From down the long hall, he could see her walking, and his eyes widened as they did every time he saw her. No big surprise. He was 18, all tall and gangly, a raging mass of hormones. He hadn’t really dated, hadn’t really kissed or made out with a girl, much less anything more intimate. He had seen some smut and jerked off regularly, so had vague ideas as to what it was like, but was still very much a virgin. Not that he did not know what he liked. For as long as he could remember, he had been drawn to women with big breasts. The sight of a nice rack rendered him speechless and excited, which was why this particular teacher always quickened his pulse. She was stacked. Mid 20’s, dark dark hair, curvy with large, full breasts. She always dressed primly, her hair up, her blouses buttoned all the way up and skirts that came to her knees or below. And as usual, she looked straight ahead as she walked, as though she didn’t see him.

From down the long hall, she could see him walking, and she pondered. If her husband had had a younger twin brother, it would have been him. The likeness was striking. As she walked, she could feel his eyes upon her. She was used to it. She knew her figure was appreciated by the students and faculty alike, hence her practice of dressing conservatively. But today, she found his look distracting. Perhaps it was her body. She was ovulating and that always made her sensitive. Or perhaps it was the thoughts about this particular boy. She and her husband had been trying to conceive for over a year, with no results. She was beginning to think Tommy was sterile or something, and she so desperately wanted a child. And maybe this young man could… No one would ever have to know. Tommy wouldn’t know. Just maybe…

As the distance between they narrowed, he tried not to stare at her. The corridor was not well lit, being after hours, and the shadows highlighted the curves of her body. He tried to remain cool, despite his cock swelling in his pants.

Was she out of her mind? What if they were caught? He was a student. But that was a bulge forming in his pants… He was looking straight ahead, but…

She smiled and spoke first, “Good Evening.”

His head snapped in surprise, as he brought his eyes to hers. “Hi,” he croaked back.

Look at her face, look at her face, he said to himself.

“What are you doing here so late,” she asked, thinking quickly.

“Well, we were supposed to have practice, but no one else is here. I must have been mistaken or something,” he replied, “and you?”

Her heard started to pound. This could work!

“I wanted to get some work done, but I am having a problem with the ventilation in my office. I was going to see if I could find a janitor, but maybe you could help me, if you have time.”

He checked his watch. “Sure, my ride is not going to be here for another hour and a half.”

“Great,” she said, “my office is this way.” She turned and walked back up the hallway. He walked quietly beside her, stealing discreet peaks at her, watching her breasts bounce as she moved. She asked how his year was going, how his mobilbahis güvenilir mi classes were, and whether he was going to the prom. When he said no, she asked why. He replied that he didn’t know who he would go with.

They reached her office door. She opened it and they stepped in. She pointed to the ceiling vent above her desk and said that she had seen the janitor adjust the flow there. She moved to her desk, cleared the papers off the top and assured him he it was ok to stand on it. He carefully got on the desk and stood up, trying to be as casual as possible, but painfully aware of the erection in his pants. She stood directly in front of him, her head at the level of his crotch, where she took a long look at his bulge. As his attention turned to the vent, checking the leaver and fins, she unbuttoned the top three buttons of her blouse. When he had turned the leaver all the way in one direction, he looked down and caught sight of her looking up at him, her blouse slightly open, and her cleavage displayed.

She smiled sweetly at him, “Yes?”

“Um, don’t know if I turned it the right way until the air comes on,” he managed to say, glad that he could look in the direction of her face and still stare at her opening blouse.

“I can adjust the thermostat,” she said, walking over to the door and turning the dial. She looked over at him. He had been watching her, but shifted his eyes to the vent when she turned.

The air came on, but nothing came out of the vent. “OK, looks like I have to turn it the other way,” he said, and started turning the leaver. Quickly and quietly, she turned back, locked the door and unbuttoned another button on her blouse. Her mind was racing. It would have to be fast. She couldn’t get caught. But the thought of his young fertile sperm inside her excited her. She could feel her cunt getting wet and her lips parting. She walked back to the desk and could feel the cool air streaming from the vent.

“Much better,” she said, “You can climb down now.”

He hopped down to the floor and stood. She was only a foot from him. He could smell her. His hands trembled. Her blouse splayed open, exposing the edge of her bra and deep cleavage.

“Hey,” she continued, “please don’t tell anyone about this. The administration is very strict about students doing this sort of thing, and I would get into a lot of trouble if they knew.”

He smiled at her. “Trust me, I won’t tell a soul.” Truthfully, he would have done anything for her at that moment.

“Really?” she said, “Can I trust you?”

“Absolutely,” he said firmly.

“If you promise not to tell anyone ever, there is another favor I would love to ask of you,” she whispered.

“I promise,” he said softly.

“Please, sit down then,” she breathed, gesturing to the chair behind her desk.

He turned, walked to the seat, and sat down, his erection painful in his pants. As he looked over at her, he gasped as he watched her unbutton her skirt She peeled her skirt off, revealing pale panties and thigh high stockings. She looked at him as she slid her mobilbahis panties down and stepped out of them. His hands gripped the arms of the chair and he started to sweat. She walked in front of him and sat down on the desk, spreading her legs wide. Her vulva was wet and open for him.

“Come to me,” she breathed. He stood and moved close to her. He unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants, letting them fall to his ankles. As he slid his underwear down, he felt close to losing his mind. He had only dreamt of this a thousand times and it was about to happen.

She reached over and took his erection in her hand. Longer than her husband’s she thought. Please let it impregnate me. She gave him a slow stroke and watched his body spasm and the tip of his cock drip. She pulled him by the cock, until the tip brushed her wet labia. She stroked the head up and down a few times, then put it at her entrance. His hands moved forward to touch her legs. “Yes,” she moaned, “Push into me.”

His hips jerked forward and he sank into her. She was so incredibly warm and snug. He pulled back and pushed deeper. A third slow push buried him completely in her. He paused, trying not to cum right there and then. She squeezed his young cock with her cunt, and thrilled at the feel of him inside her. She felt so full, so intensely excited and raw.

His hands moved to her waist as he slowly start to stroke slowly in and out of her. She squirmed when the tip of his cock touched her cervix. “Yes, oh my god yes,” she thought, “Fill me up, bathe my womb with your seed. Fuck me! Give me a baby!”

He paused, his cock electrified, on the verge of coming. She looked at him and asked, “Why are you stopping? Please…”

He concentrated and said, “I’m trying not to cum so soon.”

“No,” she begged, “don’t stop. Keep going. Let it happen. I want it!”

He grabbed her waist a little more tightly and started to stroke in and out again. He could feel his orgasm building and would not stop this time. She wrapped her legs around him, pulling him against her, and panted, “Yes, just like that, deep, fuck me deep!”

His hips took over, the head of his cock bouncing against her cervix, and he came, shuddering and shaking, his cock spurting his cream deep into her. She pulled him against her and felt his hot seed fill her, gushing and gushing. She held him fast, not wanting to lose a single drop. She felt fuller than she could ever remember. Her body was on fire, a bitch in heat. She craved more. Her pussy spasmed around his cock. He must have more cum. I want his cum. I want him to impregnate me. She smiled at him, reached up to stroke his chest and asked, “Could you do that again?”

He looked down at her, their bodies conjoined, her remaining clothes akimbo. “I don’t know,” he said shyly, “I’ve never done this before.”

“A virgin,” she thought, “no wonder…”

“I would never have known,” she lied. “Please, touch me, keep that beautiful cock inside me, but touch me,” she groaned, grabbing his hands and guiding them to her huge chest.

He groaned in turn when his fingers mobilbahis giriş sank into the softness of her covered breasts. She reached down and unbuttoned the rest of her blouse. She could feel his cock hardening again inside her. She undid the snaps on the front of her bra and let him peel the cups off her full breasts. He gasped at the sight of her hard nipples and touched them gently with his fingertips. His cock fully hard again, he bent over to kiss her breasts and take a nipple in his mouth. She arched her back at the touch of his lips. “Yes, suck me, suck me beautiful boy. Fill me with cum. Make my tits swell with milk, ” she thought achingly.

She started to rock her hips, causing his cock to slide an inch in and out of her. The sensation caused him to groan and suck her nipple harder. He wanted to suck her dry, devour her big succulent tits. He would have feasted on her breasts all night, except that her hips squirmed beneath him. He stood up raised himself with his arms and thrust into her again, the head of cock hitting her cervix harder than before. Her eyes opened wide and a gasp escaped her. “Yes,” she cried, “like that, hard, fuck me hard.”

His hands grasped her shoulders and he obliged her, his hips driving forward in hard thrusts. Her big tits shook and rocked with each stroke. Not feeling his orgasm so immanent, he relished the sensations, his rock hard cock pushing so deep in her. His hands slid down to her chest, grasping, squeezing her breasts as he fucked her. Her eyes rolled back. He owned her. She was a bitch, an animal being bred. She thrashed about on the table, her body not in her control, her cunt tightening around this cock. And then she came, groaning deeply, her body spasming, her cunt squeezing his cock hard. That tightness sent him over the edge. He buried his cock to the hilt and came hard. It seemed to last forever, as though he was cumming gallons. She felt his cum burst inside her, and she could have sworn she felt herself swelling with his seed. She knew. She would conceive. She reached up and pulled his face to hers and kissed him. “Thank you, thank you, that was wonderful,” she whispered between kisses.

He kissed her back, relishing his first real kisses too. His body upon hers, his chest pressing against her breasts, his mind in a daze, he would never know the entirety of what had happened.

She took his face again and looked deeply into his eyes, “Promise me you will never tell anyone ever about this.” His cock still buried inside her, he swore, “I do promise, never.” She kissed him again. “Thank you.”

They both started as they heard the squeak of a janitor’s cart in the hall.

“You had better go,” she whispered. He nodded, sadly, and moved back.

His cock slid out of her. As he backed up, he beheld a last image of her sweaty body, her legs spread wide, her pussy open and dripping, her breasts delicious and heaving. It would inspire him for the rest of his life. He pulled is pants up and tucked his shirt in. She propped herself up on her arms, watching him. She didn’t want to move, to let any of his cum leak from her. There were many questions he wanted to ask, but somehow he knew. He turned and walked slowly to the door. Before opening it, he turned and blew her a kiss. “Thank you,” they mouthed to each other. He opened the door a crack and looked about, then slid through, closing it, and was gone.



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