Girlfriend Cheated On Me pt 4A story of Sara’s latest betrayal….Sara and I had discussed and talked through her recent run in with Nick and Josh. She explained the situation and she begged me not to take it further into the land of accusations and indictments and so forth.For about 2 weeks after our talk things were great. Sara was cheery and happy and loving me all the time. She stayed with me quite often and I loved having her around.Usually I had class or work early in the morning, so I would get up and get ready and Sara and I would meet back home later in the afternoon. Well, on Saturday morning, I had the day free..I woke up to some shuffling. Sara was not next to me, I figured she was eating breakfast as per usual. I open my bedroom door and was blasted with familiar sounds.I heard what sounded like skin contacting skin with rapid succession, like a bunch of slaps to the face in a row. I walked out around the corner of the hallway and saw the source of the sound..Sara was getting railed, by Josh, in doggie style on the couch. It was 10 in the morning!! She knew I was home, so I was floored as to why she would be so blunt with her cheating!They had not seen me, as the hallway is behind the couch. I could see her lovely curved ass being shook with every thrust from Josh. fethiye escort He was really giving it to her and she was really loving it.“Oh fuck Josh. That feels soooo good. Keep fucking me hard!” she moaned out loud.He kept his vigorous pace going as his left hand forced her hips back on his dick, and his right hand felt up her plump tits. I could not even pretend to be unconditioned to the sight I was witnessing. I started to play with myself through my boxers. I was immediately hard.Sara was now turned around slurping up every inch of Josh’s cock. I had the perfect view of her head bobbing back and forth as she sucked his dick down her throat. I loved watching her give head. She got so into it, it made for great blowjobs. I could tell he felt the same way. She was really putting it on him. She had her hand stroking his shaft and rubbing his balls while she sucked back and forth as deep as she could go. His dick was of considerable size, so she was having a fun time trying to get all the way down. He was in ecstasy. I came for the first time. My hot cum shot into my boxers and left a stain that grew with each wave of pleasure, I was still hard. Right after I had cum, I heard Josh moan and tense up as he came deep into Sara’s mouth. She swallowed every drop. As soon as he was escort fethiye finished, she shoved him down on the couch and straddled him, rubbed her boobs in his face and sat down on his dick. I could no longer see her pussy or ass from my peek-around-the-corner vantage point, but I could see her perfect tits and her face. She was in heaven. I could peek around, but was scared she might see me. However, she had to know I was home, so did she want to see me, or me to see her? I pondered.She moaned loud as she bounced on his large cock. She started to flip her head back and forth more as he sucked on her nipples while his dick penetrated her soaking wet pussy. I got too far out into the living room, anxious to see the action, and she caught me. We made eye contact and she smiled. My dick was as hard as it had ever been.“Oh my god your cock is so big Josh. Fill me up babe.” She smirked as she said and looked at me. She bit her bottom lip while his cock plunged deep into her warm slit. “Fuck Josh, harder. I love getting fucked like I’m YOUR slut.” She added emphasis to the fact that she was HIS sexual possession.Our eye contact never broke while I stroked myself and she rode Josh’s large cock. Josh must’ve been too enamored with her tits to notice her looking at me, but who could fethiye escort bayan blame him. I could hear him smack her ass hard, she moaned and looked at me with pleasure. He smacked again and she moaned louder. Her eyes were on fire with passion and lust. I was so turned on and she could tell.He was fucking her tremendously hard now. She broke eye contact and was screaming out in pleasure. “Oh shit Josh, oh my god, I’m going to cum. Fuck. OH FUCK, I’m cumming!!” She was yelling out his name with her orgasm. She grabbed the back of his head and pulled him into her chest, he grabbed both of her shoulders to finish his deed.“Fuck you little slut, I’m going to cum.”“Cum inside my pussy babe. Make me your little whore.”I shot a fresh load at the sound of those words and heard him grunt as he tensed up. She moaned with every push of cum that entered her dripping wet pussy from his enormous cock. She was still in her orgasm as he filled her sweet pussy up with his cum. She pulled him up and dropped to her knees as she sucked her juices and his cum off of his big cock. She turned his hips to the right, and I had the perfect view of her gorgeous lips wrapping around the large shaft of his dick. She winked. I left them involved in their oral activities in the living room and went back to my bedroom. I was rock hard again and waiting for Sara to come to the room. I left my door cracked and I could hear the living room door open and close. I waited a minute for Sara to walk in, but she never did, I kept waiting…



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