Ginger Grinding

Fucked at Cousins WeddingMy Mom and I flew down to Texas for a cousins wedding, We were booked into a hotel where most of the out of town guests were staying, we got ready, I was 17 years old what you would call plump, 5.4 tall very fat tits and ass shoulder length blonde hair, I wore a short green dress that made my Big Tits really stand out. We made our way to the church for the wedding, Once done there we moved the reception hall for the party. During the reception I met some of the grooms cousins, Dan, Chuck and Sam all 3 were really good looking guys between the ages of 18 & 20 years old, I could tell by the way they looked at me they liked my tits busting out of my dress. We danced and drank all night having a great time As the party wound down I went looking for Mom who was herself having a great time she was feeling No Pain, I told her I was going for coffee with the guys, she looked said OK be careful I’ll see you back in the room.Truth be told I didn’t go for coffee we went back to the boys room for more drinks. By this time I was really feeling good from all the drinks, we got back to the room they handed me beer and tequila shot, after a another shot Dan who was sitting beside me on the edge of the bed turned to me and said Mel you have Great Tits, he started fondling them, he untied the strap on the back of the dress to let them fall out. Next thing I knew all 3 of them had their hands covering my body, they were groping rubbing feeling what seemed like every inch of my body, Dan helped my up off the bed then Chuck started removing my dress, I was now standing there naked except for my Black Panties, they pushed me down onto my knees then all 3 of them bursa escort took their cocks out and started to feed me. I sucked them one by one, my hands and mouth all full of cock, Sam grabbed the back of my head and started to fuck my mouth I could fell his dick sliding down my throat, he picked up his pace that when I could tell he was ready to cum, he pulled out of m mouth then took his cock in hand and jerked it till he came all over my face and tits, that’s when I heard and saw a flash that was Chuck taking a Pic with his phone. Dan looked at Sam told him to get a face cloth from the bathroom to clean me up, I cleaned up then Dan & Chuck grabbed be put me down on the bed Chuck put his cock in my mouth I could feel Dan taking off my panties, I was so Wet when he started eating me out his tongue lapped up my juice as it flowed form my hole he forced open my legs then slid his hands under my Ass, I was on the verge of an Orgasm when all of a sudden he slid a finger into my Ass Hole, that just sent me off I started to shake convulsing Chuck kept his dick in my mouth to keep me from making too much noise, I started cumming down when Chuck started cumming I swallowed his seed as he shot it into my mouth, did leave a single drop. I didn’t get much time to rest Dan was standing between my legs his cock in hand ready to Fuck me, he moved in closed, started feeding his dick into my shaved cunt, I could feel the head enter then with one big push he bottomed out inside me I let out a Big Grunt, Holy Fuck I said, he pumped my pussy hard I could feel my tits & belly shaking with every hard thrust he gave me I could hear Dan moaning I was getting loud again that’s when bursa escort bayan Sam got onto the bed to put his dick in my mouth to keep me quiet, Dan just kept on hammering my hole then I could feel his cock start jerking inside me then with one last hard push he started filling me with his cum. Once Dan was done he pulled out, I could feel his cum flowing out onto the bed, Sam came over turned me onto my hands and knees then rammed his cock into my swollen wet cunt, I could hear squishing noises as he plowed in and out of me, Chuck came around to feed me his cock again here I was being Fucked and Sucking Cock while Dan sat and watched his cousins. Sam really started getting into it as he pumped me harder and harder my muffled moans filled the room as Chuck kept Fucking my mouth, Sam now started slapping my Ass looking at Dan saying MAN this is one HOT SLUT! Dan came back onto the bed, he grabbed my hanging swaying tits, playing with my nipples that just sent me over the edge I went wild my entire body was shaking as I lost all control, I was squirting while Sam’s cock was inside me I kept trying to scream but was again muffled by Chucks cock as he grabbed my hair to plow his cock deeper into my mouth, that’s when I collapsed onto the bed, Sam’s cock came out but he was ready to cum as he jerked his seed all over my Fat Ass. I was laying there face down breathing very hard JESUS CHRIST I cried WHAT THE FUCK are you guys doing to me. All 3 of them looking at me smiling, I sat up had a drink of beer I was sweaty hair all messed WOW that was AWESOME! I said I should be getting out of here Chuck looked at me and said No Way I want a turn at that Hot Pussy escort bursa I looked over and agreed to give his a turn I lay back onto the bed, he came over got on top of me I could feel his cock slid easily inside me I was so Wet he had his wrapped around my neck as he pumped me it actually felt really good slow easy his cousins were sitting on the other bed watching the show I could feel my juices flowing down he crack of my Ass as Chuck just kept fucking me he looked into my eyes I could see he was enjoying this as much as I was, I looked up at him and said come on Baby give me your Seed I want to feel you inside me, I could feel him start to shake on top of me them his dick pumped inside me as I felt his sperm flow into my womb. Once done he got off me that’s when I noticed another man in the room! I got scared, Dan introduced him as Uncle Jerry, he came over to the bed I looked up told him I had to get back he just said not till I’m done with you, he dropped his pants pulled his cock out, grabbed my legs to pull me over to the edge of the bed figured if I didn’t let him fuck me things might turn bad everyone was very drunk who knows what could happen. He was old enough to be my Dad, he slip inside me he was bigger than his nephews as he stretched me wide once completely inside he started pumping my hole, it felt good as he started groping my Belly then Tits, it didn’t take very long Uncle Jerry was unloading into me I could feel his warm cum flowing inside me, he pulled out pulled up his pants then left the room. I lays there sweaty cum flowing from my cunt, I got myself together put on my panties then slid my dress back on, looked at the guys said thanks for a great time and left.I could feel cum flowing into my panties as I made my way back to the room, I opened the door to find my Mom naked on the bed and the smell of Sex filling the room. Looks like I wasn’t the only one having a good time.



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