from sitter to tutorhello fellow writers, readers I would like to share yet another story with you in hope’s that you will enjoy and have great pleasure when reading like you have in previous ones.another situation that occurred with Shelley…yes you guessed it the same Shelley as my babysitter when i was a young boy whom later became my girlfriend but that is another totally different story.besides being a great babysitter and beautiful she is a math tutor..which was not my strong subject so she would help me my home work from time to time and even reward me when I got an answer right with clothes coming off a kiss here and there and everywhere and when my test came back with a good grade she would let me do a lot more even go all the way with her.So I brought it up with my parents and she would get paid extra and I would throw in some extra too “ wink ” “ wink ”it was on a weekend a Saturday to be exact around 11 or so i had nothing going on so i decided to do my homework and get it over with.i was working on fraction multiplications at first it was somewhat easy but I stumbled to some more difficult problems I decided to ask Shelley for help so I dialed her number..she answered….Shelley: hello.. me: hi shelley i was wondering if you would be as able to help me with my math problems…ill even ask my parents to take me over to your house…if your able to of course… Shelley: sure hon…anything for my baby…I’ll be waiting for you at home… come right OK, see you then.Shelley: OK sweetie… i hung up and yelled.. me: mom!!! parents: yes. . me: can you take me over to Shelley’s house please, i need help with my home work.. parents: OK sure.So they dropped me off at shelley house, Shelley came out to help me in. she said hi to my parents and they left. she then helped me into the living room and handed me the control to watch TV.Shelley: I’ll be right back let me change and freshen up..i was at the laundry mat when you called, I’ll be back shortly.. now you be good and don’t watch nothing x rated ok..she said with smile..when she came back i was speechless…she came back in see through lingerie it was a nice red one she looked stunning. she helped me get on the sofa i took out my math book my notebook and pencil, so we got down to business.Although I must admit it was difficult to concentrate to be quite honest.She caught me staring at her voluptuous beautiful kaynarca escort firm breast as firm and around as Lela Star as big as Jasmine Black, her skin was smooth dark brown chocolaty just like diamond jackson they were amazing.She caught me and she asked are you enjoying your self are you loving the view?I then responded yes I am… Shelley: you little devil..what am I going to do you with you she said with a devious lovely smile.She took away my books and pencils she proceeded to unzip my pants and stuck her hand in my superman underwear and took out my part..Shelley: how is my little friend doing huh.. its been a while since i’ve seen him.. has he missed me, I sure miss him.. I miss holding him.. kissing him.. putting him In my mouth…Is he nice and hard for me Is ready to be treated good.. Is he ready to be massaged, stroked, licked, sucked dried out.. lets have a looksie.. oh my that’s my big boy…oh he is definitely ready… he looks wonderfully delicious nice and hard but I think I can get it harder nice and firm very stiff for auntie Shelley just like the way I like you want me to give you a nice blow job or do you want to get tittie fucked or would you like to stick It In auntie Shelley sweet juicy fat pussy or do you want me to sit on It so you can stick It In this big ass ?Shelley: i’ll tell you what baby.. let me kiss it and lick it around slow motion nice loong I will lick it like im eating an ice cream comb so just let me lick this lolly pop like a tootsie roll lolly pop.. and seee how many licks it takes to get the juice all in my mouth so I will put it all in my mouth inch by inch all the way to my throat I would also suck your balls pull a bit nibble on them as I would stroke your dick up and down.. up and down.. slowly gently delicately caressing your dick..Me:uhummmm…im liking thisI was a happy camper with this great treatment.Shelley:are you enjoying this baby are you liking what auntie shelley is doing to you.. because I sure am baby….I love the taste of your nice hard dick in my mouth. I love sucking the tip of your manhood, your no little boy..not any more.. She starts sucking it faster and faster and faster tighter and firmer deep nice long swirl licks up and down she starts loosening up and gets a little more into it I hear gagging sounds up and down up and down up and down…licks all around and kisses it and spits on it…me: orhanlı escort oh yes that feels so good.. Shelley: you like big daddy.. does it feel good.. me: oh yes I like..I like..t feel sooo good love how my part feels in your wet warm mouth along with the tightness of your beautiful lips Shelley: baby I think you ready for auntie shelley to sit on your hard delicious dick…would you like that??Me: yes of course.. please do.. She then climbs on me and opens her legs holding my part in her hand and inserts it in her sliding it in slowly inch by inch sitting on me, she had no panties on.she starts kissing me on the lips kisses me on the neck whispers in my ear : I love you baby.. auntie Shelley going to take real good care of you baby, im going to fuck you soo fucken good your not going to want to stop fucking me baby.. she then continued to go up and down up and down as I was holding her by the waist I could feel my part sliding up and inside of her tight part her beautiful breast were in my face and I was enjoying watching them go up and down against my face, her nipple were very hard and perky.. I removed my hands from her waist and grabbed her breast and started to rub them massage them firmly with my hands I sucked on her nipples sucked on he breast I might have done It a bit hard though, I lift some hickies on them.Shelley: hmm yes baby.. feels so good.. that dick is doing good to my pussy.. I can feel that dick all the way in my ovaries feels so damn good baby.. uhummmmyess.. inDeed……oh yes.. yess..hummm feels so wonderful… she got some excited and just went faster and faster and faster..Shelley: oh yes baby give it to me… fuck me.. fuck me!!! oh yeah baby oh god yes…yes… give it to me.. fuck my pussy.. oh yes!.. oh shiieett yess.. that a boy…. break aunties Shelley’s pussy baby.. uhuh uhuh uhuh uhaaaa yess.. oh baaabyy!!! auntie likes.. auntie likes….dont stop.. dont stop.. dont stop.. keep going baby….aaahhh yes.. it was getting louder and louderaaaahh yess… baby yess…fuck yess!!! oh my God yes…..uhuh uhuh aahhh huhumm fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck… oh yes fuck me hard SOB!!! your so fucken good baby….she was grabbing on the sofa and jumping up and down her breast were somewhat flapping up and down they were very nice and firm covered in sweat my part was banging against her’s hard.. you could hear the slaps sounds as we were tepeören escort doing it.she was goin up and down full speed.She then let out a last aahh moaning sound trying to catch her breath she had just let out some juice all over my part she then leans on me with a tender loving hug wrapping her arms around my neck and kisses me with love at that moment I knew she was the one.After some relaxation she asked me if I wanted to taste her.. to eat her up.. I didn’t hesitate to say yes, I’d love to.Shelley:ok baby just lay down here on the sofa.. you know what? better yet let me take you to my bedroom you will be more comfortable there.we left the living room and everything else we were both naked and covered in sweat and with sex odor our parts were covered with each others juice.She carried me into the bedroom and laid me down on the bed and climbed in to the bed and as I was laying there staring at her amazing figure reminded me of kate upton full figure, she crawled towards me and positioned her self over my face putting her part right on my mouth.Her part smelled so good looked delicious nice and smooth and tasted even better.I started to lick and suck on her part a kiss small pecks here and there then I french kissed It proceed it to lick it again up and down side to side circle wise hmm boy was she delicious..shelley: oh baby.. your tongue does wonderful things to my wet pussy..oh lord.. yess.. uhumm yes oh yes oh baby.. you do It just right just like I like It.. she was moving back and forward slowly on my face at times her tummy would be on my forehead with her movement of back and forth and circle movement with her nice rounded firm ass, as big as j lo as firm as jade jewels.I continued to eat her faster and deeper, she was rocking faster and faster movement was so fast I thought the bed would breakshelley: now thats how you eat pussy baby.. oh god yes baby.. uhuh…hmmmm.. good boy.. my goodness.. yes baby.. yess.. yes god yes!!… uww you eat that pussy.. baaabyyy.. oh shiiieeett!!.. fuck yeah..fuck.. fuck… fuck.. thats my baby!!auntie likes… auntie likes.. oh lord…your a hungry little boy aren’t you… aaahhh yesss….her juice squirted all over my face and I loved it..Shelley: oh baby that was so good.. loved every minute of it.. you were amazing baby… we laid in bed together cuddling kissing talking eventually we got to my homework ha ha ha…once we got cleaned up and dressed she drove me home gave me a nice kiss good night before parents came and got me.. hope you enjoyed reading the story leave your comments any suggestions share your similar experiences cant wait to read them as well.. til next time



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