‘Ok, here we go, in random order.’

The brunette started reading.

‘Zuzana, Adriana, Lenka, Natasha, Vendulina..’

‘Hania!’ Lucinka exclaimed.

‘Please don’t interrupt me, I’m only halfway through.’

‘I think I get the point, Hania. Well, who do you think you are, basically? I mean, give me a break! You intend to get into all these girls’ panties?’

Hania looked at her cousin with indignation.

‘First you persuade me to come all the way from Poland to Prague just to get myself an MA in English, as though there is no better place in the world to study this language. Then you tell me I’m not allowed to enjoy myself here. I could just as well look for a Catholic convent who offers higher education in English. In Poland there are bound to be plenty of them!’

Lucinka smiled, exposing her cute teeth.

‘Don’t get me wrong, Cuz. I wholeheartedly support your endeavour. And I’m so happy I managed to persuade you to study here. You’ve no idea how I’ve been counting the days. But are you not suffering from some commonly held misconceptions about Czech women?’

She poured her Polish cousin some more wine from the cardboard box, then continued wistfully.

‘Poor Prague, the city of Kafka and Kepler, will never be the same again. Woe to all the unsuspecting Czech mothers who let their daughters leave home at night, exposing them to the Polish lesbian predator.’

‘Lucinka, have you overdosed on 19th century literature again?’ Hania laughed. ‘Polish lesbian predator, I like that idea..’

‘You’re so EVIL, Hania. Can you not just leave us Czech girls alone?’, she teased her. ‘ Some of us simply don’t like the idea of sex with another girl.’

‘Yeah, like who? Not the semi-drunk brunette sitting in front of me who got her pussy licked by a girl only last month.’

‘I’m NOT lesbian!’ she exclaimed. After pausing for a few seconds, she added: ‘Maybe bi.’

‘Yeah right… Next thing you’re gonna tell me that guys lick pussy just as good as girls do.’

‘Maybe they don’t, but..’

Hania persisted.

‘Compare Zaneta with your ex-boyfriend, Milas..’


‘Yeah, whatever. Who gave you more sexual pleasure?’

Lucinka looked away. ‘I’m waiting..’

‘Ok, ok! So it was Zaneta, ok! I admit it, the stuff we did was heavenly. But it doesn’t necessarily mean anything.’

Hania smiled overbearingly.

‘Poor cousin. Do I have to seduce you myself to make you realize the obvious?’


The Polish girl smiled mischievously. She would have liked illegal bahis to push it a bit further, but decided to leave it for the time being.

‘Anyway, who said it’s only about licking pussy?’

‘What do you mean?’ Lucinka asked, giving all the impression of someone bracing herself to be shocked.

‘I mean.. Have you ever had your ass licked?’

‘WHAT?!? Are you ser.. NO!’

‘I’ve had mine’ Hania stated calmly. ‘And I’ve been more than happy to return the favour to other girls.’

The Czech brunette sighed deeply.

‘I’m lost for words. Maybe I shoud just lock you up here in my bathroom. I really don’t want to unleash you on my beloved Prague. Why is everyone discussing whether we’re ready for the introduction of the Euro? The real question ought to sound: Is the Czech Republic ready to be ravaged by Hania?’

The Czech girl departed into the kitchen to get some new alcohol supplies, turning her head in the doorway to notice her cousin staring, checking out her feminine ass. Hania made no secret of it.

‘Cousin! Behave!’

A minute later she returned with another cardboard box of cheap but not totally undecent wine, perfectly suited to the two brunettes’ student budget.

‘I take back what I said earlier,’ Lucinka said, filling their glasses to the brink. ‘By all means, shag all the girls in your class, just leave your family alone.’

She shook her head.

‘Staring like that at your cousin’s ass. Unheard off!’

Hania laughed.

‘By the way, you don’t think it’s too big?’ Lucinka continued. ‘You know I’m dieting constantly, but there is one or two kilos that just won’t go away!’

‘Lucinka! You have a very attractive body. Thanks God you don’t look anorexic, you’re much hotter the way you are. Your bum is so enticing! Mine is too small, it lacks curves, I think.’

‘Stop it, Hania! It’s perfectly shaped. You’re so fit. I wish I had a body like yours!’

‘And I wish I had a body like yours,’ Hania replied. ‘Well, that’s life I guess.’

A few moments of silence followed, before Hania couldn’t hold back from tesing her cousin.

‘Anyway, who said you couldn’t have my body?’

‘You just couldn’t resist the temptation to say something naughty could you?’

Lucinka stuck her head out of the window from her little rooftop apartment and yelled into the Prague night.

‘Help, my cousin is a lesbian nymphomaniac!’

‘Someone’s had enough to drink, it seems,’ the Polish brunette smiled. ‘I have classes at 10, so I better get going.’

‘I’ll see you tomorrow, illegal bahis siteleri right?’

‘Of course, Cuz!’ Hania smiled, giving her cousin a light friendship kiss on the lips. ”Night, honey!’

The Polish brunette covered the 15 minutes to her small apartment on Mala Strana on foot, walking through the park. Having practiced Jiu-Jitsu for two years, she felt safe, even though few girls — not to mention anyone as hot as Hania — would be walking here on her own at this hour. The Hania could have taken a bus, but the irresistible Prauge October night seduced her. And a walk down through the park to Mala Strana was a nice way to get rid of her slight intoxication.

Reaching her tiny apartment, Hania checked her mobile.

‘Thanks for a great evening. Miss u. Good night kisses, Lucinka.’

Hania’s heart filled with warmth. Finding a true friend was not easy, but in Lucinka she knew she’d found someone who’d never let her down. For years, they’d written long letters to each other, sharing their deepest secrets. Hania remembered the first time she fell in love. She was 12 and the object of her budding sexual fantasies was Kasia, a girl in her class. While never working up the nerve to confess her feelings to Kasia, she discussed it with Lucinka in e-mails and chat rooms. Having someone who would listen no doubt made it easier for her to cope with her own sexual attraction towards women.

And now, they were finally living at the same place, seeing each other every day. It could have been an anti climax, but it was not. They were really the perfect friends.

Washing her hands in the bathroom, Hania looked at her reflection in the mirror.

‘No, Hania, that’s one line — the only line — you cannot cross.’

Hania was a very sexual person. She was not capable of looking at an attractive woman for very long without imagining what it would be like to have sex with her. And despite her mere 19 years, she’d had several occasions to realize her fantasies, even converting a couple of straight girls to the joys of Sapphic love. If she wanted a girl, she would not inhibit herself. She would go for her, and in most cases, she would get her.

With Lucinka it was different. However much she wanted to seduce her, she felt it was wrong. Anything that would jeopardize their friendship was wrong. Or was it?

Her gaze shifted back to the mirror. Hania loved the female body — it’s numerous scents and flavours. Her own body was no exception. Masturbation was more than just a substitute for the Polish beauty. She truly enjoyed canlı bahis siteleri the sight, taste and smell of her own body. When she’d said to her cousin that she would like to exchange her own body with hers, it was only partially true. She adored feminine bodies like Lucinka’s but was equally fascinated with her own more slender shape. And having talked about sex with Lucinka all evening didn’t make her less sexually charged. The familiar face in the mirror looked enticingly at her. The soft freckles on her nose, the penetrating blue eyes, the soft shoulder-length dark brown hair — it was a very kissable face indeed.

Hania moved her face close to the mirror, as if wanting to kiss herself. She let out a deep sigh, showering the mirror with her sweet breath. In the condensated spot, she drew a heart.

The by now bursting with excitement Polish girl darted off into her bedroom and crashed on her bed. Her garments one by one piled up on the floor, as she craved her own nudity. Her impatient hands found the wet spot between her legs, as mental images made their appearance before her. Her own face, her attractive classmates’ faces, Lucinka’s face.. The Polish beauty started licking her shoulders, following their shape down to her armpits. She had a complete fetish for the smell of her skin as it was soaked with her saliva, rubbing her nose against her soft skin.

Her available hand was moving towards a certain destination, and Hania was so hot now that she made no attempt to hold it back. She knew where it was headed. Pushing back her knees a little bit, she made her little asshole accessible. The gentle touch of her finger sent a thrill through her body. She needed more.

She soaked the finger thoroughly with saliva, then brought it back to between her ass cheeks. She’d done this hundreds of times in her life, but the feeling never ceased to thrill her. The sense of entering a forbidden zone as the slim finger forced its way into the humid heat of her rectum. Slowly but surely the finger disappeared inside her ass, exploring the inner depths of her bowels.

The intensity of Hania’s moaning increased as the finger started sliding in and out of her nasty hole. Her other hand was working overtime on her pussy. Her orgasm was knocking very loudly on the door – it was ready to burst any second now. Just as the young brunette could sense the first unmistakable signs, she pulled her finger out of her ass and into her mouth, savouring the taste of herself. This final act of transgression finally pushed her over the edge, and her body responded with a fit of convulsions that would not be out of place in a person tied to an electric chair. Sweat-soaked and completely exhausted, the 19 year old Polish girl fell asleep as the last waves of orgasm were still cascading through her.



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