Hannah’s PantiesThe true story of Hannah’s PantiesBeing 18 years old meant I spent A LOT of time watching porn, during this I’d gained a kink for underwear. at 18, id got my hands on 2/3 pairs of new panties. I loved them, however as you can imagine, they weren’t clean and new for very long. I needed some more.My mum and dad had been split up for over a decade, my dad had since married. From a young age, I used to spend 50% of my time at my dads, however as I got older it was every other weekend. When I did go, we never did much, my dad went to the pub, id stay in my room all day watching porn. Id never sexualised my stepmum, sure she was attractive, but id just never thought about her in that way, this was all going to change.Hannah is 21 years my elder, 39 at the time but she definitely didn’t look it. Hannah has long straight blonde hair, super blue eyes, around 5 ft 8 with a very fit body, she loves the gym. My favourite part of her however, is her huge set of 32g tits, easily the most perfect tits I had/have ever seen. I had been deprived of panties for almost a month, when I headed to my dads for the weekend, it was consuming me, I needed a release. The usual happened, my dad left for the pub and it was just us two. She was doing laundry, when I saw her put an amazing pair of lacy black thongs on the radiators. I was throbbing just staring at them across the room. It gave me an idea.I went to the laundry basket, and frantically searched for another pair of her panties. I found porno hikaye two, one pretty much the same as the one on the radiator and another in red. I sprinted upstairs and went into my room. At the time, that night was the best night of my life. By the end I was exhausted. This continued for around 2 months, I started going to their house every weekend, I was using her clean and dirty panties to jerk off. I had amassed a collection of round 12-15 pairs of hers at my own house. As my room there wasn’t always used it wasn’t the tidiest, sometimes laundry would be left in there and I wouldn’t have to sneak around the house.In late may, ( we are 19 and 40 now) I arrived at my dads, he went out almost instantly. Lying in bed, about to start jerking off, I noticed that a lot of Hannah’s panties and bras where on the floor of my room, badly hidden by a towel.I just couldn’t help myself.I had 2 pairs of panties on my head, one in my mouth, several I was sniffing. On top of that I had some around my cock and dozens just all over me on the bed. I was in absolute heaven, moaning quite loudly and thinking of how wrong what I was doing was and Hannah wearing the panties. Laid on my back, eyes closed, wanking and moaning hard for around 5 minutes, close to climax I opened my eyes for a second, I saw a figure standing over me. It was her.I froze, I was in shit. I don’t know how long she’d been there, but she had saw everything what was the point in trying to hide it? I slowly cleared my face and seks hikayeleri head of her underwear, she had a blank expression on her face, no emotion at all. after what felt like a lifetime she finally said ‘What are you doing James?’ I stayed silent’I knew you were doing this, how long have you been doing it?’ she was speaking softly, no anger in her voice. Again, I stayed silent’Why do you do it? do you fantasise about me, is that it?? I don’t know what I’m meant to do here James”I’m really sorry’ I whimpered, trying to buy some sympathy points.’I’ve been trying to catch you a while you know, but you’re always too quick, by the time in your room you’ve hid the evidence.. That’s why I put so many down today I knew id get you.’ She was starting to smirk.I was still frozen, I really didn’t have a clue about what to do. I just sat there. Hannah spoke at length about it, asking every kind of question about it. I, still was avoiding eye contact and giving one word answers. ‘do u like the dirty ones better?’ she asked ‘Answer me, or this conversation is done and we can find out what everyone else thinks of this’ ‘yes I do’ I said, redder than ever’good’ She was starting to smile as I was growing more and more confused. ‘I’ve had these ones on all day’ she started to get up ‘ I even had a go of my toy this afternoon, you’ve never had a pair this dirty have you?’Hannah undone her dressing gown, exposing herself. She had no bra on, her tits looked juicer than ever. She started to slowly take erotik hikayeler of her panties. It hit me that I was sitting in awe at my stepmums pussy. It looked like one of a girl my age, she had just a little bit of hair on top. She was absolutely perfect.She approached me, shoved the panties in my face and lay me on my back. Her scent alone nearly made me cum. She pushed me into my pillows, sat on my cock and told me ‘If you’re going to spend hours cumming over me, I’m allowed to get something from it too.’I had fucked 3 girls before, my age. I thought id made it, I thought it couldn’t get any better. Hannah proved me so wrong. The way she rode me, it felt like my cock was going to fall off, and at the same time it felt like it would explode when I finally came. Hannah started to moan louder and louder as she bent over slightly to let me suck on one of her tits. I tried my absolute hardest not to, but eventually I gave up fighting it ‘I’m gonna cum’ I moanedHannah shot up, got off the bed and said ‘cum into the panties then, you haven’t earned this yet’ I pleaded for her to get back on the bed, still lying there about to explode. ‘fine’ she said as she grabbed the pair of panties and my cock and wanked me ferociously. I came so hard, I thought I was about to losing feeling in the rest of my body. ‘Good lad’ Hannah chuckled. ‘but you’re not the only one cumming, I told you I need pleasure to’I spent the next 15 minutes eating her cunt. I could have stayed there all day, as she got closer and closer, she pushed my head more and more. Until, finally she came. Exhausted I lay back down. Hannah got up, put on the panties now covered in my cum, put her dressing gown back on and left my room.



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