From a Voice-over to a facial paint-jobBoarding school was many things to me, but language, the art of communication, meant one could convey eroticism, to the necessary level required, to excite and orgasm.I realize that to excite and orgasm might not make sense, but I bet you get my meaning.I was still a stripling of a girl, 14 to be exact, when I was propositioned into reading a sound-over for a home movie, in which it was more for the feminine voice than the prose, the only problem was my age, a girl reading into a microphone, talking like a slut, engaging in hot raw sex, enacted by a couple of prostitutes and an old man.The girls had great bodies and knew how to excite a man and make him shoot sperm 3′ across a room, but they were non English, hence my proposition, read and speak for them, my girlish prose and accent, adding another dimension to the raw fucking on screen.Jonas sat opposite me, daddy went outside and took a walk, ‘Mariel, you’re a young woman now, and sex will soon play a big part in your life, so why not start here, and earn some good money for spending’, he concluded, before introducing me to Jonas, a 56 something of a man, with a growing bulge in his pants, as he eyed me up and down, still clad in my school uniform.’Here’, he pointed to a soft leather chair, ‘sit here Mariel’, and as I went to where he bade, his hand touched my shoulder.I settled comfortably into the soft warm leather, the smell made my nostrils canlı bahis flare, leather and contact with my skin had a special bond with me, I wonder what he would think if he could see my buttocks quiver as the leather bit in deep and caused them to swell in large welts, six of the best could trigger an orgasm in me, but that’s another story for the BDSM aficionados.’So Mariel, has daddy explained what it is I require to be done’? I looked at him as he hovered close to me, and as I turned to look up at him, the bulge his swollen cock was making in my face, brought a smile to me lips, more for its obviousness, and I have to admit, I was beginning to wonder if daddy had promised him some u******e sex with me, rather than filthy mouthings.I looked up into his craggy face, my eyes dwelling on his manhood as I looked over the bump constrained beneath the cloth of his pants. ‘Yes he did’, I answered. He smiled, ‘would you like a private screening and see if you could be comfortable with the required reading’?I took a few moments before answering, letting him sweat, I am sure he wanted to watch me watch his porn movie, a lot of men like to do that, perhaps enticing me to get wet and crave for some cock, my age adding to the holy grail of fucking.’Do you have a copy on DVD’?I was right, his smile disappeared and look of desperation flashed across his face. ‘Well’, he fought for the right words, ‘I was sort of hoping you could watch it bahis siteleri here and perhaps give me an example of your ability, to commute the same meaning.’Will you inform people of my age’?’Yes I was thinking it would add another dimension to the watching’, I smiled, he could be read like a book. ‘Ok lets try a bit’.I got up out of the seat and removed my jacket, took my tie off and undid a couple of buttons to my blouse, noting his facial features change as each button slipped from its fastener and revealed the flesh underneath.’You find it too warm Mariel’, I shook my main of shock blond hair, ‘No not really, I just like the sense of freedom’, I answered, and as if to emphasize that point I undid another one, between my budding breasts, releasing them to his gaze, smiling as I did so.We watched in silence, well I did, he was busy watching me as I drank in and absorbed the crude and explicit fuck scenes, the girls going to work on the huge cock with their mouths, licking his balls and sucking them into their mouths.He stopped it mid-stream, and asked me what I thought, ‘Good’ I said, I like it, ‘it makes you horny’.The look on his face was priceless, ‘Really, you think so Mariel’, I nodded my consent.’The dialog, you understand what they were saying’? Again I nodded.’I love cock, I want to taste your cock, suck it and swallow your cum’. His eyes lit up.I must confess I shocked myself, but I felt a synergy with the woman saying, güvenilir bahis it came easy to say.’In that same scene’, I pointed out, ‘she wanted him to put his cock in her friend so she could taste her vaginal juices as she sucked his cock’, hi hand fell on his swollen crotch and I saw him squeeze himself.’Do you need to wank yourself’, I asked him, adding, ‘I can watch you if you want me too’.He undid his flies and eased his hard penis out and started to stroke it up and down.My lips were dry as I drew my moist tongue across them, I uncrossed my legs and let them lie open in a very unladylike fashion, and as he stroked himself faster I knew he was close, ‘Cum on my face’, I said it, it was out before I could stop myself, and he came across to me and released his pent up passion across my girlish face, thick yellowish semen, acrid with a strong spunky smell, coating my pink lips and up my nostrils, cutting my air supply and causing me to open my mouth and taste his semen as it dropped into my girlish cavern, followed by his cock, the head of it pushing hard against my tonsils, he pumped himself into my throat.I at still for a few moments as his swelling subsided in my mouth. ‘Your daddy never said you were a cock hungry bitch’.I looked up at him and smiled, his semen coming out of solution and his seminal fluid running down my face.I reached up and encircled his flaccid cock, using my hand to hold him as I licked him clean and nuzzled his ball sack.He handed me a towel to wipe his cum from my eyes, now stinging, and as I wiped he took the opportunity to drop his hand down my blouse an have a feel of my tit.’God I want to fuck you’, I smiled again.



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