Having the tables turned!When I first moved to Manchester I met quite a few guys who made out like they were interested but just wanted to fuck and then dump me.I finally met Steve on a gay dating app and we met up one evening in a lay by which was well known for dogging. I got there at the arranged time and parked up near to some other cars. I had my pink stockings and suspenders and tiny panties on under my tracksuit in case the Police were about.I felt disappointed when the man who was obviously Steve waddled over. His photo had been cropped to show his rugged face and short hair, but he was very overweight and I didn’t fancy him.He stood at the side of my car and asked me to strip off my pants. I was horny so I did and he grunted in admiration and took his tiny cock out and started wanking. I had opened the door so I could suck any guys who were interested but his cock was so small and his belly hung over that I couldn’t get near it. His cum squirt on my leg and stockings and he shuffled off. Another guy came over and I managed to get a mouthful of cum before he zipped up and fled. It was not a great spot and I pulled my pants up and drove home disappointed.The following day Steve texted me and said he loved how I looked in my Fem gear and would I like to meet him at his home just outside of Manchester? I was living with a friend who frowned on any men being brought back so I said I’d think about it. Later that day Martin, a sexy guy messaged me and asked if I could accommodate. He was a big guy, really manly and I thought about Steve.I texted him and asked if he’d like threesome. He jumped at it and I told Martin of the plan. He loved it and said he wasn’t bothered about the fat man, he just wanted to fuck me in my Stockings and heels.Steve grunted and rolled about the bed as Martin fucked me hard and long. I screamed as his cock drove deep into me. once he had cum he shot off. I allowed Steve to eat Martins cum from inside me and he wanked himself off as he did and cum on his big belly.He said I could use his place any time as long as he could eat the cum afterwards and I said that sounded great.Steve would send me pics of sexy underwear istanbul escort he had bought me and tell me it was in a wardrobe he had set aside for me. In it was lots of outfits like a sexy nurse, sexy policewoman and my favourite, a PVC French maids outfit.I would invite guys around and send Steve downstairs while I fucked and sucked my way into ecstasy with them, dressing up and getting so much cock I couldn’t believe my luck. I had several regular lovers who were quite chatty with Steve and then would make their excuses to leave him watching porn while I rode their cocks all night long.I had a key made and would treat the place like my own, the only downside was I had to dress up for Steve and lick his arsehole and suck his tiny cock every day to keep him from sulking.One day Steve texted me a pic of an absolutely stunning guy. Long dark hair, swarthy looking with big muscles. Steve said he had been chatting to him on a website and that he had seen videos of me dressed up and fucking guys and that he wanted me.Steve said the guy was called Ralph and he said he was from Amsterdam and was over for a few days and wanted to spend most of them in bed with me!I jumped at the chance. Steve told me he was into bondage, PVC and would sort out everything as long as he could vidéo it.I sneered and said he could but not to speak or put me off. I wanted this guy and didn’t want his heavy breathing or waddling around the room to spoil it.Steve told me to check the wardrobe. I screamed with excitement when I saw a sexy PVC basque, stockings and dog collar hung up. I quickly slipped into them and then dressed in the seven inch wet look thigh high boots Steve had bought me. I looked at myself in the mirror and was so turned on by the sexy bitch looking back. Steve was playing with himself and I reached under his fat stomach and wanked him off.He cum in less than a minute and I dodged the cum from shooting onto my sexy outfit.I did my hair so it was thick and over my shoulders, thick red wet gloss lips and dark sexy eye make up.Steve was taking photos of me and I posed for him. I felt avcılar escort fantastic.Steve had put a rubber sheet on the bed and fixed leather cuffs to each side of the head board and foot board. I would be soon strapped in these and getting Ralph’s thick nine inch cock deep inside me. My clit dripped and I allowed Steve to suck it clean.I heard Ralph’s taxi pull up and told Steve to fuck off upstairs while I introduced myself. Ralph was gorgeous. He kissed me and I melted into his arms. He led me upstairs and I stripped him sensuously, his cock flipped out of his underwear and I caught it with my eager mouth. I sucked and deep throated him. I felt the bed sink and saw Steve climbing on to kiss Ralph. I tried to push him but Ralph stopped me and kissed Steve passionately, groaning and telling him he had missed him.”Is this the ungrateful bitch you told me about?” He barked.I stopped sucking his cock but he grabbed my hair and face fucked me, making me gag as his cock thrust down the back of my throat.”Strap her in” he laughed and he and Steve held me face down and roughly fastened the cuffs around my ankles and wrists.Steve was first on me, he lifted his fat stomach up and I could feel his bony little cock rub around my hole. He cum and then Ralph climbed onto me. Steves cum helped a little bit but Ralph forced his big cock into me without any thought of me being in pain. I screamed and he told Steve to get the gag.Steve pushed the large ball into my mouth and Ralph tightened it so much I thought I would faint.He then resumed fucking me deep and hard. My screams were deadened by the gag and then I nearly passed out when my face was pushed into the bed by Steve climbing onto me, his fat arse on my head so he could kiss Ralph while he fucked me.Ralph eventually unloaded in me. They kissed and eventually he pulled out while Steve got to work sucking the cum out of my hole.I was tied to the bed for four days, only allowed up to shower, drink and change outfits and then strapped back down. Steve had arranged for a couple of more guys to come and fuck me in between him and Ralph having their use of me.When şirinevler escort they had both used me Steve went out of the room. I could hear him in the back bedroom while Ralph set up the video to see the recordings they had made.”You really are a heartless bitch aren’t you” he said, pulling my hair back. I sobbed and tried to plead but the gag was too tight.”Your life will be different from now on” he chuckled. “I’m moving in with Steve, and you are going to be our little bitch slave.” He growled. He slapped me across the face and I sobbed louder.He undid my hands but re fastened them with a collar and cuff set which meant I could struggle around but not stand upright or move freely.Steves in the back room waiting for you bitch” he said. “Go and please him. And god help you if he says you disappointed him”I limped into the back room. Steve was laying on his back playing with his little cock.”Come and suck me off” he smiled and I crawled over to him and lay my head on his stomach as he released the gag.I licked his large ball sack and lifted his stomach so I could get my mouth around his little cock and started to suck him off. He shot his load in a few minutes and I heard Ralph come in and ask if I had pleased him.Steve said I was very good and Ralph stroked my head” Good girl” he said. “Now show me just how much you like eating Stevie hole” he smiled”I will sit here and watch” he added, “and be nice to your new owner” he saidSteve huffed as he rolled over. His behind was massive, he had skin tags and his whole body repulsed me.”Please can I lick your hole Sir.” I asked.Ralph pushed my head deep into Steves parted cheeks and I sucked and slobbered like the little bitch slave I knew I was to be.Im kept in a little dog cage in the back room while Steve and Ralph sleep in the big bed. I clean and cook for them and eat Steves cum out of Ralph’s hole and do the same if Steve can get near Ralph’s hole, other wise I suck him off and lick his hole whenever he demands.Ralph has not fucked me since. I look longingly at his big cock as he slides it into Steve wishing he would fuck me but I just get dragged over to Steves hole by him and have my gag released while I clean him up and then re fitted and put in the cage.They still arrange other guys to come over and use me, Steve likes to video me performing. He still dresses me up in sexy clothes but all the guys who fuck me are fat and ugly. Ralph says the uglier and fatter they are the more I had better perform or I will be sorry.



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