It was the Friday before a national holiday on Monday, and the appointment schedule was full of idle time. I had decided the night before that I would use the spare hours to reduce the load of paperwork that had been piling up during the past two weeks. Once I settled into my office and started filling out the forms, it didn’t take very long for me to decide that I just wasn’t interested in doing it. Then, like a gift from above, my nurse Beth came into my office and asked me if I was totally bored like she was. Her sweet and beckoning smile told me the day might not turn out to be as dull as I had expected.

I smiled and mentioned that I would rather be doing almost anything instead of the administrative work required to keep the practice open. She walked to the front of my desk and pulled up the top of her scrub suit to reveal her beautiful breasts. I was as surprised as I was delighted to see her bare boobs with large, dark areolas. I said, “You naughty nurse. I hope you know that slipping off your bra, coming to see me in private, and flashing your tits will likely get you fucked.” She widened her grin and said, “There are no appointments for the next two hours.”

I pushed back in my chair and motioned for her to sit on my lap. She came to me and was soon in my arms and kissing me deeply. I love how her tongue probes and explores my mouth, encouraging me to respond with equal passion. I put my hands into her hair and held her face against mine, and she leaned against me, pressing her now erect nipples into my chest. She moved her lips to my ear and whispered, “Fuck me, hard and fast this time. I want your cock deep inside me.” She knows that talking dirty to me accelerates the intensity of my lust, and I was immediately ready to fulfill her need. She pushed her cute ass against my already stiffening cock, captured my vision in the deep blueness of her eyes and said, “Oh baby, escort bostancı it feels like you are ready now.” I quickly replied, “Exam room 1, right now, you precious little slut.”

She preceded me to the room, so as to avoid raising the receptionist’s suspicion. When I opened the door, the curtain in front of the examination table was pulled closed, and I could not wait to find my sexual prize on the other side. Beth was lying on the table, naked, with her hands cupping her breasts, her legs spread, and her heels elevated in the stirrups. I leaned down and kissed her hard, moving my hand straight to her pussy. My fingers found her tender, pink lips beginning to swell. It was only moments after I penetrated her that she began moving her hips against my finger and her juices began to flow.

With my free hand I cupped one of her tits and closed my grip to raise her nipple to resemble the cherry on a sundae. I covered her entire areola with my mouth and pursed my lips around her nipple, sucking it and pulling it upward. I rolled it inside my mouth, bathing it with warm kisses and tweaking it between my teeth. Beth loved to have her nipples sucked and squeezed, and I could not get enough of doing it. She put her hands behind my neck and pressed my mouth hard against her captive breast while she spoke softly, “I have wanted you since the moment I awoke this morning.”

She was aroused to an unusually high state of desire, and I wanted to stoke her fire even more. I broke the kiss and moved to my usual position for examinations, sitting on a stool between her legs, at eye level with her quickly moistening cunt. I reached up and grasped her waist with both hands and moved my face to her hot, pink sex. I breathed in her scent and admired her wet lips, now fully abloom. I pressed my mouth against her pussy and, without any teasing foreplay, began licking and sucking ümraniye escort her with a passion that I knew she craved.

She began thrusting her thighs against my face and gripped my head with her hands, pulling me against her. I alternately drew her large pussy lips into my mouth, rolling my tongue against them as I sucked, and then pressed my tongue inside her with my lips firmly on her clit. I heard her moan with delight as I pleasured her, and I felt my stiff cock shaping my pants into a circus tent. Her breathing became very heavy, and I tasted the change in her wetness that I had come to recognize as meaning she was close to orgasm.

I moved my mouth off of her cunt and stood, now ready to give her the hard fucking she wanted. As I stripped off my scrubs and briefs, she pressed her palms against her breasts and then pinched her nipples. Her eyes were closed and her head was tilted back, revealing the tendons in her neck and the lust-induced tightness of her face. As I gazed at her beauty, I gripped my almost painfully hard cock and rubbed the large head up and down her wet, gaping slit. She soon looked at me and said, “Fuck me baby. Please, put your cock into me!”

I moved her feet out of the stirrups and lowered the metal rods, then gripped her behind her knees and held her legs up and widely apart. I parted her lips slightly with the head of my cock, and then I sunk my dick into her pussy to the hilt with one strong thrust. She gasped, as though the suddenness of my filling her had forced the air out her lungs. While I paused to savor the heat and tightness of her cunt as I was fully buried inside her, she grabbed my hands, placed her fingers between mine, closed her grip, and locked her legs around my waist.

I began repeatedly driving my cock into her hot, tight hole, and each time she pulled me to her with her hands in mine, slamming her hips against kartal escort bayan me with sufficient force for me to bump her cervix. The tightness of her inner muscles as I fucked her and her increasing groans and gyrations told me she was about to cum. I, too, was close, and I blissfully envisioned filling her with my seed.

I whispered to her, “Am I fucking you hard enough, my sweet Beth? She replied with almost a hiss, speaking through taut lips, “Yes, baby, yes. Cum deep inside me with your big cock. Now, baby, now!” She began to writhe from side-to-side and tightened her legs around me as she reached her orgasm. She groaned and arched her back, accentuating her beautifully pointed nipples as they stood stiff atop her rounded breasts. Her head moved from side to side and her mouth was open in a silent scream. She lifted her thighs and ground her pubic mound against me. She came hard and I held her hips tightly to control her wanton, flailing movement. I felt her pussy grasping my cock, and her flexing muscles provided the pressure that set me off.

I leaned over her, gripping the sides of the examination table, and felt my dick explode inside her as I squirted thick, hot streams of cum deep into her womb. She kissed my ear and encouraged me, “I feel you cumming, baby. Fuck me, fuck me. Fill me up.” She wrapped her arms around me and held me tightly while I rocked against her, slowing my strokes as I emptied the last of my load into her.

I collapsed on her and her legs dropped from around me to hang off the sides of the table. I kissed her neck and told her, “Sweet Beth, you are every man’s fantasy.” She hugged me and replied, “And you are the doctor women dream about.”

With my cock growing softer insider her pussy and the wonderful feeling of her soft breasts against my chest, we savored the afterglow that came with the fulfillment of our lust. Only when my cock slipped out of her well-used cunt did we move apart and get dressed to finish the day at work. After we were again properly clothed, we kissed and held each other for long moments. I squeezed her ass as she went out the door, and realized again how much I love my job.



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