Fist time in public w/ an older womanThis is a true story of my first encounter with an older woman while I was in high school. I had been online the night before trolling through AOL chat rooms at the time and i started talking to a woman who was from the same city as me. After a bit of cybering she sent me her phone number and asked me to call her. While we were chatting she never mentioned her age and I asked her when we were on the phone and she said she was 38, being a freshman in HS this was huge for me especially since my only other experience was with 1 or 2 girls my own age. After talking and having phone sex that night we decided to meet up the next day and to go to the movies when I got out of school.Throughout the day all I could think about was my impending date, finally the time came and we met and decided to go to the movie theater. When I saw her I was awe struck, she was a full bodied thick Puerto Rican woman with massive 42D tits and a massive sexy ass. She giggles when of course the first place my eyes went were those full hanging tits! We picked the worst theater where we knew no one ever went and hung out in the back.When the lights went down she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me hard burying her tongue in my mouth. I responded to her by kissing back and sucking on her tongue while my hands groped and squeezed her massive tits. Finally I pulled her tits out of her shirt and started sucking on them, as she begged for it harder i sucked harder biting them and twisting them with my fingers. As she groaned her hand slide into my pants and wrap hard around my rock hard cock. I responded to her by burying my hand in her jeans, sliding my canlı bahis hand through her lush full pubic hair and into her wet slit. Being that I had only been with 2 girls my own age, I had never felt a pussy so loose in my life, as one of my fingers entered her pussy she let out a low groan and begged me to use more; spreading her lips wide, i plunged 3 fingers into her dripping pussy and started finger fucking her hard rubbing her clit with my thumb. All this being so much for me at once, i naturally came very quickly with her hand on my cock, I shot a massive load of cum into her hand and she pulled her hand out of my pants and licked it clean telling me that she was gonna suck me dry. She knelt on the floor below me, pulled my jeans down and took my cock into her mouth sucking it hard easily taking all 7 inches of myself into her throat and down to my balls. She sucked hard, and it felt like heaven, with my cock in her mouth, her tongue expertly traveled up and down the shaft of my cock, swirling around the head and than gently dipping into the hole. I moaned as she sucked and i put my hands on her head pushing her head down and fucking her face harder and harder and I came closer to cumming for the second time. The harder i fucked her mouth the harder she sucked, finally she grabbed my balls hard and I moaned louder filling her mouth with my cum. As I came she pulled my cock out of her mouth swallowing my cum and continued jerking me making me finish cumming in her hair and on her forehead. The sight of the cum dripping down her forehead and along her nose absolutely drove me wild. She got back on the chair and this time i knelt in front of her, now bahis siteleri undoing her jeans which to my pleasant surprise had no panties under them. I gripped her thick dark thighs and pushed them apart she scooted forward grabbed my head and pushed my face into her hairy pussy. I buried my face into her slit licking and sucking on her fat pussy. I used my hands to spread her pussy open and I pushed my tongue deep into her soaking slit tongue fucking her hard and passionately eating her out. While my tongue worked her pussy she took one of my hands and guided 2 of my fingers into her, I buried my fingers deep into her as far as the would go, she pulled back the skin of her clit and i licked her exposed clit sucking on it while i finger fucked her harder and harder, finally i felt her pussy tighten around my fingers as she came hard pushing my face in her to lick up all of her flowing juice. After she came, and that is when she told me that she needed yo be filled up and fucked like an a****l as she has not had a man in over a month. Being my adolescent self worried about pregnancy more than anything, I told her that I did not have a condom. She said that she didn’t care and that it was impossible for her to get pregnant anyway since she got tied after the birth of her 2nd k**. No longer caring at that point, i pushed her back on the seat pushing her legs back and i pushed my dick sliding it easily into her loose drenched pussy. I grabbed her thighs pushing her legs apart and I buried my cock deep in her pussy pushing all of myself in her down to my balls. She moaned and said she wanted it hard.. very hard so that is what I did I fucked her hard my cock güvenilir bahis quickly going in and out of her while she rubbed herself. By this time the only other couple in the theater had turned around and was watching us, but I did not care at all. I kept fucking her lowering my head to her tits and suck hard on them, I took my hand and started rubbing her pussy hard as i fucked her. Finally I felt her hand grip the base of my cock as I drilled my cock in her hard, her pussy tightened around my cock as i felt her cum as her wetness flowed out of her down my balls, that feeling was too much for me and I exploded for the third time filling her pussy with my cum and pulling out squirting the rest into her pubic hair.Finally after filling her my cum dripping from her pussy she said that there was no way she could go out like that; not comprehending what she was implying I looked at her dumbfounded. She quickly scooted forward and forcefully pushed my head down to her slit again, this time gripping my head she grinded her cum filled pussy against my face making me eat it out of her. At first I was disgusted, but as I did it I started loving it. I gripped her thighs again and licked and ate my own cum out of her, cleaning her out. Finally when she was satisfied she grabbed me, pulled me up to her and asked me if I had something for her..Getting the hint I kissed her hard the mix of pussy juice and cum that i had just licked out of her still in my mouth and swapped it with her during the kiss spitting it in hers for her to swallow and man did she loved it.After the movie we went for lunch and talked about it, we saw each other one other time before she went back home to Puerto Rico. That was my first time really being fucked by a woman who loved it nasty and kinky and I loved every minute of it. I have never seen her again, and I hope I do, because a fuck like that was truly one of a kind.



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