I was looking forward to game night. Well, I always look forward to game night, but more so this time. Perhaps I should explain.

Every week, we come together at my own or one of my friends’ houses to play games. Sometimes we’re a small group, but when everyone is there we’re with 8 people. We play board games, mostly, and every once in a while we watch a movie or something.

Two weeks ago, we were playing at Tom and Jess’ house. Besides Me, Tom and Jess, only Frank could come, so I expected us to be four, but we were introduced to Mary, a friend of Jess’ who had heard about our game nights and thought they sounded like fun. Something about her attracted me straight away. She was rather short, and, for lack of a better word, plump. She had a pretty face, though. She seemed shy, but surprised me by the way she smiled as she stuck out her hand.

“Hi, I’m Mary,” she said.

Something in that incredibly short sentence definitely hit a nerve or two. “Marc,” I said, taking her hand and shaking it. “Pleasure to meet you. Do you play a lot?”

“Oh, you know,” she said, “every once in a while. I’m not terribly good though.”

At that point, I was distracted by Tom making a funny noise. The evening got to a good start, and I was delighted to find out that Mary was a pretty good player. Even though she didn’t know the game we were playing (some zombie apocalypse themed thing) she picked up the rules pretty fast and finished second after me.

Frank was grinning, “She’s giving you a run for your money, Marc!”

“She sure is,” I had to admit. Her shyness had become a lot less while we were talking and playing.

She looked at me slyly, and said, “Another round?” with a twinkle in her eye. I was sure she was bent on beating me next time.

“Challenge accepted,” I said in what I hoped was a graceful manner. I then looked at Tom and Jess, “If we can intrude on your hospitality a bit longer, that is?”

“No problem,” said Tom, “I’ll join, you need a third player. Though by the looks of it, I’ll be playing for kicks…”

“I’m out,” said Jess, “it’s getting late, and you look like you want to get into some real competition.”

“Me too,” said Frank, “It’s been a couple of late nights at work, I want to get to bed sometime early.”

And so, with Jess reading a book on the couch, Mary, Tom and I settled in for another game. As Tom predicted, he couldn’t keep up with us. As for me, I needed every bit of experience I had to keep ahead of Mary. She was really focused on the game, and kept looking at me in such a calculating manner that I was starting to feel a bit uncomfortable, and strangely aroused. It was like having a mental wrestling match. At one point, I started wondering what it would be like to really wrestle with her a bit.

“Ha!” she exclaimed. I realized I let myself be distracted too much, and given her an opportunity to get ahead of me by three points. There was not enough time to make up for the difference.

“Dozing off, Marc? You could’ve prevented that!” Tom said, looking at me quizzically, “or do you have something up your sleeve?”

I shook my head and smiled. “Nope, I messed up. Well done, Mary!”

She smiled too, making my heart skip a beat. “I’m glad to see you’re a good loser as well as a good winner,” she said. “Same time next week?” she asked, looking at Tom.

“Not at our place,” he said, “Frank’ll be hosting, but I’m sure he’d love to have you over as well. I’ll send him a message.”

After that, we all said goodnight. The week after at Frank’s, things were pretty much the same. This time I managed to win by a very small margin, but at one point I got the impression that Mary was letting me win. Was she playing me? In any case, the rest of the group was hinting that they were feeling left out. I looked at the scores. Me: 102. Mary: 100. The rest: at least 40 points behind, every one of them.

“Same time next week?” she asked.

“Sure,” I said. “Who’s hosting?” I asked.

There was a short silence, and I was about to offer to host (I usually don’t, because my place is really small and it’s cramped if we’re a large group) when Mary said, “How about my place? It’s not that far from here.”

Everyone seemed to be happy with that.

“Plus, I get to pick a game that Marc doesn’t know so I can put him at a disadvantage”, Mary said with a smile. For some reason, everyone was even happier with that… I guess I’m a bit more competitive than the rest of the group. They must have been delighted to see me struggle.

And so, now, one week later, I’m on my way to Mary’s place for game night. I’m wondering who will be there. Frank had to work last minute and Tom and Jess are both ill, so our core group is not there. Some of the others will probably still be there. Although… I catch myself thinking that I don’t mind if it’s just me and Mary.

I find the address, and ring the bell. Mary opens up. I notice she’s dressed in a comfortable sweater and loose fitting pants; I’m thinking it makes her look approachable. I try to put any lewd thoughts out of my head, so I ask, “So, who else is coming?”

“It’s just you and me tonight it seems,” she says beşiktaş escort as she leads me into the living room. “A lot of people are either ill or have last-minute appointments. But I expect we can find some two-player games. Fancy a round of cribbage?”

“Cribbage?” I ask, a bit surprised. I’m familiar with the card game, but it’s not something you hear about a lot. “Where did you pick that up?”

“Yeah, do you know it?” she answers, “We used to play that with the family all the time when I was a girl”.

“Yeah, I do,” I say. “I’m a bit rusty on the rules though, you’ll have to summarize them for me.”

“No problem,” she says, “sit down, and I’ll get the cards.” She gets up from the table, but stops next to the drinks cabinet. “Fancy a drink? If you want to share, I can open up a bottle of wine.”

Is she trying to make this a bit… romantic? I usually have a beer during game night, and not too much because I need to drive. I can feel my hopes rising. “Just one glass though” I say, “I still need to drive home afterwards”.

“A man of principles, I see,” she says. “But if you wait long enough it won’t matter too much, is that right?” she asks, smiling slyly again.

“True,” I reply, “with a couple of hours it wears off again. If you don’t mind me staying that long, I guess it’s ok.”

“I think we can find enough to do, I don’t think I mind your company,” she replies in a firm tone, that suggests the matter is settled.

I don’t mind, but I’m not quite sure how to react. I like her, and can’t deny I’m attracted, but am I reading her correctly? I guess taking her up on her offer is ok, so I push my uncertainty to the back of my mind and don’t let that spoil my fun now. “Open up,” I say.

She pours the wine, shuffles the cards and we start playing.

Unsurprisingly, she wins the first couple of legs. As the evening progresses, I get the hang of it, starting to remember how this particular game is played. Our scores become more even, and I sometimes win a leg. There’s a lot of luck in cribbage though, so it’s best not to play too seriously. I find myself enjoying it immensely, and as we get nearer to the bottom of the bottle, the wine is getting us to talk more freely.

“So, what other games do you play?” I find myself asking.

She waves her hand to a bookcase filled with all kind of games. “I’m sure you noticed those at some point, have a look!”

I get up to examine the bookcase, and hear her getting up behind me. While I gloss over the contents of the cupboard, she says, “I don’t just play board games, though.”

I turn around, my mind racing. Does she mean? No, she wouldn’t. I notice she’s “accidentally” come to stand real close to me. I feel like my face is flushing red, it’s probably just the wine. “Oh?” I try to ask in as innocent a voice I can muster. “What kind?” I half-look back at the bookcase.

“Oh, you know. Card games, roleplaying games,” she says.

“Sex games?” I blurt out, surprised at my own words. As I say it, (and now definitely become red in the face) my eyes fall on a set of pink dice with red lettering on the back of one of the shelves.

For half a second, she looks startled, then laughs and follows my gave to the shelf. “Oh, you saw those?” She extends her hand, and takes the dice from the shelf. “Fancy a spin?” she asks, clicking the dice in her hand.

“Uh” I say. I didn’t really see those dice clearly, but those were definitely not for a board game. I couldn’t read all the faces, but I definitely saw the text “breast(s)” on one of them.

“Oh, come on,” she says, “I’ll let you off if you roll something you really don’t like. You’ll probably just have to rub my back or something,” she continues to click the dice teasingly in her hand, daring me.

“Oh, all right. Give them to me,” I say.

She drops the three dice into my hand, but as I start reading the faces, she closes her own hand over it. “Uh-uh, no peeking! where’s the fun in that? Just roll and be surprised!”

I look into her face, and without looking, roll the dice over the table. She looks away from me to see what the result is. “Hmmmm” she says. “Looks like you’ll have to massage my neck and shoulders for two minutes! Lucky me!” I glance at the dice, and beside the expected two dice that proscribe an action and a location, there’s also one that indicates a time. They now say “Massage”, “Neck and shoulders” and “for 2 minutes”.

Meanwhile, Mary turns a chair around, and sits down on it backwards so her back is freely towards me. I smile, put my hands on her shoulders and start rubbing. I’ve never massaged a fat woman before, but I notice she feels really nice and soft. I concentrate on her shoulders below my hands, and notice something else: there is definitely no bra. Mary lets out a soft moan. I lose track of time, getting into the rhythm of massaging her shoulders, listening to her breathing, that is getting slowly heavier. After much more than the allotted two minutes I remember what we were doing. I bent over her, take the dice from the table and say “your turn”.

“Aww, I was enjoying that,” she says, pouting her lip beylikdüzü escort a bit. She takes the dice from my hand, though, and rolls. They now read “Lick”, “Butt” and “for 20 seconds”.

I’m a bit taken aback, but she just laughs. “Are you up for that? We can stop if you want to.” When I don’t respond immediately, she moves her hands to the front of my pants. “I’ll have to take these off, you know, otherwise I can’t do it properly.”

I somehow freeze, my breath stopping. “Okay,” is all I can whisper, hoarsely. I’m afraid to sound too eager, but definitely not wanting her to stop. I can feel my dick getting harder as she continues unzipping my pants. She pulls them down, revealing my briefs with a big bulge in the front.

“Hmmm,” she comments. For a brief moment, she wets her lips with her tongue, but then she walks behind me. “No, I still can’t quite reach,” she says, as she puts a hand on my ass. For a brief second I wonder if she is going to pull down my briefs as well, but instead, she pulls up the rim so my ass is exposed. It wedges my briefs uncomfortably between my ass cheeks, but I’m not about to complain at this point.

As she kneels behind me, she lightly runs her finger along my now naked leg, causing a tingling sensation. She starts running her tongue over my ass. At the same time, I’m becoming extremely aroused and acutely aware that I’m looking extremely silly with my pants on my ankles.

Mary moves her hands up, and places them on my hips while she licks and counts down. The tips of her fingers lightly brush the bulge in my briefs; my dick is doing all it can to escape its confines. “Ten – nine – eight – seven – six – five – four – three – two – one”. She kisses my ass a final time, and stands up.

“Maybe you should take your shoes off,” she suggests, gesturing to my pants on my ankles, but definitely looking at my briefs.

I oblige, take off my shoes, socks and the awkward pants, and grab the dice again. I don’t feel like talking anymore. The dice can do the talking, and they now say “Kiss”, “Butt” and “for 10 seconds”.

Mary looks me in the eye, puts two hands to her waist and in one smooth motion pulls her pants down. I’m amazed. I’ve never seen a naked fat woman before, and what I see doesn’t turn me off at all. Her legs are big and round, and a bit pocketed from cellulitis. Between them are tiny panties, that barely cover her front. She turns around and bends over the table. Without a word, I now kneel behind her and start kissing. As she counts down to 10, I firmly grab her ass, and she lets out a delighted gasp. Although this is over way to quickly for my tastes, I’m now getting into this game. I get up and push the dice toward her, hoping for something interesting.

The dice rattle over the table and say, “Kiss”, “Mouth” and “for 40 seconds”. Mary doesn’t hesitate a second, walks up to me and kisses me. While we kiss, I feel her full body pressed against me. She hooks one of her big, naked legs around mine, and presses her lower body firmly against my bulging briefs.

I feel my hard dick finally managing to get out of my briefs, the head is now sticking out and rubbing against her thigh. I let out an involuntary moan of pleasure.

She seems to notice what happened, because she moves her hand over to my briefs, touches my dick’s head for just a second and then covers it up again. “Uh-uh,” she says softly, “we’re not there yet, no cheating”.

After I roll them over the table, the dice speak again, “Lick,” again, and, “Back”, “for 10 seconds”.

Mary smiles, seeming glad for the excuse to finally take her sweater off. I watch her closely as she pulls it over her head. She is big, and wonderful. And definitely wearing no bra. The full curves of her breasts and love handles call to me.

She cups her hand under her breasts, lifting them teasingly towards me. “You like these?” she asks.

Speechless, I can only nod. I lower my lips to them, but before I can kiss, she turns around and offers the back I’m supposed to lick.

“You’ll have to roll better for that!” she says.

I can barely control myself, but obediently lick her back, starting at the neck, and teasingly slowly going down, ending just at the edge of her panties on the count of ten. Mary is breathing hard, and picks up the dice for another throw.

“Touch or stroke breast(s) for 1 minute,” the dice say.

Mary puts her hands beneath my T-shirt, and pulls it over my head. She gently pushes me against the wall, and starts running her hands softly over my breast. While she does it, she slowly moves closer to me. After half a minute, she’s pressing her body against mine, only just able to run her hands between us. She starts whispering. “Do you like looking at me?” she asks.

“Oh yeah,” I reply, in a breathless whisper.

“I thought so,” she says, pushing her naked breasts against me.

I smile and ask, “How could you tell?”

She lets her hands run slowly down, not answering until she reaches my briefs. “Because of this,” she says breathily. She runs her hands over my briefs, shortly massaging my dick. She wraps her arms around me. “Your beyoğlu escort turn”

With Mary still holding on to me, I slowly walk to the table and roll the dice. “Do anything you like with”, “breast(s)”, “for 2 minutes”. “Now that’s more like it,” I think. I know what I want to do, but I’m not telling Mary yet. Looking her in the eye, I gently but firmly push her down towards the rug on the floor.

She looks at me slightly quizzically, but lets me do what I want.

I push her flat on her back, and start on her breasts. “Why don’t you do the counting?” I say.

She obediently starts at 120, counting down ever so slowly.

I take her breasts between my hands, and start kneading them. I don’t intend to leave it at that though, so after about 10 seconds I start kissing and sucking her nipples until the are hard. Her breathing becomes heavy between the counting.

I massage, kiss, suck and lick for another 20 seconds, and then I move my hand down and remove my briefs. My cock is rock hard, and comprehension dawns on her face. I straddle her, and place my dick between her full, soft breasts. I cup her breasts with my hands, and press them together so they envelop my cock completely. As I start moving forward, she smiles.

“You naughty boy” she says, still counting down. “Well, I suppose that’s by the rules.” she looks down at the dick that is coming toward her face from between her breasts. She bends her head towards it, briefly kissing and licking the tip before falling back. “I do wonder what men find so interesting about that…” she laughs.

I ignore that last remark, enjoying the feeling as I slide back and forth while she counts down the last seconds. I want to continue, but at the end, she puts her hand on my dick to stop the motion.

“My turn,” is all she says.

Now the dice say, “Lick anywhere for 2 minutes”.

She walks toward me, her naked upper body pressing against me as she starts licking my breast. In between licking, she’s counting down slowly from 120 again. Some part of me realizes she’s making those seconds last even longer than last time. She wraps her naked upper body around mine, and licks anywhere she can, going lower and lower until she is just above my dick. “80, 79,” she says, as she puts her hands on my legs. She strokes my legs and licks them briefly, then she takes my cock in her hands. “70,” she mutters as she starts licking my shaft.

I let out a low moan, and lean against the table for support. I spread my legs a little, while Mary is going from just licking my cock to taking it into her mouth entirely.

“Ten.” she mumbles. She pauses quite a while before she says, “nine.” Pure extasy overwhelms me. The warm wetness of her mouth feels so good. In between making wet, sloppy sounds she counts down, “Two. One.” As she stands up, she rubs her breasts against my cock, smearing some precum over them.

She extends her hand to give me the dice, but hesitates a moment. Then, she just grabs the “Lick” die, and gives it to me.

“Want me to cheat, do you?” I say.

“House rules,” she says, breathing hotly and kissing me, grabbing my dick with the other hand.

“Oh,” I say. I pick up the die that says “2 minutes” and change it to “as long as you want”. “What do the house rules say about that?” I ask.

“That’s okay,” she says. I look at the die in my hand, find the face that says “Do anything” and instead of rolling, I just put it down.

“Oh dear,” she says.

I kneel before her, work my fingers between her fat thighs and her panties, and look her in the eye. I yank down her panties and right before me, between two fat legs, I see her fat, hairy cunt. There’s no other way to describe it. I’m thinking it looks lusty and natural. Her lips are fat and glistening a little, hinting at the moisture inside. I stand up put my hands underneath her ass and lift her up a little, grunting with the effort. I put her with her ass on the table. She doesn’t make a sound other than heavy breathing, but looks at me in such an intense way that I feel myself becoming even harder. There’s one more thing I want to do, though, and impulsively I lower my head between her thighs. I want to taste her. I start licking her clit; she doesn’t smell or taste particularly nice, but it turns me on nevertheless.

She moans loudly and breathes heavily, I love it. She is pushing her hips up, pressing her cunt into my face.

With my fingers, I slowly pull her lips apart to reveal the moist inside of her cunt. I run a finger along it, and push it inside to test her wetness. It slips in easily and makes another sloppy sound. Mary groans loudly as I finger her cunt and lick her clit at the same time. Now I’m ready. I stand up, no longer wanting to hold back. I place my cock between her lips and thrust forward, going instantly all the way inside her. My world shrinks to just the feeling of her hot cunt and nothing else. I start moving, out and in, in and out, harder and harder. I feel my cock getting harder as I come closer to ejaculation. Then, with a grunt, I start pumping wave after wave of hot, sticky semen into Mary, mixing it with her juices. I keep going in and out, feeling the mixture getting all over my dick. It’s starting to leak out, I can feel it against my balls and god it feels good. The world is coming back into focus and I become aware of Mary again, panting heavily. I slowly slide out of her, jerking involuntarily as she squeezes the sensitive head of my cock with her pussy.



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