Fist time and for four different reasons true stoOk . First this was the first time and I think the only time I was unfaithful to Christine since we married, I am sure it was the only time. She never knew about it until I told her, and by that time she had been with others at least twice and probably more. Second this was the fist time I had made love to a girl and then swopped to a different girl the same night. Thirdly it was the first time I experience sloppy seconds. And fourthly it was the first and only time I made love in the same room and same time as another work colleague Jamie and I were down in London for a two week trading course. We stayed in a hotel in South Kensington. We soon met up with two girls belonging to a different group and the four of us hit it off right away. The girls were supposed to be under the control of a chaperone, but not very effectively as you will see.Val was with me and Jamie was with bakırköy escort Julia. We had a couple of dates in the bar and local eatery then the next night we slipped into their room for some fun. Both girls said they weren’t on the pill and we had no condoms handy so we agreed to be careful. I was in bed with Val enjoying a nice kiss session and gentle petting when we heard the unmistakable sounds of rutting from the other bed beside us. There were gasps of pleasure and giggles and the sounds of moving bedsprings. I had to say that hearing that had the same instant effect on both Val and I. She took hold of my penis and and the same time I kissed her nipples hard and figured her clit until she was panting with lust. I had to enter her then and felt the lovely warm moist vagina encircle my hardness. Oblivious to the other couple we now kissed and rutted madly until I felt I could no longer hold beşiktaş escort back my ejaculation, I’m sorry I whispered then quickly pull out and push my cock onto her belly where spermicide ribbons immediately shot into her naval and almost up to her breasts. I kissed her hard and I could see she was nearing orgasm so I inserted my fingers and rubbed her til she came.Once we got our breath back I looked over to the other couple to see Jamie holding Julia and telling her not to let any boy do this to her. I took that to mean that he had selfishly shot his load inside her but then telling her she should not let this happen again.. ,!,we we all had another drink and I think I had a smoke. The girls were younger than us, neither were virgins but I don’t think they were very experienced. After half an hour or so we all seem to agree we were ready to go again. But the surprise was the girls had been beylikdüzü escort plotting and had agreed that it things went this far, they would swop partners to double the experience !, they said. Another girl to make love to , wow was not expecting that, we had only know then briefly before it’s true so no , big emotion involved just nice simple but lovely sex. So we changed beds and partners I started with some gentle kisses and feeling dry hot. It’s a first, two girls in the same hour!. Jamie rushes in first again and Val is enjoying herself for sure. I left her pussy more or less as I found it but unless Val stops him I feel sure he will creampie her good. the noise of sex gets us going quickly and as soon as I enter her I appreciate a well spunked pussy for the first time. She is smaller all round to Val so I take it easy and soon she orgasms and I kiss her all over her head and neck. I could fall for this little beauty if circumstances were different. I move in and out gently and I am near to coming. I need to come and in view of the mess made by Jamie, I see no point in spoiling the feeling of coming inside this very sloppy but lovely pussy. We saw them briefly the next morning to say our sad goodbyes.Edit Delete



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