Part of me – the sensible, rational, moral part – wanted desperately to resist. To stop. Not to do something so wrong and so stupid. But my sensible, rational, moral part wasn’t in charge tonight. My dick had taken over, and it was determined to have its way.

I’d always viewed my bisexuality as a curse, rather than a blessing: the fact that I could have, and enjoy, sexual relationships with women, yet they were never enough. Fact was, I wanted to have a marriage, and father children, and enjoy an outwardly respectable life, but inside I always craved men, and I always wanted to fuck muscled, tight male arse more than anything. In my experience, men fucking each other is the hardest, hottest, most exciting and intense way to have sex. Neither my wife, nor any of the girlfriends who came before her, could slake my lust in quite the way that screwing another man could. So, I was always on the lookout, either for guys to perv at and use in wank fantasies, or for something more risky – everything from sneaking glances at nice muscled arms and legs on blokes when they were out and about in short clothing in the Summer, to spotting chiselled physiques at the gym, to watching guys strip in the locker room and check out their naked bodies in the showers. Most of all, I liked to check out guys at the gym, because I knew that some really were looking for cock as well, and a couple of men had proven amenable to being cruised, resulting in opportunities for tension-relieving casual encounters. I’d also slept with a number of guys when away on business trips, when the opportunity to visit gyms, saunas and nightlife venues afforded good chances to bring a man back to my room for the night. I always felt terrible for cheating afterwards, but it didn’t stop me: when you’ve got that itch, and it’s so bad that it needs scratching, you just have to do it.

There were some seriously studly males down my gym, and sometimes it was pretty hard to stop myself from getting boned up looking at them, or thinking about them! I wasn’t always successful, and sometimes wood had to be hidden in an emergency with a skillfully held towel, or by facing the wall in the shower until the engorgement subsided: the shower stalls had no doors, presumably a means to discourage wanking as the changing rooms were swapped around every few months when male maintenance workers needed access to the ladies, so I had been in there and seen that they had doors. But there were big partitions between each of the showers that meant no-one could see in from the side, a lifesaver when I was helpless to stop my dick from growing fully erect. All the same, I’m pretty sure that I’d been caught a couple of times with wood at varying angles to the floor. I’d occasionally seen it on other men myself. It happens to guys. But it happening to me was still intensely embarrassing. And I didn’t want to end up getting a bad reputation as some kind of queer flasher.

Of course, keeping my cock calm had become especially difficult since Todd, the new fitness instructor, had started work at the gym. His shifts seemed all too frequently to end around the same time of the evening as my regular workouts, and we soon found ourselves down in the locker room, stripping off and hitting the showers together. We quickly became, if not friends, then at least friendly acquaintances, starting off just acknowledging each other with a nod but soon beginning to strike up conversations, after we put on the same replica rugby shirts as each other when getting dressed again after shower time. Turned out we were both keen supporters of the local Premiership side, and soon we were talking around the same time most weekday nights about sports, music and other stuff.

And there was something else. I saw, pretty early on, out of the corner of my eye, that he was checking me out. Difficult to say what, if any, particular parts he was attracted to all of the time, but I’m certain that at least some of the attention went on my arse and crotch – especially when naked, or clad just in one of my favourite red or grey Bike jocks, which I worse as underwear beneath my jeans as well as for working out in. Have a thing for jockstraps. Simply love the look and the feel – and especially useful if, like me, you’ve a generous endowment.

And nor was it just the attempts at catching a sly eyeful of me in the locker room that convinced casino oyna me that he wanted something more than a nice chat about line outs or the performance of the new scrum half last Saturday. He was also a jock wearer – not a common thing – and I reckon he worked out (correctly) that I loved to check out a fit lad in a jockstrap. All too often he’d strip down just to his own tight, plain white support, before suddenly finding the necessity to bend right over and rummage around for something in a bag placed oh-so-conveniently on the floor, giving me a magnificent view of his muscled arse, the hot, hairy young crack framed by two slender tapes drawn exquisitely taught across the buttocks. The whole scene screamed “Fuck me,” impossible in such a public place of course yet also the subject of so many wank fantasies when I got home – that, or some of the hardest orgasms I’d ever had with my wife, taking her pussy yet screwing my eyes shut at the end, and doing my best to imagine that I was about to shoot inside Todd’s hard, young, sportsman’s arse. It was very good, but as any man who’s fucked another man hard knows, pussy is never quite as good as arse.

Tood and I quickly found more ways to signal our interest in one another. I would stand around after taking off my jock, drinking water for a couple of minutes and giving him a good chance to check out my body – athletic, hairy, and still in very good nick for a guy just the high side of 35 – and especially the start attraction, my thick six inches of manhood, hanging loosely between my thighs. Or, at least, that was the case so long as I didn’t get too excited, whereupon an emergency towel had to be manoeuvred into position! We would go off to shower together, and whichever man was first in line soon learned to pick a stall with an empty one immediately opposite, if at all possible. With there being no doors, this left us free to admire each other whilst pretending just to be interested in a bit of friendly banter.

And so it was, the night when it happened. It had been quieter than usual in the gym that Wednesday evening – perhaps something to do with the shit weather outside, and the big Champions League match on telly at half-seven, but when we went to take a shower the room was empty. I went and got into one of the stalls at the end; Todd said that he’d left something behind in his locker, and disappeared for a moment to get it. I turned on the hot water and started to wash off the sweat from a hard weight training session, hot water coarsing all over my well-built, 6ft 4 frame, soaking my body and especially the thick hair of my chest, midriff and groin completely. Todd had been giving me a good view of his jockstrapped arse again in the locker room, and my cock had grown half-hard, jutting out obscenely towards the wall. I thought I’d be stood there hiding it for a couple of minutes before I had the chance to turn around and cop another eyeful of Todd.

I heard his footsteps behind me as he returned, but then… a strong hand grasped a hold of my left arse cheek and, before I even had the chance to be startled, another almost immediately wrapped itself around the shaft of my cock. I looked down, and saw a strong male hand enveloping my own manhood. I tried to turn around, but he wouldn’t let go. It was Todd, of course, and he began to speak to me in hushed, yet urgent, tones.

“Don’t tell me that this isn’t what we’ve both wanted for weeks Ryan. We’ve been checking each other out, and liking the view. I want this cock in my arse and you want to put it there. Right here, in the showers. Now. Come on mate, let’s make this happen.”

He loosened his grip on me, and I turned around to face him and looked into his eyes. They burned with that familiar intensity, the feeling I always experienced when I pulled a man and knew I was going to get laid that night, the steel blue gaze of this tall, lean young lad fixing me in place. “But mate, we can’t, we’re bound to get caught!”

“Not likely. I’m not expecting anyone to hit the showers for at least another half hour. I kept an eye on who was working out before we came down here, that’s why I went for you tonight. Only three other guys, and they’d all only recently come upstairs when we went back down. We’ve got the place to ourselves – just so long as we don’t get too carried away…”

A wicked grin spread slot oyna across Todd’s face, up close to mine and very nearly level with me – I was guessing he was 6’1″ or 6’2″. I ran my hand down his back until it met the waistband of his jock, which he’d obviously put back on for the occasion. I grabbed it in both hands and then pulled him hard towards me, and we shared a lengthy kiss, my rough stubble stimulating his soft lips and the clean shaven skin around them, our tongues invading one another’s mouths just as my cock would soon be invading that gorgeous tight arse.

I let Todd go, then grasped his arms and applied pressure. He got the message, turned around and braced himself against the side partition of the shower stall. I crouched down behind him, and began to worship that arse. It was a thing of beauty. Todd wasn’t quite as hairy as me – although I was pleased to have noted that he had a masculine trail of fur running down from his chest to his tackle – so his arse cheeks were smooth, but prising the buttocks apart revealed that gorgeous, hairy crack, and the ultimate target of his tight, puckered anus, naked and defenceless just behind the back of the white jock pouch, now soaking wet but still giving secure support to his balls. Using my left hand to help keep open access to his hole, I started to lick and eat that jock arse enthusiastically, whilst allowing my right hand to move around to feel his genitals through the cloth of his jock. HIs dick, like mine, was now fully erect, straining the jock but not breaking free: I was guessing he was average sixed, maybe 5.5 or 6 inches hard, but with a pleasing broadness to the bell-end, a super-sensitive protrusion which caused him to stifle a loud moan as I squeezed it gently between thumb and forefinger.

Todd was soon letting out a continual stream of low volume but filthy sounding moans, interspersed with desperate pleas to start fucking his arse. And he kept telling me to open his washbag, which was a couple of feet away, clear of the water jetting from the shower. I could guess why. I let go of him, and went to explore the contents. Lube, and a packet of large, extra strong condoms. I don’t know how long for, but Todd had clearly been planning to make this happen! Eagerly, I tore open the foil and rolled the condom down almost my full ten inches of length, and then lubed the achingly hard organ thoroughly. I’d not had sex since Monday night and I doubted if this was going to last very long, although perhaps, under the circumstances, this was just as well! Less chance of being caught, although this would surely go down worse for Todd: what if his boss knew that he was having sex in the showers? Grounds for instant dismissal. Somehow I still couldn’t quite believe that he, more so than me, was risking such a thing. But it wasn’t going to stop me from having him, or him from getting me to sheath my hardon within his back passage. I moved in behind him, grabbed his hips, moved my cock into position right under his arsehole, and began to push.

“Oh fuck yeah! Ryan, mate…” Todd let out a muffled cry as the head of my dick spread open his anus and popped straight in. After that, a little more gentle pressure from my hips and the entire length slid straight up inside him in a couple of seconds. The end of my dick was buried right up inside his warm guts, and his arse wall and ring gripped the shaft tightly. So much fucking better than pussy, every single damned time! But with this guy, who I’d been fantasising about doing for the last three months, the feeling was especially good, and intense.

My hips went into a thrusting rhythm, starting to give his arse the thorough fucking it deserved without any further ado. I could just tell that Todd was a bottom lad, although his back passage was nice and tight he clearly knew who to take a dick without blubbing – instead, there were only groans of pleasure and coarse entreaties to take him harder to be heard. I now used my hands on his hips to ease down the sodden jockstrap, far enough so I could release Todd’s own cock and get my hand around it. I knew my dick was damned hard, but he was a dozen years younger than me and, as is the way with young men, his was like a fucking steel bar! I took it in hand and simply began to pump firm and fast, with just the shower water to grease the strokes. I knew I’d be unloading into his canlı casino siteleri arse very soon, and I wanted him to shoot as well. I firmly pulled and pushed his partly retracted foreskin back and forth over the head, moving him even closer to ecstasy, as I felt the climax of the screwing build in my own crotch. Preparing to shoot wave after wave of sticky semen out of my neatly cut knob end, testing the condom to its limits.

“Oh fuck Todd, I’m gonna cum. Gonna shoot so fucking hard in YOUR. FUCKING. ARSE.” And with those final three words came three strong ropes of cum, shot so damned hard that my legs shook. My cock continued to spasm another ten or twelve times, emptying my ample balls which were now drawn up tight to my groin. And, as I drained the last of the semen from my cock, Todd let out his own exclamation, “Ryan, I’m cumming! Holy shit, my cock!” and began to spurt hard against the partition in front of him. I could feel his own stalwart legs trembling, and his cock twitching in my hand. The first of the bolts shot out hard, but the last dribbled down his cock and over my fingers, coating my fist briefly before the hot cum was washed away by the steady stream of shower water.

We stood there for about a minute, first panting gently and then breaking out into broad grins and laughing a little. Todd still leaning against the wall, but with forehead now pressed against his forearms. Me with hands back on his now bare hips, cock still pretty firm and lodged right up inside his arse.

“Todd, mate, that was fucking brilliant!”

“Never had one that big before. So full, so bloody good…”

Finally, I eased my dick out of Todd’s arse, and he let out a last little moan as the head popped out and the half-hard penis swung free, leaving him empty. He turned around and leant against the partition, watching as I removed the condom, tied it off and dropped it in his washbag.

“Filthy bastard!”

“Well, what do you expect me to do – I’ve nowhere to put a used rubber, and there’d be awkward questions if…” I was cut off mid-sentence by the sound of the locker room door swinging open. It could’ve been another gym member arriving to work out, but there was a sound of hard breathing and I think we both reckoned it was one of the guys from upstairs back down after training, and likely in need of a shower. I reckon we also both imagined the same picture of his walking in and finding us in a compromising position, because we both stifled a laugh as Todd hurriedly pulled off his wet jockstrap, stuffed it out if sight in his washbag, and walked over to the opposite stall. We both had a good scrub down, and I also made sure that all of the incriminating evidence left by Todd’s cumming was washed away and safely down the drain. Towelling down and dressing then followed, hardening cocks stuffed hurriedly back into clean jocks, and shorts then pulled up before anything untoward could be spotted by any of the rest of the clientele. Our locker room conversation was as innocent as usual, but our own racing minds and the frequently exchanged glances told each of us that the other was only thinking about one thing, and probably would only be thinking about that one thing – until the next time that it happened.

We exchanged mobile numbers before heading our separate ways home – him to his single lad’s flat, me to the wife and kids. There would be a next time. We were both so fucking up for it, my dick was already aching again by the time we walked out the door. I’d had no shortage of casual encounters to slake my lust before, but this time around it was different. Todd and I were gelling as friends, and now we’d taken the first step to becoming lovers. Almost unbelievably, I was embarking on an affair with another man – and yet, the old cliché was correct: it felt so wrong, yet it felt so right. And perhaps I really could have it all, a settled family life and a gay relationship? My brain was, of course, flooded with testosterone and I wasn’t thinking clearly. No, not really thinking at all. Eventually, things would get too complex. Eventually, I would have to choose between holding my family together, or starting life over again as, effectively, a gay man.

I could never have imagined how fast things would spin out of control, or how I was about to have my own destiny snatched from my hands by the machinations of others, of whom I was innocently oblivious. My journey into a whole world of man sex – and of trouble – was only just beginning. And the next stage began the very next morning, when a courier turned up on my doorstep with THAT brown envelope…



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