“Well what do you expect me to do about it?” she asked impatiently into the receiver. “Look I did not ask to be stuck here. I would much rather be going out tonight, but if the proposal is not ready by tomorrow morning we don’t get the contract. No contract means no work and no work means no job.”

She really did feel bad because she knew he had been making the plans for over a month now, but really there was nothing she could do. The proposals were supposed to be in next week, but because of some major changes at the clients office they had bumped the deadline up a week and now she was left scrambling to put the finishing touches on it tonight. The rest of her team had stayed to help but she had sent them home 30 minutes ago knowing there was really nothing else they could do. “David, I really am sorry.” speaking with a much softer tone this time. I promise I will make it up to you.”

With that Amber set back to work. Feeling both sympathetic to John for having his plans ruined and partly angry for him acting as though she had intentionally ruined them. The emotions spurred her on and before long she had lost track of time as she worked intently. Suddenly her concentration was broken as she heard the “ding” of the elevator. Amber looked at the clock it was 8:00, she wondered who would be coming into the office at this time. She walked to the door of the office to look around and saw no one. It was dark in the office and deathly quiet. She looked around one more time before turning to head back to her desk. Just as she turned she heard another noise, like footsteps. She turned and decided to go check it out. As she walked past the dark empty cubicles her heart was pounding and her mind was racing.

“You are being silly, Amber.” she kept telling herself, trying to convince herself that her mind was just playing tricks on her. She had just about calmed herself when she felt the arms around her. She caught her breath and jumped a little then she heard the familiar voice.

“Hey baby.”

She pushed the arms that were wrapped around her off, spun around. “You asshole!” she said angrily as she pushed John away from her.

“What did I do?” he asked innocently

“You scared me half to death!” She sarıyer escort replied curtly as she began to walk back to her office. “How did you get in here anyway, you need an ID badge to work the elevator after hours?”

“David let me up,” John answered following behind her, “he recognized me and I told him I wanted to surprise you.”

David was the security guard that worked the evening shift. It was true he and John had met a few times when John would come to pick her up for dinner when she had been working late other times. “I will need to have a talk with him.” she said as she sat back down behind the desk.

“Don’t be upset at David.” John said. “He was just being nice. Besides I did not come here to scare you or to fight. I came to apologize for being so short on the phone earlier. It was wrong of me to be upset, but it seems I have messed up the apology too.”

“Couldn’t you have just waited till I got home?”

“Well I could have, but I was upset and driving and by the time I realized what a jerk I was I was nearby and just decided to come straight over. So will you forgive me?”

“I don’t know, you really scared me.”

“Would it help if I got down on my knees and begged?”

“Don’t be stupid!” Amber snapped.

With that response John dropped on both knees and clasped his hands together in front of his face. “Please forgive me.” he whined.

“John stop playing I am not in the mood and I still have work to finish.”

“I am not leaving until you forgive me.” John said still kneeling in the middle of her office. “I will do anything!”

“Fine.” Amber said flatly and turned back to her computer and began working. If john wanted to play she would play.

“You mean you forgive me?” John asked in a shocked voice.

“No, fine you can stay here on bended knee until I am done with my work and decide what else you can do to earn my forgiveness.”

John’s eyes lit up and a smile spread across his face. “Yes ma’am” he said in an obedient tone.

Ten minutes passed and Amber was surprised that John was still in the same spot on bended knee. Curious exactly how far John would carry this she looked esenyurt escort at him and said “Come here”.

John began to get up and Amber said, “I didn’t say get up, I said come here.”

The smile on John’s face spread even further and he began to shuffle across the floor. As he rounded her desk he could see she sat with her shapely legs crossed, framed beautifully by the skirt that rose to mid-thigh as she sat there in her black stiletto heels. John always thought she looked sexy when she was all dressed up for work. As he neared Amber on bended knee he looked into her eyes and just said, “Yes ma’am”

“Kiss my shoe.” she commanded.

Again John simply said “Yes ma’am” as he leaned forward and begin to kiss the shiny black shoe. Gently he caressed her foot and leg as he kissed.

“Good. Now as I finish these last few pages you will give me a foot massage.”

“Yes ma’am.”

John slowly removed Amber’s shoes and began massaging and caresses her feet and legs as she went back to work. This went on for just a few minutes and Amber noticed a warmth growing inside her as John continued his task. She could not believe that the whole situation was turning her on. John was there in her office knelt before her honoring her every request while she worked away. Not being able to take it any longer she pushed John away with her foot and spun her chair to face him.

“If you want my forgiveness you are going to have to earn it.” with that she hiked her skirt up a bit more, spread her legs and said, “you will lick my pussy until I cum. You will not stop until I tell you it is okay. Is that understood?”

“Yes ma’am” John said and then he leaned into her already damp panties.

John began kissing her thighs as he reached up and slowly, sensually pulled her panties down. Once he removed them he kissed up her leg so she could feel his warm breath on her wetness. She felt his tongue gently caress her as he traced the outline of her lips. As he reached her clit she could feel his tongue gently, teasingly flick back and forth over it. He pushed in and sucked her clit into his mouth which made her catch her breath and moan. As she was enjoying the sensation she felt his avrupa yakası escort tongue push into her as he lapped up her juices. He would alternate between sliding his tongue into her, sucking on her clit and playing with it with her tongue. The sensations grew more intense when she felt him slide two fingers into her as he focused his tongue on her clit. He moved his fingers in and out of her in rhythm with his tongue. Then as he began to lick the flat of his tongue over her clit like licking an ice-cream he curled his fingers inside of her and massaged her g-spot. That was all it took as the orgasm began to wash over Amber she screamed out in ecstasy, “Oh god, I am cumming!” and she pulled his face tight into her.

As the sensation subsided some she realized that John continued to lick gently cleaning her juices as he continued to gently work his fingers into her. She suddenly remembered she had told him not to stop until she fold him. Just as she was about to tell him he had done well his efforts increased and she felt a new wave coming on. She began to moan as he continued to work her. As good as John’s attention felt what Amber really wanted now was his cock inside of her.

She found her voice and mustering as much of a commanding presence as she could she spoke up, “Now, you will give me your cock.”

At these words John lifted his head and said “Yes ma’am”.

He stood up and taking her in his arms he lifted her onto her desk and in one motion he unfastened his belt and pushed his pants to the floor. Amber could feel his hard cock pushing at her door and welcomed the sensation as she felt him push past her lips. She could feel him filling her up and she wanted more. He pushed all the way into her so she could feel his balls resting on her ass. As John began to thrust in and out of her she reached down and began to massage her own clit. As she worked herself and John thrust in and out she felt another orgasm building. It did not take long until she was throwing her head back screaming in pleasure. As her orgasm caused her muscles tighten around John she felt him begin to well up and then felt him release into her. Fully spent Amber collapsed back onto the desk and John collapsed onto her.

“Does this mean I am forgiven?” John asked.

Amber just smiled and said, “Yes.” then she pulled him in to give him a kiss. Then she looked at him and said, “When we get home remember that I promised to make it up to you for your plans being ruined.”

With those words a devious smile spread across John’s face and he said, “Yes, you did.”



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