Good Neighbors – Chapter 3Todd’s life was looking up. His home business was growing rapidly and he was considering hiring someone to help out. He was screwing Meg on the average of twice a week. He was still doing odd job handyman work for her and for Julie and Zach in his spare time. Zach was on crutches now and doing better every week. He and Zach still held out hope that Julie would agree to a threesome sometime soon, but Todd was patient since he had Meg in his life. He was getting better acquainted with some of the neighbors with Julie’s and Meg’s help, but hadn’t gotten pulled in to any more handyman work in the past few weeks.It was Tuesday night and he had arranged with Meg to come over and finish a couple of small jobs for her that he had started over the weekend. He assumed that he would get another great fuck out of her as usual after completing his tasks. He arrived about 7 pm only to find Meg feeling pretty low and not interested in him or anything else. He was also going to see if she had any interest in coming to work for him.”Meg, what’s bothering you this evening? You aren’t acting like yourself. Is everything okay?””No, it’s not,” she said and began crying, not able to hold it in any longer. “My boss said the company is being sold and that most of the jobs will be eliminated by the end of the month. It took me forever to get this one. I don’t know what I am going to do. I will definitely lose the house now if I can’t sell it in time. And I don’t have the savings to last that long.” Meg was nearly inconsolable. Todd sat next to her on the sofa and put his arm around her shoulder. He was getting ready to tell her about his idea but she started talking again before he could utter his first words. “Todd, I don’t feel up to our usual routine this evening. You don’t have to do any work tonight if you don’t want to. I understand and we had a deal. I just can’t do it tonight.”Todd put his hand over her mouth and asked her to be quiet for a moment.”Listen, I came over tonight because I wanted to see you, sex or no sex, and I wanted to finished what I started. But I think tonight we need to talk about an idea I have been mulling around in my mind for the past couple of weeks. My business has been growing quite a bit lately and I need some help. I would like to know if you would come to work for me.” He proceeded to tell her what he could pay by the hour and the general nature of what she would be doing. She could not believe what was happening. Nothing had ever worked out so well for her before.”Todd, your hourly rate is almost 50% more than what I am making now! Are you sure you can afford that? I mean, I am not turning you down – hell no – I am taking you up on your offer! But I don’t want you to figure out later that you can’t afford that and have it all go south on both of us.”Todd put her mind at ease. “I have done the math very carefully several times and it is actually a no-brainer for me to hire you at the rate I just mentioned. I will be able to take on more business because I would have someone to help me and will make more money than before hiring you or anyone else for that matter. I am going to hire someone and you were my first choice. I assume we have a deal?””On one condition,” Meg said very seriously, “I get to fuck the boss, right?”Todd laughed hard at that one, “You betcha! Anytime you want. In fact, you can work in the nude if you want and I will too if you want me to!””Deal!” she said as she unzipped his trousers and pulled out his hardening cock. “You are not doing any work tonight other than the effort it takes to cum a couple of times for me. I am going to suck the first one out of you right now.”Both were still dressed as Meg lowered her face to his cock and took the head of it into her mouth. Rather than immediately start sucking on it, she kept her mouth tightly over only the head and began using her tongue to flick the underside of his cock head up and down. She used one hand to play with his balls, stroking them, squeezing them, tugging on the sac now and then until he was moaning with pleasure. Meg had always been the best cock sucker he had ever experienced. He could tell she genuinely enjoyed the feel of a cock in her mouth and the taste of cock as well. She then began to slowly slide her mouth down his shaft, continuing the tongue action as she took more and more of it until he totally buried in her throat. Then with a hard sucking action, she began to rise, leaving his shaft wet with her saliva as his shaft emerged from her mouth. She released her pressure on his cock and slid back down on it and repeated this step several times. He kept him on the edge without pushing him over the top and erupting down her throat. Todd resisted the urge to make any fucking motions or to grab the back of her head to control the action. She had earned the right to suck his cock any izmir escortlar way she wanted to and there was nothing he could do to improve on her work.A few minutes later, he gave her fair warning that he was about to cum and she tightened her grip on his balls and lifted her head until she only had his cock head in her mouth and then she sucked hard and flicked her tongue all over the knob, pushing him over the edge. He groaned as he shot his first salvo against the back of her throat, coating her uvula and more. He launched another shot and still she did not swallow. She took two more shots in her mouth and then it was a matter of a small trickle. She sucked hard as she lifted off of his cock completely, leaned her head back to keep the cum from spilling out of her mouth as she opened for him to get a peek at her mouthful of his cum. Then she swallowed, leaned over and kissed him deeply on the mouth. Todd reached under her skirt and pulled off her panties and then lifted her skirt and pulled her forward so he could easily suck on her clit. With his face fully buried in her pussy, he reached up and felt her very large tits through her shirt. She unbuttoned her blouse and lifted her bra above her tits so he could play with her nipples. She held the back of his head firmly in place and pushed her pussy against his tongue as he used it to fuck her hole with it and torture her clit with periodic attacks of rapid motion over it, stopping occasionally and reinserting his tongue into her pussy again. She finally had had enough of the torment and swore at him to finish the job and he attacked her clit again with a fury that sent her into orbit. His efforts gave her multiple orgasms on his face and left his face looking lathered and wet from her flow of juices. It took several minutes of her panting to regain her composure. When she had finally recovered, she turned with her knees on the seat cushions and her arms on the back of the sofa so that he could fuck her from a standing position. Todd grabbed her hips and she guided his rod into her waiting pussy and he started driving it in her hard from the beginning. He had learned that once she had an orgasm, the next was not far behind if he didn’t let her linger too long. He made the right choice as she came in a matter of a couple of minutes and talked all kinds of dirty things to him as he continued to fuck her. She said she wanted him to cum on her tits when he was ready so he could watch her lick it all off and swallow it like she had from his blowjob. Todd was all in favor of that and once she had worked her magic grip on his cock with her pussy, gripping and loosening much like she had done earlier with her mouth, Todd was ready to erupt again.When he pulled out of Meg, she spun around to sit normally on the couch and held her tits together so that all of his cum would land on them. Todd took aim as best as he was capable and shot another impressive wad of cum on both tits in relatively equal amounts. He watched as she carefully licked it all off, losing none of it, and swallowed as she went until both tits were no more than wet from her saliva. They relaxed together and talked about the job some more and worked out a starting date that would begin the Monday after her old job came to an end. That would give him time to buy the extra computer equipment and office furniture so she had a decent place to work in his home office.Meg showed up for her first day on the job at Todd’s house 15 minutes early. It took her all of 5 minutes to walk from her house to his. She loved it already! No traffic, no makeup, no office attire to maintain and more money on top of it all. She didn’t care what he demanded of her, it was going to be just great. Todd had told her to just walk in when she arrived so that he didn’t have to worry about being available to open the door for her. He gave her a house key as well and showed her the new office furniture he had gotten and gave her a sense of the duties she would have. She would primarily be answering the phone, taking sales orders and proofing his work and correspondence. She would also be responsible for making sure his vendors had what was needed so that they gave flawless delivery schedules to their customers.Once they had gotten through the brief orientation, Meg pulled off her t-shirt and shorts and tennis shoes to reveal that she was wearing nothing more than a thong. Then she reached into her purse and pulled out a g-string for Todd to wear. “Remember, you said we could work naked and you would if I wanted you to. Well, I want you to, so here, put this on and get rid of the rest of those clothes.”Todd laughed and did as she asked. The only problem was that he had an erection so his cock was sticking out the top of the g-string.”Here, let’s take care of that before we get started.” Meg said, lowering the g-string enough izmir escort bayan to free his cock and balls. “But before I begin, I want to know – am I still on the clock?” she chuckled.”Babe, if you are here during business hours, you are on the clock. I don’t care what you are doing.” Todd said as she swallowed his cock and gave him a rather quick, business like blow job. In a matter of a couple of minutes, she was swallowing his cum. She put the g-string back in place, this time containing his entire package. They got to work and he guided her through the first several phone calls and paperwork as the morning’s orders came in. She also made several calls to vendors to verify shipments and by mid morning she was getting the hang of how the processes worked. She was familiar with computers, so she only needed to get accustomed to his special software. All of this shortened the learning curve drastically and Todd knew he had done the right thing by hiring Meg. It didn’t hurt that they could take a break and fuck occasionally when time permitted.At about 10:15 the phone rang and Meg answered. A guy named Tex responded with a southern accent that sounded like he was probably a good ole boy from Texas as his nickname implied.”This is Meg, how can I help you, Tex?””Well, where’s Todd and who the hell are you, young lady?”Meg laughed, “Well Todd is right here next to me and I already told you who I am. I am Meg and I just started working for Todd today. Now what can I do for you?””It’s like this Meg, I don’t deal with nobody that I haven’t seen face to face before, so I am going contact you via webcam so I know I have the real deal here. Give me a couple of minutes to remember how to run the fucking thing and I expect you to answer. If you are half as pretty as your voice is, I am going to give that son of a bitch all kinds of hell for holding out on me. He must be doing pretty damn well to have to hire help! I’ll be back at you shortly. Don’t disappoint.” Tex hung up before Meg could say goodbye or “Oh, fuck” since she was only wearing about four square inches of clothing.Todd tossed her the v-neck t-shirt she wore to work and she slapped it on. There wasn’t time to put on a bra and the v-neck showed plenty of her plentiful cleavage. She pulled herself together just as an invitation to join Tex in a web meeting appeared on her laptop. She clicked accept and shortly thereafter, the grainy image of a large, muscular man in his early 40’s appeared on her screen.”Woo Wee! Todd, where are you, you sneaky bastard? You hired yourself a beauty! Meg, glad to meet you! Looking forward to my next visit to see Todd and you better plan to be there when I arrive.”Todd leaned over Meg’s shoulder so Tex could see his face. “Tex, you are going to have to watch your language now. I have a lady working here and she isn’t going to appreciate your salty language.” Todd laughed, knowing that Tex never gave a shit about who was around. He was always the same, regardless of his surroundings.”Oh fuck you, Todd,” Tex said jokingly, “if she can’t handle this old pussy cat, she’s the wrong woman for the job. Why, I bet I am your easiest customer to take care of and probably the most profitable one for you at that.”He wasn’t wrong. Todd bent over backward to please Tex. Tex never tried to negotiate a lower price and was always understanding when things didn’t go as smoothly as planned. He had a complex business, but liked working with smaller vendors like Todd and was willing to pay extra to be pampered now and then. He and Todd had worked together for several years and they had a great friendship.”I am sure Meg can handle just about anything you can dish out, Tex. Just be nice to her.”Oh, hell, Todd. I ain’t never been nice to nobody in my life. I ain’t going to start now just because you hired yourself a beauty queen. And my, my, my. If I am not mistaken, she’s got a set of headlights like I ain’t never seen before. I would pay good money to see those with covers off of them!”Todd was about to get annoyed now. Tex was going overboard. But then Meg upped the ante on Tex.”Oh really? Well, just how much would you pay to see my “headlights” now, Tex?” She gave him a sly grin showing she could be just as game and salty as he could be.”Todd, you put this on my next bill. I will give this young lady five Franklins if she shows me what she has hidden under that top she has on.””Be serious, Tex,” Meg chided, “no one pays $500 to see a pair of tits on webcam.””That’s because no one ever had a chance to see a pair like yours if I am not mistaken. Besides, I got more money than I got manners and don’t mind admitting it. Todd, you know I am a man of my word. You tell her.””He is, Meg. He has never let me down yet. And I will bill him double from now on if he tried to weasel out of it. So if you want to earn a bonus on your first day on the job, izmir bayan escort go for it.”Meg slid her chair back a little and asked if Tex could see everything well enough. Once he confirmed, she slowly and teasingly lifted her t-shirt up to just below her heavy tits. She stopped and Tex’s eyes were wide and not blinking. He did not want to waste one second on the darkness of blinking and miss the show. Meg then reached behind and pulled the shirt over the back of her head without revealing her big tits just yet. Now the shirt was all bunched in front, still covering her jugs. Then she smiled at Tex and pulled the shirt off the rest of the way, revealing to him the biggest and most beautiful set of tits he had ever seen – even for a Texan. Then she played with them for him, bouncing them, squeezing them, tugging on her nipples to make them hard for him. Tex was practically salivating on screen as she put on a special show for him. Then she abruptly quit and reached for her t-shirt to put it back on.”Wait! Wait!” hollered Tex. “Todd, I don’t know what kind of arrangement you have with Meg here, but I am guessing that with a show like that, you two have more going than business. Tell you two what. Todd, if you will let me watch you tit fuck her until you jizz all over those beauties, I will give her another $500 and you can watch my sucketary come in and dance on my pole here in a few minutes. She ain’t good at much but she gives me a pole dance every morning and polishes my knob every afternoon, so I pay her well for her services. What you say?”Meg liked the idea of the bonus and Todd liked the idea of watching and being watched so they winked at each other told Tex to get ready for a show. Todd moved away for a moment to remove the g-string yet again and stepped back in Tex’s view with his hard cock. Meg turned her chair sideways to give Tex her profile and Todd began tit fucking Meg while Tex watched with hungry eyes. Tex never said a word. He just watched in awe and lust as Todd wedged his cock between her, large, soft beautiful mounds and gave her all he had. In a few minutes, Todd lurched a little and began pumping a larger than usual load of cum all over Meg’s tits. He wiped his cock off on the one closest to the screen to the applause of the audience of one.Tex hit a button and summoned his secretary to his office. In a couple of minutes, a very young and very naked blonde walked in with a nice set of tits – not as large or as pretty as Meg’s – and a very nice ass and asked Tex if he was ready for his morning treatment. He said he was, stood up, dropped his pants to reveal a massive cock, and sat back down instructing his assistant to sit on his lap and do her thing. The blonde girl paid no attention to the webcam on his desk. She faced the camera, bent over and sat down guiding his massive cock to her pussy opening. She slowly lowered herself on to that monster dick and kept going until he was all the way in. Meg was astonished that the young girl could take it all and watched with fascination. Todd had the same look that Tex had earlier when looking at Meg’s tits. They both watched and they both were playing with themselves as Tex bounced his blonde beauty up and down on his meat. Tex reached up and began squeezing the woman’s tits and twisting her nipples, eliciting loud groans from her with every stroke of his cock and tug on her tits. After several minutes, he told the woman he was going to pull out this time and give her a money shot. She nodded somewhat incoherently letting him know she understood. Shortly thereafter, he lifter her up off of his cock and she reached down and grabbed his long shaft and started jerking him off the rest of the way. His first shot splattered off of her chin. The next hit the bottom of her left tit and the next hit the bottom of her right tit. He gave her two more good squirts that landed on her abdomen and trailed off just above her pussy mound.Tex smacked her on the ass, thanked her for a job well done and suggested she go clean herself up and get dressed.”Well now, I would say we have had a good day and haven’t even done any business yet.” Tex summarized. “Tell you what, Todd. If you two don’t mind sharing shows like this now and again, I will send you the rest of my business. No price changes, no specials, no bullshit. I am a perverted bastard and like this kind of shit, so if you two are game, we have a deal.”Todd looked at Meg and she just smiled and nodded. After Tex pulled up his pants and shuffled some papers on his desk, he gave Meg his orders for the day and hung up. Meg looked over at Todd, who was hard again, to the shock of neither of them and she suggested they do the same thing Tex and his “sucketary” did. Todd was all in favor of that! After they had both cum again, Todd’s third before lunch, he congratulated Meg on already landing some new business.”I think under the circumstances, any additional profits we make off of Tex this year will be your bonus. How does that sound?””Sounds like I am going to be fucking your legs off and showing Tex a lot of tit in the future. Count me in!”



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