It’s been a few months since I wrote one of these and got POSITIVE FEEDBACK from it

*Cracks knuckles, limbers up, licks his lips and gets to it*

It’s late, you’ve had a great night out on the town, all the songs you wanted playing came on and you danced yourself into an ecstatic buzz. You got all the attention you wanted and a few enticing offers. Your night couldn’t have been much better.

You get into the taxi waiting for you outside the last club and you head home for a good night’s sleep, but you’re still buzzing.

You notice somebody strangely familiar in the cab with you, whom you could have sworn wasn’t there before.

You notice somebody strangely familiar in the cab with you, whom you could have sworn wasn’t there before. He talks to you, in a husky familiar voice. You’re intrigued, you know him but you cant place him. He tells you that he’s missed you, and he’s glad to see you again.

You get talking, the taxi passing the cathedral on the way home.

It’s like you’ve known him forever – the magnetism is electric. His words take you up into the air inside you.

And then, like a flash, you’re home, and he leaves his door and opens yours. You stand there together, the cab disappearing into the distance. He looks at you, His eyes showing his inner fire, glistening in the night. You try to make out his features as he reaches and caresses your cheek.

The sudden contact makes you skip a beat inside, and you drift closer to him, the mist of breath in the cold lingering like a heady perfume drawing you in.

He pulls your body towards you

He places his lips onto yours in a slow, gentle kiss that builds up pace as he holds you tight in an embrace not meant to be broken for an eternity.

You feel electrified by this sudden, sweet contact. You break off; looking deep into his eyes, bright and alert, both of your breathing has changed

You take a step towards your front door, facing him. He waits, just a little while, sees the look in your eyes, and acknowledges güvenilir bahis your secret plea by taking another step towards you. You turn to place the key in the door and are greeted by a warm hand following the contours of your midriff as the stranger so familiar closes behind you, tilting your head and kissing your neck. The key is slid into place by slim deft hands.

The door opens, but you don’t notice, you float upstairs, driven along by kisses, firm but not uncomfortable caresses to your body, your arms, your neck, your cheeks,

He whispers something point blank into your ear

The feeling, not the sound itself sets you alight. You gasp as he pulls your top over your head and spins you around to see him, his frame changed slightly and subtlety from the last time you saw him before tonight. He kisses you and drives you onto the bed.

You undo his shirt as he goes to work on your tender beasts. He deftly takes a nipple into his lips and rolls his tongue over it. It’s been so long since you felt such contact you can’t help but let a whimper out as you finally remove his dark shirt.

He pulls you upright and kisses you hard, passionately. You feel slight sensations of stubble following the tender soft plants of his lips as they travel down your body, from your neck, over your breasts, navel and down the waistband of your ripped boot cut jeans. He makes short work of the button fasteners and tugs at them till they’re around your ankles,

Thumbing your underwear down swell in one swift motion, flicking both items off in one easy motion. He starts off tracing a line with his lips from your feet, kissing all the way unto your knee, and licking a long wet trail up to your inner thigh, separating your legs wide with one purposeful thrust. You lay before him, surrendered and breathing heavy now.

He pauses slightly to take in the beautiful sight before him – An Angel about to fall again into sweet forbidden sinful ecstasy. His eyes make hot searing contact with yours and mutual desire floods türkçe bahis between you. Without a signal, he ducks down and kisses and nibbles the soft sweat beaded flesh of your inner thigh. You urge him on by bucking faintly toward him, and he obliges.

Hot intense movements of his tongue send a storm up and down your spine and you start to shiver.

He’s caressing your sides and legs again, ever intently lapping at your sweet wetness, as you feel your heart begin to race. So long, so long, it seems to say. You hold out as long as you can before giving in to a shattering orgasm that makes you rock gasp and whisper sweet little sins toward this powerful, talented creature.

He slides up against your sweat slicked body with his own, and takes you into his arms. As you feel the hardness through his jean fabric on your naked hip, you turn towards him and kiss him deep, the aftertaste you your honey lingers on his lips and probing tongue as he strokes your sides, making you shiver sweet aftershocks as you deftly undo the belt and the zipper…

The kiss can’t be over too soon, you think to yourself as you slide his jeans and boxers down his muscular thighs and calves in as deft a motion as he displayed earlier on, revealing his fully erect member, visible and intent even in the dark, street lit room. You take it in hand and you hear him gasp and feel him shift next to you, as you start to stroke the hot velvety skin on his shaft.

He moves so he is kneeling like you, giving you full access to his body. He kisses you on the neck and caresses your breasts and hair as you stroke him rhythmically, feeling his breathing become ragged.

He pulls you near, moves your legs apart once more and draws you onto his lap. You sit straddling him as he kneels on both knees, kissing you once again with renewed vigour feeling every inch of skin he can.

You feel his hot flesh between your legs, not entered, but running slowly along your slit and over your clitoris, the head teasing it into rich bloom once more as güvenilir bahis siteleri you writhe yourself on top of him, trading kisses as he starts to bring you around to full arousal once more.

You’re this close, and you hear his hushed voice telling you how it feels for him inside, an insight into his innermost desires and wanton lust mixed together.

His voice sets you alight again, so familiar yet so changed than before, stronger, more assertive. You reply to his silent compliments with your own retorts, still working yourself up to full power on his hot member.

You feel the sweat building up on both of you as you angle yourself more, enticing his now pulsing member along the line leading to your glistening tight hole. He gasps as you feel a sharp sensation inside as his member stretches your walls, inching in slowly, you gasp all the way as he kisses your nape and neck, bites your chin, writes under you and moves his hands down from your neck to your butt to gain better purchase.

You feel the animal building it’s strength inside you and by the way he’s breathing and kissing you, you guess he’s going to be close to his own climax. He rolls you onto your back, grinding deep into you, rubbing harshly on your over-stimulated clitoris, almost painful yet still intense, you feel yourself losing your battle to keep control. He’s rolling, pumping into you. The sweat runs off his head, chest, body and legs and onto you, mixing with your own and tracing down onto the sheets, making them cling as you roll together, caressing stroking thrusting and bucking, losing yourselves in a sea of moans gasps and hot wet kisses. It happens. You feel your body tense as he starts to rack into you, lost in his own ecstasy. You bite down on his shoulder as he carries on, building up speed, hammering home time after time, you lose your battle and you come with a blistering whimper and gasp, driving him over the edge as he pumps and spasms in your embrace, hits home five or six times before slowing to a halt

He caresses your lips with his own like an old lover back from far away, as he rolls you onto your side, both of you panting, and embraces you tight. He pulls the covers over you and him as you lie there and kiss quietly sharing each other one more time.



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