The three of you walk into Beth’s bedroom, giggling like schoolgirls. You decided to take a night off from boys, and enjoyed the dinner, the movies, and more than a few drinks. When Beth suggested that your trio return to her place, Laura looked at you, you shrugged, and rushed to the car in unladylike haste.

Beth dims her lights, as you stand gawking at her huge bed. She reaches out, grasping your arm, and pulls you to her. She kisses you deeply, her tongue slipping past your lips. You return her kiss, slipping your fingers into her thick hair. Her hands slip to your ass, squeezing tight, as she grinds her pelvis into yours. You finally break your kiss, to see Laura watching you. Her eyes are shining, and her lips are barely parted. Without a word, the two of you move a step apart, and hold your arms out to her.

She steps up to you, and Beth kisses her as you both close your arms around her. You trade kisses back and forth, as well as caresses, teasing the bodies beneath the cloths. After several minutes, your pussy is aching, and you see that their lips are as full and swollen as you know yours are. Beth runs a finger up the crotch of your jeans, and brings it to her lips, and it is only then that you notice that you are so wet that your jeans are dark with your juices.

Beth steps back from you, and slowly starts to undress, watching the two of you watching her. Her nipples are erect, and candy pink. She “accidentally” brushes them with her fingers as she reaches down to start to open her jeans, and you hear Laura take in a sharp breath. Beth’s grin gleams in the soft light as she slides her jeans off, painfully slowly. Faintly you notice her pussy is the same sweet shade of pink. She steps past you, and stretches out on her bed.

“Well? Who wants to join me?”

You and Laura both stare numbly for a heart beat, then rapidly start to shed your cloths. Once you

are nude, you stop for a moment, composing yourself, not wanting to appear overly eager. You and Laura admire each other for a moment, then slip onto the bed to either side of Beth. She kisses you both, running her hands over your breasts and stomachs. You lean over her to kiss Laura, her kiss open and full of desire. Beth reaches up and rolls your nipples between her fingers, causing you to moan into Laura’s mouth. Beth slides a hand down your body, and slips it inside of you. You grab Laura’s shoulders to support yourself, as Beth makes a pleased purring sound. Her fingers expertly find just the right spots to make you shiver and moan.

She rises to her knees, and starts to lay you back. Laura moves behind you, so your back is pressed into her. She starts to kiss casino siteleri your neck, and supports your breasts in her hands. Her skin is silky on your nipples. Beth starts to move her way down your body, alternately kissing, licking, and softly biting, until her tongue reaches your pussy. You twist her sheets in your hands as she laps at your clit. Laura’s mouth is soft and hot against your neck. She starts to pinch and tweak your nipples, as Beth’s tongue slips into you.

Beth makes soft moaning noises as she slicks and sucks at your pussy. Her fingers slip inside you, and she starts to fuck you with them. Laura is rubbing her pussy against your lower back, and you can feel how soaked she is. Beth starts to suck your clit, her tongue flicking against the sensitive skin, as her fingers slip in and out of your pussy. Your cries become screams as your orgasm explodes through you. You press back against Laura hard enough to make her moan slightly. Her fingers pull at your nipples as you mash your lips against hers.

Shaking and gasping, you slip away from them, needing to recover. Beth sits up, licking her lips, grinning. Laura comes to her, kissing her, stealing your juices from her mouth. Beth suddenly grabs her hair, pulling her head back. Laura’s eyes close as she moans in ecstasy. Beth slowly runs one finder along her throat, down over her breast, and to her clit. With an evil grin, she starts to spank Laura’s pussy, sharp slapping sounds ringing out. Laura squirms and moans in her captors grip. When Beth releases her, she collapses back onto the bed. Beth licks her juices from her open palm, and smiles down at her.

“Get on all fours.” she commands. Laura flips over, presses her face into the pillows, and raises her ass to Beth. Beth rubs her hands over her pale skin, then slaps her ass sharply. Laura gives a little cry into the pillow. Beth runs her fingers over Laura’s pussy, slowly spreading her lips. She moans as Beth slides two fingers inside her, slipping them in and out. She then rubs them over the vibrator, until it glistens. Moving up behind Laura, Beth takes the toy in her hand, and starts rubbing the head over Laura’s pussy. The toy hums loudly.

“Do you want this, dear?” she coos.



“Please..” Laura moans into the pillow.

Beth reaches down, and catches her dark hair in her hand, jerking her head up. “Beg better, slut!”

Laura’s entire body shivers, and she cries out softly. “Oh please Beth..fuck me..”

Beth smiles, and releases her hair, and runs her hands down her body. With a sudden move, she grabs her hips and pulls Laura back, slamming the vibrator inside her. Laura’s moan slot oyna rises into a cry of pleasure. Beth thrusts her hips forward, while pulling Laura back. Laura give a steady stream of moans with each thrust.

Beth releases her hips, and grabs her hair again. The vibrator hums loudly every time it almost leaves Laura’s pussy, then is muted as it plunges back inside her. Your hand strays between your thighs, and your clit, still sensitive, is slick under your fingers.

“Do you like that slut? Like being fucked from behind?” Beth breaths at her. She is covered with a sheen of sweat, and shes breathing heavily. Laura pants out a “yes” with each thrust, her voice rising in pitch. Their bodies slap together in a regular rhythm. You slip your fingers inside as you watch Laura cum in waves. You see her every muscle tighten, her belly muscles roll, and her mouth opens in a perfect O shape.

After a few minutes of near continual orgasms, Laura slides forward. “Tapping out” she gasps, laughing. She lies on her side, flushes and gasping for air. The air is sweet with the smells of perfume, sweat, and sex. Beth looks at you masturbating, grabs you by the legs, and pulls you over in front of her. From this angle her toy looks like a perfectly proportioned cock, and its buzz fills your ears. “Be gentle” you murmur, looking up in her eyes.

She smiles down at you, and spread your legs. Kneeling there, she slowly presses the vibrator to your pussy. It is slick and wet with Laura’s juices, a thought that makes you burn with want. Beth slowly fills your pussy, an inch at a time, until her hips meet your ass. She lifts your legs up, and to her shoulders, holding them there. She slowly fucks you, watching your face as she slips in and out of your pussy with soft wet sounds. You meet her eyes as your orgasm slowly builds, and she adjusts her speed to the lust she sees washing across your face, until she is thrusting hard and fast into you. Sweat drips off her face, and rolls down the swell of your breasts. When you cum, you scream again, arching your back from the sheets. You see bright lights in front of your eyes.

You give a start when Laura’s mouth closes over your nipple, sucking greedily. Pleasure overcomes surprise, and you run your hand across her, and plunge it into her pussy. She bites your nipple in response, and growls deep in her throat. Beth is fucking you slowly again, barely moving her hips. The vibrations from her “cock” seem to spread through your pelvis, and throughout your body.

Laura crawls on top of you, her mouth seeking your clit, and sucking on it. You feel her head pushed back and forth by Beth’s hips as she fucks you. You reach up and canlı casino siteleri pull Laura’s hips down, so her pussy meet your mouth. She pauses, gasping, as you suck on each lip one at a time. You raise your hips to meet her tongue as it returns to lapping at your clit. She grinds her face into you, moaning, when you thrust your tongue inside her pussy.

Beth starts to fuck you harder again, and both you and Laura start to lick and suck each others clits, creating a frenzied circuit. Your cries are muffled by each others bodies as you cum together, and the sounds of Beth’s moans reach your ears. Laura, at long last, rolls off you, lying beside you on her belly. Beth slips out of you, and kneels there. You look at her, and smile. Her eyes are overly bright, and she is nearly panting. She runs a hand through her hair, and you can see she is shaking.

You start to unbuckle the harness from her hips. When it falls away, you guide her down, onto her back. You remove the vibrator, shut it off, and set it aside. Looking through her box, you choose a large glass dildo, and fit it into the harness. With some difficulty, you slip the harness on, and adjust it to your hips. She watches you, biting her lip.

At last you are satisfied with the fit, and you slip between her legs. You kiss her, softly at first, then harder. You wrap your fingers in hers with one hand; the other grasps the dildo, the cool glass already warming up from pressing into her body. You guide the head to her pussy, and she spreads her legs wide for you. The smooth glass slides easily into her soaked pussy, and she cries out, wrapping her legs around your waist. You move your hips slowly, lovingly, and she shudders beneath your body. Your kisses grow longer, more passionate, and she begins to rock her hips with your thrusts, legs still tight around your waist. Her nipples are bullet-points, and you shudder as they rub yours.

You can feel her building under you, her sweat slicked muscles twitching and jumping. Her entire body arches into you and she shakes, her nails scoring your back, her screams muffled by biting down on your shoulder. Her climax seems to last forever, and you feel yourself surrender to her body pressing the base of the glass into your clit, and you explode. Your hips slam into hers, and she screams again, and now you are biting her shoulder.

You sit up, and slowly slide the harness off your hips, commanding your overstimulated muscles to work. You snuggle up between the two drowsy woman, and the each lay an arm around you. You are half asleep when you hear a text on your phone. You crawl over Laura, who cops a feel on the way, causing you to give a shaky sigh, and dig your phone out of your jeans pocket. You read it, and start laughing, then show it to the girls, who join in your giggles.

Your boyfriend wants to know if you had a fun night out with the girls.



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