Front Desk Help Part 1This was originally posted as in my blog.I work for a major hotel as a late night desk clerk. You see a lot of crazy shit working late nights at hotels. Guests trying to sneak people into their rooms, fights, police stings, even some people trying to make a porn movie – seen just about everything. The hotel has a policy of having two people working the front desk on the night shift. I work with Rosie, a sweet, thick filapina who always manages to drive me to distraction. We’ve been working together for about a year and we flirt with each other constantly, especially if nothing’s happening (which is the norm). She’s about 5′ 1″, has sweet DD-cup tits, and an ass to die for. One night, I was checking in a couple and Rosie was running the night audit reports. The blond lady kept bending over the counter, giving me a lovely view of her cleavage. Rosie noticed me trying not to look, but I kept my cool, and was able to get the couple checked in. After they boarded the elevator, Rosie said, “you know, my tits are bigger than hers”. Without missing a beat, I said, “maybe so, but I think she has bigger nips.” “Bullshit”, Rosie shot back. “Prove it!” I said. Rosie gave me this pouty look and then walked over and pulled down the neckline of her blouse. I got a great view of her tits which caused my dick to swell. Me, feigning that I wasn’t impressed said, “they’re nice Rosie but all I saw kurtköy escort was the top of your tits”. Rosie smiled and said, “I’m gonna show you something that will have you beating your dick later.” She bent down and unbuttoned her blouse and lifted those tits from her bra. My mouth dropped!! Large areolae and big brown nipples, sweet!! My face gave me away, but before I could say something, she said, “let me see that black dick”. I calmly whipped out my thick dick. She smiled and said, “how about breakfast when we get off from work?” 7am couldn’t get there fast enough. After work, we went to a local diner for breakfast. After breakfast, Rosie said “I don’t live far from here. Let’s go to my place so I can get some of that dick”. “Don’t be coy, Rosie”, I laughed. “Take me to your place”.We barely got in the door before she was dropping to her knees and releasing my dick. “I’ve been thinking about this all night”, she said as took my dick into her mouth. Before long, she was slurping loudly and squeezing my nuts. She deep-throated my root several times. “You want to cum in my mouth baby? she asked. “Jesus, Rosie you’re gonna make me cum if you keep doing that”, I said. She throated me again and came up, grab my dick, and led me to her couch. “We’ve got all day”, she hissed as she put my dick back into her mouth. While she was bobbing, I was trying to strip my filipina angel. She stood up and stripped kaynarca escort the rest of her clothes off while I frantically got out of mine. She wrapped those double-D puppies around my dick and proceeded to tit-fuck me for all she was worth. A few minutes of this and I knew I wasn’t going to hold off much longer. “Rosie, suck me”, I barked. With that, Rosie started throating my dick again and squeezing my nuts. “SSSHHIITT!!” I screamed as I blew my nuts down her talented throat. Rosie did not spill a drop! Fucking talented indeed! “You taste great but you got some work to do”, she said. I flipped her over as she spread her legs. I practically dove on her sweet, juicy pussy. ” Yes, suck my clit”, she hissed. I worked her clit with my tongue and slid a couple of fingers into her dripping pussy. “OOOHH”, she screamed as she started squirming. I stuck my tongue deep into her pussy and started slowly fucking her with it. On the out stroke, my tongue would flick her clit. Rosie was pounded the couch with her fists as I increased the pace of my tongue action. “OOOOHHHH SHHHIIITTTT!! AGGGHHHH!!”, Rosie screamed as she grabbed my head and came all over my face. “Come on and fuck me daddy!!” she said. I moved up and slid my dick into her wet, hungry pussy. Her hands griped my ass as I started to pound her. “That’s it daddy! Fuck me FUUUCCKK MEEE!!” she screamed as she came again. After a while, I had kartal escort her get on top of me so I could suck on her beautiful tits. We kissed deeply as she lowered herself back on my dick. I then started sucking on those tits. First the left one, then the right one, and then placing both nipples into my mouth and gently nipping them with my teeth. She held my head tightly against her chest as I continued sucking both nipples. “Yeah baby, suck mommy’s titties” she cried as she bounced on my dick. She came again and I could feel her juices running over my nuts. “I want it doggy daddy” she whined. I bent her over the arm of the couch and proceeded to fuck her very deeply. I smacked that sexy brown ass as she ground against me. “You were very naughty teasing me”, I said to her as I smacked that ass. “OOHH DADDY!! she hissed. “You my baby?” I asked as I smacked her ass again. “Yes” she hissed. “Say it again boo – LOUDER!!”, I demanded. “YES, I’M YOUR BABY!! I’M CUMMING AGAIN, SHIITT!!” she screamed. I could feel my nuts tightening but I wanted to look into her eyes when I cum. I put her on her back again and placed her feet on my chest. “OOOH SHIT DADDY, YOU’RE SO FUCKIN’ DEEP”, she giggled. We both watch as my dick started pistoning in her wet hole. After a while, she started creaming on my dick. “AAAGGGHHHH” she screamed as she came again. “ROSIE, SHITTT” I hissed as I fired deeply into her milking pussy. After I emptied my balls, Rosie said, “Wow!! That was great!! You’re staying here today” “Rosie, your tits are bigger than what’s-her-name”, I said. She laughed and I knew we were going to have some great times together.



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