“I can’t believe a cop actually busted you,” Leah laughed over the phone. It was the morning after my little brush with the law and Leah had been the only one up this early.

“I know! I mean he was damn hot though,” I giggled.

“Damn girl you are becoming a little hoe fo sho,” Leah teased.

“Takes one to know one biatch,” I laughed.

“True, I have done my fair share of hoeing.”

“So do you think I should start going after Asher now? Or should I wait so I don’t seem like I’m bed hopping?” I asked flopping down on my bed.

“Well firstly you are bed hopping and well I don’t know… I think you should go buy a pack of condoms asap Miss Pull and Pray,” Leah said in a lecturing tone.

“Well Aiden didn’t pull out…. just saying.”

“Yeah well unless you want a baby or an STD you go get some condoms before you pounce on Asher Adams,” she huffed.

“I know, I know, I’ll go get some today,” I rolled my eyes.

“Well we could go get breakfast and then run by the drug store if you want?” Leah asked.

“Yes please I’m starving,” I groaned.

“Well then get your butt ready and I’ll come pick you up in fifteen minutes,” Leah ordered.

“Sir yes sir!” I joked before hanging up.

I’d already done my hair in loose curls and makeup in natural tones for the day, but I’d been lounging around in Aiden’s shirt. I took it off and slipped on a scoop back white mini sundress that showed off my toned back and made me look super tan. The top part of the dress was super tight around my large breasts, and you could almost see my nipples. If we ran into any guy on the list they would definitely fall victim to me.

Leah honked when she pulled up and I slipped on some white wedge heels before rushing out the door.

“Hey girl,” Leah greeted me as I slid into her car.

“Where are we going?” I asked as she sped down the street.

“I was thinking that little café near campus that has those amazing Belgian waffles,” Leah said her mouth already watering.

“Well I’ve been burning enough calories lately,” I waggled my eyebrows, “so hell yes!”

“Sluuuut,” Leah laughed. On the way to the café we talked about ways I could ‘run in’ to Asher. Asher and I had never really talked so I didn’t know much about him, but I figured he wouldn’t be hard to find. When we got to the restaurant we were seated almost immediately.

“So did you have to have ‘the talk’ with Aiden too or was he pretty chill?” Leah asked as we thumbed through the menu.

“No I think he understood I don’t want a relationship, but he is definitely going to get some late night calls from me after this is all over… that boy is packing,” I giggled.

“Really? I heard he was huge, but I thought maybe girls were just over exaggerating,” Leah gasped wide eyed.

“No over exaggeration what so ever,” I smirked.

“Well daaamn girly I might just have to have some sloppy seconds,” Leah joked.

“Go ahead,” I laughed, “I want some of Officer Sexy.”

“I wish you could’ve taken a picture of his face when he saw your titties,” Leah howled. Her loud laugh drew attention from the tables around us and I nearly had a heart attack when I saw a familiar face.

“I’m going to die, oh my gosh Lee he’s here,” I whispered covering my face with my hands in embarrassment.

“Who is here?” she asked glancing around at the tables.

“Eleven O’clock…. hot cop,” I bit my lip.

“No fucking way!” she shook her head in disbelief.

“Shut up dude, I don’t want him to recognize me,” I hissed.

“Flash him and then he will,” she teased. I buried my face in my arms trying and failing to hide.

“Fuck he’s coming over here,” she said kicking me under the table.

“Morning Miss Cameron,” his deep voice greeted me.

Hesitantly kadıköy escort I looked up and was met with an amused grin and bright blue eyes. He had light stubble on his face and perfectly quaffed hair. He was no longer wearing a uniform and instead was clad in jeans and a light grey t-shirt.

“Morning Officer uh–,” I trailed off and blushed.

“Officer Benson, but I’m off duty so you can call me Will if you want,” he chuckled.

“Well good morning Will,” I smiled. Inside I screamed and died of shame, but outwardly I attempted to project someone sexy and confident.

“Funny running into you so soon,” he smirked.

“And thankfully I’m clothed this time,” I snarked. Leah cracked up at that and I shot her a ‘hush’ look.

“Well that part I’m not so thankful for,” he winked.

I felt like I turned bright red at that comment and I tried not to squeal like a little girl.

“Well I wouldn’t want to get arrested for public nudity,” I joked.

“You’re funny,” he laughed.

“Well I try,” I shrugged.

“I guess I should let you two get back to your breakfast,” he nodded to Leah.

“Oh I don’t mind Officer Sexy, you two are a great morning show,” Leah assured him.

“Officer Sexy,” Will raised his eyebrows at me.

“Had to call you something,” I said kicking Leah.

“Well thanks,” he laughed loudly.

“No problem,” I grinned at how cute he was.

“Well Spencer I better get back to my table, but I’m going to give you my number… in case you’re in trouble or anything,” he said pulling out a business card from his pocket and placing it in front of me.

“My word you are one smooth cop,” I laughed.

“I try,” he winked and walked off.

Once he was out of ear shot Leah went off on an excited tangent.

“Officer sexy totally wants you!” she said doing a weird little dance in her seat.

“I don’t even know how to feel right now… how the fuck am I going to do this list and Will?” I whispered.

“Well you don’t have to fuck every guy on the list… you definitely need to have some naughty time with Officer Fuck Me though,” she teased.

“Think he’d bring his handcuffs?” I waggled my eyebrows.

“Daaamn I need a hot officer pronto,” she said fake fanning herself. Leah and I giggled some more about Will and when the waitress came by to get our orders I quickly entered his number into my phone. I glanced his way as I did so and I blushed when I saw he was watching me. I nodded at him and sent him a quick text so he had my number too.

“Amy and Carrie are going to die when they hear about this shit,” Leah said texting our other two friends. It was crazy how my life had gone from having one guy in my life to having all of these different men… it felt scandalous. The rest of breakfast was filled with flirty looks between Will and I and Leah alternating between texting the girls and giggling at me. When we were finished with our meal we paid and got up to leave, but I waved to Will and the guy I assumed was his partner before we left. We headed to the drug store and picked up some condoms before heading back to my house to veg out and watch some trashy television.

“Okay so back to the Asher thing… how should I get that started?” I asked.

“Well there is always just running into him at school or the time old classic of poking him on Facebook,” Leah suggested.

“Isn’t a poke just saying ‘hey let’s fuck’,” I frowned.

“Uh duh, and you so do so just do it you pussy,” she said elbowing me.

“Fine,” I rolled my eyes. I pulled up Facebook on my phone and looked up Asher’s page.

“Damn that boy is one sexy hunk of man,” Leah sighed eyeing his profile picture. üsküdar escort

“Yes he is,” I purred as I pressed the poke button.

Literally within in a minute I got a notification that Asher Adams had sent me a message.

Asher Adams: Hey 😉

Spencer Cameron: Hey yourself 😉

Asher Adams: What’s up? lol

Spencer Cameron: Nothing much, you?

Asher Adams: Just chilling ha

Spencer Cameron: We should chill together some time ;P

Asher Adams: Hell yeah 😉 hmu some time

“That was almost too easy,” Leah shook her head.

“Yeah no kidding.”

“You better wrap it before you tap it with this one… boy is too easy to be clean,” Leah tsked.

“Or maybe I’m just too irresistible,” I joked.

“Oh shut the fuck up,” Leah said punching me hard in the arm.

“When do you think I should hang with him?” I asked rubbing at my now probably bruised arm.

“After you have a sweaty fling with Officer Fuck Me Silly,” Leah thrust her hips.

“Mmm maybe… they’re both too gorgeous for their own goods,” I huffed.

“Such first world problems,” Leah laughed, “too many hot guys to bone.”

“For reals though, who should I go after first?” I said seriously.

“Probably Asher… once you get through the list you can see how it goes with the sexy cop.”

“Grrr okay, well I’m still going to text him…. I mean after Asher there’s only four more guys on the list,” I sighed. I was definitely glad I had bought a box of condoms because at the rate I was going… I definitely needed them.

Leah and I spent that morning talking about random crap until she decided she better get home and get some homework and stuff done. After she left I messaged Asher to continue our conversation… I admit I was feeling slightly horny.

Spencer Cameron: Sorry I didn’t get back to you earlier… had a friend over, so what’s up?

Asher Adams: No worries, just got home anyways… what’re you up to?

Spencer Cameron: Laying in bed ;P

Asher Adams: Oh yeah? 😉 need some company?

Spencer Cameron: Possibly ;P

Asher Adams: Don’t tease me 😉

Spencer Cameron: You like it 😉

Asher Adams: True 😉 so want me to come over?

Spencer Cameron: Yes ;P

Asher Adams: When?

Spencer Cameron: Tonight if you want idc haha

Asher Adams: I’m down… half hour sound good?

Spencer Cameron: Perfect 🙂 I’ll send you my address and directions

I quickly sent him a google maps link to my house and immediately started going through my closet. I wanted to go for a casual yet sexy look so I pulled out a pair of super short black spandex and a red lace up tank top. The top showed off a lot of cleavage and the shorts made my ass look amazing.

I’d just barely gotten dressed when I heard a soft knock at the front door and I ran down to open it.

“Hey Spence,” he said pulling me into a hug. I’d never felt so small in my life, but when he hugged me his entire body enveloped mine and I felt… fragile. He could literally break me in half if he wanted to and for some odd reason I was turned on by that.

“Hey,” I said muffled against his broad chest. When he released me I closed the door behind him and we both took a seat on the couch.

“So Spencer Cameron what possessed you to invite me over here tonight?” Asher asked very bluntly.

“Whatever do you mean Asher Adams?” I batted my lashes as I moved closer to him. My thighs pressed firmly against his.

“Well you’ve never given me the time of day before now… why the change?” he grinned as he practically pulled me into his lap. I giggled as I went a step further and straddled his lap, his strong hands resting on my hips.

“Do you want honesty?” I asked seriously. tuzla escort

“No lie to me,” he rolled his eyes. His hands and fingers traced over my hips and I had to fight the urge to moan.

I took a moment before I answered to decide what to tell him and figured the truth was my best bet.

“Well obviously you know Nolan and I broke up…. well to help me get over him and kind of get back at him my friends made a list of hot eligible guys for me to do one of the three f’s to,” I said honestly.

“What exactly are the three f’s?” he smirked toying with the strings of my bottoms.

“Flirting, frenching, and fucking.”

“Well I am very fond of the last one if I may say so myself,” he chuckled his lips only a centimeter from mine.

“So you aren’t mad that I’m using you for some revenge sex?” I smirked as his fingers not so subtly pushed down the hem of my shorts. He stroked the soft skin of my lower abdomen and my entire body buzzed in response.

“Sweet heart I’m a guy…. use me however… whenever you want,” Asher laughed.

My hands went to the bottom of my top to pull it up, but Asher stopped me

“I just want to make sure this is one hundred percent what you want? I’m not going to be mad if you change your mind… don’t feel obligated,” Asher questioned.

I was taken back… the biggest man whore on campus was stopping sex to make sure it’s what I really wanted. Girls always said Asher was a hump and dump kind of guy, but that was not the guy I was with right now.

“I’m sure Asher,” I smiled at him and pressed my lips to his.

“Good,” he murmured as we kissed and his hands replaced mine in pulling my top over my head. Once I was free of my top I wasted no time freeing Asher of his and boy was that a sight worth waiting for. He was extremely built and perfectly sculpted his body looked as solid as a rock. I was in awe of how perfect of a man he was and I couldn’t wait to experience what a man like him felt like.

We were chest to chest and his breath was my breath as his lips captured mine in many sizzling kisses. My hands were frenzied as they ran over his body while his were more… methodical.

He seemed to know exactly where I wanted him and when I wanted him… it was like he could read my mind. When his hand cupped my ass firmly and he ground his rock hard member against me I nearly lost it.

“Stand up,” he commanded.

I immediately did as I was told and Asher stood up with me. He wasted no time in stripping my shorts from me and doing the same to his own. We both stood there, naked and admiring each other… taking each other in.

“You are so beautiful,” he murmured as he cupped my face in his hand and kissed me deeply. With his free hand he gripped my hip and pulled me back onto the couch. Our lips broke apart as we laid down and he turned me so my back was facing him. I hooked my leg over his hip and craned my neck around to capture his lips with mine again. I was spread wide open for him in this position and he didn’t waste his time entering me. I panicked when I felt the lack of condom as his thick cock pushed inside of me, but it felt too good to care. As I moaned Asher’s lips silenced me and his fingers clasped around my neck applying a little pressure that drove me wild. I began thrusting my hips down to meet his resulting in an even deeper penetration.

“Oh fuck,” I growled as he bit my lip and pressed even harder on my throat. I had no idea Asher had a slightly kinky side, but I loved it and wanted even more of it.

“Harder,” I managed to gasp out. His fingers around my throat gripped even harder and his cock thrust faster inside me. I was right at the brink of my orgasm when I felt him bite the soft flesh of my neck and then I was gone. I moaned loudly and thrashed wildly as I came his cock pounding into me relentlessly. I collapsed against the couch panting as he continued to fuck me until he finally pulled out and sprayed his load on my ass.

Asher pulled me further into his arms and cuddled me until I fell asleep.

When I awoke I was still wrapped in his arms, but we were in my bed and he was softly snoring.



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