I had been talking to this guy over ICQ for the past two weeks and he finally invited me over for a drink. It was about a half hour drive drown to his secluded house out in Maple Ridge Forest. I walked into his house, which was no problem because the door was unlocked and the handle looked slightly busted, all the lights were off and if he hadn’t invited me over I would’ve assumed nobody was home.

I was beginning to walk into the living room as I felt a damp rag against my mouth and nose; I started feeling dizzy and quickly passed out. I woke up, what seemed like hours later, weak and light headed lying face down, completely nude and blind folded on what I guesses was a custom made massage table, there was a cushioned hole for my face to fit through, but strange enough, there was also another hole by my cock which I noticed was quite hard for just waking up after being drugged.

I tried to get up but soon realized it was hopeless, I felt a thick leather strap against the back of my head stopping me from pulling my face out of the casino siteleri hole by keeping my chin and forehead tightly against the cushion. Ropes were tied to straps attached to my wrists and ankles which in turn were attached to the legs of the table to stop me from getting up and running away, finally there were two other straps running horizontally across my thighs and the small of my back to stop me from moving my hips.

Just then, I felt a pressure against my asshole which turned into a searing pain as I realized that the man I had been talking to over ICQ was beginning to shove his dick up my tight virgin ass. I yelled in pain and all he said was, “by the time I’m done with you your virgin ass will be as loose as an old French whores pussy”. Before I had time to protest, one of his friends shoved a cum soaked cloth into my mouth and secured it with duct tape.

As the man behind me continued pumping in and out of my ass with his 8” cock the searing pain began to leave and it turned into a tremendous pleasure. As he began to pump slot oyna harder my cock began to ache until finally I came, I moaned deeply and must have spewed out at least half a cup of thick white cum, then the man fucking me moaned and I could feel his dick swell up inside of me as he filled my ass with his load.

A different man went underneath the table I was lying on and sucked the rest of the cum out of my dick before going to my ass and licking all over and around it. Two more men approached me, one took off my blindfold and the gag while lowering the front half of table and then instructed me to suck him off, the other man went under the table & began to milk my cock while the third finished licking my ass and inserted his hot, rock hard penis into my much awaiting asshole.

I moaned loudly and they laughed at me while calling me a dirty anal whore. The man in front of me was growing more and more excited with every flick of my tongue, he started moaning and began to fuck my mouth, I darted my tongue back and forth underneath his big voluptuous canlı casino siteleri head setting him over the edge. Unknown to my knowledge, the man once sucking and milking me was now to the left of me and jacking off, he undid my head strap and pulled my head backward by my hair.

The man who I was just sucking came all over my face and soaked me, his friend who just undid my head strap put his dick into my mouth and shot his load down into my throat and the man fucking me up the ass blew his load all over the small of my back.

As I rested on the table I noticed that the men who had just been fucking me had gotten all their clothes back on and were leaving the living area, in a quivering voice I asked them.

“could one of you please untie me so I can get off this table?”

But the only reply I got was from the man who had invited me here.

“I would, but we’re in a big hurry to leave”


I asked him, and in a sadistic voice he just said.

“The real owner of this house will be back any second”…

This is my first story, and it just so happened to be a Gay Group Bondage, please e-mail me back with any Feedback you may have (positive or Negative) Constructive Criticism is always welcome!



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