For sexygirl46″So you’ve read some of my stories on xhamster and want to give me some inspiration for another?” I ask you, us both sitting on the double bed of a cheap hotel room I hired for the night. My eyes wander down your body, taking in your curves. You’ve spent some time on your appearance – I can see you know how to apply make-up, using a deep red lipstick to draw my attention to one of your pleasure giving areas.You nod, obviously nervous, knowing just what you could be about to agree too, putting yourself into a situation that you crave yet are scared of.”So you know just how dirty and full on things can get. Your e-mails said you have no limits; but are you sure? Are you really as dirty as the sluts in my stories?” I press, needing to push you, to find out if the e-mails we swapped are just bravado, or if you truly are the submissive cunt you described. I actually get off on knowing the slut I’m with wants everything I do to her – even when she’s physically fighting me off or in tears. “You remember your secret word?””I won’t need it.” You reply, biting your lip and looking me in the eye defiantly. “You can’t degrade me enough Master, I’m just a fuck toy for you to use as you please.”Mmmm, I think, you know how to push my buttons, and I guess your ‘defiance’ is designed to bring the chat to an end, and the fun to start. Defiance is something I’ll break in your by the end though, turning your into that total sub you need to be. I reach over, tracing my fingers across your cheek, the first sparks of electricity between us both. You hold your head perfectly still, letting me touch you however I wish. I run my hands round to the back of your head, gathering your hair between my fingers. A confident smile touches my lips as I pull your head back, tilting your head back so I expose your throat. I move closer, bring my lips to your neck, softly kissing your neck, then licking up, tracing up to the underside of your jaw, breathing in your perfume. “Yes slut, you will please me.””Yes. Yes Master”, you sigh, as you feel my other hand sliding up your leg, pushing your skirt out of the way as I feel the flesh of your thigh, my touch becoming bolder, more confident. You emit a little whimper as you feel my fingers touch your pussy, hearing a pleased chuckle from me as I discover you have left off your knickers for the meeting. You feel so vulnerable as I, an almost complete stranger, rub the freshly shaven lips of your burning cunt, the excitement of the situation betraying you, juices already making you slick.”You’re so fucking wet already aren’t you slut?” I growl, slamming two fingers of my right hand up into your cunt, making you gasp out with pain/pleasure/surprise. You feel your pussy open right up to my rough assault, drawing moans from your lips. Hearing your moans drives my libido, and the excitement makes me bolder, driving me on. “I’m going to fuck the shit out of you, you fucking little whore.” I promise. With my words ringing in your ears, making your pussy gush, you gasp as I pull your hair hard, dragging your head back, as I lean into you, my weight pushing you down on the bed, pinning you down. You look into my eyes as I collect some saliva in my mouth, and sneer as I spit into your face, slapping your cunt hard so it stings, oh it stings and feels so good.”You’re just a fucking cum slut, aren’t you bitch?” I demand, my voice tinged with excitement, as my hands squeeze your tits roughly, fingers biting into your flesh.”Yes master.” You managed to whisper, your body canlı bahis betraying the excitement my words generate in you. You cannot control yourself when a Master such as I begins to use you; the more you are degraded, the more you want, the more you give yourself.I spit on you again, your face now wet and glistening, your makeup running a little, which turns me on the more. “Oh yes I’m going to fuck you up slut, I’m going to rip those holes of yours open, because they’re my holes aren’t they? Mine to use.” “Yes Master!” you cry, “Hurt me, fuck me, use me” you beg, already panting like a bitch on heat.I laugh, knowing you will take everything I can give you, and still want more. I won’t be disappointed. I grab your blouse in both hands, and pull it apart with all my strength, ripping it open, the buttons flying in all directions. I then grab you round the throat with one hand, pushing you down again onto the bed, holding you their, as I reach over to the bedside table and retrieve a pair of scissors, a tool for my evening of abuse. Your eyes are wide as you watch me cut your bra from your body, trembling as you feel the cold metal against your skin, not daring to speak. The material falls away, leaving your breasts exposed to me. “I hope you brought a change of clothes slut, because you won’t be leaving in these!” I laugh, pulling your skirt down your legs roughly.You feel my eyes eat up your body, taking in every inch of your skin, lingering on your shaven cunt, with its pink puffy lips, a little swollen now in your excitement, glistening and slick.”Open yourself up cunt!” I bark, smiling to myself as you jump to obey, not questioning my orders; a well trained slut. I watch as you use both hands to pull your outer lips apart, pulling your legs up and apart so I can see inside, see your cunt gaping open for me, pink insides so soft and inviting. I lean in close, breathing in deeply to smell your intoxicating scent, bringing my face so close to your cunt, close enough for you to feel my warm breath on your clit, making you want to beg for me to taste you. My fingers join yours, sliding inside as you hold yourself open, an invitation I cannot refuse. I trace the walls of your cunt, feeling how your body reacts to my intimate touch. I collect some of your juices on my fingers, and then push them up to your mouth. “Suck my fingers slut, you’ve got your cunt juice all over them, you nasty fucking pig.” My words sting, and fuel your fire, making you want to follow my commands, no matter where they take you. You open your mouth wide, tongue slipping out to great my slippery fingers, tasting the sharp taste of your own cunt, the smell and taste overwhelming your senses. I push my three fingers in deep, sliding to the back of your throat, feeling your mouth suck on me, showing your Master how good a cock sucker you will be. While you fuck your face with my fingers, I slowly disrobe, freeing my cock from its confines.”Time for me to feel how good that cunt feels slut.” I say as I mount you, pulling your legs up and apart, opening you to my hard cock. “Mmmmm, very fucking good, nice and tight… for now.” I chuckle, wondering how tight it will feel after I’ve fucked and fisted you all night. I start to fuck you hard, ramming my cock into your hole, taking my pleasure from your tight wet fuck hole. I grab your wrists, and pull our hands above you head, leaning down I pin them so you cannot move, bruising the skin, making you cry out in pain. “Shut-up you fucking slut!” I shout, spitting bahis siteleri in your face again and again as I brutally fuck you, my rock hard cock slamming into your sloppy cunt, rocking your body back. My spit runs down your face, dripping onto your tits, which rock forwards and backwards with the force of my a****l fucking. You can hear every stroke, as my body slaps into yours, your cunt making sucking noises as it is fed by my meat. You grunt like an a****l as I fuck you hard, pushing back with all your might, trying to grind yourself against my cock, impaling yourself as deep as you can, your body crying out for more, more pain, more pleasure.. deeper, harder.. more, more, MORE! You feel my body against yours, my sweat dripping onto you, making you slick, making you feel dirtier, hornier, a fuck pig on heat.Knowing I will cum very soon unless I stop, and I don’t want to cum in your cun, I suddenly stop, our fucking stopping as soon as it started. You cry out in disappointment, pushing your pussy against me, trying to fuck yourself with my dick. “You nasty fucking slut, you’ll get what you need!” I laugh, slapping your tits as ‘punishment’. As I strike your tits, left, then right, I admire how you react, your back arching, biting your lip as the pain and pleasure racks your body, explosions going off in your breasts, which send pleasure waves direct to your cunt, setting off their own mini orgasms. “Now clean this cock slut, you’ve got it all dirty you’re your nasty fucking cum.” I order you, as I move up to kneel astride your face. I grab your hair, and yank your face to my cock, forcing the purple swollen head between your lipstick coated lips. “That’s it my slut, suck me.” I groan, feeling you swirl your tongue around me, sucking hard, and tasting yourself and my own salty pre-cum, wanting more, much more. As you suck me, trying to give me the blow job of my life, I grab your tits, pulling on your nipples hard, forcing you to whimper around my cock, but never stopping your sucking, forcing my cock deeper and deeper with every bob of your head. I decide it’s time for me to fuck your throat, taking what I want rather than you giving, so I pull my cock from your lips with an audible plop, a string of spit falling down over your tits. “Lay on your back, with your head over the bed.” I order, pointing out where I want you. You jump to get in position, showing me how eager to please my fuck toy is. Now open that mouth wide slut, I’m going to fuck your throat. I hope you like to gag, because I’m going to choke you till you pass out.” I promise, rubbing my cock over your face, messing up your make-up even more, smearing the lipstick over your cheeks. I use my fingers to force open your mouth, stretching it as wide as it will go, using you like a sex toy from a cheap sex-shop. I grunt as I stuff your mouth full, forcibly tilting your head until I find the best angle to slide into your throat. I trigger your gag reflex, making you cough around my cock, but I don’t let you remove my cock, I just hold it still as I feel your muscles contract around me, enjoying the feeling of power and the sensations it gives my swollen cock. Once you settle down, I start a slow rhythm, skull fucking you like a toy, a thing, a cunt to be used. I grab your tits, squeezing and twisting so hard I leave marks that will bruise, making you scream… well if you could, you throat is stuffed full of cock, so all you can feel is cock, all you can taste is spunk and your own sharp taste, you can hardly breath, güvenilir bahis your breathing restricted. From your mouth saliva pours, running down my cock, every thrust filling your throat, choking, gagging, almost making you puke, but still you want more, more cock, rougher, faster, harder… I look down and see your face now completely messed up, your hair soaking in your own saliva, my balls soaked too. “Fuck you look so nasty, and I know you love it slut. You love gagging on cock don’t you? Rub your clit slut, finger that nasty dirty cunt of yours, cum for me as I fill your mouth with spunk!” I urge, wanting you to cum as I abuse you. You follow my orders, your cunt burning, needing release too, as your Master takes his pleasure. Your frig your clit, rubbing in fast circles, shoving fingers deep inside your burning hole to lubricate them. My attention swaps between watching you finger yourself, and admiring the mess I am making of you; your eyes are watering, crying from the throat fucking I am giving you, your mascara running down your face, marking you as a cock hungry slut. I pull my cock out again, to slap your face with it, stinging your lips, rubbing it against your nose, so you can smell the sex, feel the heat of my cock against your face. My hairy balls rub against your face, rubbing the sweat over you, marking you with my musky scent.”Mmm I need to cum slut, but there’s one hole I’ve not had yet. Turn over and show me your arse.” “Oh yes Master!” you pant, still rubbing your cunt. You quickly turn over, getting onto your hands and knees, pushing your arse up in the air, lowering your shoulders to the bed.. I grab your hips, and position you so I can fuck you standing beside the bed, which I know will let me fuck you as hard as I can. I rub my finger over your puckered hole, leaning in to spit into your opening arse, rubbing my finger around, loosening your sphincter. I spit again and again, until I have no moisture left in my mouth, filling your tight opening with my lubrication. “I think you’re ready slave.” I warn you as I push my still iron hard cock against your last orifice, easily forcing entry, taking my sub slut.”Oh god!” you cry, as you feel my cock drive inside your arse, the burning pleasure overwhelming you. “FUCK ME!” you scream, biting the bedcovers as I ram into you brutally, assaulting your arse as hard as I can. Your hand goes back to between your legs, where you feel your juices soaking your thighs, the room stinking of sex. I can feel your fingers against my cock as you stuff them in your cunt, filling both of your holes. “That’s it you cunt!” I cry, fuck yourself while I **** your arse. I’m going to tear you apart you nasty bitch.””Yes, yes, yes” you grunt, a fuck pig in heat. Your hand is a blur, as you feel your orgasm building, feeling so bad, so nasty, with a cock stuffed in your arse, my spit coating your face, your own spit soaking your hair, which sticks to your face.As the spunk boils in my balls, I slap your arse, as hard as I can, and my hand grabs your wet hair, pulling it as hard as I can, riding you like a wild a****l, screaming as I cum, sperm pumping into you, triggering your own a****l orgasm, your body in spasm, muscles contracting and releasing, waves of pleasure washing through our bodies. We shout obscenities as we slam our bodies together, my hands grabbing and slapping, mouth sucking and biting your back, your neck.”Oh god… oh god…” you whimper, feeling my cock slide from your arse, spunk oozing out of your gaping hole. Your body is limp, mini orgasms still running through you like an earthquakes aftershocks. You hardly have the strength to move, when you feel my weight shift, and as you look up you see my softening cock pushed to your lips.



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