Getting satisfied at the adult storeThat Friday night I was home alone and horny as hell.My beloved hubby was away from town; but the worst thing was that he had not fucked me properly in the last two weeks.So, I got dressed like a street hooker and drove to an adult store.Once I parked my car, I went inside, feeling my pussy was soaking wet…As I walked inside, I felt all the eyes of the other customers on my body.All of a sudden, I had the thought that someone could recognize me; but I recalled that the adult store was a bit far from home.I saw there were at least a half dozen men and two or three couples. The place was dark but relatively clean; it smelled fine.A young pretty lady at the counter greeted me, saying I could let her know if I needed anything. I spent ten minutes wandering through the shelves.I then found the booths section, so I bought some tokens for videos.I went to the back section and tried to open a booth. I opened the first door, finding there was a couple in it. The woman was bent over the waist and getting a hard fuck from behind while she sucked on a black cock through a hole in the wall.I he was already horny, but watching this scene turned me on even more. The man fucking the women told me to either come in or shut the door. So I apologized with him and shut the door, going to the esenyurt escort next empty booth.There inside I sat on the chair and put a token in. I could see on screen a wild girl making a threesome with two black guys. I felt hornier than ever.My own hands explored my body as I watched the movie.I felt my nipples getting hard and could notice the moisture from my pussy lips going down to the crack of my ass. I pulled my thong down to my ankles; my fingers added to my excitement.Tonight I was too sensitive. I touched my inner thighs as my fingertips brushed against my shaven cunt. I spread my legs wider and my labia parted like a flower. I felt horny… I needed a cock. A very hard one…I stood up and went for more tokens. I also was looking for the owner of that massive black cock I had seen being sucked by the woman in the first booth. But no black guys were there now.So I went behind a couple that entered an empty booth and I moved to the next one, with the intention of watching them.I found the hole in the wall and peered through. The couple did not waste much time. The guy was standing behind the lady and his hands were inside her thong, fingering her cunt. I could see the woman’s face as she was turned towards me. She had her eyes closed, obviously enjoying her partner’s avrupa yakası escort attention.The man slid the lady’s thong down and I saw his fingers work her pussy. She was getting more vocal, obviously getting closer to her orgasm. The man increased his fingering pace and he made her come with a groan.The woman turned around and bent down at her waist.I saw as the man pulled down his trousers, taking out a very hard cock.I watched that sensual woman taking the cock into her mouth over and over. Her tongue swirled over the cockhead, licking his pre cum.I got surprised as I heard myself whispering through the hole.”Let me have a turn…”The woman looked up at her stud man, as he turned towards the hole.I just backed up from the hole when that huge hard cock pushed its way through the wall. There it was, an angry looking cock that needed attention.Si I did not even hesitate. I grabbed the cock and noticed how wet and slippery it was already. I jerked on it to start and then moved closer to it. I had planned getting a massive black cock inside my mouth, but this one was also worth a lapping and sucking.My hungry wet mouth engulfed the cock, starting to suck on it like crazy.My hand held it against the hole and my free hand went anadolu yakası escort down to my own bare cunt. My mouth and hand down there got in a wild rhythm together…I could sense the salty taste on my tongue, as I prepared for his eminent release. I took my mouth off his cock and proceeded to jerk him off at a very quick pace. I soon found my hand covered in white sticky cum.The guy in the next booth thanked me and he withdrew his softening cock.The woman whispered she could get her partner’s cock hard again in less than a minute. She wanted to see it entering my cunt through the glory hole.I told her it was not possible, but she laughed loud and began sucking on the man again.She was right; In few seconds, the pole raised again, quite hard as a rock.The lady looked at me through the hole and winked an eye.He shoved again his erection and I just pushed my naked buttocks against the wall. I cried loud when he penetrated me. It was so hard and thick.I pushed again and again, until I felt that man buried all the way in.My hungry cunt thanked for that massive piece of hard meat.I moaned during all the time; but suddenly my body shuddered, as I felt his burning semen filling my eager desperate cunt…I pulled out from him and he withdrew for the second time.I sat down on the chair, spreading my thighs for them to see my swollen pussy. I found myself whispering that I needed even more and more cock.But I knew this time the guy was truly spent.I heard the booth’s door opening at my back. I turned my head around.Standing there was the sensual lady, naked from her hips down, sporting a huge black dildo strapped at her tiny waist… and she was smiling at me…



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