Good Morning NeighborHow we got here i don’t know. One minute I’m sleeping the next I’m at our picture window in the living room and you’re fucking the life out of my cunt, hard and good!  As you fuck me from behind you grab my tits, plowing into my tight cunt, tweaking my nipples and slamming in deep over and over. The friction is mind blowing.  I hold onto the window we are in front of as the sunlight streams in all over my naked body.          It’s a week day and it’s about 10:30 am and everyone is either at school or work. Only a few people are left in our neighborhood us and our next door neighbor Steve as we all work from home often.           As you pound into my wet pussy our neighbor Steve is walking to the the corner to get his newspaper. Instantly my nipples get harder and my pussy gets wetter knowing he’s gonna see us on his way back up the driveway as he turns he catches sight of us, and with how wide my legs are spread I know he can see your thick cock bursa escort pushing in and pulling out of my precum soaked cunt.         I’m so hot I’m about to burst into flames, as he smiles puts down newspaper comes right up to the window and slowly opens his robe and pulls the hem of his boxers down and under his cock and balls slowly stroking his growing erection. I gasp as his cock is reveled to me, and I fantasize that his plump tip is at my lips waiting to be suckled licked and kissed.        With you still plowing into me you lift my left leg and pull me back so that I have my back against your front and our friendly neighbor can get a better view of my dripping wet pussy and your thick cock sidling in and out of me.       He moves in closer and pushes his precum dripping tip against the window and I quiver with excitement as he begins to stroke in earnest         My body is on fire as you thrust hard and deep into me fanning the flames of my orgasm higher, and bursa escort bayan I know I will explode around your cock soon.          Precum is splashing on the window and dripping down my thighs from the force of you plowing my wet pussy and neighbor Steve is licking his lips and fondling his firm balls as we all climb into a heated frenzy. I lick the glass of the window wanting to taste Steve’s thick hard rod and he shutters as if I licked his precum dripping tip.            Suddenly you pull my hair firm but gently, and that carnal heat begins to burn all over my body. With my leg still in the air and Steve still stroking hard, my release bursts from me and I cum hard crying out in extasy! My pussy contracts around your thick cock as you growl in my ear still trusting in hard and deep.         I look to our neighbor Steve and see that he is cumming too and his cum shoots out and up on to the window, and if it weren’t for the glass it would be all over my naked escort bursa body.        Seeing him cum prolongs my orgasm as I your hot cum fills my pussy dripping and oozing out as our neighbor trusts hard into his hand touching the glass right where my wet cunt is, contracting right before his eyes. I quiver as if he has really touched me knowing that is what he wants to do.        As we all start to come down from our euphoric ride you pull your thick member from my wet cum filled pussy, with my leg still in the air and all your hot cum begins to drip out as our niegbor watches licking his lips.         I lean against the window and press my huge tits on the glass as Steve stokes the glass where my tits are with his hand still on his cum dripping cock.       You drop my leg and your wet cock slaps against my ass and I feel my pussy clench, and I wonder what it would be like to have you both deep inside me……. Then I here you say to Steve through the window as if reading my mind “Hey, [whistles] you want some of this?”. I moan rubbing my cum dripping pussy and imagine you both inside me pummeling my insides and my horny cunt clenches…….                  To be continued….   



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