The thought that Ben had heard her loud moans in the shower mortified Jenna. But what was she supposed to think, that saucy little grin of his, smirking at her across the chopped vegetable. She tried not to look at him, instead busying herself in the cupboards and then the fridge. His soft whistling of Some Enchanted Evening was becoming a bit annoying. Usually she found it sweet and cute; right now maybe because of the embarrassment of thinking he had heard her solo routine in the shower she was bothered.

“Dinner will be ready in about 15 minutes, if you can wait.” He continued to watch his hands chopped the vegetable, occasionally reaching to the fry pan on the stove and stirring the chicken.

“Are you ever going to let me make dinner for you?” She replied pulling a dinner bun from the bag on the counter, tearing a chunk off and popping it in her mouth.

“Of course, but you didn’t look up to making dinner when you came in and I have a date tonight.”

“A date? With a girl?” Jenna flushed crimson when she realized what had just popped out of her mouth.

“Yes with a girl. You expected something else?” The quizzical look on his face made her giggle.

“Ahh, no…” Jenna stammered, flustered and embarrassed at the thoughts she had earlier.

“Since you’re here and I want to grab a shower. Can you finish this and boil some rice?”

“Sure,” Jenna said stepping into his spot at the island as he stepped away, she could feel the blood rise in her face again at the word shower and tried not to look at him. “Dinner will be ready when you’re done.”

With a nod over his shoulder Ben sauntered from the kitchen. Jenna heard the water tank whine to life when he started the shower. She pictured him naked, stepping into the shower, his rippled abs and muscled thighs straining as he stepped into the stall. Shock registered in her head when she realized she was thinking of her recent benefactor naked. Her afternoon with Josh and then the solo performance in the shower had her senses on high alert. Occupying herself with setting the table, she had to silently name everything around her to distract herself from the sexy thoughts running in her mind. The attempt failed, she kept coming back to Ben standing naked under the hot water, his skin shiny and warm. She fantasized about watching his soapy hands sliding over his chest and down to his groin.

“Jenna, stop it!!”

“Stop illegal bahis what?”

“Uhm, nothing. I have a bad habit of talking to myself.” Jenna had to stifle a gasp when she turned to face him. Ben was dressed in a perfectly cut grey blazer and black denim jeans. His white button down shirt with a thin black stripe was flawlessly pressed and his black boots freshly shined. He was striking, his dark hair combed neatly into place and his usually scruffy jaw clean shaven. She could smell his aftershave from where she stood and he smelled good enough to eat.

“I’ll remember that,” Ben took his place at the table, reaching for a dinner roll. “I shouldn’t be too late tonight; a friend is having a showing at the gallery downtown and I promised I would make an appearance. What are your plans for tonight?”

“After the day I had, I think I’ll just curl up with a movie and try to get some sleep.”

“You didn’t look good when you got back.”

“I wasn’t feeling too great either, but the shower helped.”

“I bet it did,” that curious smile crept across his face again.

“What kind of art?” Jenna couldn’t help wonder how much of her solo performance he had heard.

“Photography, Maria has been all over the world, she has some of the most amazing shots, especially from Africa.” Jenna liked watching him talk about the things he loved, and photography was one of them. The living room walls were covered in his own remarkable work. He became so animated when he spoke of his passions; his family, his carpentry, his photography. She was curious to see what else he was passionate about.

“Have a good evening” Ben said, they finished dinner in a comfortable silence before Ben got up cleared his place and headed for the door.

“I think ill clean the kitchen and see if there is anything in your movie selections that strikes my fancy.”

“Sounds like nice quiet evening, have fun.”

“Thanks, you too.” Jenna started to clear the rest of the table.

“Good night.” He said and was gone out the door before she could respond.

Jenna put the leftovers in the fridge, making a mental note that they were there for reheating later. Wiped the counters down and started the dishwasher. Clicking the lights off when she left the room in search of a good movie.

Ben had a remarkable home theatre set up in the family room, a big screen TV and surround sound system that illegal bahis siteleri would rival any theatre in the country. His movie selection wasn’t too shabby either. She wondered if his taste in movies was really that eclectic or if he bought them to make someone else happy. There were some serious chick flicks in the selection as well as some pretty raw war movies. Jenna picked a chick flick and popped it into the player before settling into the cushions on the overstuff sofa and adjusted the volume. Pulling the throw off the back of the couch, she snuggled deeper into the cushions and began to relax.

Jenna wasn’t sure what woke her, she wasn’t even sure when she fell asleep, but the TV was off and so were all the light. Closing her eyes again she lay still trying to decide whether to curl back into the cushions or get up and go to bed.

“What was that?” Jenna’s eyes popped open and she looked around to see what could be the source of the sound. “Come on Jenna, it’s nothing, your imagination.” Her body relaxed again, her eyes fluttered closed. The sound this time made her sit up straight her eyes wide open. Straining to make out where it was coming from, the sound was unmistakeable.

“Oh my God.” The soft mewling of someone being pleasured was what Jenna was hearing, but where was it coming from, the TV was off and she was sure she was alone in the house.

“Oh Maria,”

“That was Ben’s voice; he must have come home while I was sleeping.” Glancing at the glowing numbers on the DVD player, the time read 12:20.

“Oh yes!” This voice was undeniably feminine, as mixture of lounge singer and lover. “Oh Ben, yes.”

Jenna was listening to Ben make love to his friend Maria and it sounded like she was having a very good time. Knowing she should go to her room and let them have their privacy, the sounds of her fantasy kept her riveted to her spot. The intermittent whimpers from ‘Maria’ were enticing; Jenna had always loved the sound of lovers in the throes of passion. The sounds were exciting and erotic.

Jenna relaxed back against the sofa cushions closed her eyes and listened to the lovers in another room. Unable to stop herself, her hands found their way beneath the terry robe she wore. Listening to the mummers from Ben and his friend were inviting. Knowing she couldn’t just march in and join their games she satisfied herself with listening, her fingers exploring canlı bahis siteleri her own body, imagining they were Ben’s hands touching her. She squeezed one nipple and then the other, both instantly forming hard pink peaks begging to be touched. Putting a long slender finger in her mouth, she wetted it and ran the saliva drenched digit around an erect nipple, making it strain taunt into a stiff point.

“Oh Ben, more” It was the woman’s voice again “Don’t… stop… Don’t…stop” her voice in heavy rasping groans.

Jenna’s fingers traced lower on her naked skin, drawing lazy circles and patterns across her flat stomach. “I wonder what they look like naked?” the thought drifted through her head “I wonder what color her nipples are?”

“You are so beautiful, Maria” The sound of Ben’s voice sent a rush of heat to Jenna’s core. He had one of those sexy radio announcer voices that made her wish he was saying those things to her. Jenna allowed her hands to slip lower on her body, stopping briefly on her almost hairless mound before plunging a finger into her wet pussy coming out with a finger full of slippery juices. Listening to the sounds of Ben and his friend make love, Jenna’s fingers circled her clit slowly, teasing it erect, before starting the rhythmic rubbing she knew would produce an orgasm. Relaxing, the robe opening to expose her bare skin and hard nipples, her knees falling apart to allow her better access, Jenna worked her clit with one hand, burying two fingers of her other hand deep inside her waiting body. The sensation of being filled and rubbed together sent a shudder over her flesh. Jenna’s fantasy had her gripping the bed sheets while Ben’s mouth and fingers worked their magic on her body.

The howl of ecstasy from Ben’s bedroom was unmistakably one of pure satisfaction, the sound pushing Jenna’s approaching climax over the top with wave after wave of electricity coursing through her. Jenna’s breath coming in short gasps, her body limp against the couch and her mind floating back over what had just happened. It had never occurred to her that listening to someone make love could spur so much desire or such wicked thoughts.

“Did I actually wonder what color her nipples were?” Jenna though examining her own again as they softened. She knew she had nasty thoughts of Ben; she had since that first day he invited her in to see the room. It was undeniable that he was one hundred percent sexy and tonight proved he was one hundred percent heterosexual or at least it sounded like he knew what he was doing in the female department. Jenna couldn’t help hoping that one day maybe she would be behind that closed door with him.



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