“I’m so sorry to hear that it didn’t work again, Jodie. It must be so frustrating and disappointing,” Benjamin said.

Jodie seemed to deflate with a resigned exhale.

“Yeah, it sucks,” she replied.

Benjamin took a sip of his beer.

“I don’t know, Jodie. You think, maybe, that it’s me?”

“Oh, no! Of course not, Ben!” Jodie assured, “Dr. Leighton said your sperm was ideal and very healthy. He was sure you were a perfect donor.”

Benjamin shrugged. He wasn’t feeling too comforted by Jodie’s words. His friend had been trying for a baby for so long. He took another sip of his beer, and when he set his glass down, he noticed Jodie was waiting expectantly. That deflated look she had was gone. She held her hands together on the table, almost in an oddly polite way.

“What?” Benjamin inquired suspiciously.

“After Dr. Leighton gave me the negative results last week, he mentioned something interesting.”

Jodie leaned forward, looking even more excited than before.

“He had said that artificial insemination just isn’t as effective as natural insemination – for some people anyway,” Jodie explained smartly.

“Okay?” Benjamin said with a furrowed brow.

“That really stuck with me. I called him again yesterday to ask about this whole natural insemination thing. He gave me a lot of science that I can’t really get into now, but basically, he can confirm that natural insemination in some cases is just more effective!”

“Alright?” Benjamin answered with the same confused look.

Jodie sprung her hands open as if she just delivered the most exciting news in the world. She waited with a hopeful look.

“What’s natural insemination?” Benjamin asked sincerely.

“Sex!” Jodie exclaimed, “Like, straight up, natural sex!”

“Yeah, so what’s the point?”

Jodie rolled her eyes.

“What I’m saying is, you and I should have sex!”

Benjamin shuddered. His face flushed red as a couple girls at a nearby table giggled.

“Lower your voice, Jodie!” He whispered angrily, “What the hell are you talking about?”

“I really can’t make it any clearer, Ben.”

“No I hear you,” Ben remarked, “but do you hear yourself? You want us to have sex?”

Jodie nodded righteously.

“Don’t joke around, Jodie. Have you been so desperate to have a baby that you’ve forgotten you’re married? Isaac. Remember Isaac? Your husband? I feel bad enough that he doesn’t know I’m the donor!”

“Oh don’t feel bad, Ben. We agreed before all of this that it would be better this way. I would find someone I know and trust to be our donor, and he would prefer he didn’t know who it was. You know this.”

Benjamin shook his head, “Well, that’s not what we need to talk about now. Does Isaac know about this?”

Jodie shook her head calmly. Benjamin was shocked.

“Jodie, do you know what you’re suggesting? You want to cheat on your husband.”

“Nope, I’m not,” Jodie argued confidently, “Isaac and I agreed that we would try anything for a baby. We never talked about or agreed on how we could do it. We’ve tried artificial insemination for a year – didn’t work. So, now I’m trying natural insemination.”

Benjamin shook his head. Then he shook his head again.

“Ben,” Jodie said sincerely, “You’re my friend. I’m your friend. I know I’ve already asked a lot from you, but can you do this for me? We’ve known each other since high school. We care for and respect each other. You know I’ve wanted kids for so long. I’m asking you to help me because I don’t see anyone else who can.”

Benjamin was touched by Jodie’s kind words, regardless of how strange the context.

“Anyway, Ben, Isaac will be away on business for a week starting next week. I’d like to meet on the Saturday. You’ve got a week to think about it, but I really am hoping to see you.”

The next days passed excruciatingly quickly for Benjamin. He spent some of his time looking at his old yearbooks. He looked fondly at the photos he and Jodie shared. Jodie was always a gem. She was a leader, always stepping forward first into anything that they feared. Some of their friends from high school may have drifted apart over the years, but Jodie had always been there for Benjamin. She really was his best friend, but whenever he thought of Isaac, his heart felt like it was tearing. Friday night came, and Benjamin received a call.

“Hello, Ben,” Jodie said softly, “Will I be seeing you tomorrow?”

Ben paused. He tried to start a sentence several times. Jodie could hear him, and she waited patiently.

“Y-yes, Jodie. Mhm. Yep. God, what am I doing?”

“Fantastic,” Jodie said, hardly able to contain her excitement.

“What’s…what’s the plan?” Benjamin asked with great reluctance.

“Well, come by any time you’d like.”


“And…well…we’ll do it,” Jodie replied positively.

“But canlı bahis şirketleri where? There’s no way I’m…doing it…at your place. Not where you and Isaac sleep.”

“Oh, alright, fine! We’ll go somewhere nice. Meet me at the Hilton on 6th Avenue at 7 pm. I’ll call them to book right after our call,” Jodie offered.

“Okay,” Benjamin said weakly.

“Thank you so much Ben!” Jodie sang, “What you’re doing means so much to me. I’ll have a little something to help you along. You know, a little…nightwear…nothing too special. Something to sort of, arouse-“

“-Oh God.”

“Okay, well, see you tomorrow! Thanks a ton! Looking forward to it. Sleep well. Sweet dreams. Bye,” Jodie said hurriedly, sensing Benjamin’s overwhelming discomfort.

Benjamin’s Saturday morning went poorly. He couldn’t sleep well last night with the weight of what he had agreed to bothering him. He arrived at his work, only to find no one else was there. That was normal for a Saturday of course, because the office was closed on Saturdays but Benjamin had forgotten. He drove home and changed into his pajamas. The restless man wasn’t sure what he could do to pass the time. While the week had passed phenomenally quickly, today seemed to be in slow motion. He glanced at the clock and thought, ‘Eleven-o-five? Wasn’t it eleven an hour ago?’. Benjamin managed to fix lunch, but only drank a glass of water. His day went on like this until it was nearly six-thirty in the evening. The Hilton was about a twenty-minute drive away. Just when he thought he should get a move on, he realized he should have tidied himself a little. The rushed man sprinted to his bathroom to throw on a fresh shirt and a pair of pants. He splashed water on his face and dried it hurriedly with a towel. ‘What time is it now?’ he wondered. His watch. He needed his watch. After snapping on his watch, he realized it was forty-five minutes past six. He was going to be late. Benjamin sped through the streets and managed his record time entering downtown. When he pulled into the Hilton, he left his car for valet parking. He paid the driver a tip and received his receipt.

“OK,” Benjamin said to himself after his car was taken care of.

‘What next?’ Benjamin thought. Where was the room? He didn’t know. He swore and took out his phone to call Jodie. There was a text message there sent from Jodie last night.

– Room 605. Hilton on 6th @ 7p. See you there. =) –

Benjamin glanced at his wrist watch. It read 7:08 pm. He swore again and took off through the lobby. He called for the sixth floor in the elevator, and he sprung out when it delivered him there. Luckily, room 605 was just around the corner. His watch read 7:10 pm. He knocked on the door.

“Ben,” Jodie greeted, “For a moment I thought you weren’t coming.”

“I’m sorry Jodie. I uh…was running late.”

“No worries! Come in!”

Benjamin looked around.

“Corner suite,” he commented.

“Somewhere nice, just as I promised,” Jodie said.

“Yes, great windows. Do these count as panoramic? Or is it only panoramic when the windows go from the ceiling to the ground? Ah, a lounge area too. This is more of a loft isn’t it? Is that wine? Complimentary? Wow, hotels these days really have upped their game. Beautiful upholstery in here too.”

“I’ll just be in the bathroom a moment. Have some wine. Make yourself comfortable,” Jodie said over her nervous friend.

“Yup. Yup,” Benjamin acknowledged.

Benjamin went to the wine and poured himself a tall glass. He chuckled disapprovingly at his shaking hands as he poured. Benjamin downed the whole glass in one swig.

“Would you pour me one?” Jodie called from behind.

Benjamin hurried and poured a glass for Jodie. Where were his manners? He poured a very tall glass too by mistake. He held the glass and turned to offer it to Jodie. His heart skipped. Jodie had come out of the bathroom in a lavender satin chemise. The light cloth hung onto her by thin straps dangling on her shoulders. Lace embroidery lined the top of the chemise which took a modest dive to reveal cleavage. The bottom of the chemise was also embroidered and it floated well above her knees. Her nightwear ‘aroused’ alright. When Jodie stepped forward to receive the glass, the chemise rode up against her thighs high enough that Benjamin saw more. He turned his red face away.

“I like your thinking,” Jodie said, examining the wine glass that was filled to the brim.

“So, what do you think?” Jodie asked before pressing the glass to her lips and tipping her head back.

Benjamin shuffled in one spot. He pressed his hands together and then swung them at his side. ‘What do I think?’ Benjamin pondered, ‘What do you tell a friend in this situation? That she looks amazingly sexy and alluring? That her breasts look tempting and her hips were seductive? That her legs were bewitching? canlı kaçak iddaa That overall she was the most captivating woman he had seen in a long time? What kind of situation is this even?’

“Brilliant,” Benjamin managed to say.

Jodie finished her entire glass, “I agree. This room is beautiful. Isaac and I should come here. Spice things up a little.”

Jodie caught herself saying her husband’s name. The name had a disruptive affect on Benjamin.

“Let’s have more wine, Ben,” she inserted.

Benjamin poured Jodie another glass, and then filled his own. Again he poured to much.

“Fuck,” he said under his breath.

“What’s that?” Jodie asked.

“Oh…nothing,” Benjamin replied, handing Jodie her glass.

Jodie pressed the glass against her lips again and Benjamin followed. Jodie was quick. She smacked her lips.

“Well, I think I’m ready,” she said.

“I think I need one more,” Benjamin replied.

He poured and drank another. By then, Jodie had set her glass down and had walked to the bed.

“OK, Ben,” she beckoned, “What do you need? Do you need…a dance maybe?”

“Oh…no, Jodie,” declined Benjamin as he arrived at the bed.

“OK, well, let’s get undressed then,” Jodie advised, “Oh, I think I’ll keep this on, though. A bit more modest.”

Jodie was referring to the chemise. ‘An interesting time to be modest,’ Benjamin thought, but he preferred it that way too. Jodie sat on the edge of the bed, reached under her chemise and removed her black panties. When she leaned back to slip them off her ankles, Benjamin saw even more.

“Unless having it off would help you,” Jodie appended.

“No, nope. I think I’ll be fine,” Benjamin reassured.

“You sure, Ben? I’ll help with your clothes then?”

Benjamin reassured again that he could manage, and turned quickly to escape Jodie’s helping hands. His head was spinning. It was probably a combination of the overwhelming nerves and the drinks he had. He was about to throw off his shirt, but thought better to be modest. He unzipped his pants and began kicking them off. He took a small look over his shoulder.

“Don’t worry, Ben. I’m not looking.”

‘Right,’ Benjamin urged himself, ‘Go on. You can do it. Just a little bit a weirdness stripping in front of your friend. Keep going,’ He sat down at the end of the bed so he could stoop forward and take off his socks. He was out of breath by the time they were off.

“OK,” Benjamin said, still not turning towards Jodie.

“Excellent,” Jodie said.

“Jodie,” Benjamin began, “you’re my friend. We’re friends.”

Although Jodie could only see the back of Benjamin, she could tell he was in distress.

“I know, Ben. I know this is…out of the normal. You will always be my friend. We will be friends forever. This won’t change anything, OK? You are just helping me get pregnant, nothing else. I asked for this. Remember that.”

Benjamin was taking all of these words in, meditating them in his head, but while he was doing that, he noticed a few feet from him was a full length mirror. In the reflection, he could Jodie sitting up against the headboard. Her legs slightly stretched out and her knees gently touching each other. Benjamin could still hear every word Jodie said clearly, and was taking them to heart, but he was starting to get the most confusing erection.

“We can establish some rules. How about that? I think that will help. No kissing, anywhere. No touching…except where we need to. I mean, like, no touching with hands. No talking, yes, no talking. I think that will be very important. And we go home straight afterwards. No one stays overnight. OK? How’s that, Ben? I think that’s fair.”

“Yup. No kissing, no touching, no talking. We go home right afterwards. Fair,” Benjamin confirmed.

“Good. Good. Well, Ben. I don’t want to sound…impatient or that I’m rushing you…but…I am ready when you are. If you need more time, though, I’m fine with that. Just let me know what you need.”

“I…I think I’m ready,” Benjamin said.

Benjamin turned slowly, never looking at Jodie. Jodie took a glance down around Benjamin’s stomach at something that caught her eye.

“Oh…yup…yes. You are ready. Ready indeed,” she said quietly to herself.

As Benjamin approached, Jodie readied herself. She lowered her head onto a pillow so that she was mostly flat on her back. Benjamin was almost next to her. Benjamin, dizzily, climbed onto the bed. His heart was pounding through his chest and his hands were clammy. Jodie spread her knees and Benjamin took his spot as carefully as possible so as not to touch Jodie unnecessarily.

“So…uh…you ready?” Benjamin asked in a hoarse voice.

Jodie nodded, “Mhm. Yep…yeah I’m ready.”

It was the first time Jodie had sounded nervous the whole night.

“Just uh…yep…like that…oh, sorry…no canlı kaçak bahis that’s OK,” Jodie said as Benjamin’s hips touched her thighs, “OK. All good. Fine, fine. Yep, yep, yep.”

Jodie’s voice trailed to silence. She whimpered.


“You OK?” Benjamin asked.

“Yeah. Definitely. Keep going.”

Benjamin took the order and pressed in. He groaned.

“Are you OK?” Jodie asked back.

“Oh…I’ll be OK…”

“Oh, I forgot. I’ve got lube here if we need. Oh!”

Jodie’s moan was triggered by Benjamin pushing a little deeper. Benjamin couldn’t understand where his manners went. His body seemed to want to move on it’s own.

“Oh, shit. Sorry Jodie. Did I hurt you?”

Jodie shook her head, “Not, at all. You still need that lube?”

Benjamin shook his head. Not anymore. Jodie was wet and slippery. He remembered something Jodie had told him a while back.

“Dr. Leighton says the issue is with Isaac. He says that I’m all good…that I’m young…that my body produces a lot of natural lubrication…and that my body has a good environment for fertilization.”

Benjamin shook that thought from his head.

“OK. If you’re good then I’ll just stop talking now,” Jodie said.

Benjamin agreed in silence. His mind seemed to be racing nowhere at a million miles per hour. His brain couldn’t function right anymore, but his body seemed to be able to. It moved on its own. It pulled back and pressed into Jodie, and the rhythm repeated. Sweet pleasure soaked Benjamin’s erection and traveled through his flesh to nearly every part of his body. Jodie’s moans and groans sent his mind racing further. Benjamin realized his eyes were shut. Venturing a peek, he saw Jodie underneath him, her face turned away to the left. Her eyes were closed too. The moans and groans were coming from her open mouth. Her lips looked glossy. ‘No kissing,’ Benjamin told himself. Jodie’s neck was fair with a hint of healthy red. The left strap of her chemise had slipped from her sleek shoulders, leaving her left breast a little uncovered. ‘No touching,’ Benjamin meditated. Jodie’s lady part was so silky, and it applied a splendid feeling of resistance and squeeze on Benjamin’s flesh. The sensation compelled him to want to cry out to God and say a number of other things. ‘No talking,’ Benjamin repeated silently.

Benjamin felt a tremor in his heartbeat. The tremor was a familiar sign to him. It told him he was about to ejaculate. Something on his appearance must have given away his approaching climax, because Jodie inquired.

“You going to come, Ben?” Jodie panted.

Benjamin could not answer, but Jodie knew the answer by his exertion. She let Benjamin do his work. Benjamin’s body thrust a little more quickly and sharply. He saw Jodie tilt her head back in surrender and her hands grasp the sheets beneath her in preparation. He watched her head bob up and down along to his thrusts. Some thoughts past through his head. ‘God, Jodie is my friend,’ Benjamin lectured himself. His scrambled brain argued with itself – Was this just a hot, beautiful woman, or was this my friend? Either way, his incapacitated brain had long lost any authority over his body. His body demanded an orgasm. One more deep thrust and his body got what it wanted. Benjamin groaned and Jodie gave a shrill cry with him. A healthy dose of semen vacated from him, and Jodie received it gratefully.

When Benjamin’s orgasm ceased, he retreated from Jodie’s body, nearly falling off the bed. Jodie closed her legs. She rested a hand on her chest and a hand over her womb as she caught her breath. Benjamin felt dizzier than before.

“You OK, Ben?” Jodie called.

‘Go home,’ Benjamin heard from the remaining sane part of him. His whole body was a stirring pot of confusion, satisfaction, shock, guilt, and a whole bunch of other emotions and thoughts he couldn’t identify. All he could do was listen to that voice.

“Yes,” Benjamin answered Jodie, “I got to go.”

Benjamin fumbled with his pants as he tried to pull them on.

“Maybe you should stay and rest for a bit, Ben,” Jodie suggested when she saw his wobbly legs, “You’ve had a lot to drink.”

“I’m good, Jodie,” Benjamin assured, “Go home straight afterwards. That was the rule.”

“OK, well, did you drive? If you did, you better take a cab instead.”

“Yeah. I’ll see you, Jodie. Or…yeah…bye…”

Benjamin left Jodie alone. Luckily there was someone getting into the elevator for the main floor as well. Benjamin could hardly see the buttons. When he exited the hotel doors, a doorman went to him and held him up.

“Where are you going, sir? I’ll call you a cab.”

The cab came. It was driven by a young man who found Benjamin’s drunkenness amusing.

“Had a good night, sir?” the driver asked as he drove away.

“Huh,” Benjamin managed.

Benjamin made a choking noise.

The driver wasn’t so amused anymore. Vomit in his car would ruin his night.

“Hey, sir, are you alright?”

“No, I’m heartbroken,” he replied.

Benjamin curled into a ball in the backseat and wept.



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