Alright, much waited for, chapter three! Luke and Johnny have many unresolved issues and Leslie’s importance is played up. Hope you enjoy. I made it longer to. Sorry it took so long!

Chapter three: old habits

I woke up around 7:30 and knew I was gonna be late. I smiled, taking my time getting dressed. I pulled into the huge compound/mansion around 9:15, parking in the multi car garage. The compound was underground, and you would never find it if you didn’t know what you were looking for. I didn’t look at the guys guarding the mansion, they knew who I was. I knocked on the door and John opened it, frowning at me.

“Your late.” I walked past him without responding.

Walking up the winding staircase I got to the second floor, went past mine and Luke’s old room to the painting at the end of the hall. No it’s wasn’t so cliché that the door was behind the painting, the painting was just the key. It was Luke and I at a Halloween ball when I was 17. The compound was built around then, and that had just been the automatic key, despite protests from me and the guys.

I walked up and touched the ring on my left finger, the one that was currently hanging around my neck. The diamonds on the band had a certain order and I punched them in. After the right combination the wall behind me slid open to reveal an elevator and I stepped on, pressing my hand onto the pad to the left of the door. It scanned my palm and an automated voice came out of the speaker as the doors closed.

“Welcome, Johnny Havers.” I tensed instantly.

By the time I got down to the compound my body was vibrating with anger. Luke was standing in front of the elevator when it opened, his body language the same as mine. We were both angry.

“What the fuck was that Luke! Johnny Havers? That is not my god damned name!” I walked up to him, angry and stupid until our chests touched.

“Your late Johnny. You think this is some kind of game, you think I’m wrapped around your little finger? Let’s get one thing straight, YOU need ME. Not the other way around.”

I was beyond angry now and I knew I was going to do something stupid.

“You know what, fuck this. I’m not your bitch to control Luke. You need me to, you said it yourself no one could do as good as I did. fuck this shit man, I’ll just go back to my own house and find a way to raise the money there.”

I turned away before I thought about it, even though in the back of my mind I knew I was being stupid.

Me and the voice in my head knew we had nothing to worry about however, because everyone in the damn room knew Luke wasn’t going to let me go. Luke grabbed me and slammed me face first into the elevator, making me gasp. I reached out and kicked him straight in the knee, flipping my body around. He tried to punch me, hitting the elevator as I ducked.

I tackled him to the ground, sitting on his chest as I started wailing punches onto his face. He protected it, taking the punches on his arms, but I have to say I busted his lip and blackened one eye before his crew pulled me off roughly.

Leslie and two other guys wrapped around my waist and grabbed my arms, pulling me off of Luke and holding me tight between them. Luke brushed off the guys that tried to help him up and stood on his own. He stalked over to me and punched me hard in the stomach, making me groan. I tried to double over but Leslie and his guys wouldn’t let me. Luke grabbed my face roughly between his fingers, squeezing until I knew I would be bruised.

“Your right. We both need each other. Pull that shit again though Johnny, and I’ll give you a beating you won’t soon forget, got it?”

I didn’t say anything, barely resisting the urge to spit in that mocking face.

He squeezed harder until I finally nodded, speaking between gritted teeth, “Got it Luke. Let go.”

Luke released my face but didn’t signal the guys to let me go. Instead he studied my face long and hard before finally smiling. He reached into my shirt, pulling the long chain out of it. The chain that wasn’t there yesterday. Damn it why did I put that thing back on!

I should have left it in my suitcase, hell I should have left it at home. He spun the chain around my neck until he reached the clasp, undid it and slipped the ring off. He pocketed the chain so I couldn’t put it back on it and signaled to Leslie to bring up my left arm.

I fought like a mad man resisting, but Leslie had 80 pounds of muscle on me. I clenched my fist and Luke reached out, squeezing his pointer finger in-between my tightly clenched thumb and pointer finger. He used his thumb and pointer finger to find the pressure point there and squeeze it.

I let out a scream through my teeth and unclenched my hand. Luke grabbed my ring finger, sliding the ring on until it went over my bottom knuckle. The silver band glinted in the light against my tan skin.

“Don’t take it off Johnny boy. I really don’t want to have to do this again.”

He moved to walk away and my mouth opened casino siteleri before my brain stopped it.

“Why do I have to wear mine huh?” Luke smiled and turned back to me, holding up his left hand.

There glinted the gold band that was the match to mine.

“Come on now Johnny, don’t be stupid.”

He turned his back on me and the other guys slowly let me go, Leslie’s hands lingering around my waist, his hand traveling down to link with mine, fingers lacing. I closed my eyes for a second and then yanked my hand free of his.

“Luke!” I called out and he turned around, a questioning smile on his face. He was happy I was wearing my ring, hell he’d probably be glowing about it all damn day.

“I’ll stay Luke, but I want you to keep him away from me.”

I pointed behind me at Leslie whose face broke for a second before he collected himself, eyes glaring at me. Luke and I were the main relationship, but Leslie had been a big part of all of our lives.

For Luke he was mainly just a way to have more sex, and more fun with me, though he loved him in his own special way. For Leslie and I though, it was more than that, he was who I turned to when Luke and I fought, he was who I took comfort in when Luke did a run I wasn’t sure he would come back from.

Hell Leslie had his own ring, made by both Luke and me, with our initials on the inside. L&JH. Luke and Johnny Havers. It was more of a friendship ring than anything else, but it had meant a lot to all of us.

It obviously still did, I thought as I looked down at his right hand and saw the pretty yellow gold band glinting up at me.

Luke frowned for a second, momentary pain flashing on his face before he nodded.

“Leslie…stay away from Johnny boy for the time being ok?”

Leslie didn’t even look at him, just at me, his arm still wrapped around my waist even though I had yanked my hand away. He clenched his muscles, pulling me tight against him until it was hard to breathe.

“Leslie!” Luke yelled, moving to run over to us.

Leslies lips hit my ear, “Wait until I get you alone Johnny boy, we’ll see how long you can resist me. Remember Johnny, I was the only one there for you when you were so fucked up you couldn’t think straight. Don’t forget that, because I sure as hell won’t.”

He bit my neck, hard enough to bruise and I clenched my teeth again to keep from yelling out. Before Luke could touch him though I drove my elbow hard into his stomach, making his teeth release as well as his arm. I turned around and punched him a good one across his jaw.

He fell and he didn’t bother getting up, clutching his stomach tightly. Luke looked down at him, then at my angry composed face. He reached out to me and I backed up, my arm automatically wrapping around my waist, my stomach still seriously hurting from his punch. His hand fell and he shook his head, reaching out to help Leslie up off the ground.

Yea this was going to be a fantastic day.

By three that afternoon I was beyond exhausted, not to mention pissed off. This place had gone to shit while I was gone. No one had scheduled meetings with the clients, hell no one even had a driver schedule, it was just whoever happened to be there. Half of the guys didn’t even take their jobs seriously anymore, showing up when they felt like it.

I stormed into Luke’s office around 3:30, stopping short when I found him and Leslie in a serious lip lock, Leslie sitting on the bigger man’s lap. Both pulled away instantly and we all just stared at each other, pain coursing through me for a minute.

“Wait, it’s not what you think J-” I cut Luke off before he could explain himself.

“This is bullshit Luke. None of these guys take their jobs seriously anymore, this place has fallen to shit, there’s not even driver schedules anymore. What’s next are we going to hang out in back alleys and wait for customers! This is not some backwoods operation with thugs and brass knuckles. Get it together!”

Luke’s face darkened, “This is your fault Johnny, and you know it. If you hadn’t left-“

I held up a hand, “No Luke, this is your fault. You’re the one who let your business suffer because you got your heart broken. Not me.”

I slammed my clipboard down on the desk, “They won’t listen to me anymore Luke, it’s just like starting from scratch all over again.”

I leaned forward on the desk, bracing my palms on it and looking him in the eye.

“Fix this Luke. Now.”

I spun on my heel and walked out, slamming the door behind me.

I heard Leslie chuckle as I left,

“Honey he’s home.” He said and I heard Luke laugh with him.

I hated how good it felt to be back. I literally wanted to rip out all the warm fuzzy feelings and tell them to go to hell. This was my thing though, and I was great at it. I had once had this place organized and running like a well oiled machine. This was my life.

I shook my head as Luke and Leslie came out of the office, stopping short as they saw me still standing slot oyna there. I sighed a big sigh and walked away, hoping Luke wouldn’t notice I had moved the ring from my left hand to my right. He did though.

“Hold up Johnny boy.”

I stopped short, praying it was for some other reason. I didn’t want to have this talk right now, I really didn’t.

“Luke you need to talk to them, get them to listen to me again, this will never work if they don’t respect me, I can’t tell a bunch of thugs and ex cons and military what to do if they don’t respect me enough to listen. I had to earn it last time, and I did, I worked hard and I did. You want me to get this back to the way it was in less than a year than you need to speed up that process.”

Luke didn’t say anything as I spoke, his eyes following my hands as they moved. I talk with my hands and I forgot that. I quickly put my arms at my sides and hoped he would worry more about his business than me right now.

Two years ago it would have been me; now it was them. He whistled, and got everyone huddled around him. He had about 50-70 employees, about 20-30 lived in the mansion itself. Most were just drivers and traffickers, the more serious ones however were obvious. They had the eyes so cold I had nightmares about them.

“Listen up. You all remember Johnny I know you do, and those of you who are new you know who he is. He ran this place smoother than any of us has managed to do since. He worked hard to earn your respect two years ago. We all know he had his own reasons for…leaving. Do not forget the man that worked his ass off to earn your respect and keep you safe. Hell he’s the reason half of you stayed alive. You’ve only managed so far because of what he left behind. Do not, and I repeat do not, make the mistake of not listening to him now. Listen and we can go back to how we were, safe and running smooth. Don’t listen and we’ll see where you end up.”

He waited for a second and no one said anything, “Got it?!” he yelled and everyone responding then in corresponding “yes sirs.”

Luke turned to me and quirked an eyebrow. “Thank you,” I said rolling my eyes.

I turned around and Leslie was standing in front of me, blocking my way. Luke moved up behind me.

“I thought we had a deal Luke, he stays away from me.” I said loud and clear, looking into Leslie’s oh so familiar eyes.

“We need to talk Johnny boy. Apparently you have listening issues.” His hand trapped my right one and I clenched my hand.

“I’m not wearing it on my ring finger Luke. It’s not happening. I didn’t pocket it, I am still wearing it. Take what you can get.”

We were attracting an audience, and Luke noticed it. He must have signaled to Leslie behind my head because the man grabbed my arm and dragged me into the office, Luke following. Leslie sat me down in one of the chairs and I glared at him, curling my legs underneath me and staring at them both.

“Why not Johnny? You had no problem before. Husbands wear their rings where we come from. I don’t know what it’s like in your new place but we hold to our vows in this town.”

I laughed ,a sharp burst of sound, “Oh yea right Luke. That was never official, and it was void after I left. I’m not your husband anymore than you are mine. Besides like you haven’t broken those vows? I’m sure you’ve cheated on your dear sweet husband plenty of times. Hell manly man over here is just one example.”

Leslie tensed instantly and Luke rose from his chair behind the desk.

“Your right Johnny it wasn’t official. But it was real between us and we both knew it. Are you telling me you weren’t faithful? You know Leslie doesn’t count Johnny. We all know it.”

I thought of Daniel and automatically tensed. Luke would tear him apart.

“No Luke.” I said slowly.

He saw through it instantly, his fist slamming down on the desk making me jump.

“Who is he Johnny boy. Tell me.” His voice was thick with anger and…hurt?

“No. Scratch that…HELL no. Back off Luke. We are not together now, or ever again. You don’t own me. Stop acting like you do.”

I stood up and Leslie moved to help me find my way back to the chair. I looked back at Luke with my brows raised.

“Call off your bitch Luke. I’m done with this. I’m here for one reason and one reason early. We agreed I’d work for you, not sleep with you.”

Leslie’s face colored at the bitch remark and he moved towards me again. Luke held up a hand and Leslie stopped. I looked back and was shocked at what I saw there. Luke’s face was vulnerable, open, letting me see his pain. He was so hurt, it was almost painful to see.

“Luke-” I started and he shook his head, his face smoothing out again.

“Your right Johnny boy, you’re not here for me. I guess I forgot that. I’ll change the setting on the elevator. Go take care of business please.”

I don’t know if it was that he sounded so hurt or the please but I left the office without another word. I waited and Leslie followed me out. We looked at each canlı casino siteleri other for a minute, just staring before I turned and walked away, back to the job I never wanted to come back to, and away from the men I could never get over.

Later on after I got some schedules worked out, I got together what was left of my old cleaning crew. The compound looked like shit, god knows Luke didn’t know the first thing about cleaning. William, Charles, Daniel, Leslie, Ryan, and Alex all huddled around me as I gave them their cleaning assignments. We were always the cleaning crew, for about 4 years now. Only one missing was Anderson, who I was informed had been killed on a run. I felt the guilt of that on my soul for a while.

After about 20 minutes Charles stood up, “Yo, Johnny!” He called and I looked up.

Charles gave me a evil little smile and said, “How about some music boy?”

I laughed, I was always in charge of music. We all knew what would happen to. We would get into it, get distracted and have to stay until midnight finishing what we neglected. It was well worth it though, looking at all the guys who still were weary of me, it would do a lot to put things back to how they used to be.

I still had the playlist, titled Compound Cleanup, on my iPod and I hooked it up to Luke’s stereo system. We all smiled as Right Thurr by Chingy started playing. I went back to work, and waited for my ADD friends to get distracted. I didn’t have to wait long.

Soon Charles’s foot started tapping, Leslie’s head started bobbing, William started moving his hips, Daniel started singing along under his breath and Ryan and Alex started bumping their asses against each other. Now not all of the men we worked with were gay, hell almost all of them weren’t. These men though all had a healthy curiosity, and the rest just really knew how to move and who doesn’t need a break every once in a while.

When Lolli Lolli by Three Six Mafia came on I gave up. I started dancing, moving my hips, twining my arms over my head and William laughed, dancing over to me seductively. We had done this for years, flirting to no avail. We never wanted anything more, it was just fun to flirt. We turned our backs to each other and dipped to the floor, laughing when the guys stared.

After a while we all gave up what we were doing, moving to the music, dancing with each other. A few other guys trickled in and started dancing with us, soon we were all gathered in the main room of the compound, dancing like fools to my iPod. I was gyrating with Charles when Leslie came up behind me.

This was so normal for us, for all of us, I didn’t even think to stop him. His hands fell on my waist as he started grinding against my ass. I felt Charles move and Luke got in front of me. They all knew I loved to dance, and I loved to be watched. I was good at it and I knew I looked good doing it.

Smiling I dropped my body, rising it up slowly, dipping my ass against Leslie a couple of times before spinning in their arms, pressing my ass firmly against Luke. I dropped again, this time nuzzling Leslie’s crotch with my face and hands as I came back up. We all laughed, the tension in the room broke. After about an hour I snapped out of it and paused the music.

Everyone groaned and looked at me, “Guys we are so far behind! Were gonna be here all night!”

Charles grinned like the Chesire Cat and spoke up, “Turn that music back on, give us another hour and I’ll promise to stay all night and morning to.”

There were very loud agreements and I rolled my eyes. They knew I would give in, I guess I was a sucker for some hard ass criminals. That thought made me laugh. I turned the music back on and everyone cheered. Leslie and Luke approached me again but I was already berating myself for dancing with them earlier, I wasn’t go to again. I backed up and they followed, moving in sync.

I knew where this would lead, with the look in their eyes and I quickly bolted, mumbling something about food…or shampoo or… something.

I escaped into the elevator and rode it up before I gave into my desires. I was dying to feel Luke in my ass, whispering dirty words in my ear, making me feel like a slut while I moaned in pleasure. It was too much, added to the knowledge I would probably be getting face fucked by Leslie and I had to distance myself before my hormones took over.

A little while later I was calm and I had eaten some ramen noodles, calming my nerves. I went back down to the compound and the party was in full swing. I let it go on for about another hour and a half before finally turning the music off. The guys groaned but it was a good natured protest. We got back to work and around 1 am I was huddled over a schedule…or something and my eyes were fluttering closed. It had been a long day.

I passed out, moving the papers as my head dropped in case I drooled. I didn’t bother opening my eyes as I was picked up, just nestled closer to the big chest that I was against. I was just so tired. It was just Blue. Wait…there was something about Blue. What was it?

I looked up at him, “I’m supposed to remember something about you baby. I can’t make it surface in my mind but there’s something. What is it?”



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