As she stands there at the counter balancing the cafeteria’s books for the day, I can’t resist any longer. Since we’re the last two in the kitchen, I decide to just go for it and see what happens. I approach her slowly from behind, not knowing if she even realizes I’m there.

As I slide up to her, I reach my hands around and up to softly caress what is probably the nicest set of breasts I’ve ever seen. Well, maybe they aren’t the best I’ve seen, but on her trim body, they look even bigger and better than any I’ve seen. High and firm, and probably at least a 36C by my guess… Now that I’m finally touching them, even though it’s through her sweater, I become instantly aroused. She leans her head back onto my shoulder and moans quietly. Ah! So it was no coincidence that she’s working late tonight. She must have known I was here and she wants this as much as I do. She grabs my left hand and slides it down between her legs. I can feel the heat even through her jeans — her pussy feels like it must be so hot it’s almost glowing! I begin kissing her neck and ear, my hands returning to massaging her breasts.

Impatiently, she says, “Wouldn’t that be better without this sweater in the way?” I quickly agree and can’t believe this can be happening to me. To my surprise, she’s not wearing a push-up bra, and it’s a minimizer at that! Unbelievable! Like me, she must be getting even hotter by the minute because she doesn’t even wait for me to remove her bra. She slides out of it effortlessly, revealing a pair of perfect 36D’s. I underestimated them! I pause momentarily, simply staring at her in amazement. I thought she was amazing fully clothed — I never imagined this! She has always been very trim — a natural hardbody, and on that little body, those breasts…. “Wow!”

That’s all I could manage to say… She smiles and stands there staring back at me, her beautiful blue eyes wild with passion, her sandy blonde hair also a little wild after having removed her sweater. I reach out to her, pulling her against me. She quickly slides her hands under my polo shirt and pulls it up over my head and off. We quickly and clumsily remove each other’s jeans, knowing but not caring how much trouble this will be if anyone walks in. By now my erection is just begging to be released, and she gladly obliges. Beginning at the tip, she slowly and passionately kisses her way down and then back up. She seems to have wanted this just as long as I have!

She works her illegal bahis way around and up and down, kissing, licking, and sucking gently until I can’t stand it anymore. She guides me to the chair at her desk and sits me down. Then she drops to her knees and positions herself between my legs. Looking up at me, she gives me an almost evil grin before taking my penis quickly into her mouth. This is so sudden that it’s almost too much for me, and sensing this, she pauses and then begins again more slowly. She wants this to be very memorable! Though this is the first time I’ve ever really experienced a blowjob, I have to believe that they aren’t all going to be this good. Her mouth, her lips, her tongue — all sensing exactly what to do before I even tell her what I wanted… I can’t believe I’ve waited so long for her to do this, but it definitely been worth the wait!

After what seems like an eternity, but probably was only a few short minutes, I feel my orgasm coming and she starts pumping and bobbing and sucking for all she’s worth. At last I explode….. As my world stops spinning and the blackness is fading back to light, I realize she’s still sucking down my cum, apparently enjoying every drop. “That was wonderful!” I sigh. “But now, my dear, it’s your turn!” I stand and guide her into the chair and quickly slide her silk panties down her beautifully tanned and toned legs. Now I have a clear view of a very beautiful pussy.

Trimmed, shaved, but not hairless, the little patch of blonde hair is already drenched, her juices running down her leg and onto the chair. The outer lips are puffy and reddening, and I can tell she won’t last long. I bury my face, quickly finding the opening of her vagina with my tongue. She gasps with pleasure and wraps her legs around my head, pulling me farther in. Slowly, I run my tongue up and down her slit, pausing only to tease her clitoris or give her a brief tongue-fucking. She’s about to go over the edge, so with two fingers I spread her open, exposing her clit to my view. I pounce on it, sucking and licking until, her body convulsing, she begins a series of orgasms.

She’s still having aftershocks as I help her stand and walk over to the desk. If we had more options, we probably would have used one of them, but the desk was the best option there was, so I helped her up onto it, and with her legs over my shoulders, I slid into position. Still shuddering slightly from my recent oral attention, she moaned loudly illegal bahis siteleri as I teased her opening with the head of my cock. When I was afraid she couldn’t take any more and might start screaming, I slid into her. Slowly at first so it didn’t hurt her too much, but she soon began to stretch and I slid easily in. It was better than anything I’ve ever felt. She was tight, but I guess I should have expected that.

This was her first time, too. Both of us are out of control with desire, and as I start pumping in and out, she enthusiastically meets my every thrust. I know we’re getting closer, but I wish this could last forever… About that time, I hear a very loud beeping noise somewhere off to my left, and as I slowly open my eyes, that body I’ve wanted to experience for so long slowly fades away… “Damn! Just a dream again,” I think to myself, hoping none of my roommates were yet awake enough to have heard any part of my dream. And I crawl out of bed to begin another day of wanting her…

You see, from the first time I saw Heather, I wanted her. Of course it was sexual almost from the start–you couldn’t see her and not want that–but this was always more than that. I’ve never really been able to explain or understand it. But I’m getting ahead of myself…

The first time we met, I was eleven and even though she was only ten and as innocent as most ten-year-old girls are, there was still something about her. I have a sister who is four years older than me, and Heather just happened to be one of her best friends in spite of the difference in age. So Heather hung around our house a lot, and I can’t say that I minded much. She was an early-bloomer and had a woman’s body long before it would be legal to use it. But she was becoming a friend of mine, too. And from the beginning, there was always an electricity when she walked into the room. Being shy growing up, I never pursued more than the growing friendship. Through our high school years, she was always seemed interested in anyone other than me. So I sorta kept my distance, but there was always a burning to be close to her and to experience her completely–every thought, every word, every look, every breath.

After graduation, I went away to college, but she followed right behind me a year later. I was now 19 and she was 18, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a better 18-yr-old body. The electricity — the energy — was still there every time I saw her, but her sexuality was canlı bahis siteleri almost overpowering. At 5’7″ and by my estimation, about 36C-22-33, she could command the attention of every man in the room without even trying. But I was still growing out of my shyness and never thought I had a chance with her. As I’ve already told you, though, that didn’t stop me from dreaming… Dreaming of making passionate love with her in every place and in every position we wanted to… But my dreams were as close as I ever got back then. And after I graduated, we went our separate ways and ended up moving to opposite ends of the country — but it still couldn’t stop the dreams. They weren’t every night, but four or five nights per week, those dreams drove me crazy wanting what I thought I’d never have.

So after a while, I met someone else and after dating for over a year, we got married. I love her and don’t want her to get hurt by any of this, but the burning for Heather never went away. Neither did the dreams. Oh, they don’t come as often, but when they do, I hope my wife doesn’t hear me talking in my sleep… Not sure how I’d explain that one. But now it gets more complicated: a year later, Heather moved back home to the area, and I knew I would run into her sooner or later. When I finally did, what I saw completely overwhelmed me — she’s still the same Heather, but now she’s matured into a sexy, classy woman who knows what she wants and gets it.

And the first time our eyes met, I knew what she wanted. I wish I’d seen it several years ago, but there’s no mistaking it now: she’s always wanted me just as much as I did her. I can see it in every look, every glance, everything she says or does. It’s so powerfully sexual, it feels like an instant orgasm. I don’t know if everyone else sees it or not, but I think my wife suspects. As I said, Heather gets what she wants. And every time I think of her, I know that sooner or later, she will get what she wants from me, too. The only questions are when, where, in what positions and how often. I know I probably should get as far away as possible, but I also know that I can’t. You see, I usually get what I want, too. And I still want her.

The dreams come more often now. They’re so powerful that often I end up either making love to my wife in the middle of the night or taking a quick trip to the bathroom to finish what my “dream girl” started. But I can’t take this much longer. Every time I see her, that look wears me down just a little bit more. Sometime we will meet somewhere when I am alone and so is she. And there will be no stopping it. My dreams will finally come true. Over and over… Until then… This story is

To Be Continued…



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