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Gf fantasyI was at work and u told me u were really horny so I said why not go pick up some guys take them to the lodge and fuck them, witch turned u on more so u called Mell from work and asked if she wanted to go clubbing she said yes so u got ready, u wore and short tight black dress barely covered ur ars and tits with sexy tights the look like stockings and ur over the knee boots with no panties, then u met her at the club she told u that u were hot and u just said I hope so I wana get some cock, she was shocked and said but u have a bf u told her the I’m the one who said to do it as I’m at work and ur horney, she was shocked but said u have a perfect bf if he lets u do that, so u went in together and offered drinks straight away u had guys griping u and Mell buy u didn’t push them away u just told them to get more friends then ull play so u went on the dance floor and started to tease the guys by bending over showing ur sexy ars and grinding on there croaches feeling them get hard they all wanted a peace of u so u offered to play with them if they came back to ours, they didn’t hesitate to say yes straight away, so u kissed Mell on the lips spanked her and said u always liked her but today is cock day tomorrow u want her and she loved it and kissed u back and checked u had her number then u left with the guys and as soon as u got tokat escort in the living room they were striping down u just sat there with ur legs open and said who’s first, then thr older guy around 50s came up to u started kissing u hard graving ur tits making u moan then rubing he’s hands up ur thighs and tore a massive hole in ur rights he saw how wet u were and just shoved he’s cock inside u, it was a nice big cock and u screamed with pleasure and told the others to stop standing around and join so 2 other guys came over and u had one in each hand tossing them off and going from cock to cock sucking them both, while the older guy was pounding ur pussy making u Moan were loving it so much then u felt him pull out as he was about to cum but u told him to cum inside u so he pushed back in and shot he’s load inside u making u cum then the other guys came one on ur tits and the other in ur mouth and u swallowed it and smiled and licked more off u tits to taste the other guy then the sat there waiting to get hard agin so u got the other 2 guys to fuck u, one layer on the floor so u sat on he’s hard throbing cock in ur pussy and the other was on on top of u easing he’s cock into ur pussy to so u had both cocks fucking ur pussy and u loved it so much u squirted straight away, u were screaming while being fuck by trabzon escort 2 huge cocks in the same whole while one was biting and slapping ur tits u saw the other 3 wanking them self of to watching u and u loved it u didn’t realise how fun it’d be but u admitted to ur self u love being a slut then u felt both of there load shot inside u, it made u shiver as u screamed so loud feeling there cum oozing around inside ur pussy, the the other guys wanted a turn again but one wanted to lick ur pussy so belayed down and u positioned ur self so ur pussy was in he’s face but the other guy could also fuck u well used pussy and as he entered u, u let out a wimper feeling he’s tunge on ur clit and a long thick cock inside u making u cum again as he pounded u so hard while spanking u, u were sucking the older guy of while tossing of the one licking ur pussy u were loving it so much then the old guy cam in ur mouth pushing he’s cock down ur throat making u swallow then the guy licking u out shot he’s load in ur face and on ur tits, u took a pic and sent it to me saying uv been very naughty then the one fucking u cam inside u pushing as deep as he could filling u up, they needed rest so they sat down as the other 2 were ready u sat on ones cock and kissed him hard moving ur ars in the air telling the other to fuck ur ars escort bayan whole so he used ur pussy juice with there cum as lube and eased in to ur crack then u pushed the other in ur pussy making u scream so loud hoping no one could hear as u got double penatraited making u squirt again abs again as u watched the others wank over u, u felt like a porn star so u kept moan and kissing him as they pounded ur whiles hard until they cam and u cam again with the load shooting up ur ars and ur pussy, u were exhausted and sat on the sofa but that all wanted to fuck ur pussy and cum inside u so they took turn opening ur legs kissing u and fucking u like a slut and all 5 guys filled ur pussy with cum u could feel it oozing out on the sofa then as they left they all kissed u hard and left u there in a sluty cum mess but u loved it so much the thought made u orgasm, then ur phone rang and it was Mell she asked if she could come over as she couldn’t wait to play with u and u said yes then a knock on the door it was her she told u she’d been watching u get fucked and wanted to lick ur pussy clean u bit ur lip kissed her pulled her in and layed her down sitting on her face while u tasted her pussy u commented on how wet she was and she said how sexy u looked being fucked and cam in ur mouth, after u both had ur play time she left giving u a deep pashonet kiss then u layed on the sofa opened legs until I git home, I saw how sexy u looked and kissed u then went to ur pussy and kicked u out as u were so sore and u told me everything even with Mell from ur work it was so hot I had to fuck u for Ur last one that night



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