Alex and Jackie have agreed that this will be purely a FWB relationship. The reader is reminded that this is a work in progress, and may be edited and changed in future, but this is what it is at the present time. I trust you will enjoy their fun together, and it matches up to the start of things in Part 1


Alex and Jackie had been chatting, on and off, since their all night tryst and Jackie had been very complimentary of Alex’s prowess, saying some really sexy stuff to him on IM and he had no hesitation in agreeing to another visit when she asked. Having once more signed in to the complex at the gate a few nights after the massage, Alex once again raced the last few metres to Jackie’s house as he was eager to get to see her.

‘She is just a friend with benefits… she is just a friend with benefits,’ he kept reminding himself. ‘Don’t fall for her… Still, she is a really amazing and sexy woman!!’

They had again been on the IM system chatting and Jackie had said she was busy thinking of him, and her hand was playing with her pussy. Alex had offered to come over and help. Jackie had said but I will be late for work tomorrow if I don’t get to sleep soon.

This time he was prepared. He had a T Shirt on under the fleece top that was keeping him warm, a pair of jeans with no underwear and a pair of slip-on shoes and no socks.

When he arrived, Jackie opened the door to the house, which was in total darkness. She was wearing only a dressing gown. It fell open to reveal that she was naked underneath and her gorgeous nipples were hard and stood out proudly in anticipation of the coming fun fucking.

It was fun kissing again, after the few days they had not been together. And they both felt a little ‘zing’ of excitement at the prospects of further adventures together.

Alex pulled Jackie in close and kissed her deeply, his hand snaking under the dressing anadolu yakası escort gown and squeezing her stunning ass and slipping his hands in between her legs, feeling for her pussy straight away. Jackie stepped back, took Alex’s hand and walked him down the short passage to the bedroom.

Alex was soon naked as well, as his clothes fell to the floor with very little bidding, and he joined Jackie on the bed, kissing and sucking her tongue and lips, kissing Jackie deeply and their tongues were entwined and they were wrapped in each other for a long time.

Jackie swung her leg over Alex and with Alex on his back, they kissed more, and then she slid down and kissed his stomach, then stroked his large hard cock with both her hands before slipping her lips over the big purple head of his cock. She sucked and licked it and stroked it with her hands as she tasted his sweet pre-cum and smiled up at him in the half light.

She swirled her tongue around the head of his cock and then sucked it into her mouth, deeply before sliding off him again…

“God, baby, this is so fucking incredible, no-one has ever done this to me the way you are.” Alex said. “I so want to see you suck me off…”

“I want to do just that, baby.” Jackie said in reply.

She settled over him and resumed her work of earlier, sucking and licking his big cock from the base to the tip and then sucking it into her mouth and going down as far as she could, before sucking him and swirling her tongue around his head, and licking the strings of pre-cum from her lips. She sucked his cock again and again, savouring the sensation of the big cock in her mouth and throat, and teasing the stiffness ever harder. Alex lay back and closed his eyes to lose himself in the intense sensations of the blowjob he was getting.

His breath started to get faster and he felt ataşehir escort his blood rush to his cock and suddenly he knew he was soon going to be cumming.

“God, Jackie, I am going to cum…” He warned her.

“I want you to… I want you to come, babe, I want to taste you, to swallow your cum…” Jackie said, battling to speak with a mouthful of cock.

Alex began to writhe and he could feel the sensations of his cum rushing up through his cock, for the first time where neither a pussy or his hand were involved… and he loved the feeling!

“OH GOD That was fantastic!!” Alex breathed. “I am truly so in your debt, baby, no-one has EVER done that for me before… Not even my wife when I was still married… THANK you…”

He reached down and pulled her up to lie in his arms and he kissed her lips and tasted himself on her tongue and lips. They wound their tongues around each other and sucked each other’s lips for some time as they shared a long, deep kiss.

Jackie took Alex’s cock in her hand and caressed it, kissing his cheek and lips again, “I so enjoyed that too, big boy. Very, VERY much… We will be doing that again.”

Alex slid his hand down and between Jackie’s legs and felt the flood of wetness that awaited him.

“My God. If that is what a blowjob does to you, I want to be sucking you the next time you suck me…”

He slipped down and kissed her pussy lips gently, then shot his tongue out to flick over her pussy a couple of times. She twitched, and smiled at the amazing sensations that were taking over her body form his ministrations.

Alex pushed one finger gently into her pussy, while he continued to lick and then suck her pussy lips into his mouth. Jackie lifted her ass a little higher and offered more of herself to him. Alex slid another finger inside her and Jackie began to writhe and move back and ümraniye escort forward on them.

“Oh, yes, baby, make me cum again, please baby.” She moaned pleasurably.

Alex sucked her now proudly standing clit into his mouth between his tongue and the roof of his mouth, Rolling it between them, making Jackie have some amazing sensations in her now flooded pussy. The juices filled her and leaked onto his chin and his nose, as he rubbed her all over his face using it as a stimulating tool…

Jackie could now feel herself tensing up and her orgasm was now imminent, she felt it building and she held Alex’s head into her pussy forcing him to suck harder, deeper, and to make her cum. His tongue flashed over and around her clit, lapping up the wetness and making her twitch more as her orgasm approached rapidly.

“Oh GOD baby, make me cum, make me cum, now, now, make me … make me cum!!” and with that she erupted, and she squeezed Alex’s head between her thighs.

After a minute, and over the most of the intensity of her orgasm, Alex looked up, between her thighs and over those gorgeous enormous tits, and smiled at her. His fingers still gently playing with her pussy lips, he blinked and smiled some more.

“Don’t fuckin’ laugh at me, babe.” Jackie said.

“I am not laughing at you, baby, I am smiling because I have made you happy, so very happy and it shows… you cum like a fire hose, and it is so gratifying. So completely enjoyable.”

“Two in one night…? Is that something new for you?” Jackie asked.

“Two?” Alex asked

“Blow-jobs. Yeah.” Jackie said, “At least one each, but still two in the greater scheme of things.”

“And the answer is no, never been done to and by me like that before. And I love it. We can do this again.”

They lay and cuddled and touched each other for a long time. And then in the early hours of the morning he left her quietly, and after a very long goodbye kiss at the door, with her still completely naked, and him once again dressed in his jeans and t-shirt.

“I hope we didn’t wake the neighbours…?” he said as they parted.

“I really don’t care if we did. Good night lover…” Jackie said as she closed the door.



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