I walk up to the door of the bar, nervously anticipating your arrival there shortly. I was thinking of coming in jeans and a T-shirt but you told me to come in something a little looser fitting. You were insistent on this detail, although I was unclear as to why. So I came in a light blue button down shirt and a pair of black slacks that while not too loose allowed ample movement.

As I entered through the doors I see an outer room. Several pool tables are scattered about, and customers are milling around. My eye is transfixed by the corner of the room. You are standing there with a pair of skin tight jeans on, hugging your curves so well it is obvious you don’t have any panties on. Only the 8 ball is left near the right corner pocket and you are ready to knock it in. I notice 2 C notes on the table. Realizing you have put a little wager on the table, I hang back, knowing that I don’t want to distract your shot.

A gentleman about 5’8″, taller than you and trying hard to prove something, gets near your back. It is obvious that you sense his presence behind you as he reaches to distract you by grabbing your ass. One hand reaches behind you to slap his hand away as the other smoothly knocks the 8 ball into the corner pocket.

You catch me out of the corner of your eye, as the gentleman “with posse” comes back to your table. The guy looks intently at you and says, “Nice game, care for a rematch?”

“Put 100 on the table and you’re on,” you reply.

“No, I meant a more ‘private party,'” the gentleman says as he reaches to grab your hand that is resting on the pool table.

You pull your hand away from him, as he notices you eyeing and me in the corner of the room. He slinks away dejected as his group noisily makes its way out of the bar. You go back to rubbing chalk on the tip of your cue stick until you see a C note placed down by your hand. Your eyes slowly rise until you see me standing next to you. “You’re going to lose,” you say as your hand trails down my chest.

“Even if I lose, I win,” I smirk as you give a sly little laugh and start racking up the balls on the table.

“It’s your hundred,” you tell me as you flick your tongue out at me. An erection starts to rise in my pants that you notice and smile at.

“Money well spent,” I reply.

The game goes on for a few minutes back and forth. You are knocking all of the solids off the table. I fear that I am not going to even get one shot in before you get a chance at the 8 ball. Not noticing me getting near, and being a little more subtle than the guy you played before, as you lean in to strike one of the balls you feel my hand trail up your inner thigh and you hit the cue ball to the right of where you were attempting to aim and scratch. You can feel yourself getting instantly wet between your legs, and are not really güvenilir bahis sure that you should be wearing these jeans much longer for fear of showing off for the whole bar.

I go to knock in a couple of the striped balls, smiling and taunting you a bit. As I lean in to strike one of them you get revenge and grab the erection in my pants, it gets even harder as you have it in my hands and I put the cue ball all of two inches on the table. A moan escapes my lips as you laugh aloud and calmly go to striking the last couple of balls you have on the table. This time you are keenly aware of my presence at all times. When you get to the 8 ball you grab me and position me at the other end of the table. I laugh and stand there as you bend over to strike the cue ball. Your breasts are in ample view as you give me a smirk and hit the 8 ball into the side pocket. You blow me a kiss and stand up as you look for your case and begin to unscrew your cue stick.

I laugh a little to myself and then get close to you and whisper in your ear, “I have a stick that’s a lot more fun to play with than that.

You shove the case at me and a set of keys as you tell me to put the case in the car. You grab a bag that is sitting by a chair and tell me to put the case in the car while you freshen up and to meet you in the other room in the bar. You slink off to the restroom your hips swaying as you give me the desired effect and my cock jumps in my pants.

The brisk night air somewhat tempers the effect that you have on me as I unlock your car and put the case inside, smelling your heady perfume as I get into the car reminds me of you and it springs to life once again. I re-enter the bar only this time passing past the front room and into a large wooden, somewhat dimly lit room with a bar tender, a bar several stools and a few booths scattered about.

I sit down at the bar and wait till I get the bar tenders attention. “Snake bite,” I ask for as you enter the room. You are standing in a longish flee flowing dress, all maroon and lovely with a large slit up the side that you can only notice if you are straddling something. The top forms your bust perfectly and while you are not wearing a bra and your nipples are very erect being turned on, the dress color hides the ability of anyone to see that. The tone of your dress accents your skin perfectly as you make your way up to me. My back is facing you as you sneak up on me from behind and flick your tongue at my earlobe. Shivers run up and down my spine as I slowly begin to sip my drink.

I try to play it cool but by now anyone who has a set of eyes will be able to see my hard cock standing straight up in my pants. You reach around my waist and begin to feel my cock in your hands and catch the bartender’s eyes. My cock is jumping in your hands as you yell at him to get you the türkçe bahis usual. The drink comes to you as I turn around in my stool to look at you.

I begin to get a good look at the bar room. It’s woody and earthy and dark. One can’t really see very well at the bar itself and as the room fans out to all the edges you can barely see the faces on anyone. I quickly begin to understand why you would like a place like this so much as you pull my face down to you to get my attention. As our lips meet the electricity in the kiss can be felt down each of our bodies. All of the other patrons of the bar are into their own little worlds as you begin to straddle my lap and kiss me deeply.

My hands find their way up the slit of your dress as I reach around to cup your cute butt. A startled look on my face occurs as I realize that you aren’t wearing any panties still. Your hand quickly finds its way up to my lips as you stop me from saying anything. I can feel my zipper in my pants being lowered as you dress is giving us nice coverage on the bar. A smile turns to a smirk on your face when you realize that I am not wearing any underwear either and my cock pops right out from my pants. I failed to notice what you were doing with your hands as you tied a band around them behind my back so I really couldn’t reach to grab anything anymore.

You readjusted yourself as you slowly slid yourself down my cock. Your pussy was dripping wet as it was obvious that you were turned on by our little play and what we were about to do next. A smirk crawls across your face as you notice that everyone is into their own little worlds and none paying attention to you or what you are doing. You grind up against me as you kiss me again deeply and passionately. The stool creeks a bit under your rocking on my lap.

A woman pulls up to the stool next to us as you continue to grind against me. A low moan escapes my lips as the woman looks over and sees the two of us kissing. You look at her and she winks at you. “I’ll have whatever he is having,” the woman tells the bartender as he goes back to prepare the snake bite. You laugh a little and nibble at my tongue as our kiss grows more deep and passionate. As the woman gets her drink from the bartender and he heads back to the other end of the bar talking to someone you see the woman wink at you as she leaves, subtly letting you know that she knows what we are doing and approves.

The grinding against my cock gets harder as it pulsates inside you. You can feel it throbbing inside your wetness. It’s like my heartbeat is inside you as it rubs inside you and catches you around your g-spot. A moan escapes your lips as I kiss you deeper. You are enjoying every sensation, every stare, every glance, even if they can’t know for sure what we are doing, anyone who sees us has a clue. My cock dances inside you güvenilir bahis siteleri as you begin to bounce on it up and down a little. Another moan escapes my lips as we cause the bar stool to creek that much more loudly. Your grinding up against me gets harder and more intense as I can feel you bounce and grind faster and faster on my cock.

The head of it expands as I continue to thrust up into you again and again, moaning and grinding and kissing you passionately. You jump a little as you realize that my hands have slipped from the bonds that you placed around them and were cupping the curves of your hips and your ass as we rocked into each other again and again. We are moaning into each others mouths, heedless of what is going on around us. You can feel my cock grazing your clit again and again as it begins to expand inside you thrusting harder and faster. Bouncing up and down you hear my mouth moan out your name. The sound brings you to the very edge or orgasm.

Your juices are running down your legs and onto my pants as we grind harder and faster, both us on the precipice, feeling our bodies give in fully to the pleasure, not caring who is seeing or what is going on around us. Your head begins to rock wildly as I grind harder and faster inside you my cock sizzling hot inside you throbbing and pulsating, grinding, faster, harder. . You moan loudly and that brings me to the edge as I cum hard inside you. The feeling of me cumming inside you brings you over the edge as you spasm wildly on my leg. Our juices mingling together and running down the length of my cock.

Our bodies slowly wind down as you can feel our sweat and fluids on the front of my pants. Part of you is turned on all over again, wanting the evening to continue. Part of you is satiated with all the pleasure, and somewhat pleased as you see all the patrons still busying about with all the drinking and carousing themselves. A worried look overtakes your face as you get a bit of a pouty lip. “What are you going to do hun, about your pants,” you say with a little giggle and a slight smirk on your face.

“Don’t worry, I came prepared,” I reply as I zip up my pants and make my way outside to grab something. You sit down and finish your drink and then head back to the pool table area, wondering what I have in mind. I bring in something that you cannot see from your vantage point as I disappear into the restroom. You get another drink from the bartender in the front room area and you start to feel a little put out as I seem to be taking a little longer than you think I should.

A minute later I exit the restroom. A big grin escapes your face as you see me exit the restroom in a black shirt and black kilt. “Mmmmm the things I could think of to do with that,” you say as I come up to you and kiss you. “How are you wearing it?”

“Regimental of course. The better to make wild passionate love to you with.”

You smile and grab my hand as we exit the bar. You feel a little bit like red riding hood, excited to see what happens next as we exit the bar.



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