Chapter 2: Inside The Bungalow

Once we entered Jon was quick to open a bottle of wine for Kate and I and a couple of beers for him and Jon. The bungalow was very nice and I was dying to ask how much it costs for a week but I thought that rude. The main room was large with one area set up as a living room complete with a couch and two chairs as well as a TV and VCR and DVD player. A nice stereo was built into the wall that played CD’s. To the right was a kitchenette and the bed and dressers were located to the right. The bed had a mirror above it and the headboard was mirrored as well.

“We fancy this room a lot” Kate said and opened a door to the bathroom. It was about half the size of the outer room. There was indeed a Jacuzzi that would fit 3 comfortably and 4 if you didn’t mind squeezing. There was also a large vanity near the toilet and the shower was also above average in size. Inside the glass doors of the shower were two showerheads on either side, which Kate said was a great feature.

“I’ll fill the Jacuzzi while we rinse off the sand and salt” Kate said and since we were all already naked, we followed Derrick into the shower. First Derrick followed in by me, then Jon. Kate was fiddling with the Jacuzzi. When Derrick turned the shower on he then turned to us and his cock brushed my stomach and sent me into lather. How much longer was I going to have to wait?

Apparently a little longer.

Kate joined us shortly and we showered like any normal person would except that there were four naked adults in the same shower. Jon’s poor cock, he needed relief and I imagined his balls had to be aching because he was now sporting what must’ve been his 10th erection since we arrived at the beach. Derrick was the first to acknowledge it and asked Jon if he enjoyed getting his dick sucked (what a silly question to ask a man). Jon smiled and nodded that he did.

“Well then, you can’t have this getting in the way of the rest of your fun” and with that Derrick dropped to his knees in the shower and took Jon’s cock in his mouth. The look on Jon’s face was priceless. He was utterly shocked. That look soon changed to one of great pleasure, as Derrick was able to swallow almost all of Jon’s erection. The sight was turning me on beyond my wildest fantasies. Derrick pulled his mouth from Jon just long enough for him to ask Jon to give him a nudge when he was ready. That nudge came less then two minutes later. Derrick moved his mouth away and jerked Jon’s cock. We watched his load shoot out and hit Kate’s belly and pubic hairs. After about the fourth or fifth rope of cum it seemed to slow to a dribble. Jon was breathless, his body pressed against the wall.

Kate scooped a droplet of cum from her thigh and licked her finger and emitted a little “mmm” sound before she scooped a bit more and held her finger out for me. I sucked the elegant digit and savored my husband’s sweet taste. Jon really did have tasty cum. I’d sucked enough cocks to be able to be a judge on the subject.

“Ooh, let’s hurry. The Jacuzzi is almost full” Kate said as she rinsed her body and left the shower. Soon the three of us followed. Jon seemed like he was lost in space and I heard Derrick tell him not to worry about what had just happened. Derrick said he didn’t consider himself gay at all but it was nice to taste another rod besides his own. The depth of that comment was lost on Jon and I at the time.

We settled into the Jacuzzi and as I suspected it was a snug fit. I enjoyed being pressed against Derrick’s fit body, our legs touching under the water. Oh how badly I wanted to reach out and grab his tool but I knew the time for that would come. We were the guests here and it seemed Kate and Derrick had our day planned and we just had to follow their timetable. I think the Jacuzzi was to calm us all down a bit and between it and the wine I was feeling more relaxed but none the less horny. The blowjob in the shower wasn’t mentioned for 15 or 20 minutes as we discussed other things.

“Veronica dear, did you enjoy watching Jon have his dick serviced?” She asked it so matter of fact as if she were asking me if I enjoyed a show on TV last night. I told her I enjoyed it a great deal and that both our guys looked very sexy in the shower. She said she loved watching Derrick and that she was amazed at how well he’d been able to suck that very first cock. “He’s gotten even better. Jon, you have quite a nice cock and Derrick handled almost all of you” she seemed to be pointing out her husband’s oral skills with definite pride.

“More wine, ladies?” Derrick asked and when we both held out our empty glasses he casino oyna rose from the water and went into the other room. Of course I watched his cock, which seemed to be hanging even lower as were his hairless balls. They were like to eggs in a sack. He returned with the bottle and another beer for Jon and filled our glasses.

“Before you get back in, why don’t you show them the first cock you ever sucked.” Kate turned to us and smiled that we would enjoy seeing how Derrick honed his skills. I was expecting for him to go to the other room again and come back with a photo or something when he just bent at his waist, his crotch moving up and forward as he lowered his head and I watched stunned as his tongue snaked out and flicked over the foreskin covered head of his wonder-cock. Then he opened his mouth and took in the first couple of inches before releasing it with a loud, sucking pop.

“I can watch him do that all day,” Kate said smiling lovingly at her husband.

“I can suck a lot more of it on my back” Derrick boasted. I had to make a note to remind myself to ask to see that too. By this time my pussy was so wet I felt like a puddle was forming. I was more then ready when a few minutes after Derrick’s self-suck demo, Kate suggested we get out and dry off.

“Very good idea” I said too quickly and rose from the water and took a towel to dry myself off. I handed them a towel each as they stepped from the Jacuzzi. Jon’s proud soldier was stirring and I imagined Derrick’s performance as well as the anticipation was recharging his battery.

Before we left the bathroom Derrick asked us what we wanted to do and I suddenly got brazen, I was so overly ready for that cock of his. “I HAVE to suck that gorgeous cock right now!” Everyone laughed and we went into the other room and straight to the king sized bed. Derrick lay on his back in the center of the bed and held his cock up for me. I kissed Jon and crawled on the bed between Derrick’s spread legs.

Normally I can be quite a tease with my tongue and I often lick all around Jon’s crotch and his balls in such a way that he’s hard by the time I’m ready to swallow his cock. This time though it was me who was too excited to think about teasing very much. Derrick laid spread eagle, knees bent and my tongue was now tasting his over-sized, hairless balls. I wrapped my hand around his cock and he was so thick that my fingers never touched. I stroked him slowly and licked his balls completely before I started making my way up the shaft. I loved the way his cock looked hidden behind his foreskin so I was careful not to reveal the head just yet. I did slip my tongue into his foreskin and lick the head, which made him moan out loud. I opened my mouth as wide as it could go to get his shaft inside and I began a slow suck, using my tongue to swirl all around him.

“That’s it sweetie, make love to his cock” I heard Kate whisper to me as she knelt on the floor beside the bed to watch me suck her husband’s cock.

Kate and Jon gave me a good amount of time to enjoy Derrick’s cock, which had thickened some more and had grown several inches. The head was now partially exposed and I was able to lick away any of his sweet pre-cum as it appeared at his wide piss slit. The head of his cock was the size of a plum and bright pink in color. His tanned shaft had to be a foot long, that would’ve been my best guess and a part of me wished I had a ruler to measure him. I planned on sharing this experience with my girlfriends back home, which complained about the size of their hubby’s average cocks.

I felt Jon’s breath on my ear and he whispered to me that I never looked sexier. I felt his tongue in my ear, which drives me crazy but it made me even crazier under the current circumstances. I could sense that my husband was ready to taste his first cock and I let my own need to be fucked pass for the moment. I asked Jon if he wanted to help me and after only a moments pause he said he thought he was ready. Judging by his rock hard erection, I’d say he was definitely ready.

I moved aside slightly and watched my husband rub his face against Derrick’s cock and balls, feeling the hard softness and the smooth skin. He inhaled and seemed to enjoy the scent of another man. He licked Derrick’s balls with a tentative tongue as I put my mouth back over the pink head. We worked together like this for several minutes before Jon started making his way up the shaft. I moved my mouth away and held this extraordinary cock for my husband to suck. Jon moved a bit slowly since he’d never done this before. He did a lot of licking and I think he was trying to figure out slot oyna if that head would fit in his mouth. Eventually he did figure it out and I watched my handsome, masculine husband slide that cock into his mouth. Jon moaned around Derrick’s cock and I was impressed when about 4″ disappeared into his eager mouth.

I had been lying on my stomach between Derrick’s legs when I felt a hand on my hip. It was Kate who had decided to join us. With a gentle hand I knew what she wanted from me. I raised my pelvis up until I was on my knees with my ass pointing in the air. My mouth had rejoined my husband and Jon and I were now taking turns sucking Derrick’s cock and licking his balls, which I noticed getting a little tighter in his sac.

Kate was now underneath me and she was looking up at my shaved crotch, which I knew was soaking wet. My body jumped as if struck by electricity when her tongue touched my labia. She seemed to know how close I was and avoided my clit, instead focusing her efforts on my labia and the abundant juices that had flowed out of me. When her tongue touched my clit I came with a force and intensity that I had never known. I was making noises like a porn star and surely if there were someone next door or outside they would’ve heard me. Kate kept her mouth on my clit and rode it for the duration of my orgasm, which seemed like forever.

I rolled over onto my back for a few moments, I’m not sure how much time had passed when I felt the bed move and opened my eyes. Jon had moved into a position to taste Kate’s wetness but she stopped him and smiled at him, “skip the foreplay, sweetie. I need a cock right now” and after a smile I watched my husband bury his cock into our new friend. To Jon’s credit, having cum already provided him with a little extra staying power, which I didn’t expect because the whole situation was so charged. Kate’s orgasms came all in a row. I think there were 3 or 4 before I felt a hand on my shoulder.

I turned and looked at Derrick whose cock was now bigger then ever. He didn’t get the type of erection that pointed to the ceiling but rather his cock was pointing straight out and was now as thick as my wrist and again I’m only guessing, but I would’ve guessed 14″ at least. Derrick insisted afterward that his cock was only 13″ but I know it looked like a baby’s arm holding an apple. Jon told me that description afterward and after I laughed I realized he wasn’t too far off on his description.

Derrick leaned forward and did that thing he did earlier, taking his cock into his mouth. He was able to suck a few extra inches into his own mouth and while the sight was very odd, it was so completely hot that I just got on my knees and told him I wanted to get on top first “until I got used to him” and he spit his cock out and got back on the bed.

I looked over at Jon who had now slowed his fucking of Kate to watch me mount Derrick. Kate was watching intently too, covered in sweat with the warmest smile on her face as I prepared to take her husband’s cock for the first time. Derrick for his part was eager and was holding his cock by the base. I squatted and I suddenly felt grateful that my pussy was wetter then it has ever been (later Kate told me my pussy had squirted when I came earlier, she thought that was normal for me and was pleased when I told her that it had never happened before). To tell you it felt like I was being fisted at first would be no lie. I had never been fisted before but Derrick’s cock was just that big.

I think I came twice before I had even managed to take most of him. The sensation of being so completely filled was almost overwhelming and I had to be careful because I would lose myself and try to sit all the way down on him but he would bottom out and the pain would numb me momentarily. Don’t get me wrong, I was being touched in places I never imagined, he was so deep and those sensations were beyond any words could describe.

Jon had put a condom on and he was now fucking Kate doggie-style but now he was in her ass. I hadn’t even noticed the transition because I was so lost in my own fuck but it was suck a turn on when I heard Kate moaning and begging Jon to fuck her ass harder. My ass was still cherry so as far as I knew this was Jon’s first venture into anyone’s backdoor. “Oh fuck” I heard my husband moan with his eyes closed and his cock still pistoning in and out of Kate’s ass. She told him to cum on her ass and I stopped sliding up and down Derrick long enough to watch my hubby rip the condom off and aim his load at Kate’s spread ass cheeks. Jon shot a load at least as big as the one in the shower and Kate was frantically canlı casino siteleri rubbing his clit and her orgasm started before he was finished unloading on her ass. It was an amazing sight and I wished I could lick her clean.

I was repositioned now, lying on my back with my legs up and opened and Derrick moved in. I had ridden his cock for I don’t know how long but it was time now for him to do the fucking and I felt ready. His cock felt more like heaven and less like an intrusion as he entered me again. Jon and Kate were on either side of me and were observers now as they caught their breath. I’m sure they got to witness one of the hottest sights as Derrick fucked me into a flow of orgasms like I never had before in my life. I could not get over this guys staying power. While a part of me wanted this fuck session to end before my pussy suffered irreversible damage, a part of me wanted to spend the rest of my days with that cock in me.

Jon and Kate were now each sucking a tit and the sensations I felt in my nipples were coursing thru my entire body. Derrick would fuck me fast with about half his cock and then slow down and slide into me and I think I was taking all of him although I couldn’t focus my eyes enough at that point to see for myself. Jon was telling me how “fucking hot” I looked with that “giant fuck stick in your cunt” and I was just panting. It was as if my body was building toward another climax but my heart was wondering if I could take it. I was soaked in my own sweat; it was dripping off of me.

“Let’s get ready for the big finish,” Derrick said smiling and breathing heavy. He started fucking me deeper even and that triggered my last orgasm with his huge cock inside me (I would cum once more later). This time he allowed my spasming pussy to push him over the edge. He pulled his wet dick from my depths and pulled its length and shuddered as rope after rope of his thick cum showered me. The first blast went past my face and into my hair while the second hit my nose, lips and chin. Then he just painted my tits and belly with at least a half dozen more shots. Kate and Jon were sitting back and watching and I could tell Kate would be doing clean up on me. I locked my lips and liked the way Derrick tasted. He finally relaxed and laid his cock on me. He was deflating now but the head still ran from my crotch up to my sloppy tits, he was just that big.

The last thing I remembered before dozing was my husband and Derrick’s wife licking my body clean of all that wonderful cum. I don’t know how long I dozed but I was so completely exhausted and my inner thighs as well as my vagina felt like I’d been gang-banged my the New York Knicks or something like that. I rolled over to see Jon sitting back on the couch, his cock hanging limp and looking wet and shiny. Derrick appeared a few moments later with a tall glass of iced tea for me and I sat up and smiled at the group. I felt like a queen at that moment (granted, a well fucked exhausted queen).

Kate emerged from the bathroom naked and drying herself with a towel. “I hope you don’t mind, your hubby had another erection so I had to fuck him one last time” and she sat next to me on the bed and kissed me deeply. I could taste cum on her lips and tongue and wondered if that was Jon’s. She looked down at my red, swollen sex lips and asked me if I was okay and I nodded. “This will help you feel better” and she lowered her head and gently tongued me. I didn’t think I had the energy to cum again but I did although it was a mild orgasm compared to the others. We kissed again and Derrick informed us of the time and we had better rinse off and he would take us back to the ship.

Jon and I showered together and although we didn’t say much to each other, I knew we were both feeling many of the same emotions. I knew I wanted to try this again. I enjoyed watching him with another mans wife and I had to admit I loved seeing him with a cock in his mouth. He had told me enough times while I was getting fucked how hot I looked and how sexy. We kissed long and deep and as we shut the water off he whispered “You’re amazing, baby” and that was the period to end this epic day.

“I love you” was all I could manage but it was from my heart.

Note: Although we corresponded with Derrick and Kate for several years, we couldn’t get together again. Jon and I did manage to return to St. Maarten and that week is full of some stories as well though none compared to that first time. Derrick to this day is the best-hung lover I ever had and I have looked for “big cocks” ever since.

Sadly we received a letter from Kate informing us that Derrick had been killed in an automobile accident in Sydney while there on business. Besides being an incredibly gifted lover with a truly blessed sex organ, he was a gentlemen and he and his wife changed Jon and I forever.



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