Louise woke to the smell of coffee and as she stretched out in her warm and comfy bed she recalled that, following her fevered sex with Jack, the rest of the day had been fairly quiet. Kal and Asifa had come back to the villa and cooked a sumptuous meal for the Silvertons; after all, they thought Louise had been under the weather and needed a little cheering up. The four friends had had a leisurely evening together, playing some friendly poker, listening to music and enjoying local wines before retiring to an uneventful night’s sleep. In some ways, Louise had been a little disappointed that Asifa had seemed to drop her coquettish behaviour and there had been no repeat of the flirting between her and Jack. Mind you, even Louise couldn’t find it in herself to tease Jack about his obvious attraction for Asifa.

Louise suddenly realised that Jack wasn’t in bed with her and set off to find him. Following the smell of the coffee, she padded to the kitchen and found only Asifa there. Louise was mildly embarrassed at this because she was wearing no more than her silk camisole and Asifa was already up and about in bikini top and simple cotton skirt.

“Hey there Louise. Feeling all better this morning?”

“Yes thanks. And thanks for the wonderful meal last night. I had no idea you were such a good cook.”

“Naah, just a good old standby. Carbonara and a Caesar salad aren’t that hard to whip up; but thanks for the compliment.”

“Where are the boys?”

“Kal and Jack heard about a local fishing boat doing a run for some sea fishing and decided to see if they could have a go. Guess they must have got what they wanted, they’ve been gone for a couple of hours now.”

“A couple of hours? What time is it?”

“Louise, it’s nearly lunchtime. Jack did try to wake you but he sad you were well out of it.”

“Wow, must really have been unwell …”


“Nothing. Any coffee left?”

“Sure. In fact I just made a pot. I’ve been reading and was just about to get out to the pool for a bit of swimming and tanning.”

Louise walked over to the coffee pot and as she poured herself a cup she took a long look at Asifa, who was busying herself with getting suntan oil, bottled water and towels etc ready for her sunbathing. She really was something. Hair falling just below shoulder level and her small, high breasts looking ever so perky in her yellow bikini top. Her quick and precise movements indicating Asifa’s her somewhat sparky personality.


“Well, I may be a dusky maiden Louise, but I still love to tan. A real sun lover, me. And I do get darker too. Kal loves it when he can see my tan lines. Something to do with the contrast between dark and canlı bahis şirketleri light – You have no idea how much he loved seeing Jack run that lotion on me yesterday!”

“About that Asifa; I’m sorry if I let Jack get away with too much. You’re a very attractive woman and he’s a typical guy, but I probably shouldn’t have encouraged him.”

“Don’t blame yourself Louise. I was teasing him too. I guess I sometimes forget myself and let my urges overtake my reason.”

Louise was sitting in an easy chair now, sipping her coffee while she chatted and she watched carefully as Asifa busied herself with lotions and towels and such like. Asifa’s yellow bikini clung to her like a second skin and Louise could see it had ridden up on one side of her crotch, revealing a tantalising glimpse of the bulge of her outer pussy lips. As Asifa stretched for a towel on a nearby counter, her thigh muscles became taught and the tendons at the inside top of her left leg stretched, causing her bikini bottom to pull away a little and allow a strand of pubic hair to slip out. Louise was mesmerised.

Worse was to come, when Asifa leaned over her to reach a sarong sitting on the next seat and the firm globes of her buttocks came within touching distance. Louise could smell scented lotion on Asifa’s skin and felt the warmth of her body in that brief moment – and her pussy betrayed her thoughts, oozing wetness at the sight of the gorgeous brown nymph.

In a rather poor attempt putting Asifa at ease, Louise said, ” Oh don’t worry about those ‘urges’. We all have them and we all get carried away by them at times.”

“I guess you’re right Louise, but I had a rather strict upbringing and that meant keeping my urges very much in check. Men were the ones who had urges, and I was always told my job as a woman was to endure such urges on the part of my husband, but to be sure to allow him his sexual pleasure whenever he wanted.”

“What about your pleasure?”

“What about it? My mother taught me to be demure, restrain myself and resist y carnal needs. ‘It’s not how women were made’ was her refrain.” Asifa mimicked the heavily accented English of her mother and flashed Louise a smile, as though to suggest she shouldn’t be worried that she was getting too serious.

“Anyway. The good thing about all that restraint early on was that when I met Kal I found his open-minded views both refreshing and liberating. I guess you could say that marriage to him has been a journey of self-discovery; cliché though that may be.”

“Wow. There’s a lot more to you than you let on Asifa. Your playful nature does a good job of covering up that serious mind”.”

“Yeah, but the playful bit is all me too! canlı kaçak iddaa I figured that when you and Jack heard about Kal settling down you’d be a bit surprised that he could do such thing, but don’t worry. I’m every bit as adventurous as he is and we were both hoping this vacation would be just that, an adventure …”

Louise got up from her seat and deposited her coffee cup in the dishwasher, then she had a good stretch, flinging her arms up and curving her back as she remarked, “Okay, now I get the ‘You don’t mind if I get a little sun on my boobs’ remark yesterday.” I thought you were just behaving out of character, but you weren’t, you were just being yourself, having fun!”

“You got it Louise!”

“Oh, please call me Lou, Asifa.”

“I thought that was Jack’s pet name for you?”

“Well Jack’s not here and I think I’ve just found a best friend in you Asifa. So you get to call me Lou. You can even call me Lou Lou, if you’re being extra affectionate.”

Louise was seemingly unaware that her stretching had pulled up her camisole to reveal her shaven pussy mound but Asifa had noticed and she gave Louise a downward glance as if to say, “Hey there! Seen what you’re flashing?”

Louise was suddenly embarrassed and pulled at her camisole but Asifa dismissed her embarrassment with a laugh. “Don’t worry about that Lou, it’s not like I haven’t got one of my own!”

Louise started laughing too and turned to get showered and changed for the day when Asifa, speaking softly, said, “Come here a second Lou.”

Louise stepped over to Asifa, who pt he arms around her and pulled her in close. Bringing her face close to Louise’s Asifa said, “Thanks for being so easy to get on with Lou Lou. I’ve never really spoken about my upbringing with anyone except Kal, but you just seemed right to talk with. Thanks for not letting me down.” With that Asifa put one had around the back of Louise’s head and leaned in to give her a gentle kiss on the lips. It was only as a suddenly flushed Louise was stepping away from Asifa that she realised that her other hand had reached around to give her left butt cheek a gentle fondle. The touch of Asifa’s hand on her partially bare flesh made Louise gasp and she returned the kiss with one of her own, albeit lingering just that little bit longer on Asifa’s rosebud mouth. Pulling back to look at her, Louise whispered, “Thank you too my sweet Asifa.” With that, she pulled away and headed for the shower.

Louise stripped and stepped into the hot shower but she was shivering. Asifa had really gotten to her. It wasn’t just that she was a beautiful woman with a simply gorgeous body she also just a lovely human being. Her openness and cheerful personality canlı kaçak bahis coupled with her sexually open mind and keenness for adventure made her fiercely attractive to Louise. Of course Asifa did have an arse to die for and a smile that gave Louise butterflies; which is why Louise now leaned against the wall of the shower and tugged gently at her nipples as she replayed the images of the curve of Asifa’s buttocks as they stretched taught her bikini bottoms and the soft firmness of her belly, which drew her eyes down to the treasure hidden at the base of her luscious pubic mound.

“Oh fuck … Asifa … Fuck, fuck, fuck me darling, lick me, fuck me …” Louise muttered to herself as she fingered her pussy. Now she leaned against the wall with one palm flat against the tiles and the water drumming a sensuous beat on her back as she crossed her thighs around her rapidly moving hand.

Louise slipped to the floor of the shower and her thighs fell open as she pulled gently at her labia. She had long pussy lips and they responded to her touch by swelling and spreading, making way for her fingers to push deep into the wet silkiness of her cunt. Frigging harder and faster, Louise scissored her fingers along the cleft of her pussy, siding them up and down in rapid movements. Each time she thrust downwards, her clit made contact with the skin between her fingers and shot pleasure through her whole body.

Louise kneeled and pawed at her own arse cheeks as she continued to fuck herself with her fingers. Her mouth was open and she panted as she shivered and fucked and moaned and played images of Asifa over and over in her mind. Asifa’s arse, firm brown globes which Louise imagined licking and biting and thrusting her face into. Asifa’s breasts, with their small thick nipples which Louise imagined sucking, and nipping at with her teeth. Asifa’s lovely thighs, which Louise imagined being wrapped around her head as she ate her pussy, licking her slit and fucking her tangy cunthole with her tongue.

“Asifa … Asifa … Oh fuck! Fuck me, Lick me! Fuck! Fuck!” Louise pistoned her fingers in and out of her pussy with wild abandon and now slapped herself on her arse cheeks ass she ground her cunt against her hand and rubbed her breasts ad erect nipples against the shower wall.

With a shudder and a long, deep groan of pleasure Louise came – mouth open and breath rasping as she clutched at her pussy and squeezed her thighs tight against her hand.

Louise fell against the shower wall and the water rained don on her as she sobbed gently to herself in sheer delight. “Oh Asifa … Fuck me … Fuck me … Love me … You lovely, gorgeous, wonderful woman …”

Back on her knees now, Louise breathed slow and heavy as she allowed the sheer pleasure of her cum to wash through and over her. And she had one thought in her mind. What was she going to do now? Now that she had come to the realisation that she wanted to fuck her new best friend.



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