He NEEDED me!I had gotten dolled up nice and slutty looking in my motel room, and had been internet chatting for a couple of hours, so I was feeling very sexy. All dressed up and nowhere to go in a small southern town. I peeked out my window and could see that the place looked pretty dead. No lights were on in the guest rooms; no cars on the street, nothing going on at all. Here I was, in platform shoes and a mini dress, face made up, and a very wet g-string from being horny and tucked for hours. I locked the room and strolled around the parking lot, then across a grassy area to where the highway bordered the motel grounds. I walked along the guard rail and got a few thrills from passing truckers blowing their horns as I strutted along, feeling all the more sexy as a result. Having gotten some appreciative trucker response, I returned escort kocaeli to my room. I lay on the bed thinking about the attention and had just started to rub my little sissy clitty through my g-string, when my room phone rang. A mans voice said that this was the front desk, and that he’d seen me strolling around the motel grounds on the security cams. I was panicked! I couldn’t speak. He then asked if I would please come to the lobby and speak with him. I was scared to death, but he sounded nice and not at all upset, so I told him I’d be right there. He escorted me behind the desk to an office. There were four monitors showing various parts of the motel grounds, and I knew I’d walked past every one of them on my stroll. Bill introduced himself and smiling all the while, told me how he thought I was a very attractive woman gölcük escort at first. In the well lit parking lot he’d figured out that I was a crossdresser, and was enthralled no less. In fact, he said, it made him furiously horny watching me. He said that he now had a very large problem in his pants and he moved up next to me and put his arms around me, fondling my ass and pushing his bulge into me. I knew that my situation had led me into exactly what I wanted! Bill kissed me as I fondled him through his pants at first, and then unbuckled him and pushed his pants and underwear down as I went down on my knees. I licked around the base of his hard cock and worked it over good all the way up to the tip, which I circled repeatedly with my tongue. Then I took him into my mouth and kept my tongue working it all the izmit sınırsız escort while. I sucked him good for a while and then he took me by the hands and guided me up and turned me around, raising my dress and pulling down my g-string. He kissed my neck and whispered for me to bend over the desk. He went down on his knees and ate my ass pussy, all the while slobbering and getting my hole wet. I knew he would soon be entering me and I longed for him to do so. He entered me slowly and gently, all the while telling me how sexy I was and kissing my back and neck. As he fucked me, his hand played with my little smoothly shaved sissy package and I soon came as his cock continued to pump into my asspussy. I felt every spurt from his cock until he was fully spent. I simply stepped out of my g-string, dropped to my knees and licked him clean. I thanked him and strutted back to my room with his cum dripping down the back of my legs. I felt glorious! When I checked out the next morning, Bill was gone, but had left me a note thanking me for a wonderful time and hoping that I’d come back soon.



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