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– – –

For the love of Candy

It’s the little things that can kill you.

– – –

Floating, moving but not going anywhere… knocked around like a bowling pin…

BURNING PAIN IN MY LEGS… gotta get away… legs won’t work right…

Something poking me in my side… elbows hurt… going to ruin my good suit…

Sirens behind me… I smell something burning… something nasty…

Turning my head just in time not to puke right in front of me, didn’t want to crawl through my own puke…

Evergreen right in front of me, low to the ground… I can just get under… Nice and dry…


Willie pulled up in the emergency lane laying on the horn.

“What’s crawled up your ass Willie?”

Willie pointed to the back of his truck. I looked in and there was a guy in pretty bad shape with an old long eared hound lying next to him. “Callie found him under a tree down in Woodson’s holler.”

I gave her a scratching of the ears then turned back to grab a gurney. “What, that old hound? I thought you would have retired her long ago.”

“You wish, she runs your Nate into the ground every year.”

I pulled back the tarp, “DAMN Willie, what’d you do this guy?” I reached down just to make sure he had a pulse.

“Don’t look at me, that’s the way Callie found him. Had to drag him out on a skid.”

“By yourself?”

“Of course. What do you think I am, some young kid that don’t know no better?”

The attendant and I managed to slide him out of the truck bed and onto the gurney. This guy was in BAD shape. Just cursory glance told me both legs were broke, and probably in several places. The arms didn’t look too bad, but the side of his head looked like somebody had tried to beat him to a pulp with a hammer.

I turned back to Willie as the attendant wheeled him off. “You take care old man,” I grinned. “And we’ll see whose hound beats whose in a couple of months.”

Willie just laughed and waived as he crawled back into his old truck. Ya gotta love the old guy. He owns more than half the county, and still drove around in that old beater. And that dog! She was just a mutt he got from the pound before they put her down, but that old girl could track and hunt with the best of the young pups…

But on to more important work. Damn Willie! I was going to be in there for quite a while from the looks of that guy.

By the time I got back inside, they had him stripped down and had most of the blood cleaned off of him.

Yeah, he had it bad. How he had managed not to bleed to death is a miracle all on its own. Two broken femurs, one cracked and one broken tibia. Several cracked ribs, another badly cracked if not broken. One cracked and one broken humerus, one broken ulna, and a cracked radius on the other side.

And then there was his skull with large patches of skin missing. The x-rays showed several hairline fractures, luckily all minor, no major breaks or intrusions. We were still going to have to drill to relieve some of the pressure his brain was under. A small bright spot considering everything else that was wrong with him, he was comatose and wouldn’t feel all his broken bones.

If he had been some college guy and not a two hundred and thirty pound older guy I would be calling the cops to see who pushed who down the hill in a porta potty.

Damn that guy was a jig saw puzzle. Several hours later, and a few beyond my normal shift, we had him patched back together. Whoever had done this did it up right. All the broken bones on one side, and his femur broken in three places. He was never going to go through a metal detector again without setting off all sorts of alarms. anadolu yakası escort Even the pins in his arm were nothing to sneeze at.

But my part was done, keep him under until his brain swelling subsided, and then it was up to the therapists to get him back into shape. I don’t envy him the pain that is going to be experiencing.


“Hey Caroline!”

“Hey Cindy,” Caroline looked at me, then grinned. “Well aren’t you in a good mood. You have a good time last night?”

“Who me? Whatever do you mean?”

“Uh huh, I’ll make you talk. Us old broads have to live vicariously through you young hussys!”

We just laughed, Caroline was only four years older than me, but she’d had a hard life. Pregnant at sixteen, and again at nineteen. When she was all bright and happy like today she looked her thirty one years. But on a down day, or a day when we got a particularly bad accident, she looked nearly fifty.

“I’ll never talk, well at least not much.” She knew given a little while I would spill all the lovely horny details of my weekend with Brian. She was my surrogate mom and sister all rolled into one.

I was glancing at the patient charts. “So what’s the story on this guy… Jeez! What’d he get hit by? A Mac truck?”

“Don’t know, Willie brought him in. Callie found him under a tree.”

I scanned the chart some more, then flipped back to the front page and chuckled. “Jack Doe.”

She just smiled, “I’m not a John type.”

I kept my mouth shut. Caroline’s first husband was named John. It was not a good relationship, and there were rumors he beat her. He ran off when Robby turned five and she was on her own but free. She met Reginald a few years later and they’ve had a story book life ever since.

I made my rounds, and stuck my head into Jack’s room. I knew it was coming, but I still had to stop and look. Was there even a body under all that? About the only thing that wasn’t bandaged or in a cast was his pecker, and that had a catheter.

So I made my rounds, checked on our regular patients, and life went on.

I worked my shifts, saw Brian when he was in town, and told MOST of the sordid details to Caroline. She was pretty open minded, but sticking my butt in the air and wanting Brian to fuck my ass was not something she would ever consider. But hey, when he’s only in town for a few days between runs and I’m on my period you gotta make do.

On the work front, Jack was making some progress. Just very slow progress.

The doctor had taken him off the medications to keep him under over a week ago, but he showed no signs of waking up. He still had casts on both arms and legs. Some of the bandages had come off his head, but what was left still looked like he’d been put through a meat grinder. He was going to have a decent sized bare patch on his left temple all the way back over his ear.

But he did have the loveliest light blue eyes, almost like there was a bit of gray in there. Mmmm, and that pecker. Now he wasn’t a John Homes, but he wasn’t Tiny Tim either. And that was barely firm!

Not that I would have ever taken extra time making sure his pecker was VERY clean. However, I am very dedicated in my job… he, he, he.

It didn’t help Brian was shifted to a different run. Between his home time being shifted a little further apart by a few more days every time, we weren’t seeing that much of each other.

And then there was ‘that day’. On the bright side, Jack’s head bandages had come off, so I would be able to give him a proper shave so he wouldn’t look like a lopsided lumberjack.

On what should have been another bright side, I missed my period. I was going to wait to tell Brian, but in my haste I left the test kit on the bathroom counter. I came home to find Brian home two days early sitting on the couch with a beer. And he looked like he’d already had a few.

“Hey babe,” I said giving him a kiss on the cheek, not wanting a beer kiss.


“I thought you weren’t going to be home until Thursday.”

“Yeah. Jacob was in an accident. They asked me to make his runs to Seattle for a while.”

“He okay?”

“Yeah, banged up a bit, but nothing serious. He’ll be out of commission for a few weeks though.”

“So when will you be back?”

“Well that depends,” and tossed the test strip on the coffee table.

I looked at the positive test strip, and then at Brian. I was hoping for a hopeful look. That wasn’t what I saw. “I just tested myself the other night. I was going to test again tomorrow just to be sure. What do you…” that was a far as I got.

“Is it mine?”

I was too shocked to respond immediately, and then it hit me. “IS IT YOURS?! What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

He took another swig of his beer. “Well you said you were on the pill, and I’m on the road a lot…”

“And what the hell does that have to do with anything?”

“Hey, I don’t know what you do when I’m not here. I’m just saying.”

“Saying what? ataşehir escort You think that I’m some kind of WHORE?!” he just shrugged. “GET OUT! GET THE FUCK OUT!!”

I snatched the beer out of his hand and threw it at him, then grabbed the next full can from the six pack and reared back to throw it as he scrambled through the door.

I fell on the floor into a ball bawling my eyes out as I heard his truck start and then rumble off down the street. I managed to stand and slam the door, but it bounced right back open. I slammed the door again and it at least latched this time. I dropped back on to the couch.

I couldn’t help it. I hated him while cradling the pillow he was leaning on. Crying my eyes out while breathing in his cologne. Fucking men!

I cried on Caroline’s shoulder the next day, and the next. The next test was positive as well. I left Brian a message, and then a text to call me. I got a text back later. WILL CALL WHEN I STOP THIS EVENING.

I sat on the couch and fell asleep with my phone in my hand.

I awoke with a crick in my neck and only twenty minutes to shower and get to work. I was still three minutes late.

I didn’t hear from him all day, but I did send him a text saying I was sorry for blowing up and to call me. I didn’t hear from him that night, or the next. I tried to call him the following day… and the number was disconnected.

I cried myself to sleep.

I was a zombie the next few days, even Caroline’s ribbing and jokes didn’t really do much.

And through it all there was Jack. But calling him Jack was too… simple. He was Jackson in my eyes.

And since I didn’t have anything else to put my energy into, I put it into Jackson. He was the one man I knew that wouldn’t talk back to me or run out on me.


Floating on a cloud…

Feeling like my skin is being burned off in sheets…

Millions of needles sticking me EVERYWHERE… but not as bad as before.

A soft soothing voice, but not… what’s her name?

The first time I had sex with…


At first I was just doing it to not to have to go home. I even stayed and was doing a little light reading in his room because I could hide out there.

I shared my good news with him, I got my next period, I wasn’t pregnant! I was never so happy to hear such bad news.

I was even a bit naughty that evening. I gave him an extra long sponge bath. Even paying a little more attention to his pecker than I should have. But I wanted to. His EEG told me he was enjoying it, at least that’s what I told myself. His pecker even firmed up a little in my hand.

And so began my illicit affair, molesting a comatose patient. I sat and watched TV in his room. He didn’t like soap operas… typical guy.

I read a bit to him when I could, he seemed to calm down a bit when I did. I tried various kinds of music. He got agitated when I tried some new wave, thank god. Country was neutral, and some ZZ Top got him going, but not agitated. I grinned, an older man with good taste in music. He even enjoyed some Manheim Steamroller! His EKG came up a bit, but his EEG began syncing to the music.

Most of the bandages were off, and the casts for his cracked tibia and radius were off. He had to have the casts for his legs redone, he shrunk out of them being only on the IV. When he came in they estimated he weighed in around two hundred and thirty. Being on an IV drip for these months had reduced him down to around one sixty.

But he was still in a coma. There were some signs of response to pain in his EEG, but not much more.

And then there was his naughty nurse. I would come in and give him his sponge bath… and tell him naughty stories. Well kind of.

“Hey Jackson. I stopped in a Victoria’s Secret on the way to work today. I got the naughtiest sheer bra and panties. Do you want to see them? Do you like the way my nipples show through the bra?”

His EKG said he liked that idea! So did I!

It had been a month since Brian had left, and I was getting HORNY! Vibrators and fingers weren’t cutting it!

That night I did his sponge bath, and I broke every rule there was about patient care. I got a new catheter from supply and stuffed it in my pocket.

The last few sponge baths Jackson had started responding to my touch, my comments. He was getting nice and firm without setting his EKG alarms off. Now I wasn’t going to hop up and ride him. But it had been nearly four months since he got here, so I KNOW he hadn’t had any release in that amount of time.

And I am such a good nurse, looking out for the whole patient.

I put the ‘bath in progress’ hanger on the knob and closed his door.

I pulled his sheet back admiring his pecker. I leaned down and whispered in his ear, “Hey Jackson, I’ve got a special treat for you tonight.” And lightly kissed his cheek. “I’m gonna do your sponge bath topless. You like that?”

His EKG picked up a bit, not much, but a little.

“Mmmmm, ümraniye escort you like the idea of looking at my boobs do you? I wore this little bra just for you tonight.”

I took a deep breath and lifted my top over my head, what the fuck was I doing this for?

But I looked down and his pecker was firming up. God I am such a slut.

“Now this may feel a bit weird at first, but I gotta get you ready.” I took his firm pecker in my hand and slowly pulled the catheter. He firmed up even more.

“Oh you are a kinky boy. You like me playing with you like that?”

I set the old one aside, and wiped the tip of his pecker with a swab. Well it was now or never. I turned the hand on his good arm palm side up and leaned over him.

Oh fuck I shouldn’t be doing this! I pressed my lace covered boob into his palm at the same time I took his firm pecker between my lips. “Mmmmmmmmm.”

Oh god I shouldn’t have done this, my pussy is flooding!

“Mmmmmmmm,” his hand on my boob, his pecker in my mouth. He’s firm enough I can feel him trying to get in my throat. Moving around to get his hand just right on my boob, while cupping and playing with his huge balls.

My nipples were aching and my pussy was starting to soak my panties. I could hear his EKG picking up a bit, and before I realized what was happening, he came!

I screamed around his delicious pecker as he filled my mouth and throat. Greedily sucking him down and emptying those balls as I had cum running down my legs. Grinding my boob into his hand and wishing I had taken off my bra.

I laid there with my head on his belly suckling the tip of his pecker, his hand now between my boobs. I managed to stand, then dropped my scrubs and wiped my thighs with the towel I was supposed to be using on Jackson. Luckily most of my cum had went down my legs and not into my scrubs.

I stood, then snickered and pulled my soaked panties off and wiped them across his lips. The EKG and EEC both said he liked that… pervert!

I did his bath, and inserted his new catheter before pulling my scrubs back on. They certainly didn’t teach this in nursing school!


Spring break in Cancun. All the topless babes… Gathering around the yacht like moths to a flame. Grinning at our admission price. Bikini tops in the box please. None allowed on this ship. Most of the girls naked by nightfall, we had our own little harem.


It was a few days until I had the nerve to try that again, but this time I was prepared. A front hook bra and a maxi pad. I haven’t cum that hard or that much since college!

“Hey Jackson, I haven’t had a chance to stop in and see my man. Are you ready for another special sponge bath?”

I reached under the sheet to his firm pecker, “Oh you’re getting ready for me on your own are you? Can’t wait to get your hands on my boobs can you?” Hell I can’t wait to get his hands on my boobs!

I stripped my top off and popped the catch on my bra, feeling his soft hands on my boob. Watching him harden up even more since the last time after I pulled his catheter. Dabbing his pecker clean, then savoring the feeling of it passing my lips.

I just laid there a bit, Jackson’s hand on my boob and his pecker in my mouth. Suckling him like an all day sucker. Feeling him getting harder and harder. Hell a little harder and I could hop up and ride him! God I’m depraved.

I couldn’t take it, I slid a hand into my panties while I laid into his hand. I was cumming as soon as my fingers touched my clit. And then Jackson was cumming in my mouth, it caught me by surprise and I almost choked on his cum.


Oh yes honey, show me how much you want me, suck my dick like you mean it…


A week later his other arm cast came off, the following week his two leg casts came off… and I got several loads of his delicious cum in my belly. But tonight, with the casts off…

“Hey Jackson, I got a surprise for you tonight, you gonna get yourself some pussy.” DAMN, I hope that didn’t set off the alarm up at the nurses’ station.

I waited a bit, taking extra time to set up his sponge bath, but no one came running down the hall, so here goes.

No lacy bra tonight, a decent sports bra instead. But I had plans for it.

I pulled back the sheet, and Jackson was good and firm. I debated on going ahead with my plan or just plain riding him. Common sense, if you could call it that at this point, barely won out.

“I think you’re going to enjoy this.” I KNOW I am!

I leaned down and sucked his pecker a few times, then stripped off everything but my sports bra. “Here goes nothing.”

I climbed onto the bed, and lowered my pussy onto his pecker. Shifting up and down, side to side, until I had him nestled between my lips, the head of his pecker against my clit. I almost came when I popped it back and forth a few times.

Settle down girl or this will be over before it’s begun.

So let’s see if this will work. I took one of Jackson’s hands and brought it to my chest, holding it in place on my bra. I leaned forward and then reached up with my other hand to pull my bra away… and slid his hand up inside my bra. Just like Tommy Randal did in high school, but sooooo much better.

I managed to get his other hand in there and was twitching on his pecker between my lips.



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