany my wife to every appointment.After her exam, the doctor said my wife was unusually tight, and that she seemed to clench her kegel muscles a lot, but otherwise she didn’t see or feel anything obviously wrong. She thought for a minute, then said, “It’s a little unorthodox, but I’d like to examine your husband to see if perhaps there’s something about him that’s hurting you.” My wife said she wasn’t thrilled by the idea, but that she’d do anything to solve our problem. she said she’d wait in the waiting room, though, as she had no desire to see another woman fondling her husband. I think she knows how hot I think the doctor is, but I was as shocked as she was at the suggestion.When she’d left, the doctor asked if I was okay with her examining me. “I’m a little shy, I guess, but if you think it will help,” I said. She had me sit on the examination table and remove my jeans and shorts. There wasn’t much I could do to hide the obvious erection that presented itself as I undressed in front of her.”Oh my!” she said. “I think I can see part of the problem.” She put a fresh glove on and began examining me carefully, pulling the skin this way and that, wrapping her hand around my shaft and squeezing, even fondling my balls. Pre-cum began leaking from the tip as she touched me. Without stopping or making eye contact, she asked “How canlı bahis long did you say it’s been since you had sex with your wife?” I told her it had been several months, because of the pain it caused her. “Hmm.. I can see why. You are quite thick, and she’s rather tight. Still, that shouldn’t be a problem with lubrication. Maybe there’s something about your technique.”Discussing my sexual technique with this gorgeous young blonde wasn’t exactly what I thought I’d be doing when I got up that morning, but I wasn’t going to complain. “What do you mean?” I asked. She explained that there could be something about the angle of my penis, or the way I was thrusting it, that could be hurting my wife. “Well.. I really don’t know how to describe it. I’m at a bit of a loss, sorry.”She grinned. “I think I have a way to figure it out, if you don’t mind me doing a little experiment.” I said I’d do whatever I could to help. “Good! then lay back on the table for me.” I lay back, cock standing at attention, wondering what was about to happen. She locked the door, then went to a drawer and got a large condom out. Expertly, she unrolled it onto my shaft, and I began to worry that I was going to ejaculate in front of her. Then she lifted her dress, straddled me, pulled her tiny blue panties to the side, and impaled herself on me!”Mmmm…” she sighed. “Oh, yes, I can definitely tell that your girth could be an issue here. But..,” she bounced up and down on me several times, “the angle seems fine to me!” I’ve fantasized about her before, but never in my wildest dreams did I actually think I’d be there in her office with her riding me! That and the long lack of sex was too much, and I came into the condom, trying hard to be as quiet as possible. “Ohh God, that feels good!” she moaned as I spurted inside her.When I’d finished, she got up and adjusted her dress. “Well, at least we’ve ruled out the angle, and we’ve learned that you might be a bit thick for your wife. But there’s still the technique. Would you mind demonstrating that for me?” I looked down at my limp cock, condom drooping off of it with a huge load of cum in the tip. bahis siteleri She caught my glance and answered my silent thought. “I can take care of that!” She slid the condom off and tossed it into the trash, then knelt in front of me and began expertly sucking me, getting me hard again. She looked up at me with a grin, pulled away for a moment, and said “Bet you didn’t know I worked as a fluffer to put myself through school, did you?” She dove back in eagerly, giving what I can only describe as the best head I have ever had in my life. In no time, I was harder than before. She stood up, took another condom, and unrolled it onto my now almost painfully hard shaft. The way she moved, it was clear she was a pro, either a prostitute or a porn star!This time, she took the table, laying back, legs spread, dress around her waist. She had somehow managed to remove her panties without me noticing, as she was no completely bare and exposed to me. Her pencil thin pink labia were completely smooth and bare, and her pussy was still slightly open from where I’d been fucking her just minutes before. Feeling like I had to fuck her before my fantasy ended and I woke up, I dove in eagerly, hands on her hips, ramming my cock home to the hilt in one thrust. She was tight, but not as tight as my wife, and her pussy felt like it was greased, I slid in so easily. When she caught me watching her tits bounce, she pulled them out of the top of her dress, leaving herself almost completely exposed to my lustful eyes. I pinched her nipples playfully while fucking her harder and faster than I knew I could. She came within a few minutes, and I came again not long after.As I dressed, she pulled her panties back on and arranged her dress carefully. “I think I know what the problem is,” she told me. Then she unlocked the door and leaned out, asking the assistant to go get my wife. When they returned, the doctor began. “I’ll speak bluntly, since there’s no point beating around the bush. You,” she looked at my wife, “are incredibly tight, partly because you have a naturally tight vagina, and partly because your muscles don’t seem able güvenilir bahis to relax. Your husband, on the other hand, is considerably thicker than average. The combination of the two means that he has to force himself into you, even when you’re lubricated. I cannot find any other issue with the shape or angle of his penis, but the size alone is enough.”I blushed, and my wife looked from me to the doctor. Obviously she knew that the doctor had held my cock in her hands, and I was terrified that she’s realize what other parts of her body I had penetrated. The look on her face was confusion and sadness, but not anger. “What can we do?” she asked.”I can write you a prescription for a medicated lubricant. It’s got a mild muscle relaxer in it, which might help. And don’t worry, since the penis isn’t a muscle, it won’t make him too soft to perform. However, if that doesn’t help, there’s not much else I can do. You might well have to face the fact that, at least when it comes to sex, the two of you just aren’t made for each other. Unfortunately, sex is a major part of our lives, and most people cannot live without it for long before they begin to obsess. It’s not healthy to deny that reality. If your marriage is strong otherwise, I would suggest that you consider an open marriage. At least that would allow you both sexual satisfaction without having to sneak around. And if you’re not comfortable with that, then I highly recommend a counselor and possibly separating. I’m sorry to be so blunt.”I had been carefully watching my wife’s reaction as the doctor spoke, though I was more than a bit taken aback when I heard her suggest an open marriage! My wife, on the other hand, didn’t seem at all shocked. She actually smiled a bit, that devious naughty smile that tells me she’s up to something fun. She never ceases to amaze me! Still, I knew I’d have to be careful about the whole open marriage thing. She;s also a very jealous woman.As we walked out, the doctor walked behind me and slipped something into my back pocket. I excused myself and went to the bathroom while my wife checked out. As soon as I was alone, I checked what she had put in my pocket. It was a condom wrapper with a sticky note wrapped around it. On the note was written “Either way, call me!” and her phone number.I’m glad I went with my wife to the doctor!



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